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[0:48] <pt_wm8505> hello :)
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[4:51] <FIN_Master> Any idea if touchbook will Ever work properly
[4:51] <FIN_Master> Ive lost all the hope
[4:55] <Eruquen> I'm having hardware issues (top charger not working, bottom charger pin broken) so I've got no hope of getting it to work anytime soon.. and the top battery status is still not available which suggests a hardware problem as well
[4:55] <Eruquen> the new touchbook seems to be a lot better
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[4:57] <Eruquen> I wish I had waited a year longer.. as it looks now, with the added cost of having it shipped back due to a broken screen, I have effectively wasted 600 Euros (~800 USD) on my touchbook and can't do anything with it.
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[8:45] <smknight> Eruquen: fate of the early adopter =)
[8:46] <Eruquen> yeah :/
[8:54] <tommd> Early? It was 1500h when I bought the TB1.
[8:56] <Noume> i'd really wish they'd start production now, i'd really like to get the one i ordered almost 8 months ago :)
[8:57] <tommd> If I were you I'd rather them fix all the reasons they haven't started production ;-)
[8:58] <Noume> uhm, i could help with fixes in the schematics. I already had some ideas for revision 1 that would have fixed the usb power and trackpad issue. afair those are already solved, right?
[9:00] <Noume> g2g sorry
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[13:51] <MMlosh> alextisserant, does touchbook have full HDMI, or miniHDMI? (I was quite surprised that miniHDMI fact about MID is so hidden)
[13:53] <MMlosh> also: I have found an inconsistency in the Wiki touchbook documentation
[13:54] <MMlosh> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/MID_board says, that touchbook "MID board" lacks some connectors
[13:54] <MMlosh> but http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Smart_Book_top_part -> Touchbook v2 has them
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[14:26] <alextisserant> MMlosh: the Touch Book v2 has a full HDMI female connector (located on the side of the tablet)
[14:27] <alextisserant> as for the wiki: you're right, the picture is taken with an full-MID board => I'll update it, thanks
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[14:50] <alextisserant> for those who were asking, modules.tgz is now available in http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/release/2010-09.a/
[14:50] <martinh> how about the rest of the release?
[14:51] <martinh> when will that be ready?
[14:52] <alextisserant> soon
[14:52] <alextisserant> = before the end of the week
[14:56] <Mrkva> alextisserant: what week?
[14:56] <Mrkva> :-)
[14:56] <alextisserant> eh eh
[14:56] <martinh> the one that will end shortly after the rest of the release is put up! ;->
[14:58] <max_posedon> (speaking about future of AI/Smartbook) Does anybody have ideas how to add GSM(voice) functionality to MID?
[14:58] <alextisserant> in any case, martinh is right
[14:58] <alextisserant> but I was speaking about *this* week
[15:00] <martinh> That would be great.
[15:01] <Corsac> gsm sucks and must die, but adding umts could be helpfu, at least data, no sure voice is really needed, it's not supposed to be a phone and I'm not sure they really want to be involved with the gsm industry
[15:02] <martinh> besides, if it has fast enough data, people won't need direct voice.
[15:03] <Corsac> maybe they plan to provide SIP server functionnality too? :)
[15:03] <Corsac> martinh: fast enough data everywhere, too
[15:04] <Corsac> umts is nice when there's no wifi around
[15:10] <max_posedon> but people still need phone numbers, of course anybody can organize gsm-sip redirect at home, but latency will be bigger
[15:10] <max_posedon> I just see idea, to have *one* device
[15:11] <max_posedon> and forget about synchronization
[15:33] <tommd> Yay, the modules for the newest kernel are finally online.
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[16:38] <lamawithonel> does anybody have a good link to the rt3070 wifi driver?
[16:39] <lamawithonel> alternatively, can somebody tell me how to use the current version on the Ralink site?
[16:40] <lamawithonel> it's packaged strangely
[16:46] <tommd> lamawithonel: There is no "good" rt3070 driver.
[16:46] <tommd> lamawithonel: You can find the driver in the kernel source (kernel.org if you're not already familiar) under the 'staging' drivers.
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[17:17] <alfrednutile> looked on the forums and did not see anyone asking about about the combo of Android and netflix since it seems the only way to get Android to work. I can post this to the forums but "needed" a quick answer? thanks
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