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[3:58] <captainigloo> hi
[4:00] <captainigloo> I have a question about AI OS Compilation
[4:01] <captainigloo> I have followed Wiki guide, but I have always an error
[4:01] <captainigloo> TI directory is empty
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[4:03] <captainigloo> and compilation of packages that should be download in this directory are always in eror
[4:03] <captainigloo> any suggestion ?
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[5:18] <_koen_> gregoiregentil: http://gitorious.org/angstrom/angstrom-linux/commits/touchbook
[5:18] <_koen_> 2.6.32 tree for the touchbook
[5:19] <_koen_> which isn't using that ghastly "copy over touchbook.c" method
[5:19] <leinir> ;)
[5:19] <_koen_> (proper defconfig isn't in there, though)
[5:20] <_koen_> basic things are working (keyboard, screen, usb), but I need to check why the TS isn't working
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[8:12] <gregoiregentil> _koen_: ping?
[8:13] <_koen_> pong
[8:13] <_koen_> (on conf call for the past 3.5 hours)
[8:13] <gregoiregentil> Oops! So, I guess that you have copied my recent commits. Correct?
[8:14] <_koen_> yes, I put then in a git tree
[8:14] <gregoiregentil> For DSS2, it was just a small problem of some left-over of the old DSS
[8:14] <gregoiregentil> On my side, touchscreen is working with all those commits but accelerometer is not
[8:14] <_koen_> after integrating the last patch I don't have ehci anymore
[8:14] <_koen_> need to debug that
[8:14] <_koen_> but I had it booting into a full gnome desktop nicely
[8:15] <_koen_> running at the warranty voiding 720MHz as well :)
[8:15] <gregoiregentil> For me, ehci was not working but then it was working.
[8:15] <gregoiregentil> My understanding is that there is something that creates some random problems
[8:16] <gregoiregentil> something not properly set up
[8:20] <gregoiregentil> _koen_: I'm wondering if SPI is not properly handled in kernel? My system hangs when I start accessing the accelerometer.
[8:21] <gregoiregentil> _koen_: Which recipe are you using for u-boot?
[8:21] <_koen_> could be, I got a message bout spi4
[8:21] <_koen_> I used the binary from your site
[8:22] <_koen_> I couldn't find paftches for 512MB, so I used your binaries
[8:24] <gregoiregentil> you mean binaries of u-boot?
[8:27] <gregoiregentil> the 512MB patch is for x-load (and was for 2.6.29 kernel but it's not needed any more for 2.6.32 kernel)
[8:29] <_koen_> using your xload as well
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[10:58] <Meiz_webirc> I just read a log where koen suggested that the latest SGX SDK might have texture from pixmap extension
[10:58] <Meiz_webirc> has anyone had a closer look at it ?
[11:06] <leinir> Hmm... that is indeed quite interesting :)
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[13:54] <Mrkva> okay...it's half of the march... Any news about "early march" batch? :)
[13:55] <tommd> "Early" as in the natural logarithm of the current day in march will be less than 4.
[13:58] <Mrkva> tommd: well, ln n is less than 4 for each day in the month :)
[13:59] <Mrkva> sorry, but I don't get it
[13:59] <tommd> Yeah, that was what I was getting at. It could come any time up till the 54th day of March (23rd of April)
[14:00] <tommd> Mrkva: More seriously, I don't have any information - haven't heard about the latest batch.
[14:01] <Mrkva> :)
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[15:09] <tommd> Where does bitbake set CC=compiler ?
[15:10] <tommd> ahh, bitbake.conf in ai.openembedded.dev/conf
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[19:06] <bstag> some days i hate bitbake :>
[19:09] <bstag> so in the endevor to isolate my usb/power issue. I found 5 volts is coming out of the ports is low on the mA side. So it seems is the when the battery gets low it cant power the usb ports.
[19:09] <bstag> it drops all the way to 240 ma
[19:10] <bstag> after a time on that the voltage drops and it turns off
[19:10] <bstag> so non issue in my book.
[19:10] <bstag> just kinda wierdit can run for hours more with out usb plugged in once it gets t othat state
[19:11] <bstag> unplugged i mean
[19:11] <bstag> for the record i do like talking to myselff. you may want to interject if i start singing. :>
[19:15] <tommd> That was your charge issue?
[19:15] <tommd> In a week I'll have a week break - perhaps I can get some BB/TB hacking in.
[19:17] <bstag> yes my usb pop happened when not enough milli amps were available
[19:17] <bstag> at the point it did not seem to even telli pluged in the keyboard
[19:17] <bstag> but if i plugged power right into tablet it cam back after some charge time
[19:18] <bstag> so i am no sure about the charging circuit in the top
[19:18] <bstag> i have to look a that to see if it make ssense but it charges fine now with out any issues
[19:22] <bstag> that and i dont keep 4 16gb usb sticks conencted continusly anymore :>
[19:35] <tommd> lol
[19:35] <tommd> the TB PCB+circuitry could use 4 or 5 micro-SD slots :-)
[19:37] <bstag> lol
[19:37] <bstag> i waas going to use that new wireless usb drive in the long run
[19:38] <bstag> one attached and then that one so i can feed off my windows box attached to the san
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[22:42] <bstag> heh some days
[22:42] <bstag> why wont it compile
[22:42] <bstag> caus ei removed the conf folder
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[23:35] <jscinoz> i think my touch book is defective. the top part doesnt seem to charge, and if i plug a usb device into one of the external ports the screen either turns off or flickers.
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