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open hardware
Open Hardware Hardware innovation

At Always Innovating, we love to squeeze our brains and improve your computing experience. First, we created the Touch Book, giving you two devices in one. We are now announcing the Smart Book, an incredible all-in-one electronic "swiss knife" device. For half of the price of your laptop, you get a tablet + a MID (Mobile Internet Device) + a netbook. The Smart Book is your perfect additional computing companion that can fit most of your needs. No need to buy a tablet, a laptop, a gaming machine: you get it all in one single device. Moreover, the Smart Book comes for free with additional features such as a bluetooth keyboard, a stored-in-device keychain, and a dual screen adapter. Save money, weight, and time.
Open Source Software innovation

Our team believes in the open source model and strongly supports it. The Touch Book and the Smart Book come with an optimized home-made Linux-based OS, as well as most of the major distributions such as Android, Chrome, and Ubuntu. But that's not all. For the first time ever, you can run those OS simultaneously and natively on the same device. No more multi-boot. No more trade-off. Just enjoy the best of every system, with no pain. And you can even share data between the various environments.

Following this philosophy of openness and wide support, you can obviously access our existing code, and ask us for any help on building your own software. We will be happy to count you in the community!
Open Hardware Innovation in the business model

Always Innovating is also innovating on the business model front. We believe in open hardware, which is similar to open source but for hardware. We release most of our work under the GPL agreement and we sell first-class support and customized hardware development for businesses interested in developing their own device. For instance, many projects in the healthcare or restaurant industry need a custom tablet. We have a dedicated team to work for such projects. Additionally, we are offering our entire design, allowing businesses to extend their product offering with outstanding innovation.

We also sell our product to public consumers, though it's not our core business, because we simply don't have access to the same production chain as top-tier players. Nevertheless, we think that the open community deserves to access our wildest innovations and we are pleased to offer the Smart Book at a very affordable price.