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[6:07] <viridior_> tommd: http://neuvoo.org/neuvoo/packages/armv7a/0.3.0/official/sci-mathematics/
[6:07] <viridior_> :)
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[8:13] <tommd> :-)
[8:13] <tommd> Now I must install Neuvoo
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[9:23] <viridior_> tommd: took about 12hrs to compile, no issues
[9:23] <Corsac> ok, booting the meego/n900 rootfs on the TB isn't exactly working
[9:23] <viridior_> Corsac: which kernel are you using?
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[9:29] <Corsac> the vintage 2.6.29
[9:30] <viridior_> from what aios version?
[9:30] <viridior_> there have been changes
[9:30] <Corsac> latest
[9:31] <viridior_> i use 2009.09a because the "boot selector" don't play nice with /sbin/init directly
[9:32] <viridior_> ill be talking with gregoiregentil to get Neuvoo in the next os release pack, ill lt you know what you need to modify to use the kernels
[9:32] <Corsac> the early boot is fine, but soon I have some kind of OOPS or BUG and then the screen shuts down
[9:33] <Corsac> (but that's with the original meego rootfs, I just added the modules
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[9:33] <viridior_> you get back the red AIOS boot screen with the percentage box?
[9:33] <viridior_> err.. s/back/past
[9:34] <Corsac> yes
[9:36] <Corsac> I just put a other.squashfs in the .images folder
[9:36] <viridior_> you made meego rootfs a squashfs image?
[9:40] <Corsac> yeah
[9:40] <Corsac> nothing really hard, just untar it, put modules, mksquashfs
[9:41] <Corsac> but it doesn't work, so... :)
[9:41] <Corsac> but that's quite normal, my guess is that the boot process is quite n900-tied
[9:41] <Meizirkki> Corsac, doesn't MeeGo require .33 kernel ?
[9:41] <viridior_> you might need some kernel parms
[9:41] <Meizirkki> (I don't know)
[9:42] <Corsac> Meizirkki: I don't know, but that might be possible yeah
[9:46] <Meizirkki> Corsac, Stskeeps said it needs .33 _iirc_
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[12:18] <adnyxo> anyone here own an n800/810? ive got a couple question s
[12:23] <viridior_> tommd: ping
[12:24] <viridior_> looking to compile some more software for neuvoo, taking recommendations
[12:24] <Meizirkki> adnyxo, I have n810
[12:24] <adnyxo> awesome, im thinking about buying one
[12:24] <adnyxo> is yours the wimax version?>
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[12:26] <adnyxo> the screen is resistive, no?
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[12:27] <adnyxo> also, does flash 9 still work for most sites, or no?
[12:27] <acks> viridior_: did you ever get that ebook app i mentioned way back when you were just getting started?
[12:27] <viridior_> acks: which one?
[12:28] <acks> http://www.timwentford.uklinux.net/#TWReader
[12:29] <Meizirkki> adnyxo, I don't have wimax version, screen is resistive, flash is a bit flaggy,,
[12:29] <viridior_> ill see if i have an ebuild, if not it will take me a day or two
[12:30] <Meizirkki> adnyxo, it's old hardware, I'd go for SmartQ V5 instead..
[12:30] <acks> hm... actually, it may be in angstrom's repos already, since it was for openzaurus/sharprom originally...
[12:30] <adnyxo> ill check that out
[12:31] <acks> it eventually made it into the OPIE environment
[12:31] <adnyxo> i was under the impression that the smartq was a crap chinese oem rebrand?
[12:32] <Meizirkki> adnyxo, I have heard smartq's are a bit "cheap"..
[12:33] <Meizirkki> depeds on what you want, n810 is still the best handheld device i have ever had, the only thing i miss is Spotify
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[12:36] <adnyxo> whats spotify?
[12:36] <adnyxo> lol well i guess i wont miss it
[12:36] <adnyxo> !google spotify
[12:36] <adnyxo> sry forgot we dont have a google bot
[12:37] <adnyxo> i dont think ill mind the slightly older hardware
[12:38] <adnyxo> i wish i could find someone who could tell me if the wimax edition requires a contract
[12:38] <adnyxo> cause id like to have the wimax, but only if its an option i can turn off
[12:39] <acks> viridior_: http://gitorious.org/opie/opie/trees/master/noncore/apps/opie-reader seems to be the current location for updated source
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[12:42] <topdog> has anybody received a march shipment?
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[12:44] <acks> patience... a virture?
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[13:38] <viridior_> acks: good news and bad news. bad news is there is no ebuild, good news is that it doesn't look like it would be difficult to make one
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[23:19] <spvensko_> hi, is the touchbook still being produced? i remember that the last time i checked there was a huge backlog of orders
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[23:44] <DJWillis> spvensko_: I would hope so. I think the small batches, on the fly R&D and unexpected interest are not helping get them out of the door.
[23:44] <spvensko_> yeah :(
[23:45] <spvensko_> i would considering buying one had they done 12" or 13" but i already have a 9" netbook so no point really
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