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MeeGo 1.0 Core on TouchBook

MeeGo 1.0 Core is the Meego part which has been released on ARM. It doesn't include the handset UX (the user interface) so it's not yet really interesting, but basic support is here. It should be possible to install Xfce on it once the packages are built.

Disclaimer: these are pretty rough instruction. I've run them on a Debian Lenny box, but beware that the Lenny squashfs package is too old (< 4.0). You need to use squashfs-tools from Squeeze (or make a backport).


You need to build a 2.6.32 kernel following the howto on this wiki.

Creating image

What I did is to use the partitionning available in 2010.03 releases, and to create an other.squashfs to be able to boot directly from the boot menu.

First, we download the MeeGo core image for N900 at, mount it and extract it to a workable folder. Then we tune it, and create the squashfs.

 bunzip2 meego-n900-open-armv7l-
 mkdir img img2
 sudo mount -o loop,offset=$((32*512)) meego-n900-open-armv7l- image
 sudo rsync -a img/ img2/
 sudo umount img
 sudo mv img2 rootfs

At that point, we have an original MeeGo rootfs which we need to tune a little:

 # add modules from the 2.6.32 kernel
 sudo cp -a kernel-modules/lib/modules/2.6.32 rootfs/lib/modules/
 # remove N900 xorg configuration
 sudo rm rootfs/etc/xdg/autostart/n900-keypad.desktop
 sudo rm rootfs/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-input-n900.conf

Now we can build the squashfs and put it on the 7G partition on the sdcard

 cd rootfs
 sudo mksquashfs . ../other.squashfs
 sudo mv ../other.squashfs /media/disk/.images/other.squashfs

And finally we put the kernel where on the first partition (it might be a better idea to cat it so the inode doesn't change)

 sudo cp kernel-2.6.32/arch/arm/boot/uImage /media/disk1/uImage


Just put the sdcard in the TouchBook and boot it. At the prompt, touch the white rectangle on bottom right. Nothing is displayed on screen during the boot, then X starts with an xterm running (and nothing more)

What works

  • it boots
  • X starts
  • keyboard works, touchscreen seems to work
  • wlan0 and pan0 seem detected but I don't have any wireless network to try connection


  • touchpad doesn't work fine (cursor position is reset to top left). I think I already fixed that but can't remember how for now.

Meego Handset UX 1.1 pre-release


What's needed

  • SGX drivers (closed source)


--Corsac 05:52, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

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