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[0:16] <synac> I am looking for information on ordering an upgrade for my touchbook from the 256m to the 512m board
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[0:20] <synac> ... information...
[0:21] <Raedwulf> synac: wait for gregoiregentil, he'll probably know
[0:21] <Raedwulf> i think you can just request the mobo or something like that
[0:21] <synac> hmm k
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[0:21] <acks> mmm... from what i recall last time someone asked, there is no way to upgrade that without replacing the entire board
[0:22] <acks> you could still use the same case and whatnot though
[0:22] <synac> that I know
[0:22] <synac> I want to upgrade the damn thing
[0:22] <synac> 256m is simply not enough
[0:33] <Raedwulf> apparently its not that hard to upgrade
[0:33] <Raedwulf> the hardest part is to reconnect the screen
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[0:40] <synac> I just took apart my tb and reassembled it easily. I don't think I'll have any issues
[0:49] <Corsac> the 256M and 512M boards don't have exactly the same lcd connector so you have to tune it someway, but nothing too dramatic (though removing the lcd connector on the 256M one is a good way to break it)
[0:49] <Corsac> (it=connector, not MB)
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[1:55] <_koen_> synac: it's a matter or removing the pcd and putting a new one, not hard at all
[1:56] * _koen_ upgraded his tb that way
[1:56] <_koen_> just be carefull with the lcd connector
[2:03] <synac> assuming I get the new board, will I need to get anything else to mod it (For the lcd)?
[2:25] <_koen_> I had no problems with the lcd
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[5:18] <jrobicha> help
[5:18] <jrobicha> oups..., please disregard this
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[5:47] <jscinoz> :( My touchbook has officially exploded
[5:48] <Mrkva> jscinoz: what?
[5:48] <jscinoz> Well the bottom part at least, top still works, I got a dmesg message about usb port being dissable to "over-current" and shortly thereafter the good old burning electronics smell
[5:48] <jscinoz> Mrkva: something has shorted in the keyboard part :( don't know what, havn't openned it
[5:49] <Mrkva> :(
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[5:50] <jscinoz> According to the website though the keyboard part only has a 3 month warranty (at least thats how i interpret it, I'm not sure if it means specifically the keyboard, or the entire bottom half) and it only got here aroudn april so i should be ok maybe
[5:52] <Meizirkki> The bottom part is only 3 months probably because the hinge breaks in few months
[5:54] <jscinoz> yeah left hinge on mine died weeks ago :P
[5:54] <jscinoz> it rattles, so probably som elittle plastic thingy in there is broken or something :(
[5:56] <Meizirkki> jscinoz, It will fall apart any second
[5:56] <jrobicha> does the keyboard still works?
[5:56] <jscinoz> jrobicha: no, i get a whole bunch of errors about usb over-current
[5:57] <jscinoz> i am not sure if it is still providing power to the top part, let me check quickly
[5:57] <Meizirkki> My keyboard works but is physically broken
[5:58] <jscinoz> hmm
[5:58] <jrobicha> :(
[5:58] <jscinoz> still provides power, but no keyboard/mouse functionality
[5:58] <Meizirkki> jscinoz, Over currect means there's a shorcut somewhere in the usb power cables
[5:58] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: i figured as much, considering the burning smell :P
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[5:59] <Meizirkki> I had the over-current error as well.. but I soldered off one broken capacitor from the board
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[6:03] <jscinoz> hmm
[6:03] <jscinoz> I'm not sure if i should attempt that
[6:03] <jscinoz> because i've got a few other issues also, some of them I'm not sure if its just a design limitation or an error
[6:04] <jrobicha> oh, like what?
[6:06] <jscinoz> this one i'm pretty sure is just a limitation not a fault: I can't plug my phone into it when its running on battery power (must be on mains), causes the unit to shut down
[6:06] <jscinoz> I'm assuming my phone draws too much power (It's a nokia n900, pretty similar internally to the touchbook itself)
[6:10] <Meizirkki> n900 tries to charge itself from the USB :P
[6:12] <leinir> And the tb fails at telling it "Nope, I'm only giving you 100 mA" ;)
[6:14] <Raedwulf> the keyboard breaks off easy ?
[6:14] <jscinoz> I think it might just be my unit, one of the hinges broke
[6:15] <Raedwulf> on the keybaord side or the tablet side?
[6:15] <Raedwulf> side
[6:16] <jscinoz> keyboard side, the tablet has no hinge (or any moving parts)
[6:17] <Raedwulf> ah ok
[6:17] <Raedwulf> im getting two of the scratched keyboards ^^
[6:20] <Meizirkki> Raedwulf, I have two broken keyboards..
[6:20] <Meizirkki> hinge is weak
[6:20] <jscinoz> main annoyance i had with the keyboard is the glue holding the little feet on is very weak, all of mine have fallen off at some point and i've lost most
[6:27] <Raedwulf> oh thats the same with so many electronic devices i've ever had
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[9:08] <Aard> Meizirkki: about the `x86 on smartphone' thing I talked a few days ago, now it's official: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/05/05/intel_debuts_moorestown_for_smartphones/
[9:09] <Meizirkki> yup, I read it earlier today..
[9:09] <Meizirkki> I hope Nokia won
[9:09] <Meizirkki> 't jump in the Atom ship
[9:10] <Aard> I wouldn't be that sure, unfortunately
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[9:38] <tommd> gregoriegentile: My bug #140 (tablet turning off when disconnected from bottom half) sounds like it isn't a common thing (judging by forum comments) and that got me to thinking, perhaps it wasn't with 01.a or any such OS change, but perhaps it started when I got the RevC board (I don't switch to tablet often, so it could have gone unnoticed for a time). Have you heard many such issues? Perhaps I should hook a CRO up to the power line
[9:40] <gregoiregentil> tommd: your top battery is extremely flat and then doesn't succeed in charging.
[9:42] <tommd> gregoiregentil: But I can power on from the top half alone OK (perhaps it's still flat and it would shut down if I continued use as a tablet?).Are you saying I should try charging the top half alone or perhaps I should change the battery?
[9:43] <tommd> The system is nearly always plugged in, so in general charge _shouldn't be_ an issue.
[9:47] <Meizirkki> gregoiregentil, you said two weeks ago the .32 kernel is working fine, is it up somewhere for testing ?
[9:48] <gregoiregentil> yes. We will send an email on Friday to the mailing list with the kernel somewhere PLUS other information
[9:48] <Meizirkki> okay
[9:48] <gregoiregentil> for pre-testing before releasing 05.a later this month
[9:49] <Aard> gregoiregentil: would it be possible to put a tar.gz with kernelimage + module directory alongside future releases?
[9:50] <Aard> I'd like that for building an rpm with the touchbook kernel for compatibility images to be used alongside ai-os and other stuff
[9:51] <gregoiregentil> I can see what I can do
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[14:33] <viridior> gregoiregentil: +1 for Aard's comment on separate kernel & module tarballs, it will be much easier for me to incorporate into Neuvoo images.
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