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[9:54] <Corsac> ftwca meego: http://meego.com/community/blogs/imad/2010/meego-v1.0-core-software-platform-netbook-user-experience-project-release
[9:55] <mongrelcat> looks pretty
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[10:56] <martinh> mutt
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[11:00] <Mrkva> mutt rulz
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[13:37] <snlemons> Does anyone else have an issue where if the wireless disconnects (reboot, moving to another location, etc.) that it then won't connect to any AP again until you've rebooted?
[13:37] <snlemons> I've tried ifconfig/iwconfig, using the GUI to turn things on/off, and even unplugging/replugging the wifi card. Reboot seems to be the only way.
[13:38] <snlemons> I guess I haven't, say, fully killed the network manager and restarted it, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that.
[13:38] <snlemons> Right now the issue is happening in Ubuntu, but I've had it in AIOS, too, when I used it more.
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[14:13] <tommd> snlemons: It is well known that the wireless can be flaky - the drivers are in Linux "staging" which is another word for "beta".
[14:25] <snlemons> tommd: Is there any way to fix it without a reboot?
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[14:27] <Mrkva> snlemons: try killing network manager
[14:27] <Mrkva> removing card
[14:27] <Mrkva> and then sudo -s
[14:28] <Mrkva> rmmod rt3070sta
[14:28] <Mrkva> modprobe rt3070sta
[14:28] <Mrkva> insert card
[14:28] <Mrkva> and start network manager
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[15:33] <snlemons_> Mrkva: What's the simplest way to kill the NM?
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[15:51] <Mrkva> snlemons_: sorry, no idea... I don't have a TB here... and I'm to lazy to wake up from the bed
[15:52] <Mrkva> snlemons_: probably some NM script in /etc/init.d or something like that
[15:52] <snlemons_> Mrkva: Fair enough. I'll sort it out. Thanks for the tips.
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[15:52] <Mrkva> and then /etc/init.d/network-manager stop
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[16:09] <snlemons_> LOL When I removed the top from the KB to unplug/replug the wireless card, it wouldn't recognize the KB again after. So much win.
[16:11] <snlemons_> Reboot it is!
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[18:20] <viridior> snlemons: im not having that problem with neuvoo-0.3.0_rc3-official. I'm using AI kernel and just straight wpa_supplicant. Not sure it helps but I would focus more on NM/dhcp/caching
[18:22] <snlemons> viridior: It won't even scan for APs after this, I find. So it seems unlikely to be DHCP.
[18:22] <snlemons> But could very well be NM.
[18:23] <viridior> im about to start playing with NM for our images, If I see the same issue come up I'll let you know
[18:24] <snlemons> Great!
[19:01] <tommd> finally backing up my 8GB SD (waiting for my 16GB to arrive) so I can try Neuvoo rc3.
[19:01] <tommd> :-)
[19:12] <snlemons> tommd: It takes more than 8GB?
[19:13] <viridior> nah, its actually about 1-2GB, but you add what you want
[19:14] <viridior> comes with basic stuff and lxde by default, i have xfce, e17, gnome, ratpoison, and soon xonad
[19:16] <viridior> snlemons: http://neuvoo.org/neuvoo/packages/armv7a/0.3.0/official/
[19:16] <viridior> im adding to it all the time
[19:17] <tommd> snlemons: No, but it does take more than 1GB (I have a 1GB SD) and I don't have much left with AIOS and Ubuntu and my data on the 8GB SD.
[19:18] <viridior> i am using armv7a-unknown-linux-gnueabi for 0.3.0-official, once I have my framework finished I plan on looking into -uclibceabi and see if its worth it
[19:18] <viridior> also switching to a busybox-based system
[19:19] <viridior> that should trim me down to less than 1GB for a basic system
[19:20] <tommd> Untarring neuvoo...
[19:20] <viridior> natural you would want to remove some USE flags too, which would help alot
[19:20] <tommd> I'm going to have to change something on the first partition, yes? Otherwise it will try to boot with one of the non-existent overlays.
[19:20] <viridior> tommd: ;)... i have a new bug tracker up http://neuvoo.org/bugs/ please let me know what needs work, im still building framework and configs, so its not production yet
[19:21] <viridior> yep, you need to add layman and the neuvoo overlay
[19:21] <viridior> then... http://neuvoo.org/bugs/view.php?id=1
[19:21] <tommd> viridior: Will you be accepting packages? I've only once used Gentoo back in 2005 or so, so it will take me a bit to get packaging right.
[19:22] <viridior> tommd: i have no issues with accepting ebuild mods, i dont have a system for accepting packages yet... im using a dedicated compiler (beagleboard). If you want something I dont already have then just let me know and usually I'll have it compiled and in the repo within a day.
[19:23] <viridior> that is assuming that I'm not going back and making an ebuild for it, like haskell which is in progress
[19:24] <viridior> _rc3 was mostly a test build for me testing my production methods, _rc4 will be more of a complete system ready for more consumption
[19:24] <viridior> mostly it should just be configs after _rc4
[19:24] <viridior> ill definately be fixing the overlay problem
[19:27] <viridior> i wanted to get my squashfs system working for the portage tree and the neuvoo overlay, unfortunately its a hack right now until we get done with our portage patches. I have the squashfs images here: http://neuvoo.org/neuvoo/snapshots/ If you willing to play with /etc/fstab and aufs then you can use them instead and it will save you ~600MB on your SD card
[19:28] <viridior> I have portage tree down to ~33MB instead of ~650MB
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[19:57] <gregoiregentil> viridior: Everything seems quite cool. so when can I start trying/integrating your stuff?
[19:57] <gregoiregentil> Do you have a squahsfs somewhere?
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