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[2:46] <FIN_Master> has anyone tried android already?
[2:46] <Corsac> not yet, good point
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[2:48] <FIN_Master> Android could be the kick to get me interested in my tb again :)
[2:53] <pitillo> is someone using a linux distro (not android or ubuntu) on those tb? (something like gentoo?)
[2:53] <MatthiasF> pitillo: I'm using gentoo
[2:55] <Mrkva> okay,the hinge on my TB right now broke
[2:55] <pitillo> MatthiasF: has it good performance with that tb? I think you are using it package oriented, have you tried native build on it?
[2:55] <Mrkva> who was the author of the great idea holding the display with two 3mm screws into plastic on each side?
[2:56] <Mrkva> alextisserant: ?
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[2:57] <MatthiasF> pitillo: I didn't tried to build on it. actually I'm stripping gcc and portage out of my gentoo images
[2:58] <Corsac> Mrkva: it's 3am in bay area :)
[2:58] <pitillo> MatthiasF: ok, thank you for the info. It seems to be powerfull enought to build native package on it (here like I told yesterday, with a wm8505, which is far from the tb, I'm making native builds, but with patience :)
[2:58] <MatthiasF> pitillo: if you don't have access to a better computer, building on the touchbook will work but slowly
[2:59] <MatthiasF> it may be better with the beagleboard xM (TBv2)
[2:59] <Mrkva> Corsac: he can be in france :)
[2:59] <MatthiasF> Mrkva: we don't have comcast in france :)
[3:00] <Corsac> he's not :)
[3:00] <Mrkva> well, about that 'better computer' - the cross-compilation is quite a pain in the ***... on the other hand, you start compilation on the TB and everything works just fine.
[3:00] <pitillo> MatthiasF: umm I don't know about that board (is it similar to the tb?). And yeah, here the wm8505 is really slow, but I can let it making native builds instead of cross builds (the problem began with memory, only 128MB isn't enought to build big sources, gtk/qt for example)
[3:00] <MatthiasF> Mrkva: crosscompilation works fine, it only requires some patching
[3:00] <Mrkva> if you're cross-compilling,you will probably have to fix a lots of broken packages
[3:01] <MatthiasF> Mrkva: but often it's the same patch for all packages using a particular build system
[3:01] <pitillo> Mrkva: yeah, that's true, we have been fighting with cross and atm we are a bit stoped with those kind of packages (gtk/qt), there isn't enought time to make researchs
[3:02] <pitillo> MatthiasF: it depends on the build system, but yeah, the most amount of patches can be shared
[3:02] <MatthiasF> pitillo: if you want to crosscompile Qt with gentoo, I have an overlay with the necessary ebuild patch (maybe you read the forum?)
[3:03] <MatthiasF> TB has 512Mo and 1Ghz ARM. so it should be able to compile even Qt
[3:03] <Mrkva> i wanted to make a smalll uclibc based system for TB... but I've ended at X input hotplugging. to have it working, you need udev. udev does not work with uclibc so I'm practically screwed
[3:03] <MatthiasF> but WebKit will probably take a full day
[3:03] <sipa1024> anyone tried the OS-switching i read about on the website?
[3:03] <sipa1024> or is it not available for current TBs?
[3:03] <Mrkva> MatthiasF: wait for the open office!
[3:04] <pitillo> MatthiasF: ah, well, I think I readed something about qt in gentoo forums and OE, but we are using another build system. Atm there isn't many users and not much time, but we'll research about it, I'll try to talk with the port maintainer to see if he has enought time to start deeping a bit more in qt4-cross (for gtk I think the problem began with pango/cairo, deps for it)
[3:04] <MatthiasF> pitillo: you're not using gentoo ?
[3:05] <MatthiasF> Mrkva: openoffice is bad ! for embedded, use koffice
[3:05] <pitillo> MatthiasF: yeah, it seems to be a pretty toy, enought to build any package on it, but like always, with some patience (I think I have a smaller toys overthere (X86) which runs slower that the tb for sure)
[3:05] <Mrkva> pitillo: koffice? why? abiword+gnumeric is enough :)
[3:05] <pitillo> MatthiasF: no, we are working with another distro, making a port of it for the ARM arch (it's working in small systems atm, j720, some htc's and the wm8505)
[3:06] <MatthiasF> pitillo: may I ask which distro ?
[3:06] <pitillo> Mrkva: ummmm that's far from us atm... we need all deps before we can start thinking in office suites...
[3:07] <MatthiasF> Mrkva: for your minimal TB system, you should use Wayland !
[3:07] <pitillo> MatthiasF: yeah of course, it's CRUX (which is focused in i686) and now CRUX-ARM (making progress with it and a little framework to build toolchain, kernel, ports...)
[3:08] <MatthiasF> did you choose CRUX ? or you have to use it ?
[3:08] <pitillo> I was reading about the tb, which seems to be pretty to start getting more knowledge about its support (which is really interesting, openhardware, the base for a good opensource distro on it)
[3:09] <pitillo> MatthiasF: I choose it, I found that distro some years ago and I'm in love with it, that's why we are trying to put it in all "places"
[3:09] <MatthiasF> you're a crux developer ?
[3:09] <pitillo> it's a distro which is giving me a lot of knowledge, and this is the most important part, learn
[3:10] <MatthiasF> then I can only advice you to use gentoo :)
[3:10] <pitillo> MatthiasF: no I'm not, I'm only a maintainer. We are developing CRUX-ARM, in that sense I could be a developer
[3:10] <pitillo> MatthiasF: I have been reading about it, and I think I tried it once, but when I saw CRUX I let debian for only some uses, BSD for routers/servers and CRUX for the rest
[3:11] <MatthiasF> I think for embedded use, the choice is either between source distribution (Gentoo,OE) or distro targetted for embedded (android)
[3:11] <pitillo> I like simplicity, and I see gentoo a bit hard to read (that's only my impression, don't take it bad)
[3:12] <MatthiasF> pitillo: I wonder why gentoo didn't work for you ?
[3:13] <pitillo> MatthiasF: yes you are right, but embedded is getting stronger, and we mix source based distro with a package manager (compiling things in a j720, 200mhz and 32MB od ram it's so hard (to don't tell impossible), or in a s200, 200mhz too and 64Mb... so hard). In this devices we use packages, but in toys like the tb, it could be really great to make a mix too, native builds to make a custom package repository and get packages from there
[3:13] <viridior_> MatthiasF: are you using Neuvoo or straight Gentoo?
[3:13] <MatthiasF> viridior_: straight Gentoo
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[3:14] <viridior> compiling natively, cross, or binary binhost?
[3:14] <pitillo> MatthiasF: I saw it more complex, I tried to make some "ports", and checked sometimes the portsage, but really I like more simplicity (what seems to be complex, it finish being, configure/make/make install style) nothing more. Really I have no more arguments, may be only I feel more confortable with CRUX than with Gentoo
[3:14] <MatthiasF> viridior: cross compile
[3:15] <pitillo> this is the best of this free and open world, just make your choice, and the best one is the one that makes you feel confortable (for all things, distros, wm/de, editors...)
[3:15] <MatthiasF> pitillo: I agree Gentoo is sometimes complex but that's because it's fully developed
[3:16] <viridior> did you port or are you using SGX or the DSP?
[3:16] <pitillo> MatthiasF: yeah, it's good to know. Thank you very much for your answers and comments, really appreciated.
[3:17] <MatthiasF> viridior: I didn't manage to get the SGX SDK to run
[3:17] <MatthiasF> viridior: what do you mean port ?
[3:17] <viridior> MatthiasF: i made ebuilds for sgx and dsp here: http://gitorious.org/neuvoo/overlay/trees/master/sys-libs haven't got around to testing myself
[3:17] <viridior> if you are willing to test them out I would love the feedback, either here or in #neuvoo
[3:18] <viridior> it *should* intergrate as is with the default tb kernel
[3:18] <MatthiasF> viridior: good to know, but I think I'll wait for the SB before testing
[3:18] <viridior> SB?
[3:18] <MatthiasF> Smartbook
[3:18] <viridior> is the the new touchbook?
[3:18] <viridior> err... that
[3:18] <MatthiasF> yes
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[3:19] <sipa1024> do the SB and the TBv2 differ much?
[3:20] <viridior> still using omap3530? 720MHz?
[3:21] <MatthiasF> SB = TBv2 with motherboard inside a MID
[3:21] <sipa1024> MatthiasF: but for the rest, identical?
[3:22] <MatthiasF> sipa1024: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/products/comparison.htm
[3:22] <sipa1024> yes, i've seen that
[3:22] <sipa1024> but that doesn't say whether it's actually identical in all the things that aren't mentioned
[3:23] <viridior> MatthiasF: if you come across anything unique to gentoo on the TB and/or any fixes please let me know or put in a bug here so I can try and track and fix: http://neuvoo.org/bugs/my_view_page.php
[3:23] <MatthiasF> sipa1024: I don't know more than what was released by AI
[3:24] <sipa1024> ok
[3:24] <sipa1024> i was considering ordering one to play with, but since i already have an android mobile, the added value of a SB isn't much above a TBv2
[3:25] <MatthiasF> viridior: I have my overlay http://gitorious.org/gentoo-kde-cross-overlay (it has random @system fixes + Qt cross support)
[3:25] <MatthiasF> viridior: If you need any explanation, don't hesitate to ask
[3:26] <viridior> MatthiasF: thanks, good to know. Once I get some time and start compiling again I may just add that to our binrepo
[3:26] <viridior> will do
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[3:28] <MatthiasF> viridior: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=327827 may be easier to read
[3:29] <viridior> thx
[3:31] <MatthiasF> if you plan to use the overlay, let me know so I bump Qt to 4.7.0. it's currently at rc1. I'm not sure if qting-edge changed things in the ebuilds so it may need to be synched
[3:33] <MatthiasF> sipa1024: the added value is that you don't need to sync your mobile/laptop. you can even switch form factor at run time. the downside is that it doesn't include 3G (if you're into that)
[3:35] <MatthiasF> viridior: still using omap3530? 720MHz? << http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Smart_Book_specs
[3:39] <MatthiasF> sipa1024: anyone tried the OS-switching i read about on the website? << I don't think it's public yet. technically it should work on TBv1. even if it's not as useful since the hardware is not so versatile
[3:42] <sipa1024> in http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Changelog multi-OS is mentioned a few times
[3:42] <MatthiasF> yes, I just found that
[3:42] <MatthiasF> but it's not in the git yet (for me public == source code available :) )
[3:43] <MatthiasF> or maybe I didn't look hard enough
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[4:25] <Corsac> the multi-OS boot screen was already present
[4:25] <Corsac> and sources are available in the git
[4:25] <Corsac> (it's just a script in the initrd)
[4:26] <Corsac> now for the hot multi-OS switching, no idea
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[4:45] <MatthiasF> Corsac: I meant the hot multi OS
[4:46] <MatthiasF> the scripted parts are probably available on the image. but I don't know where the binary parts source is released
[4:47] <Mrkva> i guess it will be a simple chroot stuff :-)
[4:47] <Mrkva> unfortunately, I don't see a practical usage of this feature
[4:48] <MatthiasF> mainly, switching to Android when detaching the MID
[4:48] <MatthiasF> but I agree it's a hack. and an OS supporting both tablet/MID UI would be better
[4:51] <smknight> is there any reason to buy the MID anyways? :/
[4:52] <Mrkva> hm, has it an GSM module?
[4:52] <Corsac> no
[4:52] <smknight> no
[4:52] <Corsac> no umts either
[4:53] <smknight> its totally pointless
[4:53] <Corsac> no
[4:53] <Corsac> think nokia n800
[4:53] <smknight> crappy resolution, no gsm/3g
[4:53] <Corsac> with updated cpu
[4:53] <smknight> Corsac: its 2010
[4:53] <smknight> we have powerfull smartphones
[4:53] <Corsac> smknight: you might not have any interest in it
[4:53] <Corsac> but ???totally pointless??? looks like you're just a troll
[4:53] <Mrkva> smknight: that costs > 300 USD
[4:54] <smknight> Corsac: dont get me wrong, i like the "big" touchbook
[4:54] <smknight> ppl only bought the n8x0 because there where no useful smartphones around
[4:55] <MatthiasF> it can be useful for navigation, PIM, VoIP, music, ...
[4:55] <smknight> yeah, but why should i but it when i get a decent android phone for the same price? :/
[4:56] <MatthiasF> because it's open and integrated with TB
[4:58] <smknight> last thing i bought because it was "open" was the freerunner, worked really well :p
[5:02] <Mrkva> smknight: yeah, how many caps had you add? :)
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[5:03] <Mrkva> hm, chromium in 2010-09.does not work with https sites
[5:04] <MatthiasF> I had the same problem. and I thought it was the hotspot which didn't allow it :(
[5:04] <MatthiasF> and since it seems gmail only accepts https. I couldn't check my mails :(
[5:05] <smknight> Mrkva: i dont have the nerves for soldering
[5:05] <smknight> its lying unmodified in a drawer here
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[5:09] <Mrkva> smknight: so you're not using it? why?
[5:11] <smknight> lack of a hardware keyboard
[5:12] <MatthiasF> the keyboard is one of the features which make the SB an open device
[5:13] <smknight> i dont get along with onscreen keyboards very well
[5:13] <smknight> (on small screens)
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[6:17] <Corsac> hmhm, seems that input devices don't work
[6:18] <Corsac> I just ran install-sd.sh to start fresh, and it boots fine but touchscreen/keyboard/touchpad doesn't work
[6:18] <MatthiasF> it works fine here
[6:20] <Corsac> I'll try a fresh boot, just to check
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[7:10] <Corsac> looking at switch.sh, it's indeed chroot-based
[7:28] <paulk_> Is that normal that the prices on https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/products/comparison.htm and https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/store/home.php?cat=3 are not the same at all ?
[7:32] <Corsac> well, the former doesn't list the smartbook prices anyway
[7:32] <Corsac> only the total
[7:34] <paulk_> Well, the 1st tells that the MID is $299 and the 2nd tells that it's $199
[7:34] <paulk_> and it's not clear about taxes...
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[7:35] <sipa1024> i believe those are "typical" prices for such a device
[7:35] <sipa1024> not the AI ones
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[7:35] <paulk_> oh, yes :)
[7:35] <sipa1024> they don't sell a touch tablet for $499 either
[7:36] <paulk_> I didin't read the text???
[7:36] <sipa1024> neither did i
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[9:26] <FIN_Master> Why dont you still dont have torrents for aios?????
[9:27] <FIN_Master> Weve waited for the new aios for 6 months and now we have to download it at under 100kb/s
[9:27] <MatthiasF> I had 500Kb/s (speed of my connection)
[9:27] <MatthiasF> sorry KB :)
[9:27] <FIN_Master> I can download torrents over 10MB/s
[9:28] <FIN_Master> but aios under 100kB/s
[9:28] <MatthiasF> are you sure you're using the amazon links ?
[9:28] <FIN_Master> amazon?
[9:29] <MatthiasF> see mirror.txt (it has links on amazon S3)
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[9:31] <FIN_Master> I was downloading the ai-all.zip. But those amazon links are still under 400kB/s
[9:31] <MatthiasF> and you need it in the coming hour ?
[9:32] <FIN_Master> Of course after waiting 6 months for the aios and over a year for a (more) working Android :)
[9:34] <FIN_Master> Maybe im just spoiled rotten with my hi-speed connection :D
[9:34] <MatthiasF> if you have such a good connection, why don't you make a torrent ?
[9:34] <FIN_Master> I will after I get the files
[9:35] <FIN_Master> I made one from the 2010.03 and uploaded to the forums
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[9:37] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: this would be nice
[9:37] <FIN_Master> I can give the link while its done
[9:38] <FIN_Master> but I cant upload it 247
[9:39] <FIN_Master> if I dont leave my tb uploading it :)
[9:40] <MatthiasF> alextisserant: maybe you could provide an http://burnbit.com/ link next time :)
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[9:42] <alextisserant> interesting; have you already tried this website?
[9:42] <MatthiasF> no I only read about it through PCInpact
[9:43] <MatthiasF> review: http://www.pcinpact.com/actu/news/59384-http-torrent-burnbit.htm
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[9:48] <alextisserant> ok, will try
[9:52] <alextisserant> can you try: http://burnbit.com/torrent/155831/ai_os_dev_squashfs
[9:53] <alextisserant> http://burnbit.com/torrent/155832/ubuntu_squashfs
[9:53] <alextisserant> http://burnbit.com/torrent/155833/android_squashfs
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[9:56] <FIN_Master> those links seem to work
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[10:00] <MatthiasF> but it seems burnbit only seed to one user. I'm only connected to alextisserant (on the android file)
[10:00] <alextisserant> hmm
[10:00] <alextisserant> the site says you should download from the original location as well
[10:01] <alextisserant> seems to work for me at the end
[10:01] <alextisserant> 2 peers for android, I guess that's you
[10:02] <alextisserant> 1 peer for ubuntu / ai-os, I guess it's the amazon link
[10:06] <alextisserant> MatthiasF: what is your DL speed?
[10:06] <MatthiasF> ~20KB
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[10:07] <alextisserant> same here
[10:08] <FIN_Master> i have ...android 100% and the other 2 has down:~200kB/s
[10:09] <alextisserant> nice
[10:09] <MatthiasF> I'm not connected anymore, alextisserant choked me :(
[10:09] <alextisserant> erf
[10:10] <alextisserant> yes just quitted
[10:10] <alextisserant> sorry
[10:10] <MatthiasF> no problem, I don't really need the file :)
[10:10] <alextisserant> eh eh
[10:13] <MatthiasF> I found where the webseeds are in ktorrent. it is shown as "Not In Use" and won't enable :(
[10:15] <MatthiasF> maybe amazon doesn't support the HTTP features used by ktorrent
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[10:18] <alextisserant> so your best chance now is to have FIN_Master letting the file to be shared :)
[10:19] <MatthiasF> yes, FIN_Master why don't you connect to me !
[10:19] <FIN_Master> i cant update the tracker manually
[10:19] <FIN_Master> maybe when it updates, you eill be connected
[10:20] <MatthiasF> you can't do a manual announce ?
[10:20] <FIN_Master> i think its not allowed by the tracker
[10:20] <MatthiasF> it works fine here
[10:21] <FIN_Master> i stopped and started the android.squashfs and it updated the tracker
[10:21] <FIN_Master> shows 0 (2) in uploads
[10:21] <MatthiasF> I have 0(1) seeders and 0(2) leechers
[10:22] <FIN_Master> sorry i meant leechers
[10:22] * tommd (~Thomas_Du@2610:10:20:223:21c:25ff:feba:966) has joined #touchbook
[10:25] <MatthiasF> yeah, I managed to connect to the webseed
[10:28] <FIN_Master> dont know why i dont upload
[10:28] <MatthiasF> maybe you have a NAT ?
[10:28] <FIN_Master> No. I have every port open to the world :D
[10:29] <MatthiasF> I have a NAT but bittorrent should be redirected on my computer
[10:29] * pt_wm8505 (~pt_wm8505@168.Red-88-9-36.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[10:31] <FIN_Master> Do I have to have the files in a zip in the install ot my tb?
[10:31] <MatthiasF> no
[10:31] <FIN_Master> Thanks. Beginning the sequence..
[10:32] <MatthiasF> I think you can just replace the existing files with the files you downloaded
[10:32] <MatthiasF> or use the script
[10:34] * pt_wm8505 (~pt_wm8505@187.Red-88-7-175.staticIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #touchbook
[10:35] <alextisserant> I added ai-all.zip as a torrent: www.alwaysinnovating.com/latest/torrents/
[10:35] <Corsac> alextisserant: fwiw, hotswitching has failed for me
[10:35] <alextisserant> Corsac: what do you mean by fail?
[10:36] <Corsac> well, not working :) In the UI Android is shown has running, but I can't do anything there (like, stop it or switch to it)
[10:36] <Corsac> I've tried to investigate how it was run and try to do it manually, but I don't think I really managed to do that
[10:37] <FIN_Master> I dont get the multi-os screen at all anymore in 2010-03 :S
[10:37] * phcoder (~phcoder@gprs59.swisscom-mobile.ch) has joined #touchbook
[10:38] <alextisserant> so if you reboot, and just type /usr/share/ai-multipleos/nativeos.sh -a (after sudo -s), what happens?
[10:39] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: did you run the reinstall.sh script on your device or manually replaced your mlo / u-boot.bin ?
[10:39] <FIN_Master> i ran the reinstall.sh
[10:40] <FIN_Master> it boots straight to aios
[10:43] <Corsac> alextisserant: as soon as I'll be able to run the gnome menu, I'll tell you
[10:51] <Corsac> ok, I give up, I've created an xterm launcher on the desktop :/
[10:51] <Corsac> so it's currently stopping dspbridge and stuff like that
[10:51] <Corsac> waiting at ???stopping PVR???
[10:53] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: when it reboots, you have to press the power button as soon as you see the AI white logo on the screen
[10:53] <alextisserant> it will load the multi-os screen
[10:53] <alextisserant> like me the first time, you probably didn't *precisely* read what the script told you after having run :-)
[10:54] <alextisserant> Corsac: what if you try ubuntu in console mode: /usr/share/ai-multipleos/nativeos.sh -c -u ?
[10:55] <Mrkva> alextisserant: you're the guy who thought 2mm screws into plastic would be enough to hold display hinges? :)
[10:55] <alextisserant> Mrka: I'm afraid I'm not :-)
[10:56] <FIN_Master> alextisserant: Nothing happens when i press the power button
[10:56] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: you need to press it really at the first second when you see the AI logo
[10:56] <Mrkva> alextisserant: nevermind :) I just hope the TB2/SB will have this solved better
[10:56] <alextisserant> did you get the reinstall.sh script from the release folder, or the one on your device?
[10:57] <alextisserant> Mrka: but I'm the guy who can send you a replacement hinge
[10:57] <alextisserant> (just send a message to support referring this chat)
[10:57] <FIN_Master> alextisserant: Ok. I kept pressing it again and again from the first push and now I got it :) Thanks
[10:59] <FIN_Master> alextisserant: Do I need the files to be in the ai-all.zip and not extracted?
[10:59] * drewis (~quassel@cpe-66-69-198-146.austin.res.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[11:00] <alextisserant> are you updating with USB thumb?
[11:00] <FIN_Master> Yes
[11:01] <alextisserant> just place ai-all.zip
[11:02] <alextisserant> no need to extract
[11:03] <FIN_Master> but I downloaded the files separately so there is a need to make a zip
[11:04] <Corsac> ???unknown group ???powerdev??? in message bus configuration file
[11:04] <Corsac> and then it sits there :)
[11:04] <Corsac> ha no
[11:04] <Corsac> I'm in the chroot
[11:05] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: you need to make a zip
[11:06] <drewis> Hi, what is the console command switch to Ubuntu from AIOS?
[11:07] <alextisserant> drewis: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/2010-09.a
[11:07] <alextisserant> Corsac: so it works for ubuntu
[11:08] <alextisserant> have you waited long time for Android?
[11:08] <alextisserant> "Stopping PVR" is the last message, then it should boot Android
[11:09] <alextisserant> sounds like it's very slow on your device
[11:09] <alextisserant> on mine (which is a TB v1 / 512) entering Ubuntu in console mode is almost instant
[11:10] * t_s_o (~tso@116.84-48-228.nextgentel.com) has joined #touchbook
[11:11] <martinh> oh! it looks like 2010-09.a is done?
[11:11] <leinir> Indeed - and it actually connects to wifi and stuff now ;)
[11:12] <FIN_Master> is it normal that the reinstall in tb keeps printing: sleep: invalid number ?.05?
[11:13] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: it is known
[11:13] <alextisserant> but it's ok
[11:13] <alextisserant> it will stop :)
[11:13] <martinh> leinir: yea. i'm hoping it fixes the issue I was having with connecting to work's wifi.
[11:13] <FIN_Master> I see it now :)
[11:13] <Corsac> ok, let me boot fresh
[11:15] <Corsac> ok, seems that my boot stuff is corrupted, it doesn't even boot anymore
[11:15] <alextisserant> erf
[11:15] <Corsac> lets re-./install-sd.sh
[11:16] <alextisserant> don't forget the -a in your command line
[11:16] <alextisserant> (although it does not affect the boot stuff)
[11:17] <Corsac> (I first try to just remove the overlay)
[11:20] <FIN_Master> Hmmm. Seems that my reinstall failed
[11:20] <FIN_Master> Something flashes after AI-logo and the the screens remains black
[11:21] <Corsac> alextisserant: ok, android is starting (takes a long time, but at least the screen changed :)
[11:21] <FIN_Master> All the lights keep flasing in the board and wifi
[11:21] <alextisserant> good :)
[11:25] <Corsac> damn
[11:25] <Corsac> it worked (fine)
[11:25] <Corsac> but removing the tablet from the keyboard wasn't a good idea
[11:26] <Corsac> it wasn't charged at all :/
[11:27] <Corsac> I don't remember if the direct top charging is supposed to work
[11:30] * Pingugu (~Noume@f050068028.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #touchbook
[11:30] <FIN_Master> is it normal to have "caution: filename not matched: ai-os.squashfs"
[11:30] <FIN_Master> but still installation completed
[11:30] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: probably not
[11:32] <alextisserant> when did you download the ai-all.zip file?
[11:32] <FIN_Master> so it tries to find ai-os.squashfs but really is ai-os-dev.squashfs
[11:32] <FIN_Master> couple of hours ago
[11:34] * Noume (~Noume@f050065038.adsl.alicedsl.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[11:40] <MatthiasF> FIN_Master: so it probably didn't update your aios then. I wonder why they renamed the file...
[11:40] <FIN_Master> it tried to rename the file in the archive and now trying again the install
[11:41] * mongrelcat (~taylorh@c-71-58-26-136.hsd1.de.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[11:41] <alextisserant> yes
[11:42] <FIN_Master> so someone changed the filename but not the script
[11:42] <alextisserant> ai-install.tbz2 needs an update
[11:42] <alextisserant> we will push it asap
[11:42] <FIN_Master> and install-sd.sh?
[11:42] <alextisserant> yes that's the file that needs to be fixed
[11:43] <MatthiasF> alextisserant: did you release ai-multipleos source somewhere ? (it's not really urgent but it would prevent from recompiling the complete AIOS)
[11:50] <alextisserant> not yet
[11:55] <alextisserant> MatthiasF: new install-sd.sh uploaded
[11:59] <alextisserant> s/MatthiasF/Fin_Master
[12:00] <FIN_Master> Ok. I got it installed by renaming the file
[12:00] <FIN_Master> should I be able to start the android with the multiOs gui?
[12:01] <MatthiasF> FIN_Master: I think so
[12:02] * Pingugu (~Noume@f050068028.adsl.alicedsl.de) Quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[12:02] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: oops, sorry, wait a min
[12:05] <alextisserant> ok now
[12:06] <FIN_Master> What was I waiting for? :)
[12:07] <alextisserant> the *good
[12:07] <alextisserant> *
[12:07] <alextisserant> install-sd.sh
[12:08] <FIN_Master> I told that the install was a success already with renamed file
[12:08] <FIN_Master> but good to know it works now out of the box :)
[12:08] <alextisserant> eh
[12:09] <FIN_Master> Android however does not boot with hotswap
[12:09] <FIN_Master> only black screen after the command in terminal
[12:09] * DJWillis (djwillis@cpc1-bath5-2-0-cust247.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #touchbook
[12:11] <alextisserant> FIN_Master: so you got the 2010-09.a installed, and android.squashfs in your 2nd partition ?
[12:11] <FIN_Master> I made the reinstall in tb but nothing else
[12:12] <MatthiasF> alextisserant: I see "User interface of multiple OS switch is not fully functional" in wiki/Open issues. is there anything I can do ?
[12:13] <FIN_Master> I was wrong. By waiting and not touching anything I have android logo now
[12:14] <alextisserant> MatthiasF: I guess so
[12:15] <alextisserant> but Gregoire is finishing some work on it
[12:15] <alextisserant> you can drop him an email
[12:16] <MatthiasF> ok, I already had tried IM maybe email will work better
[12:19] <alextisserant> ok
[12:25] <FIN_Master> still having the android logo. Maybe it will be ready in the morning
[12:26] <MatthiasF> TBv1 is a bit slower, but not that much :)
[12:26] <FIN_Master> Ill give it 8 hours and if thats not enough, Ill reboot :D
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[12:45] <lamawithonel> alextisserant: is the rt3070 kernel object in the modules.tgz? I can't find it.
[12:47] <Mrkva> lamawithonel: try rt3070sta
[12:51] <lamawithonel> yeah, that's what I mean. that's not in the modules.tgz
[12:52] <lamawithonel> I can get it from the ai-os-dev.squashfs, but I don't want to do that if I don't have to
[12:55] * phcoder (~phcoder@gprs59.swisscom-mobile.ch) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[12:55] <alextisserant> lamawithonel: is it for Ubuntu?
[12:56] * pt_wm8505 (~pt_wm8505@187.Red-88-7-175.staticIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #touchbook
[12:57] <lamawithonel> alextisserant: no, gentoo. I'm just trying to upgrade the kernel.
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[13:00] <MatthiasF> lamawithonel: another gentoo user, nice ! neuvoo or a custom overlay ?
[13:00] * Vito89 (~quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[13:02] <lamawithonel> I was using the neuvoo profile, but moved back to mainline desktop.
[13:02] <MatthiasF> cross or native compile ?
[13:02] <lamawithonel> slow, slow native.
[13:02] <MatthiasF> which software/DE ?
[13:05] <lamawithonel> I havn't touched it in a while. I had a working lxde, but I didn't use it much. Mostly I'd been working to get the efl overlay up
[13:07] <MatthiasF> ok
[13:24] <lamawithonel> well, I created a new modules tarball -- tar -cjpvf modules.tar.bz2 /etc/Wireless /lib/firmware /lib/modules/2.6.32
[13:39] <Corsac> back
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[17:39] <viridior> MatthiasF, lamawithonel: if your interested in enlightenment I would probably take a look at this overlay: http://gentoo-overlays.zugaina.org/embedded-cross/index.html.en I've compiled that for neuvoo-0.2.x and it worked fine, should be cross-compilable too
[17:56] * alextisserant (~alextisse@c-69-181-223-70.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: alextisserant)
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[19:27] <martinh> Hmm. i think 2010-9.a isn't booting for me.
[19:40] <martinh> ah!
[19:46] * bstag (~bstag@71-91-160-227.dhcp.gwnt.ga.charter.com) has joined #touchbook
[19:51] <bstag> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1196
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[20:10] * shtylman (~shtylman@cpe-74-68-152-176.nyc.res.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[20:11] <shtylman> is wireless working for anyone with the lastest ai android release and v1 hardware?
[20:11] <shtylman> in android I can open a virtual terminal and do ifconfig -a to see the ra0 interface
[20:11] <shtylman> but android itself cannot activate wireless
[20:11] <shtylman> anything I am missing?
[20:32] <tommd> It's known not to work, that's what you're missing.
[20:34] <shtylman> ah
[20:34] <shtylman> fair enough
[20:34] <shtylman> tragic
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[21:41] * sreelaj (~chatzilla@ has joined #touchbook
[21:41] <sreelaj> Hi anyone ?
[21:46] <acks> hi
[21:48] <sreelaj> any idea which battery is being used in touch book ?
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[23:01] <FIN_Master> shtylman: How did you get the android running?
[23:01] <FIN_Master> with hotswap?
[23:12] <Corsac> it worked for me with:
[23:12] <Corsac> /usr/share/ai-multios/ai-nativeos.sh -a
[23:12] <Corsac> (and wait)
[23:15] <FIN_Master> I get only black screen and when I switch back to tty3 (aios) the terminal says: "chroot: cannot execute /init: No such file or directory"
[23:15] <Corsac> hmhm, looks bad indeed
[23:15] <Corsac> how did you install?
[23:16] <FIN_Master> and i noticed just now that it tells also: "mount: Cannot allocate memory" before "Stopping dsplink"
[23:16] <FIN_Master> I installed from my tb from usb
[23:18] <Corsac> using ./install-sd.sh -a ?
[23:19] <FIN_Master> using the reinstall option in multiOs bootmenu
[23:19] <Corsac> I'd try a complete reinstall from another box, if you can?
[23:20] <FIN_Master> Ill have to install kubuntu today and try a fresh install with that
[23:20] <Corsac> and maybe report a bug about this to warn that there might be a problem in the bootmenu stuff
[23:21] <Dmrg> i fyou got a live cd, you can always mount the sd card with a reader, and copy-paste the files directly, is faster
[23:22] <Corsac> yeah basically you need to put the new stuff on the ???kernel??? part (I'd use cat to be safe), copy the new squashfs to the image partition (in .image) and remove the overlays (make backup first if there's important data)
[23:23] <FIN_Master> If only school and work wouldnt harm my hobbies. Ill try something after those
[23:23] <Corsac> :)
[23:23] <Corsac> I have the same problem
[23:24] <FIN_Master> I have a meeting today about our software project -course in which were doing an android app :)
[23:24] <Corsac> so a demo on the touchbook would be nice? :)
[23:25] <FIN_Master> Sure :)
[23:25] <Dmrg> i wish you good luck
[23:26] <FIN_Master> Theres never enough luck with tb :)
[23:26] <Dmrg> agree
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