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[3:40] <V999> Hello! In what countries is delivered Touch Book?
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[7:08] <Maeslin> PCB plans for the DS1307 RTC mod are now online on the wiki page
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[7:28] <Martix_> Maeslin: I think, for rev. C boards is not necessary
[7:30] <Martix_> but someone should confirm it
[7:31] <Mrkva> by the way, anyone knows, for what reason there's a wire connecting R2 and something on the other side of the board?
[7:32] <Maeslin> mrkva >> on which board?
[7:33] <Mrkva> Maeslin: Touchbook mainboard (rev C1)
[7:34] <Maeslin> ok
[7:38] <Maeslin> hm, R2 is related to the battery charging circuit
[7:38] <Maeslin> is the wire on the side that's connected to R150 and C124 or on the side connected to U5?
[7:39] <Mrkva> I've not removed the board, so I can't tell right now
[7:40] <Mrkva> but it looks like hand-made...
[7:40] * mjr doesn't know anything but last-minute post-manufacture hardware fixes aren't unprecedented, in general...
[7:42] <Maeslin> ok
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[8:08] <polytan> hello
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[8:09] <polytan> I've got a few questions before buying a touchbook :
[8:11] <polytan> 1) I'm in the UK, what rate will be applied ? 2) is suspend supported and fullyworking ? 3) can we customize the AI OS interface using awn or any other program ?
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[8:17] <polytan> I am a bit aware of the package maintenance
[8:17] <polytan> maybe it is mainly a problem of understand the AI OS I beleive
[8:23] <Meizirkki> 1) I don't know 2) I don't know 3) afaik yes
[8:23] <Meizirkki> (I have been using ubuntu since day 3 :P)
[8:23] <Mrkva> well, I've tried suspend with AI stock kernel and it worked (but I've done no big testing)
[8:24] <Meizirkki> Mrkva, have you build your own kernels ?
[8:24] <polytan> I'm vey challenged I have to admit
[8:26] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: well, there are still few glitches left
[8:28] <Mrkva> for example no framebuffer :)
[8:28] <Mrkva> okay, that means no display :D
[8:29] <Meizirkki> oki :)
[8:31] <Mrkva> what display port is used for connecting the LCD? DVI?
[8:31] <polytan> If I understand well, at boot prompt, we can choose the AI OS, ubuntu image or android, is that true ?
[8:31] <Mrkva> according to boot parameters, DVI, sorry guys :D
[8:31] <Mrkva> polytan: yes, that's correct
[8:32] <polytan> THAT is a lovely feature :)
[8:32] <polytan> and all of them can access the same data like a shared /home ?
[8:33] <viridior> polytan: yes, there is a common/shared mount for /home
[8:36] <polytan> and is android working as any normal android device or is it still a proof of concept ?
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[8:44] <tommd> When building guile-native I'm getting "ERROR: unknown doc attribute: (location (string . alist.c) (int . 40) (hash . hash))"
[8:44] <tommd> Does anyone know whats up with that?
[8:45] <tommd> nm
[8:48] <viridior> polytan: i believe android runs, but it still needs some work
[8:58] <polytan> ok
[9:00] <polytan> actually, I was firstly interested in a gemini tablet which has a 11.6" screeen
[9:00] <polytan> and I discovered the touchbook after
[9:01] <polytan> and 1ghz arm+tegra2 hardware
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[9:44] <martinh> oh. awesome. new OS release yesterday.
[9:48] <tommd> what os?
[9:48] <Martix_> and here is mirror: http://downloads.openmoko.cz/
[9:49] <tommd> if you mean 03.a, thats been up since ~April 6.
[9:51] <martinh> then it was updated yesterday. since it's dated then.
[9:51] <tommd> martinh: Yeah, he uploaded md5sums yesterday.
[9:52] <martinh> ah. ok.
[9:52] <tommd> the sd-card.gz is from the 6th and he got around to announcing on the 8th. And it rocks! I hope you like it too! Use Xournal and be impressed!
[9:53] <tommd> Perhaps we should start saying "He" instead of "he" when talking about Gregorie
[9:53] <martinh> wonder if online will work for me this time.
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[9:53] <tommd> I haven't had issues ever and can't see a pattern in configurations that have had issues. A very confusion problem.
[9:55] <reis> tommd: do you know what has changed in order to make touchscreen more sensitive?
[9:55] <martinh> tommd: yea. I can't figure out what the configuration issues are.
[9:56] <tommd> reis: No, I don't know. But am very happy it changed!
[9:56] <tommd> Probably some embarassing C bug or even an option someone forgot to turn on and doesn't want to admit to ;-)
[9:57] <reis> ic, well looking forward to try it
[9:58] <martinh> ok. . .where's the list of what's changed/fixed in this release?
[9:58] <reis> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Changelog
[9:58] <reis> but it's not very verbose
[9:59] <martinh> dammit. . .why does it always choose the slowest possible mirror for me?
[10:01] <martinh> ooooh! maybe that's why I always end up doing the thing by hand. because it alwasy picks the .fr mirror which delivers me the fs in. . .7+ hours.
[10:01] <Mrkva> :(
[10:01] <Mrkva> or it's funny? :)
[10:01] <martinh> funny. and annoying.
[10:02] <martinh> yea. giving up on this.
[10:02] <Mrkva> the only thing I don't like about AIOS is that it's starting to be a quite bloatware... are three web browsers in default install really necessary?
[10:03] <reis> martinh: install-sd.sh -u url_mirror
[10:03] <martinh> reis: doesn't work from the online install. :->
[10:03] <reis> ah ic
[10:09] <martinh> and now, eta of 30m.
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[10:58] <tommd> gregoregentil1: I thought I heard you say 2.6.32 was booting now - am I wrong? I'm getting kernel panic on boot.
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[11:45] <Govee> I can't seem to use the force version switch to get 2010.3a loaded. I keep getting a error "An error has occured. Disk can't be accessed". If I dont use the -v 2010.3a I dont get the error and the update starts. Unfortunetly it pulls from "latest" which is not 2010.3a
[11:46] <tommd> Govee: You're talking about install-sh?
[11:46] <tommd> If so, could you post the entire command you used that failed.
[11:47] <Govee> yes, "./install-sd.sh -v 2010-03.a -d /dev/sdb/"
[11:48] <tommd> Govee: "/dev/sdb/" should be "/dev/sdb" - sdb is a file not a directory.
[11:51] <Govee> tommd: Its the little things......nice job. I always seems to forget not to include that last forward slash:-D
[11:53] <tommd> ;-)
[11:55] <tommd> Govee: Was if you wanting the TB for a deployment? If so, when do you go or if you're gone, when do you rip out?
[12:02] <Govee> tommd: not me. I retired from the USMC 5 years ago. I travel a lot for business and have to carry my work puter which doesn't do movies or games, so TB will be riding along with little extra weight.
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[13:25] <Mrkva> anyone knows what's the kernel module used for LCD output?
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[13:43] <tommd1> Which .bb is the current kernel built from? linux-omap-pm?
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[14:45] <gregoiregentil1> current is linux-omap
[14:46] <tommd1> thanks
[14:46] <gregoiregentil1> future is linux-omap-psp
[14:46] <tommd1> Yeah, thats what I'm testing
[14:46] <tommd1> It doesn't even boot for me
[14:46] <tommd1> I thought it was supposed to
[14:50] <Mrkva> okay
[14:50] <tommd1> ok?
[14:50] <Mrkva> now I understand why it wasn't recomended to separate magnets with sharp things
[14:50] <drantin> o.o
[14:51] <Maeslin> got yourself cut or damaged one of the magnets?
[14:51] <drantin> need someone to call an ambulance?
[14:51] <Mrkva> no, I'm okay
[14:51] <adnyxo> what is the problem then
[14:51] <adnyxo> broke the knife
[14:51] <drantin> broke the ..yeah
[14:51] <Mrkva> but the white plastic thing dropped of the magnet
[14:53] <Maeslin> what white plastic thing? o_o
[14:54] <gregoiregentil1> tommd1, you may miss the initramfs
[14:54] <gregoiregentil1> you need to compile ai-initramfs-image
[14:54] <Mrkva> on the magnet... with round hole in it
[14:54] <gregoiregentil1> and then bitbake -if
[14:55] <gregoiregentil1> compile linux-omap-psp
[14:55] <gregoiregentil1> kernel should be 5MB around
[14:56] <tommd1> I'd like to make a wiki of issues for this kernel - could I get some quick comments on issues from you?
[14:56] * tommd1 is building ai-initramfs-image
[14:56] <gregoiregentil1> yes
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[15:01] <Mrkva> ah... i guess the plastic disc was on the magnets to ease separation - because now it holds on the metal surface much better
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[15:19] <gregoiregentil1> Mrkva: correct
[15:19] <Mrkva> :D
[15:20] <gregoiregentil1> :-)
[15:20] <Mrkva> that explains a lot of things
[15:30] <Maeslin> anyone having touchscreen quirks with 2010.3a?
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[15:33] * drantin is now known as acks
[15:35] <Mrkva> Maeslin: what quirks?
[15:36] <Maeslin> it occasionally jumps around, usually to one of the sides (random side) whenever I use it
[15:37] <Mrkva> not me
[15:37] <Maeslin> ok
[15:37] <Maeslin> I opened it earlier, might have left the touchscreen cable not pushed all the way in
[15:37] <Mrkva> but I have a different problem - sometimes a "double-click" occurs, when I click only once
[15:37] <Maeslin> ok
[15:38] <Maeslin> tried readjusting the doubleclick delay in the mouse configuration?
[15:39] <Mrkva> Maeslin: not doubleclick
[15:39] <Mrkva> but it clicks once and after a second or so again
[15:39] <Maeslin> weird
[15:44] <Mrkva> Hoooooooooooooorayyyyyyyyyy!
[15:44] <Mrkva> got framebuffer console!!!!
[15:45] <acks> nice
[15:45] <Mrkva> well, now solve the kernel panic, but okay :)
[15:49] * reis (~reini@cm133-175.liwest.at) Quit (Quit: reis)
[15:57] <Mrkva> ah, missing rootdelay.. but, the console is blue.. that shouldn't happen :D
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[15:59] <tommd> Maeslin: What touchscreen quirks?
[16:07] <tommd> gregoriegentil1: Could we get CONFIG_CRYPTO_XTS=y and CONFIG_DM_CRYPT=y
[16:07] <tommd> I'd like to add a LUKS crypt option
[16:08] <tommd> (to the installer)
[16:09] <Maeslin> tommd: it occasionally jumps around, usually to one of the sides (random side) whenever I use it.
[16:16] <tommd> gregoiregentil1: If you agree to enable the above then please note other options need changed from 'm' to 'y' to allow DM_CRYPT (I think CONFIG_BLK_DEV_MD and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM)
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[16:24] <tommd> shiznebit! Tibenzihs!
[16:24] <tommd> How many people here would be interested in an encrypted TB?
[16:24] <tommd> If I were to make modifications to the installer so it sets up the main partition as encrypted would you use it?
[17:16] <shiznebit> tommd: im not sure, i traded my TB in to my friends
[17:17] <shiznebit> though and encrypted TB sounds complicated to use
[17:18] <tommd> Complicated how? You turn it on and enter a password. You turn it off and things are safe. Granted the value might be a bit low as you aren't intended to turn it off.
[17:18] <tommd> shiznebit: Why did you trade it?
[17:18] <shiznebit> i found myself curing at it more than using it
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[17:28] <tommd> shiznebit: Not to be pestilent, but why are you in this channel if you no longer have (no longer interested in?) the touchbook?
[17:28] <shiznebit> i have it still in my auto channel
[17:28] <shiznebit> to lazy to remove it :P
[17:49] <SlashV> Would there be a performance penalty for the encryption?
[17:49] <SlashV> In that case no, I would use it, otherwise maybe
[17:49] <SlashV> *wouldn't
[17:52] <SlashV> Does the nokia libflashplayer.so work on the TB?
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[18:07] <tommd> gregoriegentil1: WRT accelerometer, are we sure omap2_mcspi3_init(); and omap2_mcspi4_init(); are getting called? It looks very suspicious to me - I'd remove the "if" guards and add a printk to test... just need to make the patch first...
[18:07] <tommd> working with BB/OE sometimes slows things down and is such a pain!
[18:14] <tommd> SlashV: Sorry, somehow didn't see your question. The answer is "I'm not sure". There are typically performance costs for encrypted partitions, but they are low. Also, in some situations the performance improves because the cipher forces everything to a block boundary and this has some complex but positive interaction with the CPUs cache.
[18:15] <tommd> *such situations are very rare, if it needed saying.
[18:15] * tommd changes location
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[20:37] <mjrosenb> hey, anyone have an idea what battery life is like with a 3g dongle?
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[22:58] <marc252> Hello, I'm trying to build ai from openembedded tree, Its failing on gst-dsp, the error is quite simple, it cant find version git_gitorious.org.maemo-multimedia.gst-dsp.git_c55243d1afc85640387b15631091ded82b39205c.tar.gz anybody knows which version should I type in?
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[23:14] <marc252> also omap3-sgx-modules_1.4.14.2514.bb fails because of one uneeded patch (for new kernels) and some weird includes problem
[23:20] <marc252> also clutter and tidy fail because clutter project is no longer hosted on o-hand.org it is now on http://git.clutter-project.org/ I would change it myself but I have limited knowledge of bb files and git, can someone review it and fix it?
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[23:25] <marc252> also, all files under private are 0 bytes size, and git pull won't get them, where can I download them from, for example corefonts.bz2 etc
[23:32] <gregoiregentil1> files under private can't be redistributed. it's why they are 0-byte. Just place holder
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[23:33] <gregoiregentil1> omap3-sgx-modules works for me. Make sure that you have linux-omap-psp compiled
[23:34] <tommd> so why does building ai-initramfs first make the linux-omap-psp uImage work? Shouldn't this be expressed as an OE build dep? Is there an OE/bitbake limitation?
[23:47] <gregoiregentil1> because there is a loop/recursive dependency
[23:47] <gregoiregentil1> it's painful but I never managed to fix it
[23:48] <marc252> then how can I build ai without this files in private? the problem with omap3-modules is that the version from TI software changed
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