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[8:12] <htitan> Is it always this quiet, or just early in the morning?
[8:13] <acks> it tends to be quiet here regularly....
[8:13] <acks> feel free to strike up a conversation though
[8:14] <htitan> Alrigt--I have been trying to figure out how to print from the applications that share the print dialog that chromium, gnumeric, evince and some others use. So far no luck. Is it just me?
[8:15] <acks> hm... i haven't tried really :/
[8:15] <acks> tried starting cups?
[8:15] <acks> /etc/init.d/cups start
[8:15] <acks> as root
[8:16] <htitan> That is probably the case generally. I have a printer hooked to another linux machine, and my other computers including both macs print fine. I have started cups, it shows up in the print control panel (along with a pdf option) but those programs show a blank chooser and won't print
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[12:27] <htitan> I recently noticed that hulu quit again, but is might be a different reason--bad arg length
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[16:17] <Xpistos> Can someone tell me if the touchbook runs off the sd card?
[16:18] <acks> yes
[16:18] <acks> it does
[16:18] <Xpistos> ah
[16:18] <Xpistos> so I can take it out then
[16:18] <Xpistos> I can't
[16:18] <acks> not while it's running
[16:18] <Xpistos> damn
[16:18] <acks> you can use a usb card reader though >.>
[16:18] <Xpistos> yeah, but that is bulky
[16:19] <Xpistos> it was almost perfect for me
[16:19] <Xpistos> oh
[16:19] <Xpistos> can you put a usb card internally and run off that?
[16:19] <Xpistos> ?
[16:19] <acks> run off it? the sd card it runs off of is already internal, if you had a card reader placed inside why would you want to run off that instead?
[16:20] <acks> you can keep it in there for extra storage of course..
[16:20] <Xpistos> I need like a next level ebook reader
[16:20] <Xpistos> so I want to read comics on it
[16:20] <Xpistos> magazines on it
[16:20] <Xpistos> maybe watch movies but sparringly
[16:20] <acks> it has wifi :/
[16:20] <acks> mount a share from your desktop or something
[16:21] <Xpistos> that is good for home
[16:21] <Xpistos> I want this to replace my netbook totally
[16:21] <Xpistos> hmm
[16:21] <Xpistos> maybe
[16:21] <acks> a large flashdrive could be placed inside...
[16:21] <Xpistos> if I mount the usb internally and then upload to it
[16:21] <acks> you'd still run off the sd card though
[16:21] <Xpistos> I think 16 would hold more than enough
[16:22] <Xpistos> that is fine
[16:22] <Xpistos> and it comes with all 4 OS installed?
[16:22] <Xpistos> on the SD card?
[16:22] <acks> it comes with android, ubuntu, and AI-OS
[16:23] <Xpistos> but they are on the SD card yes
[16:24] <Xpistos> and I could put another sd with say ad differnet os if I wanted?
[16:24] <acks> it takes a bit more work than that to boot off another card, but with that work, yes...
[16:24] <Xpistos> So ultmiately if I had three SD cards I could put ubuntu on one, android on atnother and ...
[16:24] <acks> so long as you aren't thinking about windows 7 or something
[16:24] <Xpistos> blah
[16:24] <acks> Xpistos: they're all on one already :P
[16:25] <acks> it multiboots
[16:25] <acks> you get to pick at boot time, defaulting to AI-OS
[16:25] <Xpistos> want is AI-OS based on?
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[16:25] <acks> angstrom
[16:25] <acks> which is based on openembedded
[16:25] <acks> which is based on openzaurus
[16:26] <Xpistos> sorry for all the questions, but I have been going crazy trying to find a iPad esq device that suits my needs
[16:26] <Xpistos> without DRM
[16:26] <Xpistos> and with a FS
[16:26] <acks> a FS?
[16:26] <Xpistos> Files System
[16:26] <acks> er... which devices don't have that? o.O
[16:27] <Xpistos> i would say 85 % of the it will be in Landscape as an ebook, comic and magazine reader
[16:27] <Xpistos> multi touch or no
[16:27] <acks> no multitouch
[16:27] <Xpistos> iPad doesn't
[16:28] <Xpistos> wePad is too much money and not quite right
[16:28] <Xpistos> JooJoo is not quite right
[16:28] <acks> how much you wanna bet it does? and is just hidden some way?
[16:28] <Xpistos> HP slate is not good
[16:28] <Xpistos> well hidden doesn't help me
[16:28] <acks> until you crack it
[16:28] <Xpistos> I don't want to hack it to get what I want
[16:28] * acks nods
[16:29] <Xpistos> and 9" is my minimum screen size
[16:30] <Xpistos> ubuntu MID?
[16:32] <Xpistos> What is the Boot loader?
[16:32] <Xpistos> WOW! The magnet idea is nice!
[16:40] <acks> Xpistos: well, it uses uBoot... not sure how it implements multi-boot, several others here can answer that better...
[16:40] <acks> it's an arm system though, so no grub, etc
[16:44] <Mrkva> well, multiboot implemented here is not in fact multiboot :)
[16:45] <Mrkva> u-boot normally executes a linux kernel (with embedded initramfs), that displays the "multiboot menu". and according to the selection the right image is mounted as rootfs
[16:46] <Mrkva> you could probably use kexec to execute different linux kernel if you want
[16:49] <Mrkva> but hey, there's no reason to multiboot at all
[16:50] * acks normally just uses AI-OS
[16:50] <acks> with ubuntu as backup if i do something silly with opkg upgrades...
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[16:53] <viridior> neuvoo will make a good recovery tool ;)
[16:53] <acks> i can always clear out the hidden directories from the other OS to 'reset' it :D
[17:12] * viridior builds xorg-server
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[17:26] <alexrudnick> Hello :) So I'm thinking about getting a touchbook -- how do you feel about the keyboard? Is it nice to type on?
[17:27] * acks likes it
[17:27] <acks> although my expectations weren't super high... the previous netbook i used was the olpc xo-1
[17:27] <alexrudnick> Yeah? Is it clicky? Could you write code or long documents on it?
[17:28] <alexrudnick> Haha, yeah! I've got an olpc and the keyboard is horrible on that.
[17:29] <acks> it's clickier than some 'real' keyboards i've used, but i haven't done any long single documents... done *lots* of irc though
[17:30] <acks> if you tend to fat-finger things, you may not like it, it's a 95% sized keyboard
[17:30] <acks> like right now... i'm on the touch book...
[17:32] * alexrudnick nods
[17:35] <alexrudnick> Just for comparison -- how wide is it?
[17:35] <acks> one and one-third hand lengths?
[17:35] <acks> i'd just have to check the site to find out, no measuring instruments...
[17:37] <alexrudnick> Haha, perfect :) (I can't find my tape measure either!)
[17:38] <alexrudnick> Alright, thanks! Have a good evening.
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[17:39] <acks> later
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