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[5:24] <pegwole> Closed out the wrong channel.
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[5:43] <Arithmos> hi
[5:47] <Arithmos> The smart keyboard can replace the touchbook2 keyboard ?
[5:48] <Arithmos> Can i use it as the same way, plug and unplug it from tablet ?
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[8:21] <__n1c0__> Hi all!
[8:22] <__n1c0__> I joined here just 'cause I tried to post a message on the AI forum some days ago, and it is not readable yet.
[8:24] <__n1c0__> The post was about inserting the touchbook into the H-Node database (http://h-node.com/).
[8:28] <__n1c0__> Though I know this channel is not "overloaded" ;-), maybe someone (dunno, a forum admin?) could comment on that point later and I'll read the logs.
[8:28] <Corsac> maybe try the contact mail address on the website?
[8:29] <__n1c0__> Even comments on experiments compiling a `linux-libre' or running a fully free distribution would be really appreciated.
[8:30] <__n1c0__> I thought this address was more related to "shipping-ordering problems
[8:31] <__n1c0__> and as such it might be a little noisy.
[8:34] <__n1c0__> Thanks for the answer still...
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[15:48] <woody_> hey did anyone put the always inovating OS on the Cr-48 chrome notebook from google yet?
[15:56] <EiNSTeiN_> no
[15:56] <EiNSTeiN_> because they ship in june
[15:56] <EiNSTeiN_> http://lmgtfy.com/?q=chrome+book+shipping+date
[15:59] <woody_> yeah I know that, ive got a Cr-48 and wont be buying a new chrome book because i have one, I just didn't know if anyone had a working version on the Cr-48
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[16:08] <EiNSTeiN_> oops sorry, read the question too fast
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