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[3:13] <CeeDee> (1) Does Android on touchbook support the Android Market? (2) Creative use of sticky-back paper and some reconfiguring should make the US keyboard a UK one? (3) What price am I looking at (roughly) after importing and currency conversion? I'm reckoning about ?400..
[3:19] <Noume> CeeDee: 1) No, not yet 2) yes, definitely if you change the system keyboard layout inside the os 3) no idea
[3:20] <Aard> CeeDee: at the moment production is halted, and nobody outside ai knows when it will continue, and how the improved model will look like, and if the price will change
[3:21] <CeeDee> fun stuff. Heh, I was looking for something to take to the computer games tech university course I'm hpoing to start, and the touchbook seems about perfect. Android, Ubuntu, long battery life and a tablet mode with orientation sensing.
[3:21] <Aard> price is unit price+postage (should be on the site somewhere)+customs/vat(need to find out the rate for your country)
[3:21] <CeeDee> yeah, was hoping someone from UK had ordered one and had a more precise price than my rough estimate.
[3:22] <Aard> well, the custom rules should be public, so you can calculate how expensive it'll get
[3:22] <Aard> as for android: that's in early development, like the touchbook itself, so only buy if you don't want it es ready-to-use enduser system
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[3:24] <CeeDee> well, I'm not bothered by a little tweaking. Hell, I'd have to do that anyway with a normal netbook in order to wipe Win7, install Ubuntu :P
[3:25] <Aard> we're talking a bit more tweaking like that.
[3:25] <CeeDee> ohfun
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[3:57] <Noume> Uhm yes, the last design i was taking a closer look at was riddled with flaws, some more, some less obvious ones. You can find almost all of them on the forums
[3:57] <Noume> i heard that a new batch will be shipping in Summer. Or is it cancelled already?
[4:01] <CeeDee> there's something on the website about a new design in the Summer.
[4:01] <CeeDee> or some new thing anyway
[4:02] <CeeDee> shame about the lack of completeness. Looks like a really lovely bit of hardware.
[4:02] <CeeDee> esp. at the price.
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[6:37] <jd823592> Hello, did anyone document or at least try Debian on TouchBook?
[6:40] <jd823592> Do you ship TouchBook with a maybe copy of the system on CD? to allow users to experiment with OSes without a worry about rendering their TouchBook useless
[6:40] <jd823592> ?
[6:42] <Aard> jd823592: you can download the operating system images. operating system is on the sd card, so you can just prepare the sd card on your main computer
[6:42] <Aard> if you fear you might break something just get a second sd card for toying around and don't mess around with the original one
[6:43] <jd823592> Aard: i see that, just having the images online isnt the best way how to allow user recovery of his system :/
[6:43] <mjr> or, you know, backup the sd contents...
[6:43] <jd823592> ok, are there any known problems with TouchBook, any improvements made to the hardware/software (the second one is likely)
[6:44] <Aard> read the wiki/forums
[6:45] <jd823592> any plans on distributing to europe?
[6:45] <Aard> you can order from the us
[6:47] <jd823592> yes but that mostly requires ability to pay over internet which i dont have
[6:48] <Aard> you just need a credit card
[6:48] <Aard> but yes, if you don't have one you're probably out of luck
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[6:49] <CeeDee> debit card is fine.
[6:50] <jd823592> Aard: really, i dont know all the limitations to the cards.. but i have one that doesnt work with paypal and other things.. i dont expect it work with anything else :)
[6:51] <Aard> basically, if you have a visa or mastercard you're fine. most of the other major cc companies should work as well
[6:51] <CeeDee> Aard, not hvaing attempted to buy a touchbook yet, would Maestro work? Or does the process use Google Checkout?
[6:53] <Aard> CeeDee: you give them the cc-number and they bill when shipping. I only ordered one, though, and cancelled my order after I got the change to get one immediately second hand
[6:53] <CeeDee> ahfun
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[8:29] <W_I> I'm trying to update the AIOS, but get message "Nothing at the moment" from the server, even thought the check_update script tells the 01.b is available
[8:29] <W_I> Is this problem on my end, or is there something going on with the ai website?
[8:35] <martinh> the auto updater doesn't really work. follow the instructions on the site.
[8:41] <W_I> martinh: which instructions? The reinstall from boot or the update-sd -script?
[8:44] <W_I> martinh: nevermind... trying all the possibilities
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[17:00] <Tim> Hello :)
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[18:45] <ademos> Has AI annouced any kind of release dates? Or is it just "wait for the next update?"
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[18:51] <mongrelcat> basically wait
[18:51] <mongrelcat> no news really
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[21:57] <ademos> Thanks, I emailed support and they essentially said the same thing. I guess I'll just keep thinking website
[21:58] <ademos> later all
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