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open hardware
If you ordered before the Smart Book release, you can get your upgrade now!

As explained in our forum announcement, customers who have pre-ordered before September 12th, 2010 but have not received their device yet, are entitled to get a special upgrade on their device. As we want to reward our customers who trusted us by ordering one of our product, we have some good news: you can upgrade your order, and you keep your place in the queue.

For more detailed informations about these different products, please visit the comparison page on the wiki.

Additionnally, we would like to point out that orders of Touch Book and Smart Book full netbook orders will be fulfilled first. Also, Touch Book community, partners, and potential large customers will have priority. No distinction will be made between US and international orders. For any other question, please contact our Help Desk.

Please fill this form ONLY if you have pre-ordered before September 12th and have not received your unit yet.

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