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[11:44] <torpor> hello touchbookers!
[11:45] <torpor> hands up who has a nice touchbook these days?
[11:45] <torpor> mine is nice! i like the 512meg upgrade, and now that i'm standardizing on ubuntu with it, its lovely!
[11:45] <Noume> not yet unfortunately, waiting for it like about 4 months now
[11:46] <torpor> really/
[11:46] <torpor> ?
[11:46] <torpor> bummer
[11:46] <Noume> think it's stiil a cool device if the bugs in hardware would just get fixed :)
[11:46] * Aard still has his good old 256mb model
[11:46] <Noume> uhm yeah, ordered and got a receipt in the beginning of february tghis year
[11:47] <torpor> i think the device is useful, but alas the fact of the matter is that there are tons, upon tons, of other machines out there. the touchbook feels like just one of them.
[11:47] <Noume> you mean like the iPad, the ipaq, the wetab and other stuff?
[11:48] <Noume> none of them are as open as the touchbook afair
[11:48] <torpor> beagleboard-based machines are becoming quite a lot more common
[11:49] <torpor> i mean omap/ARM/etc.
[11:49] <torpor> the smart Q's are as good as the beagle in many ways, and quite open too, actually.
[11:50] <Aard> I've seen nothing that could replace my touchbook (I want arm, I want a netbook, and I want touch)
[11:52] <Noume> uhm, i'd like something as powerful as a tegra t20 in the touchbook :/
[11:53] <Noume> that would be awesome
[11:53] <Noume> i hope i can at least fix some of the hardware issues with the tb when i finally get it :)
[11:54] <killring> has gregoire given any hints re: the next rev?
[11:56] <Noume> uhm i hope a new 5v power conversion and an extra grounding pin for the keyboard connector would be fine :)
[11:57] <Noume> that should solve most of the issues with the keyboard and usb devices
[11:57] <torpor> has anyone done the mods to fix the touchbook properly?
[11:57] <killring> hopefully it will be out this summer (i.e. I hope they get better at hitting dates) as I need to do something soon and I'd like to be able to consider a tb
[12:02] <Aard> Noume: does your touchbook keep the time when shut down? I just read a comment that the c1 board is supposed to have a backup battery for the rtc, which would be news to me
[12:03] <torpor> i got the new 512meg board, i wonder if it has the clock fix?
[12:03] <torpor> how to check?
[12:04] <Aard> power down for some time, boot up and make sure it does not use network connections (as it will sync time by ntp once it does), and look at the time
[12:04] <Aard> someone commented for the rtc hack "This is not needed for AI Rev. C1 boards, which already has backup battery. In spite of dmesg claims: twl4030_rtc: Power up reset detected."
[12:04] <Noume> Aard: AFAIR the new revision draws its rtc power from the main battery
[12:05] <torpor> how about battery fix?
[12:05] <torpor> charging is still buggy, no?
[12:05] <Aard> Noume: if there is a battery hooked up it shouldn't give the power reset detected message
[12:05] <Noume> as i said i am still waiting for it to arrive but having it's schematics and at least decent electronics skills i know some flaws that are in this design
[12:06] <Aard> however, the twl4030 won't lose time immediately, so if you just power it down for a few minutes you'll get the above message, and a time just a few minutes off -- which can be easily confused with `it's keeping the time'
[12:07] <Noume> same goes for most cellphones too, so it's not really confusing to me at least...
[12:08] <Noume> i am planing to add a separate 5V converter that can supplay at least 1.5A, so the wifi/bluetooth issues would be fixed
[12:08] <Noume> -a
[12:08] <killring> noume: has yours shipped already or are you waiting in the queue?
[12:08] <Noume> Aard: Note that it must be powered down for about 6-10 minutes before it will lose it's time
[12:09] <Aard> yeah, but if I'm right the guy who wrote that comment looked at the time, noticed that it seems to be right, and thought that his rtc is battery backed
[12:09] <Noume> killring: i dunno, all i got is a receipt dating February 4th this year
[12:09] <killring> then you've got a while longer to wait still: https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/store/home.php
[12:10] <Noume> no problem, time got get the new schematics and think of a proper fix for known problems
[12:10] <Noume> -got + to
[12:10] <killring> I would expect that the known problems will be resolved in the new rev and you'll have all new problems to look forward too :-)
[12:10] <Aard> torpor: so, could you shut down your touchbook for some time, preferably remove the wlan module before powering up, and check the time?
[12:11] <Noume> uhm, i dunno if the power problem is really that easy to fix
[12:11] <Noume> according to the data sheet the current converter allows for 200mA max on 5V
[12:12] <Noume> Considering that and the consumption of wifi and bt it does not leave too much headroom vor other devices
[12:12] <killring> it really depends on whether it will be a minor rev or something more significant electronics-wise based on experience with the original tb
[12:12] <killring> I would hope it at least addresses most of the known issues with the current tb
[12:12] <Noume> when the new schmematics will be released, if ever, i'll check for that too
[12:13] <Noume> hope they are better than the last ones that didn't clear up all the questions i had
[12:14] <Noume> And i still consider it a major design flaw that there is only a single grounding pin in the keyboard connector
[12:14] <killring> I'm pretty much to the point where I almost don't care re: known issues... I've pretty much decided to either get a tb or bb this summer. I'm tired of waiting as none of the other device mfrs are really making what I want
[12:14] <Noume> i'll second that :)
[12:16] <Noume> Can anyone tell how long the queue is actually?
[12:17] <Aard> of course there are, but I don't think they'll tell
[12:17] <Noume> ok, brb, have to reboot :)
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[12:21] <torpor> Aard, i will try ..
[12:26] <Meizirkki> torpor, are you running Ubuntu 10.04 =
[12:26] <Meizirkki> ?
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[13:31] <josch> yeah me is also still waiting for his tb
[13:31] <josch> ordered in february as well
[13:32] <Mrkva> see https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/store/home.php
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[13:34] <Noume> josch: join the club :)
[13:34] <josch> Mrkva: yeah i saw that note
[13:34] <josch> and i still want to know details
[13:35] <josch> Noume: membership cards will arrive in 2-3 business days :)
[13:35] <Noume> I can wait until summer if: a) the usb power situation b) keyboard and touchpad problem and c) charging problems will be fixed by then, so i won't have to fix those myself :p
[13:35] <Noume> And what's all that fuzz about those membership cards, i don't get it...
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[13:36] <josch> i ordered in feb because i wanted to have it in summer
[13:36] <josch> lucky for them there is no alternative for me out there
[13:36] <Mrkva> josch: you're not the only one who wants to know details :)
[13:36] <Noume> For me there is but i can wait, just bought a new smartphone...
[13:37] <josch> Mrkva: i know - i idle around in this channel for over half a year now :)
[13:37] <Noume> i still consider the tb a good alternative to the competition
[13:39] <Noume> let's just wait, it will be there when it's done and hopefully a new revision with lots of fixes and improvements. as long as that happens i am willing to wait! and what about you?
[13:40] <josch> no other choice i guess
[13:41] <josch> i want half notebook/half tablet - i need the kb and i want touch. i also want the omap3 inside instead of a atom or some propri armel platform
[13:41] <josch> and hence there is no other hw i can choose from
[13:43] <Noume> There's no other tablet available at your site?
[13:43] <josch> tablet with hw keyboard?
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[13:44] <josch> it has to be a convertible laptop - and those dont come with arm
[13:45] <Noume> uhm, why do you want that hw keyboard so much? And yes there are devices called convertibles. the ones that can flip the screen on the keyboard to use as tablet and flip back to use as Notebook
[13:45] <josch> yes
[13:45] <josch> well because sometimes i want to write some stuff and i hate doing that on a ts :)
[13:45] <josch> but let's assume i wouldnt need that
[13:45] <josch> which tablet would be open enough for my needs?
[13:46] <Noume> uhm, actually i haven't seen one yet and i think the only benefit of the arm is the autonomy. You can't go for anything else if that's of major importance
[13:46] <Noume> i do know of no device that can last that long on batter power :)
[13:46] <josch> 'xactly
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