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[0:14] <dridk> Hello all! MeeGo Core system is ready! I advice all touchbook community to try installation on touchbook!
[0:14] <dridk> http://meego.com/community/blogs/imad/2010/day-1-here-opening-meego-development
[0:15] <drantin> why?
[0:17] <dridk> drantin: because MeeGo is the futur OS for all tablets , phone and more
[0:18] <dridk> There are a lot of advantage to use it
[0:18] <dridk> Qt4 with qtCreator is an example
[0:20] <alden> it's still in a very early stage
[0:20] <alden> im still trying to get meego to run in virtualbox
[0:21] * Martix is going for TB on a post
[0:32] <dridk> alden: cool
[0:32] <dridk> alden: there is nothing for now, just the first Layer
[0:54] * Meizirkki really looks forward to MeeGo on his TB
[0:55] <mongrelcat> i'll probably be using it on my N900 first but yeah it definitely has promise
[1:11] <Martix> found my first HW
[1:12] <Martix> charging adapter is for US only sockets
[1:12] <Martix> first HW bug
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[2:09] <Aard> Martix: there are cheap adapters converting us-adapters to euro plugs
[2:10] <Aard> Martix: like those http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_e4TpPLKH5g0/ShyziqxPvZI/AAAAAAAAAB4/h6t--vmrKGE/s320/plug_adapter_euro_lg.jpg
[2:11] <Martix> I found one at home
[2:11] <Martix> yes, this is him
[2:12] <Aard> I somewhat modded my supply, as I don't like them wasting space in my socket. removed the pins, and fitted a socket for a standard cable into the case
[2:13] <Martix> :-)
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[3:41] <Mrkva> okay, porlbem
[3:41] <Mrkva> *problem
[3:41] <Mrkva> I keep tapping my regular laptop LCD :)
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[3:47] <Mrkva> by the way... am I correct that the only thing that's using accelerometers is screen rotation and crazy tanks?
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[5:00] <Martix_> how to play stereo in headphones?
[5:00] <Martix_> I hear only left channel :-/
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[7:02] <Aard> Martix_: check if you got the jacks completely in. that's a known problem for many headphones, only the ones with slicker jacks which are ipod compatible fit perfectly
[7:03] <Aard> (luckily, my sennheiser ones fit)
[7:06] <Martix_> Aard: thanks, just tried different headphones and now TB plays perfectly
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[7:13] <dr3w> Hi everyone, My question is: Will the 2010-03.a release include the 2.6.32 kernel or has it been kept back at 2.6.29?
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[7:23] <Martix_> my brand new TB have 2010-03.a release with 2.6.29
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[8:20] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: hi
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[8:20] <Meizirkki> hi Mrkva
[8:21] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: you're the one with the problem when you pull tablet from keyboard it shuts down?
[8:21] <Meizirkki> Nop, I'm the guy with extra battery in the top part, so not using the keyboard part at all :)
[8:22] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: ah
[8:23] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: cause I have the same issue and it seems there's problem only when the keyboard part is powered from adapter
[8:23] <Martix_> how long take first charge?
[8:23] <Meizirkki> long
[8:23] <Meizirkki> +15 hours
[8:27] <Mrkva> Martix_: by the way, have you received power plug reduction?
[8:27] <Martix_> no
[8:27] <Martix_> but found one at home
[8:29] <Mrkva> lucker :)
[8:31] <Martix_> how you charging TB? or not? ;-)
[8:32] <Mrkva> I've found adaptor with slightly different output connector... which kinda works
[8:33] <Mrkva> but I'm modyfing original supply :)
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[8:33] <Meizirkki> I'm using an old PC power supply :)
[8:33] <Mrkva> I've got one too :)
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[9:20] <Mrkva> okay, .cz power cord hack finished :)
[9:21] <Mrkva> no fuse blown :)
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[9:23] <snlemons> So, I see on the site something about "updated hardware" and 512MB of memory now. Is there somewhere I can either buy this upgraded hardware or see specs for it, so I know what to look for myself?
[9:23] <snlemons> I'm very much more a software person, which means I get really scared when it comes to buying hardware for devices I didn't build myself.
[9:28] <Meizirkki> If you buy now you'll get the new version
[9:28] <snlemons> Meizirkki: already have a TB, though. ;)
[9:28] <Meizirkki> ah, ok
[9:29] <Meizirkki> http://alwaysinnovating.com/touchbook/info.htm <= Then i guess you have already checked this page for the specs..
[9:29] <snlemons> I did buy one of the scratched bases, though, so if I bought another top I'd have the base to go with it. Original plan was to use it as a backup battery.
[9:30] <snlemons> Meizirkki: Yeah, the specs there just link to the company's site. I'd feel safer with a part number or something.
[9:30] <snlemons> And a confirmation that I can buy just the new RAM and plug it into my current board.
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[9:32] <Mrkva> by the way - anyone tried overclocking his/her CPU to 720/800MHz?
[9:33] <martinh> i think someone here did.
[9:33] <martinh> I don't have a new one yet, so i can't.
[9:34] <Mrkva> I've thought so
[9:34] <snlemons> martinh: Why do you need a new one for that?
[9:36] <Mrkva> and I assume there's still none top battery gauge...
[9:36] <Mrkva> quite sad :)
[9:46] <tommd> Mrkva: No top battery gauge in the next release, are you saying?
[9:51] <Martix_> I have script :-)
[9:51] <Martix_> http://pastebin.com/FJR58BPE
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[9:58] <Meizirkki> snlemons, there's BOM of the board but it has not been updated yet...
[9:58] <Meizirkki> http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/BOM_Board
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[10:03] <snlemons> Thanks, Meizirkki. I'll keep an eye on that until either it's updated or someone official fills me in.
[10:04] <Mrkva> Martix_: thanks, I was going to make something by myself :)
[10:07] <Martix_> top battery doesnt charge over 4V ~75% :-/
[10:08] <Martix_> I'll charge it by my universal battery charger
[10:09] <Mrkva> I have 4.21V and 90%
[10:10] <Mrkva> oh, my fault - it was with adapter plugged in
[10:10] <Mrkva> 3.48V/50%
[10:14] <Martix_> running opkg update, seems there are Linux 2.6.32 in feeds
[10:14] <Martix_> *upgrade
[10:15] <drantin> mhmm
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[10:26] <snlemons> I've been mostly using the Ubuntu release for the TB. I'm not clear, however, on whether there will be dist-upgradeable versions or if I'll have to wipe like AIOS requires.
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[11:14] <niloc132> anyone know when the next shipment might be going out?
[11:14] <niloc132> that is, if i order today, when i might get it
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[12:31] <mkxxxc> hi
[12:31] <drantin> o/
[12:32] <mkxxxc> what do think about notion ink adam ?
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[12:34] <mkxxxc> correx -A9 with 16h hd video
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[13:12] <Mrkva> hmm
[13:12] <Mrkva> something is definetely wrong here
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[13:12] <tommd> Yeah, the room is too quiet
[13:12] <tommd> ... and we haven't seen an OS release for a while - is it the 2.6.32 testing that has held things up?
[13:13] <gregoiregentil> tommd: yes
[13:13] <tommd> Damned - I should have found some time for that. Too little time! Well, I'll try to make some this weekend.
[13:13] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: when I plug in adapter to the bottom part, (when TB is on), it shuts down
[13:13] <josch> gregoiregentil: where can one check out the status/length of the order queue?
[13:13] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: but then it boots just fine
[13:14] <gregoiregentil> If you can, please definitely help on this!
[13:14] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: any ideas?
[13:14] <gregoiregentil> josch: you can't. The queue is almost empty after the March shipping
[13:15] <gregoiregentil> Mrkva: not sure to understand
[13:15] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: TB is running on batteries, tablet inserted into keyboard. when I plug in the power supply, it turns off
[13:16] <gregoiregentil> you may have a false contact in the bottom part
[13:16] <Mrkva> (sometimes)
[13:16] <gregoiregentil> does it turn off if you plug DC in top part?
[13:16] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: no
[13:16] <josch> gregoiregentil: any eta of the next batch?
[13:17] <gregoiregentil> There may be more units before mid April
[13:18] <josch> gregoiregentil: thx
[13:19] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: probably false contact - now it works fine, thanks
[13:19] <gregoiregentil> ok
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[13:34] <mkxxxc> what do think about notion ink adam ?
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[13:38] <Maeslin> question: I have access to certain fabrication facilities. Would anyone be interested in boards for the DS1307 real-time-clock modification, either as bare boards or pre-populated?
[13:39] <Mrkva> Maeslin: you mean the whole beagleboard or just the RTC mod?
[13:41] <Maeslin> just the RTC mod
[13:42] <Maeslin> making whole modded beagleboards would be way out of my capabilities. BGA by hand is not pretty.
[13:43] <Mrkva> Maeslin: I aggree :)
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[13:44] <Mrkva> Maeslin: but isn't it a chip, battery and quartz?
[13:44] <Mrkva> a little bit overkill for board?
[13:45] <Maeslin> kinda, it's really just a half-square-inch or square-inch board with a SMT chip, crystal and convenient battery holder
[13:46] <Mrkva> battery holder?
[13:46] <Maeslin> for the coin battery
[13:46] <Mrkva> the battery would last some 10 years
[13:46] <Mrkva> but yeah, you shouldn't solder on the battery
[13:47] <Maeslin> that's the whole idea
[13:47] <Maeslin> some of them do have solder tabs on them but they're not nearly as common as plain coin cells
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[14:06] <Mrkva> hmm, cross compiling gentoo is quite a fun :)
[14:08] <gregoiregentil> so what's the status for Gentoo? :-)
[14:09] <Mrkva> gregoiregentil: just starting it :)
[14:11] <Mrkva> and meanwhile considering how to use it - the idea of using squashfs is great (the simplicity of restoring system to it's original state)... but I'm not sure if I want it...
[14:13] <Mrkva> have anyone measured it's impact on performance?
[14:16] <Maeslin> Mrkva: haven't checked yet but I imagine that the voltage to the SD card goes up as soon as the system is turned on. Using a DS1338 instead of a 1307 could allow to tap that instead of messing around L21, or even running it straight off the 1.8V bus. That would however make it necessary to access the I2C lines somewhere else.
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[14:20] <Mrkva> Maeslin: and what about powering the chip constantly from the main battery?
[14:22] <Maeslin> you mean using the main battery as backup power or main power on the chip?
[14:23] * Cogito1729 (~Aman@adsl-99-96-22-101.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net) has joined #touchbook
[14:23] <Mrkva> Maeslin: main power for the chip
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[14:24] <Mrkva> well... but the chip can theoreticaly fully drain the battery, which will kill it
[14:25] <Maeslin> true, that would risk an overdischarge
[14:26] <Maeslin> ouch, just found the level shifter for the I2C bus. Way too small to tap there if we used a 1.8V supply
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[14:36] <Cogito1729> My Ubuntu life is tough these days. Sony's pulling out support for my PS3s, and that leaves the (still backordered) Touchbook. In both PS3 and Touchbook's ARM, applications like Flash aren't supported and I'm forced to use my regular laptop (with Windows) for many tasks. I wish there was some roadmap from Adobe for adding support for ARM.
[14:37] <drantin> or that gnash / swfdec had better support
[14:37] <Cogito1729> Yeah. I haven't had a lot of luck with Gnash. There's a lot of creative work going on in the Flash community, and Gnash just can't keep up.
[14:38] <Maeslin> Cogito: Odd thing, a friend of mine put the firmware update on her 1st gen PS3 and it didn't actually disable the OtherOS option. I wonder if it might be region-specific.
[14:38] <drantin> disabled it here
[14:38] <Cogito1729> Maeslin: I updated mine (with crossed fingers) immediately before midnight on March 31st. I still have Other OS support but I'm certainly not touching any updates until things settle down.
[14:39] <Maeslin> ok
[14:39] <Mrkva> well, according to this: http://www.arm.com/about/newsroom/26062.php Flash should be ported to ARM in version 10.1
[14:40] <Maeslin> I just haven't touched a PS3; as good as the games on it may be, Sony isn't getting any cash from me.
[14:40] <drantin> I'd been planning on installing some linux distro after upgrading my hdd, but I still haven't gotten around to updating...
[14:40] <drantin> I got my PS3 used, sony didn't get the money from me :/
[14:40] <Maeslin> ok
[14:41] <Maeslin> I'm curious to see what will be doable with those TVs with built-in Cell processors that Toshiba announced
[14:41] <Maeslin> hopefully we'll have some kind of access.
[14:42] <drantin> hey, there's a hack to get on PSN without upgrading >.<
[14:42] <drantin> forgot to look into that before upgrading...
[14:42] <Cogito1729> dratin: I installed Xubuntu on mine (ps3); running Karmic as of early March. I love it... but without Flash and now without Sony's support, I'm not sure if it is worth the effort.
[14:43] <Mrkva> well
[14:43] <drantin> I don't really use flash much anyway...
[14:43] <Mrkva> PS3 is primary a gaming console
[14:43] <Mrkva> so I guess most people buy it for playing games
[14:44] <Cogito1729> Well, with the ps3 hooked up to a HDTV, Flash would be very useful. I mean, why not watch your youtube/hulu videos on a TV, rather than your laptop?
[14:44] <Maeslin> true, it's also one of the very few products that keeps losing features over its life and development
[14:44] <Cogito1729> Well, how does Touchbook manage to support Hulu/Youtube?
[14:45] <Mrkva> the Linux on it has a great advantage that you can run any code on it and have advantage of Cell processor (fast calculations, cracking passwords or so)
[14:46] <Cogito1729> Mrkva: certainly. I'm wouldn't be surprised if organizations like the Army that bought hundreds of PS3s for such workhorse tasks are woking directly with IBM / Sony for continued support.
[14:47] <drantin> Cogito1729: it has a hack that embeds a normal media player into the page on youtube.com iirc
[14:47] <drantin> well, an extension
[14:48] <Cogito1729> drantin: what 'normal media player' is used?
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[14:50] <Cogito1729> drantin: is there a page in the wiki about the hulu/youtube 'hack'/'extentions'?
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[15:16] <Maeslin> gregoire: would you happen to have more up-to-date schematics? There's a number of components on rev B1 of the board, mostly regarding power regulation and voltage sources, that I can't find anywhere on the emailed schematics
[15:16] * tommd (~Thomas_Du@2610:10:20:223:21c:25ff:feba:966) has joined #touchbook
[15:16] <Maeslin> really just trying to find wherever the DC_5V0 bus comes from
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[15:29] <Maeslin> ah nevermind, found it
[15:29] <Maeslin> Mrkva > just found a potentially much easier spot to get 5V from
[15:30] <gregoiregentil> Best spots:
[15:30] <gregoiregentil> 5V: C184
[15:30] <gregoiregentil> 3.3V: C102
[15:31] <Maeslin> gregoire: would the unused C209 be valid for 5V? It's right on the output of the regulator
[15:32] <Maeslin> ah they're right next to each other actually, problem solved
[15:32] <Maeslin> nice big unused contact pad
[15:33] <gregoiregentil> yes
[15:33] <gregoiregentil> C206 for 3.3V is OK too
[15:33] <Maeslin> thanks, i'll edit the wiki
[15:33] <gregoiregentil> There are DNI capacitors
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[15:34] <Maeslin> it'll save a lot of trouble over trying to solder on L21 as is the current noted procedure
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[16:02] <Mrkva> by the way - the accelerometer has 8-bit output data, according to datasheet.
[16:03] <Mrkva> and if I'm correct on wiki, there are 16-bit output data
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[16:08] <gregoiregentil> Mrkva: Read that http://pastebin.com/KTbDeZm3
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[16:09] <Archwyrm> Anyone know what package /bin/install would be in? Other distros seem to include it in coreutils, but there is no coreutils.
[16:19] <Maeslin> done the edit for the DS1307
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[17:03] <drantin> clearing out my .overlay-ai-os directory on the SD card because `opkg upgrade` messed it up :/
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[21:01] <robbrit> hey everyone, i'm having some issues with the touchbook, can anybody help me out?
[21:02] <robbrit> i turned the machine off earlier today and now it won't turn on again. a red light goes on inside and the backlight flickers for a sec, but nothing else happens
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