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[0:17] <raksta_ss> http://reonic.ath.cx:8000/Public/misc/twl4030-charger.c maybe tomorrow i implement the actual charging part :-P
[0:39] <Gary13579> I'll brb in like 5 minutes
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[7:15] <raksta_ss> Is anyone tested if the 3rd pin(center) of the batteries do anything? is it some kind of data stuff?
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[7:27] <_koen_> http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/4454461906/sizes/o/
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[7:34] <Meizirkki> 720 MHz Win!
[7:34] <Mrkva> some benchmark would be nice .)
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[7:56] <martinh> is that a new 512M?
[7:58] <_koen_> martinh: yes
[8:01] <martinh> hmmmm. that's very tempting.
[8:02] <christoph_debian> hmm can't wait to get mine
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[8:18] <eca_rca> The OMAP3530 is given for 720MHz
[8:18] <eca_rca> http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/omap3530.html
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[8:24] <_koen_> eca_rca: only new, speed-biinned 3530s
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[9:42] <topi`> it seems my Touchbook has shipped, or at least it tried to ship, because I got a message that "transaction cancelled", probably because my card is a debit card and I've let the account run too low
[9:43] <topi`> I suppose I need to ask them to re-bill me so that my unit won't be given to others who are waiting theirs :/
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[10:44] <dridk> hello! I m at end of my medical study, and I want to provide Qt Application on this touchBook. Does someone try to make qt app on it ?
[10:45] <dridk> Another point, I want to know if Gregoire Gentil is french ?
[10:46] <Aard> the qt-recipes in the ai-tree are broken. you might be able to build qt-packages and your application in the openembedded-tree, and use them on the touchbook
[10:47] <Aard> I've never tried it, I went for doing a custom image based on oe with some of the ai-stuff instead
[10:47] <mongrelcat> If you statically link most of the qt stuff you might be ok
[10:47] <mongrelcat> but that sounds like a huge hassle
[10:47] <mongrelcat> and yes he is
[10:50] <Mrkva> statically linked binaries?
[10:51] <Mrkva> guys, we're in 21st century, if you haven't realized
[10:51] <Aard> so? partially or completely statically linked binaries are common in many areas
[10:51] <Aard> in that case you'd only link in the qt libraries statically
[10:52] <Mrkva> but why?
[10:52] <Mrkva> on linux, there's a great thing called "package management"
[10:52] <mongrelcat> and a great thing called "busted source trees"
[10:52] <Aard> performance, size, avoiding version conflicts
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[11:00] <Aard> 3
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[11:02] <dridk> ok
[11:02] <dridk> What's the best OS on touch pad ?
[11:03] <drantin> dunno, this channel's all about the touch book, not all touch pads...
[11:03] <dridk> touchbook sorry
[11:04] <dridk> I think the futur of touchbook will be "MEEGO"
[11:04] <mongrelcat> it's possible
[11:04] <mongrelcat> meego isn't anything right now
[11:04] <mongrelcat> certainly someone will mess around with it
[11:05] <mongrelcat> if it works out on my n900 it might be promising with the touchbook
[11:05] <dridk> mongrelcat: yes I know. But it will be something verry soon! That's why I suggest you to stop trying maemo installation
[11:05] <mongrelcat> nobody is really trying to install maemo
[11:05] <dridk> ok
[11:06] <mongrelcat> all of the work is being put into android and angstrom and ubuntu
[11:06] <dridk> mongrelcat: about Native Os on touchbook, is it better than Debian ?
[11:06] <drantin> and AI-OS!
[11:06] <mongrelcat> that is angstromj
[11:06] <mongrelcat> -j
[11:06] <dridk> I mean : is AI-OS more powerfull than Debian or ubuntu ?
[11:06] <drantin> angstrom+random oddities
[11:06] <mongrelcat> it will work better, if that's what you mean
[11:07] <dridk> mongrelcat: ok
[11:07] <mongrelcat> a lot of tweaking has been done to the os that it ships with
[11:07] <mongrelcat> if you just install debian a lot of things will be broken
[11:07] <dridk> mongrelcat: about touch, is it multitouch?
[11:07] <mongrelcat> no
[11:08] <drantin> that's in the FAQ :/
[11:08] <mongrelcat> it's a single touch resistive 1024x600 display
[11:09] <dridk> mongrelcat: so, If I install Qt from source package, I suppose it will works well ?
[11:09] <mongrelcat> qt doesn't build right now if i remember correctly
[11:09] <dridk> mongrelcat: arg!!
[11:09] <dridk> mongrelcat: that's so bad!!
[11:10] <Aard> dridk: read what I wrote above. you'll need to build qt inside of the openembedded toolchain
[11:10] <mongrelcat> (01:50:06 PM) Aard: the qt-recipes in the ai-tree are broken. you might be able to build qt-packages and your application in the openembedded-tree, and use them on the touchbook
[11:10] <mongrelcat> so the short answer is no
[11:10] <dridk> openembedded toolvhain??
[11:10] <mongrelcat> what about itA?
[11:11] <martinh> w
[11:11] <Aard> if you're bored you can compile qt on the touchbook natively, of course. will take a few minutes, though ;0
[11:11] <drantin> intentionally understated >.>
[11:11] <dridk> Aard: ok ! So I can buy one touch book and compile all Qt from source
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[11:11] <drantin> takes me 3.5 hours on my dual core 4200+...
[11:12] <Aard> (I'm using the touchbook for native development, but don't compile anything larger than a kernel image on it)
[11:14] <dridk> Last question : Does it exist another TouchBook wich linux inside ?
[11:14] <dridk> with linux inside..
[11:14] <mongrelcat> I don't understand what you're asking
[11:14] <dridk> mongrelcat: I mean another company
[11:14] <mongrelcat> another company making a computer similar to the touchbook?
[11:14] <dridk> mongrelcat: yes
[11:14] <mongrelcat> with a touch screen and an arm processor?
[11:15] <dridk> mongrelcat: yep
[11:15] <mongrelcat> arm processor I am pretty sure no
[11:15] <mongrelcat> at least not yet
[11:15] <dridk> mongrelcat: eeepc provide one tablet pc I think
[11:15] <martinh> actually. . .
[11:15] <Aard> there are tablets with arm and linux, though I don't know of a complete netbook with arm
[11:15] <mongrelcat> there are touchscreen eee pcs but they have intel processors
[11:16] <mongrelcat> and ship with windows
[11:16] <martinh> http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/22/ensos-zenpad-is-the-cheap-android-tablet-youve-always-wanted/
[11:17] <martinh> among others. i'm sure.
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[11:18] <dridk> humm! The choice is hard
[11:18] <dridk> I need to buy many tablet pc and provide a qt application on it for my hospital
[11:25] <martinh> Always Innovating will help you with customizing what you need customized.
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[11:27] <drantin> dridk: did you look at the lower portion of http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/company/services.htm ?
[11:28] <dridk> drantin: yes! I read it about healthcare!
[11:28] <dridk> drantin: That's why I m interessting because I m a medics
[11:29] <dridk> and a qt developpers for KDE4
[11:29] <drantin> well, gregoiregentil stops in here regularly, so you should be able to ask directly if you stick around
[11:29] <dridk> I want to provide open Med Application on this plateform
[11:29] <dridk> drantin: and he seems french ? right ?
[11:30] <drantin> he certainly seems that way in the videos too >.>
[11:30] <dridk> drantin: so I m french too :)
[11:30] <dridk> that's a good point for me because I speak english like him
[11:33] <dridk> about touch book, I don't understand why there are so few publicity around it ?
[11:33] <mongrelcat> because AI is a small company and it isn't very consumer friendly at this point
[11:33] <drantin> because always innovating is a small... yeah, what he said
[11:34] <mongrelcat> they're already having trouble filling orders for the geek crowd that's buying these early devices
[11:35] <dridk> mongrelcat: how many time did you wait to receive one ?
[11:35] <mongrelcat> I ordered last june and I got it this january
[11:36] <mongrelcat> and mine is probably busted so i might need to RMA
[11:36] <drantin> i ordered april, and got it in november...
[11:36] <dridk> Arg!!!
[11:36] <dridk> it's so long!!
[11:36] <dridk> they said 2 month max on the website
[11:36] <martinh> by now.
[11:37] <dridk> I hope! From where is it sended ?
[11:37] <martinh> those of us who jumped on the bandwagon early had to suffer through production delays
[11:37] <drantin> dridk: the wait time is much shorter now
[11:38] <dridk> drantin: If I have time i will make for you publicity on planetKDE and planetQt
[11:38] <drantin> for me? shucks, i'm just a normal user...
[11:39] <dridk> drantin: By "for you" I mean Touchbook community
[11:39] <drantin> dridk: and i'm just kidding ;)
[11:39] <dridk> :)
[11:39] <dridk> drantin: Are you satisfead with your touchbook ?
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[11:40] <drantin> yes, but it doesn't take much for me to be happy with a computer...
[11:41] <drantin> the only annoying thing is that i've gotten so used to switching applications by touching the taskbar, that i try to do it on normal computers by reflex now...
[11:41] <dridk> drantin: I wanted one because the price is low.. And if my hospital need 100 touchBook, it will be great :)
[11:41] <drantin> if i have a decent terminal emulator wish ssh, and a graphical web browser, i'm happy...
[11:42] <drantin> s/wish/with/
[11:42] <martinh> drantin: ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that.
[11:42] <dridk> drantin: wich Environement does AI-OS : Gnome or KDE ?
[11:42] <drantin> xfce
[11:42] <dridk> and which library does it use for common application ?
[11:42] <drantin> xfce uses gtk+
[11:43] <dridk> so, AI-OS use gtk+ to make AI-Application...
[11:44] <dridk> becarfull.. Nokia is ready to get his openSource Tablet
[11:44] <dridk> with MeeGo inside
[11:46] <dridk> So.. Last of Last question, and after I go away : I saw Windows XP running on TouchBook.. Is it real ?
[11:46] <MMlosh> wasn't that qemu test or something?
[11:46] <drantin> are there any VMs that run on an ARM host that emulate x86?
[11:48] <mongrelcat> If it was it was probably terribly slow
[11:49] <drantin> dridk: it can't do so natively, and emulation would of necessity be rather slow...
[11:50] <drantin> because there is no ARM version of winxp...
[11:51] <MMlosh> I guess it was Win98.. but it does not matter
[11:51] <MMlosh> I might have seen different picture.. possibly even on different arm-based device
[11:51] <drantin> heh, i'd forgotten about it, but iirc there was a win98 qemu image for the GP2X...
[11:52] <MMlosh> drantin, yeah.. that sounds quite probable.... it was on GP2X, not TB
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[12:07] <topi`> I didn't understand why he wanted to have winXP on a touchbook :)
[12:07] <topi`> it isn't really that difficult to compile Qt stuff, although it *is* annoying
[12:07] <topi`> I'm running some Qt apps on my Beagle
[12:08] <martinh> well, I would just do it all in a cross compiler on a big box.
[12:08] <mjr> topi here as well
[12:09] <mjr> I'm beginning to think you're stalking me
[12:09] <topi`> i'm not completely fond of setting up crosscompilers... on the other hand, it's quick and easy to hook up a Beagle in the net and rootstrap debian from the net. then, apt-get install gcc and all the dev stuff.
[12:09] <topi`> mjr, I'm still working in TYST and you're not, so at least *you* are not stalking me ;)
[12:09] <mjr> topi`, yes, how's it going with Rastimo ;D
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[12:31] <topi`> mjr: don't remind me :D
[12:31] <topi`> mjr: have you received your Touch Book yet?
[12:40] <mjr> haven't actually gotten around to ordering one
[12:40] <mjr> at first I was waiting on the early usb issues to be resolved
[12:40] <mjr> now I'm just procrastinating on the theory that I don't _really_ need a new toy
[12:53] <drantin> i hardly use my main laptop any more >.>
[12:53] <drantin> so it's not really a toy to me...
[12:56] <topi`> I need the touch book for some sailing applications :
[12:56] <topi`> :)
[12:57] <mjr> yeah I can see how it would be nice on a boat, what with low power and all too
[12:58] <mjr> if somebody here, probably from the forming hacklab, orders one, I'll probably piggy-back on the order
[13:01] <topi`> where's a hacklab forming?
[13:04] <mjr> helsinki :??
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[13:11] <Aard> mjr: interesting, any more details?
[13:13] * mongrelcat (~taylorh@wifi-roaming-17-108.nss.udel.edu) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[13:14] <mjr> http://www.hacklab.fi/
[13:15] <Aard> my finnish-skills are not good enough for this. why can't people just document their stuff in english? :/
[13:19] <Meizirkki> ^
[13:19] <Meizirkki> I mean, finnish is no problem for me but people should do things in English. :)
[13:20] <drantin> can i blame the abrahamic god's tower of babel incident even if I'm an atheist?
[13:21] <mjr> it's always okay to blame that nonexistent bastard
[13:21] <Aard> btw, am I mistaken, or is this channel being overtaken by finns?
[13:22] <drantin> i'm not a finn >.>
[13:22] <mjr> Yes, you're mistaken. Carry on.
[13:22] <mjr> /msg #touckbook-finns they're on to us!
[13:22] <mjr> (it's typoed to reduce chance of discovery!)
[13:23] <drantin> only stops the automated finn-search-bots, people see right through it!
[13:26] <Aard> well, if I manage to get a job in the helsinki area I'll pay it a visit. hoping they speak english with me in real life ;)
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[13:36] <mjr> it might be within the realm of possibility
[13:44] <topi`> Aard: well, there's one small place on Earth where finnish actually makes sense for describing/documenting stuff ;)
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[13:45] <topi`> anyway, it's not a particularly exotic language, it's just very different from your average indoeuropean language.
[13:47] <Aard> topi`: sure, but: a lot of things done in a hacker space are of interest to other people, too. that's why I prefer getting information in a language most people understand
[13:47] * azaghal_ (~azaghal@ Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[13:47] <Aard> (I get really pissed about open source projects in other languages)
[13:48] <topi`> Aard: I do write my logbook in english :) mostly because a lot of my friends are non-finns
[13:48] <topi`> http://lorelei.kaverit.org/
[13:48] <topi`> (the site runs on a beagle board, btw :)
[13:49] <Aard> same here, though mostly I'm writing about technical stuff
[13:49] <smknight> yeah, thats really stupid :/
[13:50] * azaghal (~azaghal@ Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[13:50] <topi`> what is really stupid? running a website on a beagle board? :)
[13:51] <topi`> it's got 100Mbps network connection ;)
[13:51] <drantin> what about the site running on a commodore 64?
[13:51] <Aard> btw, what's the best option for getting 3g access when visiting finnland? some easy-to-use prepaid system available?
[13:52] <smknight> no, 21:52 < Aard> (I get really pissed about open source projects in other languages)
[13:52] <smknight> really hate that sometimes
[13:52] <drantin> i'm just going to point out that god's at fault there
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[13:53] <Aard> drantin: no I'm not.
[13:54] <topi`> mjr: I visited fablab in Amsterdam (www.fablab.org) and it had pretty decent machinery for all sorts of mechanical and electronics work
[13:58] <mjr> Probably not gonna be very fancy for a while. Well, there's some electronics gear and a half-finished reprap or two.
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[14:39] <Mrkva> by the way
[14:39] <Mrkva> what's usual delay between processing order and shipping?
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