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[1:48] <josch> finally ordered a touchbook :)
[1:49] <josch> how is the current state of the order queue?
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[6:00] <Drisanna> josch, I'm glad you asked that question. I'm curious myself. :)
[6:00] <Meizirkki> dpb, around ?
[6:01] <dpb> Maybe
[6:02] <Drisanna> gregoiregentil, there was a post saying that the queue will be taken to zero with the "early-March" batch. . . is that batch being shipped yet? Do you still anticipate being able to fulfill all the current orders? If it has not started shipping when you anticipate that it will?
[6:02] <Meizirkki> dpb, How about a repository for ready-to-run images on gitorious? :P
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[6:02] <dpb> Meizirkki: sure, you want me to give you access to the project? :)
[6:03] <Meizirkki> yup
[6:03] <Meizirkki> images are good for those who are beginners or just don't have linux host computer
[6:04] <Meizirkki> hmm, can someone test if debian packages (.deb) install on the AI OS ?
[6:04] <Meizirkki> (.ipk's install on debian)
[6:05] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: if there's dpkg you can (probably) install them
[6:05] <Mrkva> if not, you can simply extract them (but you'll lose dependency solving)
[6:06] <josch> Drisanna: yes i also saw this post
[6:07] <Meizirkki> Mrkva, but aren't .ipk and .deb almost the same thing ? ipk's install on debian systems via dpkg without any problems. Both .deb and .ipk contain same files, don't they ?
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[6:08] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: I'm not sure about this
[6:08] * Meizirkki goes grab a random package from anstrom feed
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[6:10] <dpb> Meizirkki: your nick is probably the same on gitorious?
[6:10] <Meizirkki> dhclient .ipk from angstrom feed contains three files: debian-binary, data.tar.gz and control.tar.gz just like any debian package
[6:10] <Meizirkki> dpb, yes
[6:11] <dpb> Meizirkki: created a team and added you to it, you should have access to the project now
[6:11] <Meizirkki> thanks
[6:11] <dpb> (you could change the default package list in the repo too if you want to make it saner)
[6:13] <Meizirkki> Mrkva, i was just thinking if it was possible to build packages with OBS (Opensuse build service) and then just rename .deb to .ipk to install on AI OS :P (I'm not familiar with .ipk's)
[6:14] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: well, i guess you can run pure debian on TB :)
[6:16] <Meizirkki> yup, but to make installing debian as easy as possible you'll need an installer with GUI to run on AI OS :)
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[6:24] <josch> wtf? just extract a rootfs on the sdcard - whats hard with that?
[6:28] <josch> Meizirkki: that ipks are tar archives, debs are ar compressed
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[6:30] <Meizirkki> josch, you might not remember it anymore, but you HAVE been a beginner, there has been a moment when you did not know how to "extract a rootfs on the sdcard".
[6:31] <Meizirkki> I remember when i wanted to install debian and whatnot on my n810, but didn't know how to do it.
[6:31] <Meizirkki> That's when the installers with UI are useful
[6:31] <josch> Meizirkki: you are right :)
[6:32] <Meizirkki> :)
[6:37] <josch> a
[6:38] <josch> oups :P
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[7:47] <DJWillis> _koen_: ping?, quick question, what is the status of udev-extras in your branches these days?
[7:48] <_koen_> DJWillis: udev_151 builds udev-extras in .dev
[7:49] <DJWillis> _koen_: i'll check, there had been a few bits missing (or it looked that way), if .dev is the latest i'll look into it.
[7:49] <Aard> _koen_: (hangs on the oe-devel mailinglist awaiting moderation for an unknown reason) http://bwachter.lart.info/patches/oe/0001-putty-Update-ancient-recipe-to-use-recent-gtk2-base.patch
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[14:36] <helpful> Hi all. My first time on IRC!
[14:37] <cospan> welcome
[14:38] <helpful> Unfortunately I'm here for bad reasons :-(
[14:39] <helpful> My touchbook died a few weeks back - see http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=830
[14:39] <helpful> How quick are support at responding usually?
[14:41] <helpful> After an initial quick reply asking for more info, I've heard nothing for two weeks
[14:44] <zeusone> helpful maybe you can send an email to support
[14:46] <helpful> I did - 3 weeks ago, then 2 weeks ago, then 1 week ago!
[14:46] <helpful> Wondering how many times I have to hassle them
[14:49] <zeusone> helpful ooohh :-O
[14:49] <zeusone> helpful sorry I cannot help you :(
[14:50] <helpful> I was hoping there might be someone from AI on here to ask
[14:51] <zeusone> yes usually there is someone ...
[14:51] <zeusone> maybe there are in lunch break :)
[14:52] <zeusone> and I go to sleep :)
[14:52] <zeusone> good night!
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[14:53] <helpful> It's more like afternoon siesta time! But it is 11pm here in the UK
[15:02] <tommd> helpful: Ask GregorieGentil once he shows up in this room.
[15:02] <helpful> Will do. Hope it's before I need to get some sleep!
[15:03] <helpful> In the meantime I will fire off another reminder email to support
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[15:08] <jscinoz> My Touch book's top half doesnt appear to charge :(
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[15:11] <helpful> There seem to be a few reports of battery charging problems
[15:11] <helpful> But mine worked fine in that respect. It just stopped working completely :-(
[15:11] <jscinoz> the bottom part still charges fine, so i can use it, i just cant detach the top part
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[15:13] <helpful> But a lot of the fun is using it as a tablet!
[15:16] <jscinoz> i know :(
[15:16] <jscinoz> the only way i can use it as a tablet atm is putting the screen on backwards so it still has the bottom battery
[15:16] <jscinoz> but i have to reboot when switching because the top has no charge
[15:17] <helpful> Wow, that is bad if it won't even hold a charge long enough to turn the screen round
[15:17] <helpful> And it's a heavy tablet like that
[15:18] <jscinoz> i only recieved it about 2 weeks ago :( perhaps i can send it back for repair/replacement
[15:18] <jscinoz> problem is i'm in australia :(
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[15:20] <bstag> hey tom how abou tthe Qi screen :>
[15:21] <tommd> bstag... grrr...
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[15:21] <tommd> I feel like that pops up every other week.
[15:21] <bstag> lol
[15:21] <bstag> sorry had to
[15:22] <bstag> genode looks interesting
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[15:22] <bstag> i may try to get a image built for the tb
[15:22] <bstag> will et you know
[15:24] <helpful> jscinoz: That's the same difficulty I have, sending it back from the UK
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[15:27] <jscinoz> bstag: genode?
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[15:27] <bstag> pretty eary on OS
[15:27] <bstag> http://genode.org/
[15:28] <tommd> Yeah, I'm really interested in Genode.
[15:28] <tommd> Built an OKL4 kernel for GTA01 just to see how many kinks were in the build system - not too bad. Unfortunately OKL4 isn't optimized for CortexA8, so I'm eyeing the codezero kernel more.
[15:29] <tommd> At any rate, the Genode software stack would be a really nice change from a Linux stack. I'd love to be able to measure my TCB.
[15:29] <tommd> (ignoring the compiler and Genode build platform)
[15:30] <jscinoz> bstag: interesting..
[15:30] <jscinoz> i'd like to try haiku on the TB at some point also :P
[15:31] <tommd> bstag: Do let me know about the build. If Genode itself builds well then it would be even easier to convince my group to aim at moving our L4 to ARM.
[15:31] <bstag> beos based?
[15:31] <tommd> Yeah, thats Haiku.
[15:31] <jscinoz> bstag: not based, its an original work, but yeah designed to be like beos
[15:32] <bstag> hmm damn to many projects so little time :>
[15:32] <bstag> i will tom. I plan on focusing on it onc ei can get my jtag debigger working on the tb
[15:33] <tommd> Ahh, yes.
[15:33] <tommd> Well, I've got to go. Later
[15:33] <jscinoz> on the subject ofo alternative OS... syllable too :P
[15:33] <bstag> ok see ya later.
[15:33] <jscinoz> bye bstag
[15:33] <bstag> lol no that was fro tom j
[15:34] <bstag> syllable hmm what is that?
[15:34] <jscinoz> oh ok
[15:36] <bstag> nvm mind looked it up
[15:37] <bstag> kinda suprised i did not know about it
[15:37] <jscinoz> I'd love to try a whole load of just standard linux distros, but u-boot hates me
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[15:39] <bstag> yeah i made a backup of the card that came with i am going to explore breaking uboot :>
[15:40] <bstag> i ave been working ona android build recently too. i need to load it up on the tb instead of the emulator
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[18:21] <bstag> grumble
[18:24] <helpful> ?
[18:25] <bstag> <-- exp battery issues now
[18:26] <helpful> oh :-(
[18:31] <bstag> 3.16 out of top battery
[18:36] <bstag> 4.1 out of bottom
[18:37] <helpful> Hours? Volts?
[18:37] <bstag> volts
[18:37] <bstag> no hours
[18:38] <bstag> i unplug it dies
[18:47] <helpful> The batteries don't seem very resilient
[18:47] <helpful> But you're still doing better than me - mine has just plain died :-(
[18:49] <bstag> did you have a 1b or 1c rev?
[18:52] <helpful> Not sure. It arrived in January, so probably a 1c
[18:58] <helpful> Must get to bed, it's 3am now! Goodnight!
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[19:21] <bstag> dead even before i coulld solder anything onto it :>
[19:24] <bstag> ehh at least i can play iwth it while it plugged in
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[20:36] <bstag> ok so i just test charging again it fine. seems to die on charging when my wifi dies
[20:36] <bstag> wierd shit
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[21:14] <tommd> Very odd
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[21:33] <bstag> so i have noticed a interesting thing. My usb ports will wig out. drop my wifi connectiona nd wont reconnect unless i power down the laptop.
[21:33] <bstag> i guess ihad one of those happen during thiss last charge
[21:33] <bstag> so it did nto charge my abttery
[21:33] <bstag> which is evan wierder
[21:38] <bstag> hmm now to try and recreate it again :>
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