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[2:59] <bandwidthcrunch_> When i pipe my graphics to DVI monitor the resolution goes haywire. I see 4-5 dazzed up desktops running on the TV ? Is anyone aware how Xorg know that LCD is 800x480 and automatically when switched to DVI monitor change the resolution to 1280x720 on the fly ?
[3:01] <bandwidthcrunch_> _koen_ Mrka ? Any pointers ?
[3:05] <Mrkva> bandwidthcrunch_: you somehow connected TB to TV?
[3:06] <bandwidthcrunch_> I meant a DVI monitor
[3:07] <Mrkva> bandwidthcrunch_: so you connected TB to DVI monitor... how?
[3:07] <bandwidthcrunch_> I have a very generic device almost like the Touchbook which has a DVI out
[3:07] <Mrkva> ah, okay
[3:08] <Mrkva> beagleboard?
[3:08] <bandwidthcrunch_> I would think that the TB also had a DVI out ?
[3:08] <bandwidthcrunch_> yeah
[3:09] <Aard> bandwidthcrunch_: no, no connectors for outputting graphics. you need to use an usb adapter if you need that
[3:09] <Mrkva> well, I'm not sure if it's working on OMAP graphics, but try using xrandr
[3:12] <bandwidthcrunch_> xrandr would change the orientation right , issue being X still thinks it is on 800x480 fb and while switching to DVI it just displays four squashed desktops .I dont want to restart the Xorg with a different layout
[3:12] <Aard> xrandr does resolution switching as well
[3:14] <bandwidthcrunch_> It does mode switching
[3:15] <bandwidthcrunch_> fbset doesnt show me two modes for the omafb . Just one 800x480 for some reason. and xrandr too doesnt see the other mode
[3:16] <Aard> you can manually add modes to xrandr
[3:17] <Aard> something like xrandr --addmode DVI-0 1280x720 and then try to switch to that mode
[3:19] <bandwidthcrunch_> that says xrandr "cannot find output DVI-0 "
[3:19] <Aard> you obviously need to replace DVI-0 with whatever your interface is named
[3:20] <bandwidthcrunch_> Aard Do i have to add that in xorg.conf ? the interface name ?
[3:21] <Aard> no, depends on your card. when you do xrandr without parameters it should list what's available
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[7:16] <altacus> hello all
[7:23] <Meizirkki> hi
[7:26] <altacus> how is everyone liking the touchbook?
[7:28] <Meizirkki> I do not like it
[7:32] <dpb> Been sitting on my desk for months, should find the time to fiddle with it someday...
[7:33] <leinir> i've been waiting on Mer, and now MeeGo for it :)
[7:33] <leinir> and i understand that it is... getting close :)
[7:34] <altacus> mer and meego?
[7:34] <dpb> MeeGo could probably be usable on it.. we'll see..
[7:35] <Aard> leinir: give meego till about autumn and it should be fun. currently there are still not enough applications
[7:35] <altacus> I'm kind of surprised that ubuntu really isn't fully baked
[7:35] <altacus> The kernel seems to be panicking a bit
[7:37] <altacus> is meego being released by AI?
[7:37] <Aard> no
[7:37] <leinir> Aard: i just really need a PDF reader, a web browser and a terminal, really... Everything else is a bonus, really :)
[7:38] <altacus> leinir, probably gonna need a wireless network manager too
[7:38] <dpb> that goes without saying
[7:38] <leinir> While the aios does have that, the UI just isn't, in my humble opinion, very good...
[7:38] <dpb> yeah, the AIOS UI is crap..
[7:38] <altacus> I've been working to get Enlightenment (e17) on ubuntu and its a lot more hassle than I thought it'd be
[7:39] <altacus> I do not understand the point of AIOS, it's basically xfce
[7:40] <_koen_> altacus: it's branding, that's all
[7:40] <_koen_> latest e17 has a ton of neon and opengl es work done, it runs really well on the touchbook
[7:40] <altacus> _koen_ : do you know what distro AIOS is based off of?
[7:41] <dpb> altacus: angstrom
[7:41] <altacus> _koen_: Have you gotten e17 to run on the touchbook?
[7:42] <altacus> dpb: thanks. I recognize that from openmoko
[7:45] <altacus> awesome, it seems that e17 is available for angstrom
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[12:34] <merp> greetings. I sent a support request over a week ago now (May 25th) via the web form, and have not had any response besides the auto-responder. my touchbook is completely dead (except just some red blinking LEDs). Ticket ID#NAY-BpbkT-618). What can I do to get someone to respond please? thanks.
[12:35] <altacus> any idea on how it died?
[12:38] <merp> it started with battery failing to charge. it stopped working then. support shipped me a new battery. put new battery in. still dead (just blinking red LEDs). there wasn't a single event. it progressively acted up, where it would do that sometimes (only red LEDs), then finally only that. battery was confirmed bad through voltage testing, and new is charging properly, but still nothing past the red LEDs
[12:39] <merp> followed wiki/faq verifying video cable seated properly (never moved it, but just in case checked). do not knwo what else can do on my end without further guidance.
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[12:44] <altacus> hmm, got me
[12:45] <merp> need some suggestions for troubleshooting steps. just don't know where to go next with support not responding. :-(
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[12:54] <altacus> where is the red led showing?
[12:54] <merp> it is the group of LEDs on the motherboard
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[13:00] <altacus> I just turned on my touchbook and it has blink red led on boot up too
[13:01] <altacus> are you getting nay boot screen at all?
[13:01] <merp> yes. mine never shows anything on the screen, and the wifi never lights up. it just stays with those red LEDs. those are what indicate it is not totally dead, but it never boots up. tried original SD card, original images, etc. no improvement.
[13:01] <merp> no, no boot screen at all.
[13:02] <merp> not even a brief flash of video/light.
[13:02] <altacus> did you check the screen connection?
[13:03] <merp> yes (As i mentioned earlier here). followed directions in faq/wiki, at least where it sits under the battery it appears fine. and without taking motherboard apart, it seems to be fine on motherboard connectoin side (though can't see that as clearly obviously).
[13:04] <altacus> well I'm not with AI so I dunno the official answer
[13:04] <merp> ok. well. appreciate any suggestions. thanks.
[13:04] <altacus> did you try resetting the sd card to factory resets?
[13:04] <merp> there used to be someone from AI (including gregoirse) hanging out here in the past, is that no longer the case?
[13:05] <merp> gregoire
[13:05] <altacus> I mean if the uImage is corrupted it could be the case
[13:05] <altacus> Gregoire is the ceo of AI
[13:05] <merp> yes. I know.
[13:05] <merp> he helped out initially when it first started acting up.
[13:06] <merp> i reflashed to original image on original card back when this first started, thinking the same thing, but didn't help. haven't tried a second time to do so again (and I was originally uising a more up to date image on a larger card previously, neither seems to make a difference unfortunately).
[13:08] <altacus> it could be that your bootloader is corrupted
[13:08] <merp> unfortunately, this touchbook has been flaky since the day I received it. the touchscreen was always acting up, freezes etc. was getting better with image/os updates, then the battery problem and then the LEDs issues happened. sadly I've never been able to actually use it beyond contstantly debugging/testing it. (ordered in August 1st, and received at end of december).
[13:09] <merp> bootloader on the card? well, I guess i can always re-re-re-format/flash again on the original card and see if it makes any difference.
[13:09] <altacus> yeah well I bought mine used and had it for a couple of weeks, used it briefly however, the software still needs a lot of work
[13:10] <altacus> I'm hoping it is the sd card
[13:10] <altacus> cause that's the best senario for you
[13:10] <altacus> try using a different sd card, it could be a bad sd card?
[13:11] <merp> It was embarassing showing it to the linux user group here some months ago, that is when the battery and flaky bootup was painfully obvious, did not make a good impression to the 30+ people it was demoed for (many o qhich are saying to let them know when it gets better, and then they might be interested).
[13:11] <merp> I've tried 3 cards. 1 the original with the original image (And then reflashed with original image), 2. a larger card with the latest, and then 3 another card the same size as original but with newer image. all same results.
[13:12] <altacus> hmm
[13:12] <altacus> I've got nothing
[13:12] <altacus> right now I think there's too much bloat in the image
[13:12] <merp> but will try a full wipe and reimage of the original card just in case maybe in the process the boot image isn't clean. I know it's done that before during the setup if one step is missed. but doesn't really explain the other cards having the same behavior. but I'm at a loss of what else to do until support deigns to reply.
[13:12] <altacus> I'm trying to streamline it
[13:13] <merp> great
[13:13] <altacus> are you reformating the card too?
[13:13] <merp> that will be helpful
[13:13] <merp> yes
[13:13] <merp> yes, reformatting cards as part of the process I follow.
[13:14] <altacus> well best of luck to you
[13:14] <merp> thanks altacus, thanks for trying to help. appreciated.;-)
[13:14] <altacus> I know the touchbook uses a beagle board, perhaps you'll find more info looking those up
[13:16] <merp> is AI struggling to keep in existence? is that why the lack of response?
[13:16] <altacus> well I think something is up
[13:16] <altacus> I ordered mine in beginning of march
[13:17] <altacus> and in June they told me that they're postponing future shipments til "the beginning of summer" for new innovations
[13:17] <altacus> I ended up buying mine used
[13:18] <merp> well. they've always had a long delay. As i stated, I ordered mine the beginning of August last year, and didn't receive it until the end of December.
[13:19] <merp> but though their support was usually delayed a few days, this has been much longer than usual (may 25th).
[13:19] <altacus> but the "new innovations" message is pretty nebulous
[13:19] <merp> heh
[13:19] <altacus> It could be that they're out in california enjoying the nice weather
[13:20] <merp> well, did you see the Lenovo rip off of the touchbook? originally saw the designs of it at beginning of this year, and it recently came out, but crappy implementation (though better physical design).
[13:20] <merp> heh heh on the weather
[13:21] <altacus> lenovo rip off? they had that for a while
[13:21] <altacus> I mean in all fairness, the touchbook could be considered a ripoff
[13:21] <altacus> I'm kind of psyched about the adam tablet
[13:21] <merp> umm, the lenovo copy of the touchbook came out long after the touchbook was out.
[13:21] <merp> and the touchbook was demo'd at CES a year before the lenovo one.
[13:22] <merp> at least, that is my recollection of sequences (could be amiss).
[13:22] <merp> anyhow, home now, will go see about another reformat and reimage of cards and see if any help.
[13:22] <altacus> good luck
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[17:40] <merp> ugh. complete wipe/format/install of card still did not help to get the system to do more than just blink red LEDs (no screen flicker or boot up or wifi light). :-(
[17:49] <merp> anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions for only having blinking red LEDs on the motherboard when powering on (no screen at all)? thanks.
[17:56] <tommd> merp: Know anyone else with a TB? You can test your SD in their TB and their SD in yours.
[17:58] <martinh> it sounds like you might be having usb power issues.
[17:58] <martinh> it's kind of known. but, i don't think i've seen that effect.
[17:58] <tommd> that's a good question - do you have anything else plugged in?
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[19:39] <rpgresearch> unfortunately, no one else I know of in the area with one. I run several tech groups here, and a member of the local linux user group. all were considering getting a TB until they saw it (acting up at the demo's unfortunatley). They've all said show it again when it's working properly and they'll consider again. ;-)
[19:41] <rpgresearch> martinh, tommd, no, nothing else is plugged into it.
[19:41] <rpgresearch> I have not tried it with both the bluetooth and wifi modules removed, and the keyboard removed, and still no difference. :-(
[19:41] <rpgresearch> any other suggestions?
[19:42] <rpgresearch> I have two different SD's (actually tested with 3 a few months ago, but since it's been sitting, have gone through the process again with 2 I had handy, one the original that came with the TB, the other after market SANS).
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