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[1:58] <gregoiregentil> _koen_: I run into this: http://old.nabble.com/IO_ADDRESS-definition-missing-in-ti-codec-engine-build-td27424294.html Any idea?
[2:00] <_koen_> gregoiregentil: from which branch are you building? If you want CE, you need ti/staging
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[4:23] <_ant_> Hello. How to emulate right-click using stylus in ubuntu?
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[8:37] <Guest60105> hi everyone
[8:38] <Guest60105> I love the whole idea of the touchbook and would like to try to add symbian^3 support for it
[8:38] <Guest60105> this is now possible, as the complete source code is now open source as well
[8:39] <Guest60105> is there any chance of getting one for free for this kind of development???.even a scratched one would do ;-)
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[9:43] <raksta_ss> Where i can find info about Touch Book regulators(mainly which regulator is for which device)? I??m interested all of then even unused.
[9:46] <Corsac> regulators?
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[9:48] <raksta_ss> Yes voltage ones.
[9:49] <raksta_ss> if you do %cat /sys/regulators/* you see some of them
[9:59] <raksta_ss> Is there info for static Touch Book specific struct twl4030_bci_platform_data ?
[10:00] <DJWillis> _koen_: seen any gst-plugins-bad build issues (about libmodplug) since your bump of gstreamer stuff?
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[10:13] <raksta_ss> Hey, i??m truly interested to get Touch Book power system to up and running very well!
[10:17] <_koen_> DJWillis: not yet, but I haven't built everything yet
[10:18] <_koen_> DJWillis: that ffmpeg stuff screwed up way too much :(
[10:18] <_koen_> and this time it wasn't even me
[10:18] <DJWillis> _koen_: ahhh, well I suspect it's borked ;-), it is for me ;-)
[10:22] <DJWillis> _koen_: the recipes and build is all a little scary for those bits.
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[10:36] <_koen_> DJWillis: going to rebuild gst-plugins now
[10:37] <_koen_> DJWillis: some wl1251 firmware went into .dev a few minutes ago as well
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[11:24] <DJWillis> _koen_: and the WL1251 firmware in dev is a bit of something and nothing really, the NVS bit is device (or at least module) specific and it's not versioned on the firmware (and recomended firmware can change depending on the revision of the module you use). It's going to be ok for the HTC devices, not a lot of use for the N900 (or Pandora) for instance.
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[14:41] <raksta_ss> Am i definetly wrong or is power management of this platform totally messed up?
[14:41] <raksta_ss> Yes and i mean totally non functional?
[14:43] <leinir> You are entirely correct - opam powermanagement is not in mainline linux yet, but will be soon(ish)
[14:45] <tommd> I love that word. Soonish.
[14:46] <martinh> and, still i get like 7 hours of battery life out of the thing.
[14:46] <tommd> It can mean so many things, from tomorrow to never.
[14:48] <leinir> martinh: Indeed :)
[14:51] <raksta_ss> omap powermanagement, is it included in 2.6.34? And what i mean abou "totally" is that will the top part even charge the top battery without the key part?
[14:52] <leinir> not turned off, and that's nothing to do with the kernel
[14:52] <leinir> But - importantly, this is an always-on device, so you shouldn't really be worrying about that anyway :)
[14:53] <raksta_ss> This is assume or question is based on test which i am currently making, i have Digital Current meter which i have put between the battery and board, and when display is off and no AC value is about 600mA, when AC is plugged current is 0mA
[14:54] <raksta_ss> Yes and i have noticed that this machine do not charge battery without kernel :-(
[14:58] <raksta_ss> Oh and when i put the key part, the current changes to -500mA which seems to me, means that it is actually charging.
[15:01] <tommd> "when I put the key part". What does that mean?
[15:02] <leinir> keyboard
[15:02] <tommd> ahh
[15:08] <raksta_ss> It seems to that the key and top parts are different sources, quit a weird?
[15:09] <Mrkva|w> I assume someone is reading my mind... I was going to cancel my order if it won't be processed untill this friday.. and guess what :D
[15:10] <tommd> raksta_ss: Sorry, I really don't understand what you are saying. "Are different source" as in you just noticed they have separate batteries on separate lines?
[15:10] <tommd> Just got processed, huh? awesome.
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[15:12] <raksta_ss> tommd, no i was wrong they have common source. And what i meant was assume that key and top parts, the DC-jacks are separated, but when i checked it, they are not :-)
[15:13] <tommd> Ah, yeah - that would be weird if they were different.
[15:15] <raksta_ss> But why it only charge when key part is connected?
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[15:17] <raksta_ss> And also the Beagle Boards u-boot includes feature that it starts to charge battery immediatly in u-boot, but with key part :-(
[15:21] <raksta_ss> Ohh... this is what i hate, cables in wrong side, it is not charging after all.
[15:22] <DJWillis> raksta_ss: Beagles don't tend to come with batts so I don't think it's u-boot attempts to setup any sort of charge for batts.
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[15:36] <raksta_ss> DJWillis, But Touch Book comes and it also don't.
[15:38] <DJWillis> raksta_ss: and the Touchbook has a bunch of patches to u-boot, I don't follow.
[15:41] <techman961> raksta_ss: If the two batteries are connected in parrallel, one will 'charge' the other until the voltages are equal. Is this what you see?
[15:41] <raksta_ss> No
[15:42] <raksta_ss> Or at least i hope that is not the case :/
[15:42] <techman961> Why?
[15:45] <raksta_ss> (I assume you mean that batteries are connected directly to parallel), which if is the case, i think that would not be a good thingie. These should be some kind of controller between then :-)
[15:46] <tommd> Yeah, that is a well known bad thing. Kills the batteries and you loose energy in the process. Besides, if the top half battery is full you do not want that being used to charge the bottom half - what would be the point of that?
[15:47] <techman961> A diode would stop that.
[15:48] <raksta_ss> And there is controller between then, i assume bottom had its own some and if i am not entirely wrong top part is handled by TPS65950.
[15:51] <raksta_ss> If somebody is interested to develop u-boot so it can charge, please help me i am quite a new about these things but there is what i have made already http://reonic.ath.cx:8000/Public/twl4030.c
[15:52] <raksta_ss> That do not charge battery but instead it shows some misc info.
[15:52] <raksta_ss> About the supplies.
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[16:29] <raksta_ss> Does anyone know where does and what? i have probed that top part bottom musb is BCIVBUS
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[16:43] <techman961> I think the command "cat /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.1/i2c-adapter/i2c-1/1-004b/twl4030_bci/power_supply/twl4030_bci_battery/voltage_now " returns the top battery voltage. Does that help?
[16:52] <christoph_debian> wow the touchbook is using that TWL4030 thingy?
[16:58] <raksta_ss> yep
[16:59] <raksta_ss> techman961, does it give same reding if you are using both key part and top? and what if only top?
[16:59] <raksta_ss> Obiously top battery uses TWL4030_MAIN_CHARGE_BCIVBAT1
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[17:01] <raksta_ss> Does enyone know the true and jep, correct values for BK_VOLT_STEP_SIZE and BK_VOLT_PSR_R
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[17:03] <raksta_ss> And yes i mean VOLT_STEP_SIZE and VOLT_PSR_R pecause i assume BK_ is for backup batter.
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[17:22] <techman961> raksta_ss: .4 volts less with top only.
[17:24] <techman961> I'm going to try charging top only tonight...
[17:40] <raksta_ss> I really hope you can get it charged.
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[18:59] <raksta_ss> christoph_debian, i mean that touchbook is using TPS65950 which twl4030_* provides a SW, and no it is not using my version of it :-) not at least yet :-)
[19:00] <raksta_ss> and if this my development goes as slow as it is now, it may not newer use :/
[19:01] <raksta_ss> Does enyone know where theese adcin* pins go?
[19:02] <raksta_ss> I know that BCI and USB use bunch of then SWCU050D.
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[22:02] <raksta_ss> How this'l sound, the top part will charge the battery, but the current is so weak compared to board consume so it does not matter. This is because the board also uses the battery power same time as i charges it ??? so with weak current compared to board consume, not a good thingie, so how i will stop that board does not use the top battery? 1. use the key part which provides it's battery so board does not need to use top part and battery cha
[22:03] <raksta_ss> Now the question is how i made the option 2?
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[22:15] <bstag> raksta you still around?
[22:15] <raksta_ss> yep
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[22:16] <bstag> when i have issues with tablet portion charging i remove the 2 usb stick that come with it power on. it up better in my exp
[22:17] <raksta_ss> Do you have the key part?
[22:17] <bstag> yes
[22:17] <bstag> doesnt matter sometimes
[22:17] <bstag> stillw orking on why
[22:19] <bstag> if thats not what you are running into then sorry may have miss read channel chat log
[22:19] <raksta_ss> If you put the top part on and try to charge it, does it charge? if you read /sys/class/power*/twl4030/voltage_*mdac* does it change?
[22:19] <bstag> only after i let the top part charge on its own for a while
[22:19] <bstag> but this only happens after a complete drrain
[22:20] <raksta_ss> How you can get it on if complete drain occurs?
[22:20] <bstag> if you pull the usb sticks enough juice generally exists to start the beagle based board
[22:21] <bstag> sadly i have run the top portion with no usb sticks fro 8 hrs alone
[22:21] <bstag> not much use with out connectivity
[22:21] <raksta_ss> Do you mean that you give board current from USB-slots(not mini ones) and it start=
[22:22] <bstag> no
[22:22] <bstag> i mean i plug in the power
[22:22] <bstag> pull the 2 usb sicks. the wireless and bluetooth
[22:22] <bstag> turn it on
[22:23] <bstag> once it boots up and gets a 30 min of juice i can then charge from keyboard normal power slot
[22:23] <bstag> lol damn i say it and it doesnt make sense but it works
[22:25] <bstag> i have also charged the top abttery by using the keyboards charginf circuit
[22:25] <raksta_ss> Heh, to my experience it goes like this. The top part alone cannot charge the battery well, but if you put the key part on, and start to charge from key part DC-jack it will charge both key and top part batteries.
[22:25] <bstag> what version board
[22:25] <bstag> 1c
[22:25] <bstag> ?
[22:26] <raksta_ss> dunno know, why is there something i should know?
[22:26] <bstag> nope jsut wondering
[22:26] <raksta_ss> Where i can see what version i have?
[22:26] <bstag> its on the top of the board in the tablet
[22:26] <raksta_ss> AI. REV C1
[22:27] <bstag> ok csame then
[22:27] <raksta_ss> Do you know where i see the errata, if there is one?
[22:27] <bstag> so you got your recently
[22:28] <raksta_ss> Yes and almost immediately start to hack it :-)
[22:28] <bstag> between board versions?
[22:28] <bstag> or the os
[22:28] <raksta_ss> os
[22:28] <bstag> my guess botrh would be in buzilla
[22:29] <raksta_ss> Currently i'am trying to enable u-boot charging.
[22:31] <bstag> cool
[22:34] <raksta_ss> No it is not cool, and this is coz i have not made it yet possible.
[22:36] <bstag> for me its the journey i enjoy.
[22:37] <raksta_ss> ???
[22:38] <bstag> you trying to do something that is the cool part once you get a positive result its time to move on.
[22:53] <raksta_ss> Jei now i control the charging management, thou i have the whole time done that but not to know it because, now when i plugged the bottom part and stated to meddle with PMU i noticed that.... really it charges the top battery :-(
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