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[14:41] <Mrkva_> Martix: thanks for that idea to connect both batteries together. It is running 11hrs with both dongles and display on (I am measuring discharging curve of the battery) - and it still looks like it will last for a few hours
[14:44] <josch> i've given up with my tb now
[14:44] <josch> the tablet battery is dead
[14:44] <josch> so it's quite useless now
[14:44] <josch> as one cannot even turn the tablet part around without switching off
[14:44] <josch> would've really liked to checkout the new 3.0 kernel :/
[14:44] <Mrkva_> josch: completely dead?
[14:45] <josch> Mrkva_: no, just tablet battery
[14:45] <josch> it still boots sometimes
[14:45] <Mrkva_> hmm
[14:45] <Mrkva_> those flat batteries are hard to find
[14:46] <josch> i tried but didnt manage to
[14:46] <Mrkva_> josch: have you tried contacting AI?
[14:46] <josch> Mrkva_: i write them monthly since this february
[14:47] <Mrkva_> but considering they're still not shipping their "smartbook"...
[14:47] <Mrkva_> ah, that explains a lot
[14:48] <josch> what does it explain?
[14:48] <Mrkva_> that you still have a dead battery :)
[14:48] <josch> ah :)
[14:48] <josch> yeah
[14:48] <josch> the thing i was writing them since then was different though
[14:48] <josch> it was about this: https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2145
[14:48] <josch> no response
[14:50] <Mrkva_> well, do you have a multimeter, to measure voltage on that battery?
[14:50] <josch> 0
[14:50] <josch> it seems completely broken
[14:50] <josch> infinite resistance
[14:50] <Mrkva_> josch: how were you measuring the resistance?
[14:50] <Mrkva_> 0=0V?
[14:51] <josch> 0v, yes
[14:51] <Mrkva_> and you've been measuring the voltage where? directly where that thin battery wires are soldered?
[14:51] <josch> yes
[14:51] <Martix> Mrkva_: good to know it works for you too :-)
[14:51] <Mrkva_> hmm
[14:52] <Mrkva_> it looks like a loose wire or something like that. I've never seen a lipol accu at 0V
[14:52] <josch> it also smells
[14:52] <Mrkva_> (that appeared to ohmmeter as open circuit)
[14:52] <josch> so there is maybe a hole somewhere
[14:52] <josch> but i dont see it
[14:53] <Mrkva_> Martix: any idea?
[14:54] <josch> it's okay i think it's time to give up and not waste time anymore
[14:54] <josch> i have debian+e17 running on the notionink adam tablet
[14:54] <josch> works wonderful
[14:55] <Martix> josch: try measure directly on battery flat wires
[14:55] <josch> dont have it here
[14:55] <josch> i just moved to a different room in my college
[14:55] <josch> everything still in boxes
[14:56] <Mrkva_> well, you can always directly connect keyboard battery to the top part :)
[14:56] <josch> i know but that wont help me
[14:58] * josch should probably also cancel his order from Mar 8, 2010....
[14:58] <Mrkva_> josch: smartbook?
[14:58] <josch> yes
[14:58] <josch> well
[14:58] <josch> no
[14:58] <josch> tb2
[14:58] <josch> dont need this handheld thingy
[14:58] <josch> just a working touchbook
[14:58] <Mrkva_> josch: btw, were you doing with TB anything that could possibly short-circuit the battery?
[14:59] <josch> Mrkva_: oh of course
[14:59] <josch> i'm not saying that it could not potentially have been my fault
[15:01] <Mrkva_> I mean, I've never examined too much my battery, but there could be either some sort of protective circuitry or classical fuse
[15:01] <Mrkva_> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/File:Tablet_battery.JPG
[15:01] <Mrkva_> on the picture, the part that has a sticek with numbers/letters on it
[15:02] <josch> the best my tb has done for me in the past month, was to provide kapton tape to me ;)
[15:03] <josch> (needed temp resistant tape)
[15:03] <josch> (and kapton is frickin expensive)
[15:03] <Mrkva_> come on... even with this kind of "support", it is still nice toy :)
[15:04] <josch> sure :)
[15:04] <josch> i played a lot with it
[15:04] <josch> btw, my max runtime was also 11h but without display and wifi
[15:04] <Mrkva_> that interconnecting batteries (and thicker battery wires) helped a lot
[15:05] <josch> another problem of mine was, that it was switching off when attaching power consuming usb dongles
[15:05] <josch> worst was a umts stick
[15:05] <josch> plug it in and it switches off
[15:05] <Mrkva_> yep
[15:05] <josch> even with the battery cable hack
[15:05] <Mrkva_> josch: with thicker wires?
[15:05] <josch> yes
[15:06] <josch> this was before my tablet battery died
[15:07] <Mrkva_> josch: and you were able to turn it on with the dongle attached?
[15:07] <josch> dont remember - already half a year back
[15:08] <josch> even with the battery cable hack it wouldnt turn on every tenth boot or so
[15:08] <Mrkva_> hmm
[15:08] <josch> before the hack it was worse
[15:09] <Mrkva_> maybe you've used too thin cables? :)
[15:09] <Mrkva_> I had the different problem - it turned off when connecting power adapter, that was not connected to mains first - charging that big cap in the PSU almost everytime killed it
[15:10] <josch> wow
[15:10] <josch> dont think my cables were too thin - 1.5mm copper wire
[15:10] <josch> no wait
[15:10] <josch> 0.75
[15:10] <Mrkva_> okay, that is not too this
[15:10] <Mrkva_> *thin
[15:10] <Mrkva_> hmm
[15:10] <Mrkva_> I have some from old AT PSU
[15:11] <josch> makes sense
[15:11] <Mrkva_> about 1mm or so. but still, it should not make such a difference - the total current should still be something about 1A
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[15:18] <Mrkva_> but honestly, the TB power circuitry is really messed up
[15:19] <Mrkva_> it could work for some MID or cell phone, but for tablet? hmm
[15:31] <josch> going to bed now
[15:31] <josch> good night all!
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