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[10:00] <naptastic> Hi. Is it yet possible to install Ubuntu Lucid on my Touchbook? I don't care about ai-os or android; I'd just like to use Ubuntu Lucix.
[10:01] <naptastic> lucid*.
[10:10] <MatthiasF> naptastic: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu should compile an Ubuntu Lucid image with AI customizations
[10:12] <naptastic> MatthiasF, Thank you!!!
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[12:30] * azaghal 's TB is finally arriving tomorrow from France after a long wait
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[12:32] <Corsac> from France?
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[13:42] <tommd> naptastic: Lucid needs to use the AI kernel to run, I haven't bothered partly because there is no pre-built lucid squashfs. According to the git repo the next AI release should come with Lucid already.
[13:45] <naptastic> tommd, thanks. I'm excited for that, then.
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[14:20] <naptastic> I am crazy.
[14:21] <naptastic> I am unzipping linux 2.6.33-7 and am going to attempt to compile my own kernel for the touchbook.
[14:21] <naptastic> I've done it before on i686 and x86_64
[14:21] <Mrkva> naptastic: is it vanilla?
[14:22] <naptastic> Mrkva, I intend to patch it with -rt29
[14:22] <naptastic> Is there anything else I should know?
[14:22] <Mrkva> realtime patches?
[14:22] <Mrkva> but anyway, it won't work
[14:22] <naptastic> Do I need an older version?
[14:22] <Mrkva> nope. there isn't complete support for touchbook in kernel
[14:23] <naptastic> Yes, realtime patches...
[14:23] <naptastic> What do I need to add / remove to make it work? Is it known?
[14:23] <Mrkva> why are you using rt patches, btw?
[14:23] <naptastic> I want to do some audio work--fluidsynth, specifically--and the latency is too high using the kernel that came with.
[14:23] <Mrkva> naptastic: there are somewhere in git AI patches... but it'll need quite a lot of work to make it working
[14:24] <naptastic> :-/
[14:24] <naptastic> I'll look around.
[14:24] <Mrkva> naptastic: too high latency? what audio system are you using?
[14:25] <naptastic> The built-in system, through OSS
[14:26] <naptastic> (I suppose I should try compiling the ALSA driver for Jackd first)
[14:27] <Mrkva> well, I really need to make touchbook fit my needs :) I have three weeks :) then going to school
[14:27] <Mrkva> It'll be quite a lot of fun
[14:27] <naptastic> yes
[14:27] <naptastic> it's important that this thing we spent so much money on serves us, right? :-)
[14:27] <tommd> naptastic: Look for rt patches for 2.6.32
[14:27] <naptastic> tommd, is the .32 kernel a better choice with the touchbook?
[14:27] <tommd> That way when the next OS comes (with Lucid) you'll just need to patch that kernel.
[14:28] <tommd> naptastic: It's currently on .29. The next OS will run .32 according to GG
[14:28] <Mrkva> naptastic: well, I was ordering TB as a toy... and development transport
[14:28] <Mrkva> s/transport/platform
[14:28] <Mrkva> :D
[14:28] <naptastic> heh
[14:28] <Mrkva> quite a huge typo
[14:28] <tommd> Mrkva: For ARM specifically?
[14:29] <naptastic> I'm impressed... I've never managed a typo so severe. ;-)
[14:29] <tommd> I'm trying to decide if I should bring my TB on a 3 week vacation starting tomorrow
[14:30] <tommd> I need the laptop anyway, so the only reason for the TB would be ARM.
[14:30] <tommd> (one of my kernel modules is ARM only right now)
[14:31] <Mrkva> naptastic: well, you aren't thinking about enough things simultaneously
[14:31] <Mrkva> tommd: yep
[14:31] <naptastic> hahahaha
[14:31] <naptastic> I've never been accused of that before either! ;-)
[14:32] <Mrkva> well, I have a strange feeling in my fingers... I wonder if the sulphuric acid...
[14:32] <Mrkva> brb, going to wash my hands
[14:32] <naptastic> And then wipe off the keyboard!!! With baking soda!
[14:33] <Mrkva> naptastic: keyboard is made of plastic :) soap (also a litle bit basic) will be enough
[14:34] <Mrkva> I'm glad we had chemistry lessons when I was on high school
[14:34] <naptastic> hehe
[14:34] <naptastic> me too.
[14:34] <Mrkva> btw, anyone making explosives here?
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[14:35] <naptastic> *cough*
[14:35] <naptastic> you're not supposed to ask that on an unsecured connection.
[14:35] <Mrkva> :) I'm not _that_ dumb :)
[14:36] <naptastic> haha
[14:36] <naptastic> I'm not worried--you haven't mentioned any nitrates yet.
[14:37] <Mrkva> I'm not nitrating anything. the acid was from the car battery
[14:37] <naptastic> oh good :-)
[14:38] <naptastic> People asking about nitrates and acids make me nervous. I'm not against explosives, mind you, just worried about what the target could be.
[14:38] <Mrkva> what target could be?
[14:38] <naptastic> I don't know--hence, I wonder and worry
[14:39] <Mrkva> nitrates can be quite unstable...nitroglycerine :)
[14:39] <Mrkva> well, I'm not messing with chemistry since my friend got really badly burned
[14:39] <naptastic> yes, and all the fancy new explosives use interesting arrangements of nitrates...
[14:39] <naptastic> good--be careful with all that.
[14:39] <naptastic> And wash your hands after handling car batteries.
[14:40] <Mrkva> why? washing hands sucks :)
[14:40] <naptastic> haha
[14:41] <naptastic> Using the touchbook through ssh is actually pretty tolerable. I'm compiling jackd right now.
[14:41] <Mrkva> but about these "targets" - I'm more worried about survelliance "because of terrorsits" and about someone crippling himself and me (and rest of the _normal_ population) having to pay for his tretment
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[14:42] <naptastic> Mrkva, are you in the United States? I am
[14:42] <Mrkva> naptastic: nope. a tiny country in the central europe where a G. W. Bush wanted to build an "anti-terrorist" radar base... :)
[14:43] <Mrkva> naptastic: I really don't know how the situation in the US looks like... and I'd be glad if someone will tell me :)
[14:43] <naptastic> Mrkva, ah yes. President Shitface.
[14:43] <Mrkva> :D
[14:44] <naptastic> Mrkva, in many ways, less frightening: there is a sane man in the White House. In other ways, less so: those opposed to him are in hystrionics.
[14:44] <naptastic> The right wing here has become violent--literally, violent--since his election
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[14:47] <Mrkva> well, some right-wing parties got elected to the parliament here a month ago... with all the "more individual freedom", "stop increasing taxes" bullsh*t. the first thing they're going to do is raising the taxes
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[14:49] <Mrkva> many things changed since the velvet revolution in '89... but the politicans are still the same... *sigh*
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[15:01] <Mrkva> naptastic: well, I'd like to live in the US at least for a few monts... you know, get work, get in contact with locals... just to compare a country where were communinsts some 20 years ago and a country where there've never been any authoritatian government
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[16:44] <Mrkva> okay, theres one thing I really *hate* on touchbook... the annoying wifi blue led
[16:45] <naptastic> I agree!!! Black it out! Or dim it a little, at least.
[16:46] * naptastic gets out a sharpie...
[16:47] <Mrkva> it shines through the lid and that quite sucks.. hard to sleep with blue led flashing in my room.
[16:47] <naptastic> yeppers
[16:48] <Mrkva> well, with a little help of soldering iron, it could be possible to remove it... but, I've never worked with smd components this size before
[16:49] <naptastic> ooh, don't do that
[16:49] <naptastic> just put a piece of blue tape on it or something
[16:49] <tommd> wrap the usb stick with electrical tape
[16:50] <tommd> or heat shrink it (carefully)
[16:50] <Mrkva> yep, the tape is better solution :)
[16:52] <Mrkva> two-sided tape with thick paper on it should do the trick
[16:53] <naptastic> Mrkva, do you need to completely cover the LED or just dim it
[16:53] <naptastic> ?
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[16:55] <Mrkva> nothing - job's finished
[16:56] <naptastic> oh, ok
[16:56] <naptastic> so, I'm building qjackctl (frontend for jackd)
[16:56] <naptastic> and I keep getting gcc "internal errors"
[16:56] <naptastic> "qjackctlMainForm.cpp:138: internal compiler error: in execute_pass_list, at passes.c:1325"
[16:56] <naptastic> that are not reproducible.
[16:57] <Mrkva> not reproducible? like it fails on different line every time?
[16:58] <naptastic> well, the first time it fails, and the second time, it doesn't fail. It compiles a bunch more files, then fails on a different one.
[16:58] <Mrkva> hmm, strage
[16:58] <Mrkva> something can be wrong with your GCC
[16:58] <Mrkva> what about dmesg output? any segfaults?
[16:59] <naptastic> the guy in #gcc suggests that non-reproducible errors are usually hardware-related, and my TB already has two bad rows on the LCD...
[16:59] <naptastic> None of the above. No segfaults and nothing remarkable in dmesg.
[17:00] <Mrkva> well, the guy is probably correct
[17:00] <Mrkva> you could try another version of GCC
[17:01] <Mrkva> or it can be problem in memory (run some memory testing overnight)
[17:01] <Mrkva> naptastic: is it on your TB? or regular computer?
[17:01] <naptastic> Mrkva, this is on the TB.
[17:02] <naptastic> though it's really, really slow... it'd probably be worth my time to set up a chroot and compile things on my fast desktop computer
[17:02] <Mrkva> naptastic: yes, the SD card kills it
[17:02] <naptastic> :-/
[17:03] <naptastic> What I *REALLY* want, is a massively multi-core (8 or 16 cores would be great) ARM chip at a high clock rate, with a large amount of ram, say, 4 gigs, and PCI-express
[17:04] <Mrkva> naptastic: oh come on... 8 or 16 cores CPU?
[17:04] <Mrkva> I hardly use my dualcore laptop :D
[17:04] <naptastic> yeah but if they're only clocked at 1ghz
[17:04] <Mrkva> well, for gaming, it's a different story... and yes, I'd like to see 16 penguins on the framebuffer console during boot :D
[17:04] <naptastic> and there don't seem to be many really fast ARM chips around...
[17:05] <naptastic> hahaha
[17:05] <naptastic> I'd like to use LLVMpipe for my rendering, and use no hardware acceleration at all
[17:06] <Mrkva> naptastic: llvmpipe? so back to the software rendering? :D
[17:06] <naptastic> Yes. I *like* software rendering, and it will never, ever rely on any binary blobs! :-)
[17:07] <naptastic> (I've written a couple of software rasterizers; none of them were very good, but it's a problem that deserves a software solution instead of a hardware one.)
[17:07] <Mrkva> wow, I've never did
[17:07] <naptastic> It's fun.
[17:08] <Mrkva> I'm more like Linux guy... you know... webservers, scripts, security (that's *real* fun)...
[17:08] * naptastic barfs
[17:08] <Mrkva> why?
[17:09] <naptastic> I love networks but I hate dealing with them... I just want things to *work*
[17:09] <naptastic> I'm all about music, really
[17:09] <naptastic> (and graphics to a certain extent)
[17:10] <Mrkva> well, about music... I'm building my own first vacuum tube amp (well, two PCL86, kinda lame) :)
[17:11] <naptastic> ooh!
[17:11] <naptastic> Those are fun. Just be careful with the high voltages :-)
[17:11] <Mrkva> but i like much more playing music from records (good german heavy metal from bands like Aceept really rocks) than actually producing music... I really hated music class back on the high school
[17:12] <Mrkva> yes, yellow glowing cathodes looks really nice... if your transistors are glowing red, there's definetely something wrong :)
[17:13] <naptastic> hahaha
[17:13] <Mrkva> don't worry about me and high voltage - I've played with voltage few times higher than in these tube amps...
[17:13] <Mrkva> since then I really like high voltage electric arc.. and I don't trust any insulation :)
[17:14] <naptastic> hahaha, that's good policy :-)
[17:14] <Mrkva> it quite hurts :)
[17:15] <naptastic> so yesterday my friend and I spent the day together playing with Ubuntu, and he discovered one of my pipe organ soundfonts and fell in love with it
[17:15] <naptastic> anyway, I gotta run
[17:15] <naptastic> ttyl
[17:15] <Mrkva> bye :)
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[17:26] <Mrkva> hmm, just thinking, if I'll fit my system to 256MB NAND :)
[17:26] <Mrkva> probably not :(
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