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[11:22] <chrisbuntunerd> when is it coming out
[11:22] <chrisbuntunerd> is anyone here
[11:22] <chrisbuntunerd> sigh
[11:22] <Marex> what ?
[11:22] <chrisbuntunerd> when is mid coming out
[11:23] <Marex> what mid ?
[11:23] <chrisbuntunerd> alwaysinovating
[11:23] <chrisbuntunerd> mid
[11:24] <chrisbuntunerd> minibook
[11:24] <chrisbuntunerd> whatever
[11:24] <Marex> isnt there one already ? or you mean the new version ?
[11:24] <chrisbuntunerd> how can I buy
[11:24] <tommd> Oh, they've updated the webpage
[11:24] <chrisbuntunerd> how can I buy the minibook
[11:24] <tommd> chrisbuntunerd: You'll need to read the webpage, I doubt anyone here has better information
[11:25] <chrisbuntunerd> sigh
[11:25] <tommd> chrisbuntunerd: Yeah, I agree
[11:26] <chrisbuntunerd> do they have anything I can buy
[11:26] <tommd> The touchbook (old version) was out last year
[11:26] <chrisbuntunerd> I realy want a minibook
[11:26] <tommd> One is sitting on my desk now.
[11:26] <chrisbuntunerd> realy?
[11:26] <dpb> chrisbuntunerd: It quite clearly says in the website that you can *pre*-order.
[11:26] <tommd> chrisbuntunerd: It was a beta product, ment for tinkerers more than anything
[11:28] <chrisbuntunerd> oh I am nerd does that count?
[11:28] <chrisbuntunerd> tommd: have I seen you on #ubuntu-offtopic
[11:29] <tommd> It's possible but unlikely. I've been in #ubuntu before and tried to find when their ARM team meets.
[11:31] <chrisbuntunerd> oh
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[11:33] <chrisbuntunerd> the prices are amazing
[11:34] <chrisbuntunerd> can I buy it off you
[11:34] <chrisbuntunerd> tommd:
[11:34] <tommd> You want to buy my touchbook? Its not the Mini Book you see on the site.
[11:34] <chrisbuntunerd> hmmhmm!
[11:35] <tommd> Its also not the TB you see on the site - its the old TB (resistive screen)
[11:35] <chrisbuntunerd> hmmm!
[11:35] <chrisbuntunerd> how much
[11:35] <chrisbuntunerd> 150 $ US
[11:35] <chrisbuntunerd> ?
[11:35] <chrisbuntunerd> sorry don't get moch allowance
[11:35] <tommd> chrisbuntunerd: I'll do you a favor and not sell it to you - you don't know what you're buying and would be much happier with the newer model.
[11:36] <chrisbuntunerd> ok I will get new bye all
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[11:56] * MMlosh does not get where CPU(s) is/are in the smartbook... ::
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[12:20] <josch> wow
[12:20] <josch> an update
[12:20] <churl1> im looking at it too
[12:21] <tommd> But no software still
[12:21] <tommd> grrr
[12:21] <churl1> mind if i ask you a question?
[12:22] <tommd> Who?
[12:22] <churl1> you :)
[12:22] <tommd> Go for it
[12:23] <churl1> is there an os running on the TB that will play video well?
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[12:23] <tommd> churl1: Sure, I haven't had video playback issues with either AIOS or Ubuntu.
[12:25] <churl1> really, i only ever use mine once every update/upgrade. audio kinda plays and video skips at best
[12:25] <churl1> i want to use it, but i think it might be, well, too slow. slower than my nokia n800 tablet
[12:26] <churl1> say, with web browsing
[12:26] <tommd> It isn't slower, its probably that the player isn't using the hardware acceleration
[12:26] <tommd> What content are you playing?
[12:26] <churl1> so, i just never use it, but wonder if that's just the way the TB is
[12:26] <tommd> Its the software you're using.
[12:26] <tommd> The N800 is no more powerful of a device.
[12:26] <churl1> the sample video, it was something earth related
[12:27] <tommd> and that didn't play well for you?
[12:27] <tommd> huh
[12:27] <churl1> no :(
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[12:27] <churl1> so i take it that it can work :)
[12:27] <tommd> It's been a while since I tried video, perhaps my memory is foggy, but I seem to recall it being good (I used the TB to program + benchmark)
[12:28] <tommd> I know it can work. The hardware is certainly powerful enough
[12:29] <churl1> ever try to stick your TB to your refrigerator with the magnets?
[12:30] <acks> needs a flat-faced fridge, it slips if you have a curved one
[12:31] <tommd> No, I'm not big on the whole magnet thing
[12:31] <tommd> I like that the TB is open and ARM.
[12:32] <acks> i like keyboards >.>
[12:32] <churl1> i think they also have to be unpainted
[12:33] <acks> depends on how thick the paint is. i've tried on several that work just fine
[12:33] <churl1> cool, ill just keep on trying till i find one :)
[12:34] <churl1> i still need to get those little things to keep it from falling over
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[12:57] <Corsac> hmhm, the usb/displaylink/hdmi adaptor is a nice toy for sysadmins
[12:58] <Corsac> having a portable, 10" screen to plug to the server in my closet would be really nice :)
[12:58] <Corsac> though I'm not sure I'd really need the MID, I already own an n900 and a n810
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[13:13] <josch> meh in my opinion they could have traded the space where the mid and hdmi and usb stick sits in the enclosure for more battery
[13:21] <MMlosh> I'd like to know, whether this "HDMI" is "DVI with sound", or full encrypted HDMI :(
[13:26] <tommd> MMlosh: the HDMI key has been broken
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[13:28] <MMlosh> tommd, yes.. but that won't get video from DVD recorder to my computer screen
[13:29] <MMlosh> (or from touchbook to external monitor - that's my scenario)
[13:29] <tommd> Ah, ok.
[13:29] <MMlosh> so... ability to use HDMI in DVI mode is quite a key feature to me
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[13:32] <tommd> MMlosh: No objection there.
[13:34] <mjr> would be surprised if it was hdcp, but I suppose anything's possible
[13:35] <MMlosh> mjr, yeah.. encrypted connection does not sound like anything open...
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[13:38] <mjr> my impression is that hdcp isn't generally used except for standalone players and officially licensed hd video playback software, but *shrug*
[13:39] <mjr> (the latter requiring the hw and drivers to support that, of course)
[13:39] <Corsac> josch: there's already a 1.5Ah battery in the mid, plus a 6Ah battery in the tablet, plus the 12Ah one in the keyboard
[13:39] <Corsac> josch: how much do you think you'd add by replacing the hdmi adaptor?
[13:39] <josch> 4000mAh maybe
[13:40] <josch> because it's not only the adapter but also it's housing etc
[13:40] <josch> and it would be even more in the lid
[13:40] <josch> but anyways
[13:40] * alextisserant (~alextisse@ Quit (Quit: alextisserant)
[13:40] <josch> no sense in arguing over that
[13:41] * tommd chants FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
[13:41] <josch> haha :)
[13:41] <Corsac> josch: I'm not sure it'd be a good idea anyway
[13:42] <Corsac> josch: well it depends on the effective battery life and power consumption of the device anyway
[13:42] <Corsac> and how the charging problems have been fixed
[13:42] <Corsac> josch: 4Ah more means more weight, too :/
[13:42] <josch> my reasoning is just that i wont need neither hdmi adapter nor mid nor the usb stick in my phone so just for me personally it would've made more sense to either make the thing smaller or use the space by something usefull for me like battery
[13:42] <tommd> It would be nice to have an integrated GPS.
[13:42] <Corsac> yeah, like bay drive/battery on latpops?
[13:43] <josch> yes
[13:43] <josch> i already have a battery instead of my dvd drive in my laptop
[13:43] <josch> tommd: it would've made even more sense to equip the mid with umts ;)
[13:44] <Corsac> tommd: note that you could add a usb gps/gprs thumb, which would nicely fit inside
[13:44] <tommd> Corsac: Yeah, I got one when I get the original TB
[13:45] <tommd> Corsac: but integration is cool. An accelerometer + compass + GPS is an amazing combination as you can use dead-reckoning in between GPS fixes and clean up lots of noise
[13:45] <Corsac> except the nice thing would have been to fit one inside the MID, so at one point it could have been able to make calls :)
[13:45] <Corsac> (not sure if there are any gprs usb keys which are able to make calls)
[13:46] <tommd> But that implies a carrier + contract.
[13:46] <Corsac> but at least gprs + sip means calls
[13:46] <Corsac> no it doesn't
[13:46] <Corsac> you don't have to provide the sim
[13:46] <mjr> gprs is too slow, umts, sure
[13:47] <mjr> there is voice call support (at least in patch form) in asterisk for the Huawei E169 umts stick in particular
[13:47] <mjr> don't know if any others are capable and supported
[13:48] <Corsac> an umts stick with integrated asterisk?
[13:48] <mjr> no, but asterisk running on the usb host computer can route voice calls through it
[13:48] <Corsac> oh, ok
[13:49] <Corsac> in this case, it's not needed though, you just need a sip client
[13:49] <Corsac> because you'll need a remote sip server anyway
[13:50] <mjr> yeah, but since you mentioned not being sure, thought I'd share :]
[13:51] <Corsac> oh, I missed the TouchBook II
[13:51] <Corsac> And with the overclocked TI chip, it can run as fast as you want
[13:51] <Corsac> hu
[13:56] * alextisserant (~alextisse@ has joined #touchbook
[13:57] <Corsac> alextisserant: hey :)
[13:57] <alextisserant> hey!
[13:59] <Mrkva> hey?
[13:59] <MMlosh> why umts on MID.. one USB port would mean a lot of possibilities.. And I believe it should be possible to get one from the "docking port"
[13:59] <Corsac> alextisserant: congrats for putting some news :)
[14:00] <Corsac> MMlosh: umts on mid means network everywhere, that's all :)
[14:00] <Corsac> MMlosh: especially since it's the core
[14:00] <Corsac> adding an usb thumb to the MID won't be as easy as putting one in the touchbook (1)
[14:00] <MMlosh> well.. USB means ability to mis-use it as HTPC / video player
[14:01] <MMlosh> ah.. sure.. it may need an external chip, but should be possible.. OK
[14:03] <alextisserant> Corsac: took time, but yes
[14:03] <alextisserant> new era begins
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[14:04] <josch> alextisserant: congratulations - the new stuff looks good :)
[14:05] <Mrkva> Corsac: some news? there are any news?
[14:05] <MMlosh> but also confusing and ... really crazy
[14:05] <MMlosh> Mrkva, yes.. specs are out
[14:05] <alextisserant> for those who are in the bay area (is there?), you can meet us today and tomorrow at the Demo conference (www.demo.com)
[14:05] <alextisserant> and check out the new hardware
[14:06] <Mrkva> ah
[14:06] <Mrkva> looks great!
[14:06] <MMlosh> alextisserant, will there be something like video from the show?
[14:06] <alextisserant> MMlosh: depends on the press :)
[14:07] <alextisserant> you still have the video from Gregoire on our website
[14:07] <Mrkva> you've switched to capacitive TS? shame on you!
[14:07] <alextisserant> Mrka: I knew there would be some disappointed people...
[14:07] <alextisserant> but it's really great actually
[14:07] <MMlosh> if resistive TSs could do multitouch I believe they wouldn't
[14:08] <Mrkva> MMlosh: they don't.. well, I think there's a some prototype
[14:08] <Corsac> alextisserant: and for people not in bay area? :)
[14:08] <alextisserant> Corsac: do you want to distribute it in Europe?
[14:08] <josch> i'm at a bay but i think a totally different area ;)
[14:09] <mongrelcat> there was a resistive multitouch screen on the Skylight
[14:09] <mongrelcat> but that was vaporware
[14:09] <Mrkva> alextisserant: there are/were still some people wanting old TB in .cz (Europe)
[14:09] <Corsac> alextisserant: sure, I have an empty room which won't be filled before end of october :)
[14:09] <alextisserant> Mrka: yes, we will contact everybody and propose special conditions for an upgrade
[14:10] <josch> great to hear
[14:10] * josch is waiting since february :)
[14:11] <Mrkva> so, about the TOuchbook2, am I correct the only changes are webcam and bluetooth keyboard?
[14:12] <Mrkva> and capacitive screen
[14:12] <Corsac> and overclocked cpu :)
[14:12] <MMlosh> and video out
[14:12] <Corsac> and 512M ram
[14:12] <Corsac> (well, the touchbook 1.1 has it too)
[14:12] <MMlosh> and bluetooth-capable keyboard
[14:12] <Mrkva> yeah, I can see HDMI
[14:12] <josch> it will not have this displayport thingy or the spot for the mid, right?
[14:13] <Corsac> no
[14:13] <josch> great
[14:13] <Corsac> and I'm not sure if the keyboards are exchangeable
[14:13] <josch> sounds like a good upgrade option to me then :)
[14:13] <josch> would be cool
[14:13] <Corsac> nor if its compatible with the first touchbook
[14:13] <Corsac> alextisserant: any answer to that? :)
[14:13] <MMlosh> Corsac, well. the design differs quite a lot
[14:14] <MMlosh> it would be ugly if anything..
[14:14] <Mrkva> so, I don't really think it is worth for me to upgrade..well, maybe someday I'll buy the MID :)
[14:14] <josch> well if there are still these scratched keyboards around for cheap then it maybe worth it
[14:14] <alextisserant> Corsac: https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/store/product.php?productid=12&cat=3&page=1
[14:15] <MMlosh> Mrkva, what for? it has only HDMI out, wireless link and nothing more
[14:15] <Mrkva> ebook reading? :)
[14:15] <Mrkva> but maybe rather something with E-ink
[14:16] <MMlosh> well... where would you store the book.. or is the uSD in the thing as well... video says the standalone MID runs android...
[14:16] <Corsac> alextisserant: thanks :)
[14:16] <josch> isnt like the most important reason to upgrade that the hardware is less buggy and better designed?
[14:17] <Corsac> Mrkva: well, the mid is basically the same thing as an n800 or ipod touch
[14:18] <Corsac> (on the hardware part, not speaking of the software)
[14:18] <Mrkva> well, I've installed I2C RTC, drilled bigger holes for the speakers, added RS232
[14:18] <Corsac> on the sw side, well, it's able to run (at the same time!) android, aios, ubuntu, whatever
[14:18] <Corsac> so it might still be nice
[14:18] <Corsac> ha, good point, is there a serial port available? :)
[14:18] <josch> Corsac: well putting aside that probably the propriatary nokia parts like bme are missing on the mid - but i dont know about the openness of the mid
[14:18] <Mrkva> all I need now is to finish my gentoo setup and I'd bee happy with my current TB :)
[14:19] * alextisserant (~alextisse@ Quit (Quit: alextisserant)
[14:20] <Corsac> josch: yes, exactly, if the device is open (especially the gl part, tbh) it might be a really nice alternative
[14:20] <Corsac> josch: https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/store/product.php?productid=6&cat=1&page=1 (scratched keyboards)
[14:20] <Aard> Corsac: gl?
[14:20] <josch> yes but as i read not compatible with v2
[14:20] * MMlosh (~MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:989d:5b3b:fd7:417) Quit (Quit: Bye...)
[14:21] <Mrkva> I only hope they'll have quite bigger production capacity
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[14:22] <Corsac> Aard: 3D stuff
[14:22] <Corsac> Aard: the GPU, I mean
[14:22] <Aard> I'd expect to see the usual powervr :/
[14:22] <josch> i'm positive since i ordered 8 months ago my order will be in the first batch :)
[14:23] <mjr> *nod*, powervr's a shitty thing, but then again, so's every other embedded gpu
[14:23] <Aard> mjr: is there much else around right now/
[14:23] <Corsac> yeah but a sitty embedded gpu with correct and free drivers would be nice
[14:23] <Aard> powervr is currently used for arm mobile phones _and_ intel mobile phones
[14:24] <Aard> which leaves us in the nice situation that we have closed source graphics drivers in meego for all supported handsets
[14:25] <mjr> Corsac, then it wouldn't be shitty in the sense I used the word, but yes :]
[14:26] <Corsac> Aard: aava uses poulsbo stuff?
[14:27] <Aard> Corsac: it uses "intel gma 600", which is just a rebranded powervr
[14:27] <Corsac> yeah, like intel gma 500 :)
[14:28] <Aard> we already had lot's of fun with the driver packages
[14:28] <Corsac> I don't even want to hear that :)
[14:29] <Aard> I'm probably not allowed to tell anyway ;)
[14:30] <Corsac> hmhm, it's too bad there's no video of the os running on the minibook
[14:31] <Aard> I'd be more interested in debug interfaces. that's a pain in the ass on the n900 unless you're on nokias payroll
[14:32] <Corsac> more than?
[14:32] <Aard> than seing a video of the os. don't expect big changes there
[14:32] <Corsac> well, I was more interested in seeing it running indeed
[14:33] <Corsac> because for now it's not exactly sure it's correctly running :)
[14:33] <Corsac> mhmh, 480x320
[14:34] <Corsac> I'd have preferred 800??480 but eh :)
[14:34] <Aard> :/
[14:34] <Aard> that might not look nice with meegotouch
[14:40] <Corsac> meegotouch has a dpi-requirement?
[14:40] <Corsac> or a resolution one?
[14:41] <Aard> no
[14:41] <Aard> but I'm working regulary with it on both the n900 and the aava, and I don't think I'd enjoy it that much with a lower dpi
[14:43] * Haryaalcar|2 (~kvirc@ Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[14:44] <Corsac> note that it's still 160dpi
[14:49] <Aard> screesize smaller?
[14:50] <Corsac> 3.5"
[14:50] <Corsac> 480x320 3.5" capacitive touchscreen
[14:50] <Corsac> same thing as n900
[14:51] <Aard> so, same size, lower resolution
[14:52] <Aard> well, will be interesting to see if it works
[14:54] <Aard> the interesting meego handset release will be in april, so maybe the hardware will arrive in time to test it ;)
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[23:00] <Corsac> hey there
[23:06] <Corsac> http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/14/dell-inspiron-duo-tablet-netbook-hybrid-unveiled-with-rotating/ could be added to the ???Xerox machine??? part :)
[23:11] <taruti> Now that AI has the minibook do they support 3g?
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[23:12] <Corsac> it doesnt seem so
[23:12] <Corsac> though one could add an umts thumb drive inside the tablet, I don't think the minibook has it :(
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