open hardware
open hardware
Thank you!

First and foremost, the open source community. This product would not have been possible without the hard work of thousands of engineers all over the world. Open source is great! Contribute or buy products that include or support open source.

Marivi Lerdo de Tejada. By far, the best PR consultant in the valley. ;-)

Yuli Kaplunovsky, from Magniel Inc., a Silicon Valley-based independent consultant who designed the board. You should contact him if you need a hardware designer.

Texas Instruments for bringing an amazing chip, and the very fun Beagleboard project. Including Jessica L., Jason K. for their responsiveness. Special thanks to Gerald C. who has been kind enough to answered my endless list of questions!

Negin O. at Micron and Kevin McCarthy at BAE for their faith in start-up! It' s quite rare in big established companies.

Koen Kooi, an indirect heavily contributor to the Always Innovating OS, and the maintainer of the Ångström distribution which will run great on the Touch Book.

Tony L. for helping me debugging the hardware. What a pain it was!

Siarhei S., Felipe C., Måns Rullgård, Tomi V., Pratheesh G. for their help on fixing very tough bugs.

Jason Nako, a great designer, who helped on the design front.

Hanaya and especially Jose Cortes for bringing the hinges of the device. Their innovative spirit is very precious to us!

Kelvin S. at Shenzhen K. for bringing inside the device key components that you don't see but without which the Touch Book wouldn't work.

BestekMfg, a great Silicon Valley-based manufacturer and especially Nhat N.

Patrick C. for his precious advice.

Scott B. for his advice.

Matt Evans for helping us to build the initial prototype.

Tim Y. for his constant efforts.

David S. for his constant support.

And all the people that I have unintentionally forgot — and not those that I have intentionally forgot.