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[11:20] <EdbO> Hello, How can I setup the time in AI os?
[11:21] <Aard> it should set the correct date/time once you connect to a network with internet connection
[11:22] <Aard> apart from that, date from the shell. maybe there's a gui option as well
[11:23] <EdbO> Will try
[11:23] <tommd> EdbO, Aard: With the latest OS you can set the time by clicking on the time in the panel and selecting the 'Adjust Time' option.
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[11:24] <acks> the executable is named time-admin i think... also, start ->control panel-> time and date
[11:24] <EdbO> The baddest thing is, that the date is set correctly, but timezone an time are not saved
[11:24] <Aard> tommd: I don't have the latest os yet, and no need to set the time ;)
[11:26] <acks> EdbO: if the gui isn't working properly, as root (sudo -i) copy the appropriate file from /usr/share/zoneinfo/ over /etc/timezone
[11:26] <acks> the files there are named after timezones
[11:30] <EdbO> I was already on that way, looking in /usr/share/zoneinfo but my zone isn't there
[11:30] <EdbO> I installed tzdata-europe
[11:30] <acks> look in a subdirectory
[11:30] <acks> oh heh... europe only has london moscow and paris...
[11:31] <acks> who knew the continent was so small...
[11:31] <EdbO> B-)
[11:32] <Corsac> acks: well, there's not much TZ
[11:32] <EdbO> But installing tzdata-europe with opkg will give you more small villages
[11:32] <acks> EdbO: look in the Etc subdirectory
[11:33] <acks> may not work for DST though...
[11:34] <EdbO> NOPE ... didn't do that, As I said, installing tzdata-europe gives you a lot more towns, to choose from
[11:34] * acks nods
[11:34] <EdbO> doing a ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Amsterdam /etc/localtime
[11:35] <EdbO> and after a while, the right time shows up
[11:35] <acks> 'small village' heh
[11:37] <EdbO> I can now use rdate to sync my time with a time-server
[11:37] <acks> should sync when you get online anyway, now that the timezone is set properly
[11:38] <EdbO> It look like the system is already doing that, should figure that out
[11:38] <EdbO> But it can be done very easy with a cron-job
[11:39] <acks> how many microseconds accuracy do you need? o.O
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[11:41] <EdbO> Ah, IRC on my Touchbook is also working :-)
[11:41] <EdbO> I like the new AI-os (2010.03a)
[11:42] * acks is still waiting for a release that they feel comfortable placing in the channel topic
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[11:43] <EdbO> The touchscreen react much much faster
[11:44] <EdbO> The only thing is now battery
[11:44] <EdbO> *live
[11:47] <EdbO> How can I play flash-movies in midori?
[11:48] <EdbO> I only get a black rectangle where the movie should be
[11:50] <tommd> EdbO: Call Adobe and complain. Or better yet, call any site that uses flash and ask them why the heck they do that.
[11:52] <acks> didn't adobe promise arm support later this year? or is that only for 'windows 7 phone' or whatever?
[11:53] <EdbO> I want to show a movie on youtube
[11:53] <acks> youtube should work...
[11:53] <EdbO> I started midori from the command line
[11:53] <acks> there's an addon making it use mplayer or something
[11:54] <tommd> EdbO: Use youtube downloader or goto youtube.com/html5 in Chrome.
[11:54] <acks> unless something is significantly different, youtube works in 2010-01.b ...
[11:54] <acks> at least in firefox
[11:55] <tommd> I've always liked youtube's HTML5 - it works smoothly and looks better than flash.
[11:55] <acks> never had it work on the desktop for me :/
[11:56] <acks> although firefox's welcome page with that one video worked fine...
[11:56] <EdbO> I got an error, Compressed SWF format not supported
[11:56] <EdbO> I like the fingerscrolling in Midori
[11:56] <tommd> That would be a flash error.
[11:57] <tommd> acks: youtube doesn't play nice with firefox's HTML5 due to different codecs being supported.
[11:57] <tommd> I think they just do a check now and say "sorry, no firefox".
[11:57] <acks> tommd: haven't gotten it working in chromium either >.>
[11:58] <tommd> Hum, works without issue for me.
[11:58] <tommd> Commercial / for profit videos are banned from HTML5 for invalid business reasons, but all the good videos are available.
[12:01] <EdbO> ................ OHOH ................. :'(
[12:02] <EdbO> My WLAN is too slow :-(
[12:02] <EdbO> So caching will take long
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[12:40] <kedaly> Any idea when the final release of the touchbook software will be?
[12:40] <acks> final?
[12:41] <kedaly> Right now the device seems very much a hacker device, the software is noted as beta, when will the final product be ready?
[12:41] <kedaly> I have a possible application for the touchbook, but my boss will be concerned with the fact the product is beta in the software stack.
[12:42] <acks> afaik, there are only a few things left to be implemented, such as top battery power monitoring, power management and so on, but even after that, it won't be 'final' as there will be upgrades to things like firefox, the kernel, etc... but gregoiregentile or alextisserant might be better to speak to
[12:43] <kedaly> ok, thanks.
[12:43] <kedaly> It looks like a great mass market product if they can get some sort of distribution for it.
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[15:50] <Maeslin> one of the issues I guess would be to get 'mass market' to use linux-based stuff
[15:50] <Maeslin> well
[15:50] <Maeslin> linux-based stuff that's not Apple-branded
[15:50] <Maeslin> (yes I know, it's really BSD, big deal)
[15:56] <tommd> Well, use it as a desktop. There are several mass markets that directly (vs via an ISP etc) use Linux without knowing it (home routers, some phones, TVs, etc).
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[17:08] <Maeslin> true
[17:08] <Maeslin> that or worst case it wouldn't be impossible to port Windows Mobile to it if someone was sufficiently masochistic
[17:11] <Maeslin> (for posterity, I do think it is a horrible idea)
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[20:53] <Raedwulf> :P
[20:53] <Raedwulf> Maeslin: ahhhh the horror!!!!
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