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[6:48] * viridior builds neuvoo-0.3.0_rc3
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[6:53] * Meizirkki still waits for the kernel gregoire promised to release 3 weeks ago
[6:54] <Meizirkki> tommd, ping?
[6:54] <Meizirkki> do you have new kernels to test lying around somewhere?
[7:00] <Meizirkki> they have libgles-omap3 package available for download again
[7:01] * Aard has no time to play with it, so that's fine with me :p
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[9:18] <tommd> ,Meizirkki: GG posted a 2.6.32 kernel for testing on the wiki
[9:18] <tommd> Meizirkki ^^^
[9:18] <Meizirkki> tommd, Thanksthanks ! :P
[9:19] <Meizirkki> I totally missed it
[9:22] <Meizirkki> I can't find it tommd
[9:23] <tommd> Meizirkki: I'm looking - didn't bookmark and the wiki is not easy to navigate
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[9:26] <tommd> Meizirkki: I might be remembering wrong and just saw the sources + build instructions: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Kernel_compilation
[9:26] <tommd> But I really thought I saw a uImage link... I'll look a bit more.
[9:26] <Meizirkki> ja
[9:26] <Meizirkki> err.
[9:27] <Meizirkki> ok, i'll take a look thanks anyway
[9:27] <tommd> Meizirkki: If I built a uImage you'd want a link?
[9:27] <Meizirkki> yup
[9:27] <tommd> ok, if I get to it it would be today and I'll message you
[9:28] <Meizirkki> ok thanks a lot
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[9:39] <lee_scratchwood> hmm, quite silent here. Anybody out there?
[9:39] <tommd> no
[9:40] <lee_scratchwood> no, do u have a touchbook?
[9:42] <tommd> yes
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[10:57] <acks> does anyone know just which packages i need to install to get bluetooth DUN working?
[10:59] <Meizirkki> blueman but I don't know if that is available for AIOS
[11:01] <acks> i thought that was just a gui frontend to other stuff?
[11:02] <acks> it's in angstrom's repositories anyway...
[11:02] <tommd> blueman and its deps are available in the TBuntu
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[11:11] <acks> bleah, installed it and some deps just fine...
[11:11] <acks> but it's missing some python modules
[11:15] <acks> why it needs cgi...
[11:38] <viridior> neuvoo's bluetooth is working ;)
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[12:31] <tommd> viridior: Does Neuvoo have a TB wiki page?
[12:31] <tommd> You seem to be pushing it - is it ready for general use?
[12:37] <viridior> tommd: not yet, but it wont be long
[12:37] <viridior> tommd: http://neuvooo.org
[12:38] <viridior> as people have issues we write documentation
[12:38] <viridior> tommd: neuvoo isn't ment to be like Windows of Ubuntu. It will come with a solid base system and then you install what you want
[12:40] <viridior> weve made a few assumptions of what people want and then let the user add what he/she wants on top
[12:40] <viridior> we let Gentoo figure out the low-level stuff
[12:41] <tommd> So I get a base and can emerge from some largish subset of the gentoo repos?
[12:41] <viridior> Neuvoo devs have been work on some meta flags, we call "features" that you can turn on and off and in turn it will enable/disable USE flags, packages, etc
[12:41] <viridior> tommd: no Gentoo repos, Neuvoo repo
[12:41] <tommd> ok
[12:41] <viridior> our your own if you wish
[12:41] <viridior> err... or your own
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[12:42] <viridior> tommd: this is what im working with now: http://neuvoo.org/wiki/index.php?title=0.3.0
[12:42] <viridior> actually, that info is slightly outdated, but the links are good
[12:43] <tommd> My main issue is I use the TB for rather nitch things [1] and most repos won't have those in addition to the little TB nice-ities [2].
[12:43] <tommd> [1] Coq, GHC, ProofGeneral, latex
[12:43] <tommd> [2] Rotation, cellwriter, Xournal
[12:43] <acks> niche ?
[12:43] <tommd> nitch
[12:43] <tommd> niche
[12:43] <tommd> yeah - I need to cool down from my run still
[12:43] <viridior> tommd: i have no problem compiling those and putting them in the repo
[12:43] <tommd> niche
[12:44] <viridior> just make a list of what you want in email and ill build it once i get this image finsihed up
[12:44] <tommd> viridior: Coq is written in OCaml, GHC + Xmonad + Xmobar are in Haskell. Still, if you are willing/able to put them in the repo then I'd be very interested in Neuvoo
[12:45] <tommd> viridior, sounds good.
[12:45] <viridior> i can get it to you fast if its already and ebuild. If not then it will take a bit longer
[12:45] <tommd> I'm fairly confident all those are in ebuilds in gentoo - I'll put this on my todo
[12:46] <viridior> coq is in there, no ARM flags, but that doesn't mean to much
[12:46] <viridior> s/to/too
[12:47] <viridior> its been compiled stable on sparc and other non x86 arch, so i doubt its a problem
[12:47] <viridior> im using one of TBs as the dev board. Once i can get the image built enough to host on a beagleboard I'll just throw ebuilds at it from users that are interested
[12:48] <viridior> right now im using LXDE as the base, but I have e17 compiled and it looks pretty nice, chromium as my default webbrowser
[12:48] <tommd> sweet
[12:49] <viridior> basic bluetooth, ftp, pidgin, samba, cups
[12:49] <viridior> gimp is in there somewhere too
[12:49] <viridior> ive just been hitting up the big items as I think of them and I let it compile over night
[12:50] <viridior> ill try and remember to get coq going tonight
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[12:55] <viridior> tommd: fixing the package.masks now so i can get coq in the que
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[13:25] <viridior> tommd: coq is compiling
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[13:40] <ryuo> evening. anyone know the endianness of the ARM chip in the touchbook?
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[14:00] <gxben> ryuo, little
[14:02] <tommd> ryuo: ARM can be either
[14:02] <ryuo> tommd, ah.
[14:02] <tommd> "armel" is defined as little endian. ARM actually has instructions that can work either way
[14:03] <tommd> And don't quote me on the armel statement - that is simply my understanding from some webpage
[14:03] <ryuo> hm.. big endian architectures seems rarer.
[14:03] <ryuo> s/seems/seem
[14:03] <tommd> these days, yep
[14:04] <tommd> Sparc is perhaps the best known one.
[14:04] <ryuo> makes me wonder if endianness will one day be a thing of the past
[14:04] <tommd> nah, "network byte order" will remain and that is big endian.
[14:05] <tommd> Or as Knuth said when I asked him about it: "Who are you and how did you get into my house".
[14:05] <ryuo> so why is little endian more common for local but big endian is more common for data transfer?
[14:05] <ryuo> huh anyway
[14:05] <ryuo> i would think that it would be better to just have one
[14:05] <tommd> ryuo: If you didn't get that last one then you need to read more xkcd.
[14:06] <tommd> Well, try to get the industry to decide on any one thing when the choice is arbitrary - it isn't easy ;-)
[14:07] <ryuo> at least the nice thing about network is you always know what the order is..
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