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[0:56] <Raedwulf> hello
[0:57] <reis> any hint what exactly changed for touchscreen sensitivity in 2010-03a ?
[0:59] <Raedwulf> ah just goiuing over irc logs... is the next batch mid-april or would my recent order be much later
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[2:23] <_koen_> about the touchscreen question: my guess would be the GPL violating driver
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[3:10] <Mrkva> _koen_: why do you think so? what driver?
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[3:14] <_koen_> Mrkva: if you look at the AI stuff there's a 'private/' directory with extra kernel patches
[3:14] <_koen_> except you can't get those kernel patches
[3:14] <_koen_> so there's no source for the kernel binary -> GPL violation
[3:14] <_koen_> someone with .03 installed should ask AI for the sources
[3:15] <Mrkva> ah, right!
[3:15] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: ?
[3:17] <Mrkva> _koen_: good to know... I was looking to private folder in git but I've missed the kernel patches
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[3:18] <Mrkva> and they could be handy especially when I'm compilling my own kernel :)
[3:20] <Raedwulf> anyone know when the next batch is?
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[3:44] <Mrkva> hmm, strange - with mine kernel all I get are LCD testing patterns :)
[3:44] <Mrkva> I've certainly missed something
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[4:56] <Martix> clone from git.alwaysinnovating.com is too slow
[4:58] <Martix> gregoiregentil: could you create regularly tarball snapshots?
[5:09] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: and I'd appreciate patches from /private (touchscreen-chacha.patch and xf86-video-fbdev.patch)
[5:09] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: thanks in advance:)
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[7:24] <marc252> Mrkva, I was able to clone the whole thing after many hours :-( but many packets are out of date, it's not possible to compile it.
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[7:30] <marc252> there's pretty weird stuff in the openembedded tree like hardcoded paths to some binary file from TI you have to download separately, it looks like no one is maintaining the tree
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[7:37] <SlashV> @marc252: Funny, I just thought the same thing
[7:37] <SlashV> I guess gregoire is pretty busy
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[8:34] <matejcik> any ideas about what is going on behind the black AI logo right after pressing power button?
[8:35] <Martix> matejcik: look inside
[8:36] <matejcik> :P
[8:37] <matejcik> i mean, of course, why do i even see the black AI logo for a relatively long time, before linux kernel takes over
[8:37] <Mrkva> matejcik: U-boot takes action
[8:37] <Martix> there is locking latch at bottom of tablet part
[8:38] <Mrkva> matejcik: there's 1-2 sec timeout so you can interrupt booting and control u-boot from serial console
[8:38] <Martix> after removing cover panel (easy) you can see LCD backlight
[8:39] <Mrkva> Martix: :D
[8:41] <matejcik> Mrkva: i just timed the delay and it's not 1-2 sec but 12 sec
[8:41] <matejcik> that seems pretty long ;e)
[8:43] <matejcik> btw is there a simple way to disable the splash screen (i don't have a serial console)
[8:43] <Mrkva> well, the most time is consumed by loading kernel image
[8:43] <matejcik> u-boot's splash screen, that is
[8:43] <Martix> Mrkva: oh, I understand :D
[8:44] <matejcik> hmm, let's see...
[8:44] <Mrkva> matejcik: hook a serial cable and look by yourself :)
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[8:45] <matejcik> Mrkva: well that would involve me soldering the serial connector, destroying the board and ordering a new one ;e)
[8:45] <matejcik> anyway, kernel image has 5MB. don't tell me that loading 5M off a SD card takes 10 seconds
[8:46] <matejcik> maybe if it is compressed
[8:46] <Martix> see http://code.google.com/p/swiftbeagle/
[8:46] <matejcik> Martix : nice!
[8:46] <Meizirkki> matejcik, it's not compressed
[8:47] <Mrkva> well, I'm plannig to put the basic system on the NAND :)
[8:47] <Mrkva> that should improve boot time a little bit
[8:47] <matejcik> Meizirkki: so why does it take 10 friggin seconds? that doesn't seem reasonable
[8:48] <Meizirkki> matejcik, I don't know
[8:49] <Mrkva> matejcik: if I had a spare card, I'd record a video
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[8:49] <matejcik> hmm. first step: recompile u-boot without splash screen patch :e)
[8:49] <gregoiregentil> because u-boot code is not optimized. It takes a long time to load the 5MB. On the (too-long) todo list, there was to do something like that: http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php/All_This_For_1_Second_Boot
[8:50] <gregoiregentil> to avoid splasch screen, you just need to put psplash=false in kernel command line but that won't change anything about how long it takes to boot
[8:51] <matejcik> gregoiregentil: i mean u-boot's splash. as stated before, i don't have a serial console (and won't have, in the foreseeable future anyway)
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[8:52] <gregoiregentil> It won't change anything and you won't see anything on the screen
[8:52] <gregoiregentil> to intercept u-boot, you can only do with serial console
[8:52] <matejcik> :(
[8:52] <Mrkva> I'm just thinking what I've screwed up in 2.6.34-rc3 kernel config that now it won't even uncompress itself
[8:52] <matejcik> anyway. Martix's link seems to say that mmc read speed in u-boot environment is only 500kB/s, so that might explain the delay
[8:54] <matejcik> but i still want to have kernel on the SD card. so - would it make sense to
[8:54] <matejcik> 1. build a minimal SD-capable kernel and burn it into NAND
[8:54] <matejcik> 2. configure it to load and kexec() a different kernel image from the SD card
[8:54] <matejcik> ?
[8:54] <Mrkva> matejcik: why you need kernel on the SD card?
[8:55] <matejcik> Mrkva: don't need it, just want it ;e) easier to test different kernels when you can just swap out sd cards
[8:55] <Mrkva> good point :)
[8:58] <matejcik> .......if i managed to make an extremely tiny kernel with just SD capability, some filesystem and a kexec(), i could load that with u-boot and wouldn't even need to touch the nand .... aww, too bad i don't have time to play with this :e/
[8:58] <peksha> Meizirkki: Hi, I'd like to join both batteries into bottom conector. I saw your photos, where you have it so. Could you, please, desribe, how to join it? Which position on the connector is red cable and which is black?
[8:59] <Martix> NAND should be easily reflashable from u-boot
[8:59] <Meizirkki> peksha, http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/8-pin_inter-part_connector
[9:01] <peksha> thanks lot
[9:01] <matejcik> Martix: yeah, i guess. but still there's the question of a serial console - and besides, if i can make it fast from SD card, it will be instant from NAND if i decide to put it in there later ;e)
[9:01] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: by the way, when you plan to release the two kernel patches in git/private?
[9:02] <gregoiregentil> there is only one kernel patch and it's experimental and doesn't really concern the touch book as it is
[9:03] <Mrkva> ah, sorry, the second one is X driver :)
[9:04] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: because I'm a little bit wondering - there are two kernel modules for one touchscreen?
[9:05] <gregoiregentil> only one. the ADS7846. The other is an experimental test to see if it's possible to improve the sensitivity. But there is nothing to release for the moment
[9:05] <Meizirkki> gregoiregentil, is there xv acceleration in the current fbdev driver ?
[9:06] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: okay, thanks
[9:06] <gregoiregentil> no. but there is nothing more in the omapfb driver than in our fbdev. the omapfb driver is just fbdev with the overlay for DSS2
[9:07] <Meizirkki> okay
[9:07] <Meizirkki> thanks
[9:08] <peksha> Meizirkki: If I see it good, the black cable is on 4th position and the red one on the 7th position (from left)?
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[9:09] <Meizirkki> peksha, yup
[9:09] <peksha> Meizirkki: just to be sure ;-) thx
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[9:22] <matejcik> 'kay. asked about this in the forums, but no replies so far: so, how can i get iconv into aios?
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[9:29] <matejcik> nobody? well. have a nice day, and bye :e)
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[9:44] <Noume> Hi! Does anyone know the time when the next batch will be shipped?
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[10:21] <peksha> Meizirkki: :-( with this connection (black 4th and red 7th) it doesn't work. Where can be problem?
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[11:52] <Meizirkki> So, I broke my TB's Touch Screen cable.. disassembled it to atoms and started having some dev design ideas..
[11:52] <Meizirkki> somehow i know this device is doomed..
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[15:30] <Maeslin> would anyone know the value of inductor L1 on the keyboard/touchpad PCB? I have to replace mine
[15:32] <Mrkva> Maeslin: i guess Gregoire will know :)
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[15:51] <Maeslin> good point :p i'll wait for him to show up again
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[15:52] <Mrkva> wow! It runs!
[15:52] <Mrkva> well, maybe there're some missing pieces of hardware, but it runs :)
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[15:53] <mongrelcat> what does?
[15:54] <tommd> Maeslin: 0.1uH it looks like.
[15:54] <Mrkva> 2.6.34 kernel
[15:55] <Mrkva> -someRC-someGit
[15:55] <tommd> Mrkva: from kernel.org?
[15:55] <tommd> or is this in the AI OE git?
[15:56] <Mrkva> tommd: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tmlind/linux-omap-2.6.git
[15:56] <Mrkva> I was unsucessfull with vanilla (pure from kernel.org)
[15:56] <tommd> I didn't know lindon was doing ARM work
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[15:58] <tommd> Oh, wrong person. That makes sense.
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[16:06] <Maeslin> I fixed the small errors I had on the SD1307 PCB. Let's see if the wiki allows zip files now.
[16:06] <Maeslin> er
[16:06] <Maeslin> DS1307
[16:10] <Martix> which errors?
[16:12] * adnyxo (~aaron@adsl-065-013-002-216.sip.asm.bellsouth.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:12] <Maeslin> had some stupid mistake when I exported the design to gerber files
[16:12] <Maeslin> it embedded the board outline pattern on each layer as part of the layer
[16:13] <Maeslin> basically just a checkmark in the wrong box on my part. :p
[16:13] <Maeslin> aaaand the wiki still has a case of split personality about zip files
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[16:56] <Maeslin> if anyone is interested I can upload a jpg of it for now
[16:58] <Mrkva> 9~.
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[17:25] <Maeslin> ?
[17:27] <Mrkva> just a typo :)
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[17:31] <Maeslin> ok :p
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[22:18] <l0de> The l0de radio hour is now online! stream up at www.klulz.com , call in live at 914 502 2625! Tonight's Episode: THE DOWNTOWN MOTOWN SHOWDOWN AND THROWDOWN SO BRING YA HOW DOWN NIGGA U BOUT TO GET CLOWNED
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