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[3:25] <leinir> Hmm... With the screen turned around, the device doesn't realise that it's effectively a tablet... :)
[3:26] <Mrkva> leinir: yeah
[3:26] <leinir> that's a bit impractical ;)
[3:26] <leinir> i guess, given the internal wiring, that there really isn't much that can be done about that, though...
[3:29] <Mrkva> leinir: I'd try cuttin USB pins (eg. 1,2,3) from the inter-part conector that is used when screen is plugged with back side to keyboard
[3:29] <leinir> so, disabling the keyboard, but leaving the battery intact?
[3:29] <Mrkva> leinir: yeah
[3:30] <Mrkva> leinir: i still have to find out what is used to detect if bottom part is connected
[3:30] <Mrkva> right now i
[3:30] <Mrkva> I'm trying to get USB after s2ram working
[3:31] <Dmrg> what a bout to use the script from ai to switch to tablet mode even withthe kb attached?
[3:31] <leinir> Dmrg: that'd do the trick for me, really - is there a screen-only entry for that? :)
[3:32] <Dmrg> i will try to find where it is, i dont remember
[3:32] <leinir> cheers :)
[3:32] <Dmrg> a sec
[3:32] <Mrkva> but at first-I realy had to get my audio amp working:)
[3:33] <Mrkva> sound from laptop speakers sucks
[3:33] <leinir> Mrkva: Hehe - i'll be attempting to plug in a usb sound card at some point ;)
[3:34] <Mrkva> leinir: why USB soundcard?
[3:34] <leinir> because the tb doesn't have optical out? ;)
[3:34] <Mrkva> I can' distinguish beteween MP3 and CDDA :)
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[3:34] <Dmrg> is /usr/bin/ai/jalevt/keyboard.sh
[3:34] <Dmrg> is /usr/bin/ai/halevt/keyboard.sh
[3:34] <Mrkva> leinir: you can *really* hear the difference?
[3:35] <MatthiasF> Mrkva: don't forget he is an amarok developer, he is well trained :)
[3:35] <Mrkva> but stilll
[3:35] <leinir> Mrkva: no, i can't really hear the difference, but the amp works better with the optical in, so... :)
[3:36] <Mrkva> okay
[3:36] <Mrkva> :)
[3:36] <leinir> Dmrg: nifty, than's :)
[3:36] <Mrkva> I don't think I'll be able to make vacuum tube work with optical input so... :D
[3:37] <Mrkva> and no, I don't think I will be able to distinguishh between silicon and vacuum tube amp. but galwing tubes are just amazing
[4:03] <leinir> Dmrg: couldn't get the script to work, but doing what it is actually doing internally did the trick ;)
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[5:18] <Dmrg> well, i just commented out the "touch ...." part to avoid the onboard pops whenever it likes
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