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Welcome to the Always Innovating wiki!

This wiki will serve as the primary source of information about the Touch Book and the Always Innovating OS. Current version is 2011-03.a.]

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Getting started

Read the 4-page folded single letter sheet user manual. Use the keyboard shortcuts. Find which AI OS version you have. Charge the batteries. Use all applications and accessories. Customize your user experience through the settings and the control panel. Install applications on the AI OS. Compare our different products.

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Need Help?

Read everything you want to know about the Touch Book or the Smart Book and the different operating systems? Have some trouble with you Touch Book? We're sorry to hear that: please follow the troubleshooting guide. Need help but can't find the answer here in the wiki? Use the forums or feel free to contact our Help Desk.

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Developers - Community!

If you want to help, there is a community of contributors around the Touch Book and the Smart Book, working on improvements and features that we would love to see on the device. If you have discovered a bug, please file a report here and you can win a free Touch Book keyboard.

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Touch Book and Smart Book Software

Understand the OS, booting, and storage architecture. Develop your own application, using the accelerometer and rotation features. Leverage the video acceleration and the 3D SGX. Use Java. Reset the SD card or reinstall the AI OS. Let the system updates itself. Read about the multi-boot reset reinstall feature.

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Source code AI OS and other OS

Source code is available in our git repository. Compile AI OS yourself. Download the AI kernel and u-boot. List all the packages of the current 2011-03.a AIOS and read the changelog. Android, Ubuntu are now provided since 2009-12.a. Angstrom, Gentoo, RISC OS, Mer can also run on the Touch Book. Learn from the roadmap and help on the opened issues.

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Touch Book and Smart Book hardware

Read the Touch Book specs, Smart Book specs and the physical dimensions. Get the BOM list of the board. Read bout the wifi or accelerometer. Use the magnets. Hack the 8-pin inter-part connector or plug a serial cable. Get inside the bottom, middle and top parts.

We'll be adding to it over time, but we realize that we can't possibly think of every creative use for the Touch Book. That's why this wiki is completely open - you don't need an account to edit articles. Have something to share? Dive right in!

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