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open hardware
We're committed to do our best

We are not perfect, but we are committed to do our best. Our main objective is to proof the feasibility of super innovative products and to bring it to market at an affordable price. It's essential to understand that we are an early-stage company and then, we don't have access to the same production chain as the top-tier players. You can't expect from us the same kind of volume, delivery and polishment. But we have the innovation that they don't have!!!

We learnt a lot from the launch of Touch Book in 2009: We did a few things very well, and there were things that we could have done better. We are then committing to the following:

Commitment #1: "Always Innovating, Inc." will continue to innovate

This is the easiest commitment for us as it's in our core DNA. We are dedicated to bring incredible and never-seen-before products. Ideas that are simple and useful. Our lab is already full of innovative prototypes ready to be announced!

Commitment #2: We support the open source spirit

We have done a lot for the open source and the open hardware movements. The schematics of the core of the Smart Book are available for download. We have created, participated, sponsored, patched dozens of open source projects for the past five years. We will continue to do so. Visit our git repository for more information.

Commitment #3: We are dedicated to the Always Innovating community

The Always Innovating community is a formidable place and we are thankful to all persons who have helped us, and who have participated to the community. Visit the chat room or the forums.
  • Existing owners of Touch Book get free OS update
  • Existing owners of Touch Book are priority for any new order
You should expect us to be more present and to inject more energy in the community for the new few months.

Commitment #4: We have a more transparent production status

Taking into account that we had some trouble to keep our deadline last year, we are not announcing a precise shipping date for this new product but we are targetting the launch for the end of this year. Also, we will be as much transparent as possible regarding the status of our production so that you can make your own idea of when you could received your order. And be sure that we are working 24/7 to bring you those crazy devices!

We estimate that 70% of the first batch of Smart Book is completed. The tablet and keyboard parts are already produced and assembled in China. We have completed some prototypes of the MID part. We are now fixing and tuning these prototypes before full production.

Additionnally, we would like to point out that orders of full-feature Touch Book and Smart Book will be fulfilled first. Touch Book community, partners, and potential large customers will have priority. No distinction will be made between US and international orders.