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These are pictures from the MID (Mobile Internet Device) board, rev D4. In a Smart Book (netbook, tablet only, or MID only), this board is mounted into the MID. In a Touch Book (netbook or tablet only), this board is slightly different (see comments below) and directly plugged into the tablet board. In any case, it holds the core computation system.

Front side


  • P3: MID 3.5" screen connector (only on Smart Book)
  • P13: Bluetooth antenna (only on Smart Book)
  • P4: Mini-HDMI connector (only on Smart Book)
  • P2: 40-pin tablet connector
  • P1, P8, P9, P14: buttons (only on Smart Book)
  • P6: MicroSD slot
  • P15: 5V-DC (only on Smart Book)
  • P18: External headphone jack (only on Smart Book)
  • P16: MID battery connector (only on Smart Book)
  • P17: MID speakers connector (only on Smart Book)
  • U13: Bluetooth controller BC0401PC08-ICXB (only on Smart Book)
  • U19: Fairchild FDJ1027P. 1.8v Trench battery power management (FLMP SC75)
  • U18: Bluetooth filter FI212C245032-T (only on Smart Book)
  • U4: HV9903 (only on Smart Book)
  • U1: Texas Instruments core processor (BGA)
  • U1x: Numonyx RAM 512MB
  • U5: Texas Instruments TFP410 PanelBus DVI Transmitter 165MHz
  • U12: Texas Instruments TPS65950. Audio/USB/Power Companion
  • U10: SMSC USB3326C. USB PHY

Back side


  • P10: MID webcam connector (only on Smart Book)
  • P5: MID touchscreen connector (only on Smart Book)
  • U9: Texas Instruments ADS7846E. 4-wire touchscreen controller
  • U22: Texas Instruments BQ27500. Battery fuel gauge.
  • U14: USB hub controller ISP1520
  • U16: Linear LTC2954. Push-button on/off controller
  • U21: Linear LTC4412. Low Loss Replacement for Power Supply
  • U15: EEPROM 16kB CAT24C16WI-GT3
  • U11: Freescale MMA7455L. Three Axis Low-g Accelerometer (14-LGA)
  • U7: ON Semiconductor NSB13211DW6.
  • U25: Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G02. NOR gate.
  • U2: Texas Instruments SN74LVC2G07. Dual Buffer/Driver w Open Drain (SOT23-6)
  • U17, U20: Texas Instruments TPS63010. Adjustable Buck-boost battery power supply converter
  • U23: Texas Instrumebnts TPS71501. Low-Dropout Linear Regulator.
  • U26: Texas Instiments TPS73701. Low-Dropout Regulator with Reverse Current Protection.
  • U8: Texas Instruments TXB0108. 8-bit bidirectional voltage-level translator.
  • U3: Texas Instruments TXS0104E. 4-bit voltage level translator.
  • U6: Texas Instruments TXS0108E. 8-bit bidirectional voltage-level translator.
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