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[0:00] <mongrelcat> no, the software is very raw
[0:01] <mongrelcat> it's slow and not very full-featured
[0:01] <mongrelcat> it's like a house that isn't finished being built yet
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[0:02] <Meluste> but that's for the "official" OS? I'm plannig using Ubuntu or other linux distribution like ARch
[0:03] <Meluste> I'll be honest: I have an Openmoko phone... that was not ready nor the software, nor the Hardware
[0:03] <mongrelcat> that is for both ubuntu and angstrom
[0:03] <mongrelcat> if you have an openmoko phone you'll feel right at home
[0:04] <Meluste> I belive in free software and I belive in sw improvements
[0:04] <Meluste> BUT
[0:04] <Meluste> I already have a toy to play with, in this case I need something that works
[0:05] <Meluste> in a few words, I don't want "another openmoko" :D
[0:05] <mongrelcat> if all you need is a pdf reader and a text editor, then sure
[0:05] <mongrelcat> but if you need it to be rock solid, then unfortunately it's not ready yet
[0:06] <mongrelcat> well, it's not quite as raw as openmoko
[0:06] <Meluste> but mongrelcat, the rawness depends only on the SW?
[0:07] <mongrelcat> the hardware works, if that's what you mean
[0:07] <mongrelcat> people have to rma sometimes
[0:07] <mongrelcat> but it's not like it's held together with chewing gum and tape
[0:07] <Meluste> sorry, what's "rma" for?
[0:08] <mongrelcat> rma means to send a defective product back to the manufacturer
[0:08] <Meluste> ah, ok...
[0:08] <mongrelcat> as in, "it's busted, please send me a new one"
[0:09] <Meluste> so, let's see it from another poit of view:
[0:09] <Meluste> what should I vave NOT to expect?
[0:09] <mongrelcat> what do you mean?
[0:09] <Meluste> I don't want to seam tedious, but you know, comming fron Openmoko...
[0:09] <Meluste> I mean..
[0:10] <Meluste> what I will not be able to do with the touchbook?
[0:10] <Meluste> *what will I
[0:11] <mongrelcat> use flash on the web, run java applications to any real degree of speed or compatibility, watch extensive amounts of video
[0:11] <mongrelcat> the web browsers are ok for the most part
[0:11] <mongrelcat> evince is a fine pdf reader
[0:12] <mongrelcat> let me put it this way
[0:12] <mongrelcat> if you're looking for a computer to use as your primary device, the touchbook isn't ready for you
[0:13] <Meluste> lol, that's the phrase we say to anyone comes to ask about the freerunner
[0:13] <mongrelcat> well i would lump them together to be honest
[0:13] <mongrelcat> both are hardware experiments
[0:13] <mongrelcat> and both are very community-driven software-wise
[0:14] <mongrelcat> if you need a pdf reader and something to use for word processing and facebook, sure, the touchbook will work for that
[0:15] <mongrelcat> but if you need one device to do everything and not crash in weird ways and whatnot, you're better off getting a regular netbook
[0:16] <Meluste> uhm... ok, I've understood... let's go forward:
[0:16] <Meluste> what about the touch-screen?
[0:17] <Meluste> is it a cheap component or is it durable and accurate?
[0:17] <leinir> Somewhere in between, i'd say :)
[0:17] <leinir> It's not the N900s touch screen, but it's by no means the worst i've used either :)
[0:17] <Meluste> 0 to 10 grade?
[0:18] <leinir> 7
[0:18] <Meluste> ooooh... N900 (Homer's voice)
[0:18] <Meluste> 7 is a good grade, I think...
[0:19] <Meluste> so handwritten notes should be readable and occasionally drawing should be fun?
[0:21] <leinir> i'd say so, yes :)
[0:22] <leinir> i am personally looking forward to getting MeeGo on it, though :)
[0:22] <leinir> (as a successor to my looking forward to getting Mer on it ;) )
[0:22] <Meluste> lol leinir
[0:23] <Meluste> and what about the batteries? they really last so long?
[0:24] <leinir> They really do :) And that's without powermanagement as well ;)
[0:25] <Meluste> wow that's great!
[0:26] <leinir> It unfortunately also takes as long as advertised to charge ;)
[0:26] <leinir> But oh well :)
[0:26] <leinir> You just do it over night :)
[0:27] <Meluste> in the bottom part (the keyboard) there aren't any connections, but I've readed that the 8-pin connection to the screen supports an entire USBus
[0:27] <Meluste> I could use it as an alarm clock leinir :)
[0:29] <leinir> Hehe, i have it playing bluemars or cryosleep while i'm in bed, yeah ;)
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[0:29] <Meluste> charging must be done with the PC powered on, right?
[0:29] <Meluste> that scares me :D
[0:30] <Meluste> I mean: during the day i'ts on because I'm working with it, during the night is on because is charging...
[0:30] <Meluste> too much uptime means crashes :S
[0:31] <Meluste> at least, for the openmoko ;)
[0:31] <leinir> It has to be done with the power on, yes :)
[0:31] <leinir> And nah, it's supposed to be an always-on device ;)
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[0:32] <Meluste> well, in the road from home to school and vice-versa I'll maybe power it down (if I don't map for OSM)
[0:34] <Meluste> oh, god! I've just imagined the Openmoko connected with the touchbook sharing his GPS data and GSM signal, with the touchbook charging from the Car and the freerunner charging from the touchbook
[0:35] <leinir> Hehe :)
[0:36] <Meluste> ok, let's talk about weird things... there's a lot of space in the case :)
[0:36] <Meluste> and I've readed the 8-pin connector supports an entire USBus
[0:37] <Meluste> but in the bottom there is'nt any USB connector or similar...
[0:37] <Meluste> has anyone thinked to put a hub on there?
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[0:41] <Aard> Meluste: I've been thinking about it, but refrained from doing so as I'm frequently removing the tablet section
[0:42] <Meluste> well Aard, there's plenty of space in the top, too, right? :)
[0:42] <Aard> for everything you put down there you need to make sure to disable it before separating, which is not that easy (and you can't automate it, as you'll only get notified _after_ unplugging)
[0:42] <Meluste> ah, that's right...
[0:43] <Aard> yes, though depending on what you're trying height might be a problem
[0:43] <Meluste> uhm... I was thinking on a wireless mouse reciver :)
[0:44] <Martix> Meluste: could be Neo FR inserted inside of tablet part?
[0:44] <leinir> Nah, the fr much too big :)
[0:44] <leinir> the fr /is/ much too big
[0:44] <Meluste> Martix: with the freerunner you can do ANYTHING
[0:44] <Martix> :-/
[0:44] <Martix> Meluste: :D
[0:44] <Aard> Meluste: they come in various sizes, but most likely shouldn't be a problem to plug into one of the usb ports
[0:45] <Martix> right! FreeRunner in outer space: http://www.datenfreihafen.org/~stefan/weblog/archives/2010/02/index.html#e2010-02-28T15_40_36.txt
[0:45] <Meluste> well Aard it was jus a thought :)
[0:45] <Meluste> wow Martix :D
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[0:46] <Martix> and FR i preparing on his second trip ;-)
[0:46] <Meluste> lol
[0:46] <Aard> I'd like to have more usb-ports, though. I haven't found a usb hub so far that fits, so I guess i'll have to build my own. which is quite easy with todays highly integrated chips
[0:46] <Martix> with presure sensors ang gyroscopes
[0:47] <Martix> *and
[0:47] <Meluste> hey guys, tell me about the mechanism to remove the tablet... is it rough enouugh?
[0:48] <Aard> I hab my doubts at the beginning, but now I'm pretty sure it's not the first thing that'll break ;)
[0:48] <Meluste> and what wil It be Aard?
[0:48] <leinir> The hinge itself is more likely break (and has done for some people)
[0:49] <Aard> the hinges
[0:49] <leinir> the connection mechanism itself is unlikely to break :)
[0:49] <leinir> And while the back is slightly wobbly, what that in essence means is that it's not brittle :)
[0:50] <Meluste> uhm... the hinges are weak?
[0:50] <Meluste> how do they break?
[0:51] <leinir> i dunno... it's not happened to me :)
[0:51] <Meluste> but you say they feel weak: can you be more precise?
[0:52] <Martix> any chance to hinges robustness will be improved in next batch?
[0:54] <mongrelcat> the hinge is slippery
[0:54] <mongrelcat> and is made of plastic that is not particularly strong
[0:54] <mongrelcat> so sometimes it can break with repeated use
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[0:56] <Meluste> is the hinge the mechanism that make's the screen open-close-stay_in_place?
[0:57] <leinir> Yes
[0:57] <leinir> But, should it break, it's covered by the warranty :)
[0:57] <mongrelcat> the main problem is that the top part is heavier than the bottom part
[0:58] <mongrelcat> the tablet is heavier than the keyboard
[0:58] <Meluste> ok, but... I don't undersatnd...
[0:58] <Meluste> when the higle breakes, what happens?
[0:58] <leinir> mongrelcat: That's not really much of a problem with the little extra feet in place :) That really does do the trick :)
[0:59] <leinir> (i've even taken out the counterweights in the keyboard part, and it still stays in place just fine :) )
[0:59] <mongrelcat> if the hinge breaks you might not be able to open or close the laptop correctly
[0:59] <mongrelcat> in which case you tell the alwaysinnovating people that your touchbook is broken
[1:00] <mongrelcat> and they send you a new one
[1:00] <Meluste> uhm... it sounds like the hinge goes out-of-axis, an I right?
[1:00] <Meluste> just to understand...
[1:01] <mongrelcat> kind of
[1:01] <Meluste> ok :)
[1:02] <mongrelcat> it's really very simple, the hinge cracks open
[1:02] <Meluste> so, are you (everyone) happy with your touchbooks? :D
[1:02] <mongrelcat> well, mine is broken :(
[1:02] <mongrelcat> but lots of people love theirs
[1:03] <Meluste> mongrelcat: what happened? :(
[1:03] <mongrelcat> i don't know - it doesn't boot properly
[1:04] <mongrelcat> either it dies like there isn't any power in the battery even though the battery is fully charged or the os just doesn't load
[1:04] <mongrelcat> this is my thread if you want to see http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=900
[1:05] <Meluste> I'll take a look mongrelcat...
[1:05] <mongrelcat> i have a feeling it's just broken :P
[1:05] <mongrelcat> I'll talk to gregoire about it soon
[1:06] <Meluste> I'm taking a look to the forum to learn more about the touchbook, in the meanwhile it's time to go to lesson now...
[1:06] <Meluste> thank you for the
[1:06] <Meluste> thank you for everything
[1:07] <Meluste> U're verry nice :)
[1:07] <Meluste> have a good day!
[1:07] <Meluste> bb
[1:07] <mongrelcat> bye
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[6:21] <Meluste> hello guys I was here earlyer this morning
[6:22] <Meluste> I've been thinking at the touchbook all the day long
[6:22] <Meluste> I think I've readed all the wiki and forums but I still have some questions.
[6:23] <Meluste> First of all, is note-taking possible and reliable?
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[6:45] <Meluste> ehem... up?
[6:48] <DJWillis> Meluste: note taking using xournel should be fine, I know a few guys use that.
[6:48] <Meluste> even at university lessons?
[6:50] <DJWillis> Meluste: I have no idea, been a long time since I was studying ;-), the app works, as long as you had charge/batt I can't see why it would be a problem.
[6:51] <DJWillis> I guess some uni's have rules over what you can take into lectures.
[6:51] <Meluste> the problem could be unaccurate touchscreens ;)
[6:51] <Meluste> DJWillis: can you try to copy some text into xournal just to try?
[6:52] <Meluste> the faster and the most unaccurate you can...
[6:52] <Meluste> an then evaluate the quality of the note :)
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[7:01] <DJWillis> Meluste: I am a bad person to ask, I don't have a TB ;-)
[7:02] <Meluste> oh, lol DJWillis
[7:02] <bstag> I use xournel jsut fine with it. It has some lag but even my t91mt has that
[7:02] <Meluste> so, anyone that actually HAS a TB to give me some feedback about note-taking?
[7:02] <bstag> just did
[7:04] <DJWillis> Meluste: I can tell you the OMAP3 is up to the job of using xournel with a little lag as mentioned, tried it on PLENTY of other OMAP3 devices ;-)
[7:05] <bstag> once you get tused to lag it is pretty easy to use
[7:05] <bstag> i take notes with it every day
[7:05] <Meluste> bstag: that are really good news :)
[7:05] <Meluste> what OS do you use?
[7:06] <bstag> if its something i need to share witth teh offfice i pull out the 91t and use onenote. for personal not taking its jsut fine
[7:07] <Meluste> thanks I have to go, but you'll see me here again ;)
[7:07] <bstag> well be here :> enjoyt the rest of your day
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[7:11] <bstag_tb> hmm need to figure out why wireless dies on me for noreason
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[8:26] <bstag> http://infinitec.com/ium_drive
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[9:43] <drantin> what command would i use to bring back the taskbar if it seems to have vanished? it looks like xfce4-panel is still running...
[9:44] <drantin> detaching and reattaching the screen to the keyboard makes it play the sound it normally does, but isn't bringing the panel back...
[9:47] <martinh> might have to kill the panel and restart it.
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[9:49] <drantin> ok, had to whip out the kill -9 to get rid of it...
[9:49] <drantin> regular killing wasn't working, but it's back up now
[9:49] <drantin> there was probably an intermediate kill signal that would have worked, but meh...
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[10:02] <zeusone> hi everybody, I just buy the touch book I'm wondering if someone is using Enlightenment on it
[10:04] <_koen_> Yes, but I'm using stock angstrom, not AIOS
[10:05] <zeusone> so are you not using oe, right?
[10:05] <_koen_> AIOS is a fork of angstrom, both are built with OE
[10:06] <zeusone> ummm nice
[10:06] <zeusone> because I would like to use Enna media center on it
[10:06] <zeusone> do you use Enna?
[10:06] <_koen_> no
[10:07] <zeusone> oh ok thanks
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[10:08] <zeusone> I go to study this angstrom :)
[10:11] <zeusone> so did you create your angstrom image and did you push it on the touch book?
[10:14] * Vito89 (~quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[10:14] <gregoiregentil> I don't think that Enlightenment brings anything more than xfce in terms of speed or feature, but you are obviously very free to use it
[10:14] <_koen_> I used narcissus and then XorA's format script
[10:16] <zeusone> I think that it is better for touch device
[10:16] * Vito89 (~quassel@gw.loccal.net) has joined #touchbook
[10:16] <zeusone> because I would like to develop on it, I think that Enlightenment is the right choice :)
[10:17] <gregoiregentil> ok
[10:25] <drantin> are there plans to create an AIOS software repository, or should packages be submitted upstream to angstrom?
[10:25] <azaghal> zeusone: Hm... You know Neo Freerunner used it in the end?
[10:25] <azaghal> *Openmoko
[10:25] <drantin> (can't remember what it was i was looking for before that wasn't listed in `opkg list`, but there was something...)
[10:26] <zeusone> ya I'm a owner of Openmoko
[10:26] <zeusone> :)
[10:26] <azaghal> While I found its interface _somewhat_ useful, I was annoyed by speed issues on it.
[10:26] <azaghal> Although, more current SHR's seem to have improved speed.
[10:26] <zeusone> azaghal: in Enlightenment?
[10:27] <azaghal> Yep
[10:27] <azaghal> The scrolling effect still is slow.
[10:27] <zeusone> azaghal: I think that now it is good
[10:27] <azaghal> _On_ Freerunner, but that's a topic for different channel, I guess :)
[10:27] <zeusone> azaghal: ya but I like to know if it possible to port a system like SHR on touch book
[10:28] <zeusone> azaghal: or is it too complex?
[10:28] <azaghal> No idea, I still need to get the Touchbook in my hands (due to some transportation issues :)
[10:28] <zeusone> azaghal: ya me too
[10:28] <zeusone> azaghal: :D
[10:29] <zeusone> azaghal: btw I was testing the Enna media center in a embedded device
[10:30] <zeusone> azaghal: and I think that could be a very nice application for the touch book
[10:30] <azaghal> No idea what that is
[10:30] <zeusone> http://enna.geexbox.org/
[10:31] <zeusone> azaghal: A media center in EFL
[10:33] <FIN__Master> gregoiregentil: Is there anything special in the default TangoGPS? So should it be easy to upgrade it to the newest which is promised to be lighter
[10:39] <drantin> FIN__Master: looks like a google maps patch for an older version, but nothing else... if this is the recipe used: http://git.alwaysinnovating.com/cgit.cgi/ai.openembedded.dev/tree/recipes/tangogps
[10:39] <krylen> gregoiregentil: I have been jumping up and down and waving my arms for some time now, however my touchbook has not yet arrived, also, my arms are very tired, is this normal?
[10:41] <martinh> if you're waving them around for a long while, yes, it's normal for them to be tired.
[10:42] <FIN__Master> krylen: I think you should consider making an order for one if the waving does not work
[10:43] <krylen> martinh: I read on the forums if I also hop on one foot in a circle while cawing like a crow and waving my arms the touchbook will ship faster, is this an AI approved solution, or am I on my own with this "user fix"?
[10:44] <azaghal> krylen: No. Please remove the arms with an axe to fix the problem.
[10:45] <krylen> azaghal: Oh geeze, well I didn't see that *anywhere* in the documentation.. I guess I'll stop by Red Beards Axe and Hammer Emporium and Warehouse on the way home from work.
[10:45] <azaghal> lol
[10:46] <krylen> FIN__Master: I ordered like two months ago, I'm just inserting some humor because, well, I'm bored :)
[10:47] <drantin> krylen: you forgot the virgin sacrifice
[10:47] * krylen hangs his head "She got away.. "
[10:48] <drantin> it needs to be performed on a friday the 13th to be fully effective anyway
[10:48] <martinh> krylen: well, there's a good chance that foot will get tired and a possibility of injury.
[10:48] <drantin> martinh: and by the time he comes out of the coma, he'll have a touchbook
[10:49] <krylen> hrrmm... these shipping instructions are more complicated than a sweedish bookshelf!
[10:49] <drantin> ikea?
[10:49] <FIN__Master> krylen: Back in the days when I had ordered mine, I started wearing a foil hat every night. And I got mine..
[10:49] <krylen> drantin: Brilliant!
[10:49] * krylen gives himself a serious head injury right away
[10:49] <krylen> faoil you say.. *writes that down in his copy book*
[10:50] <krylen> FIN__Master: can the hat be in the shape of a little napolian hat?
[10:50] <krylen> or does it have to be a foil tophat?
[10:50] <drantin> a beanie
[10:51] <drantin> with a working propeller is best
[10:51] <krylen> but where will I get a propeller on such short notice!?
[10:51] <FIN__Master> Mine was like Napoleons. And its good to wear it even while already have a tb. You never know when they try to read your mind..
[10:51] <krylen> Don't worry about that! I keep my mind blank of thought at all times so they *CAN'T* read my mind!
[10:51] <krylen> ....
[10:51] <drantin> that's what the bluetooth module is for
[10:51] * krylen drools
[10:53] * drantin wipes krylen's chin
[10:54] * krylen stares blankly
[10:54] * drantin starts up a video with a spinning spiral in front of krylen
[10:55] <krylen> wait! I've had an idea!.. no, false alarm, that's a recipe..
[10:55] * krylen writes in his copy book "two pieces of bread" then underlines "two" several times
[10:56] <drantin> be funny if all your thoughts were beamed to your head and the tin foil hat cut out the connection, leaving you limp...
[10:56] <drantin> be funny if they tried that in Avatar
[10:56] <drantin> fortunately, the Na'vi didn't have aluminum or tin foil
[10:59] <krylen> ha, that would have been funny
[10:59] <drantin> especially if a foil hat had been part of the coming-of-age ceremony
[11:00] <krylen> LOL!
[11:05] <FIN__Master> How am I supposed to compile something from source to work in my tb? I can make my own code and compile in some environments but Im so lost when compiling to tb..
[11:05] <drantin> FIN__Master: did you look at the wiki?
[11:06] <FIN__Master> Hmm. No :S. I have thought that the wiki is still the same as 4 months ago. Ill check
[11:09] <drantin> FIN__Master: afaik, you just do it with openembedded
[11:09] <FIN__Master> So the process building any application from source is done the same way as building the whole AIOS
[11:09] <FIN__Master> Id like to test this LuckyGPS which is quite the same as TangoGPS but has offline routing
[11:09] <drantin> up to a point
[11:10] <drantin> you'll need the same environment setup and tools
[11:11] <drantin> FIN__Master: scroll to the bottom of the page on AIOS compilation
[11:15] <FIN__Master> Yep. Just got to try and learn. Thanks!
[11:17] * jvs is now known as jodu
[11:17] * jodu is now known as johd
[11:29] <FIN__Master> Is there something wrong in the wiki where it wants to install python-psyco? Apt-get says it is not available
[11:31] <drantin> what distro are you on?
[11:32] <FIN__Master> kubuntu karmic
[11:32] * phcoder (~phcoder@public-docking-hg-2-061.ethz.ch) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[11:33] <FIN__Master> so the instructions wont work if not in 9.04 x86?
[11:34] <FIN__Master> i have compiled ubuntu for touchbook with this ubuntu 9.10 x64
[11:35] <drantin> http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/python/python-psyco claims it's there :/
[11:35] * drantin doesn't have an *ubuntu machine
[11:37] * MMlosh (~MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:441a:e530:b460:8bb) Quit (Quit: Bye...)
[11:37] <FIN__Master> maybe ill try to install it manually
[11:37] <drantin> ah, it's only i386...
[11:39] <drantin> vertical screen real estate cut that part off...
[11:50] * Mrkva (~Mrkva@4- has joined #touchbook
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[13:22] <alextisserant> hi all
[13:22] <drantin> hi
[13:23] <alextisserant> for those who didn't see it yet, there are some free keyboards to win: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=904
[13:29] <Aard> alextisserant: hm, does `offering a hardware fix to a known bug' count, too? ;)
[13:29] <alextisserant> eh eh, like what?
[13:30] <Aard> like that: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=688&start=10#p5626 / http://bwachter.lart.info/blog/article,208/
[13:30] <alextisserant> if the fix really works and is approved by us (we are fair, don't worry), I guess so
[13:32] <Aard> another reason I'd like to have one: one of the counterweights came lose and scrapped one of the inductors from the underside of the keyboard
[13:32] * tommd (~Thomas_Du@2610:10:20:223:21c:25ff:feba:966) has joined #touchbook
[13:33] <alextisserant> if you can document it properly on the wiki, I think we can consider it (please follow instructions on the forum post anyway)
[13:34] <Aard> well, I could basically copy'n'past my blog entry to the wiki
[13:42] * phcoder (~phcoder@gprs15.swisscom-mobile.ch) has joined #touchbook
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[14:06] * zeusone (~zeusone@host-85-27-11-243.brutele.be) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[14:08] <Aard> alextisserant: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/I2C_RTC (don't have permission to add it to the hardware overview, though)
[14:09] * sbahra (~sbahra@2002:62da:45b3:1234:21d:e0ff:fe00:f7ab) has joined #touchbook
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[15:27] <Aard> alextisserant: do you have access to bugzilla account management? I'm unable to register an account there
[15:28] <alextisserant> Aard: why?
[15:28] <Aard> see the second sentence
[15:29] <alextisserant> http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/createaccount.cgi + your email address does not work?
[15:29] <Aard> I tried about two weeks ago, and today. I don't receive an email, and can't find anything in the mailserver log which is obviously from bugzilla
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[20:23] <rozzin> 10
[20:23] <rozzin> erp.
[20:23] <drantin> 01
[20:23] <bstag> erp = oops
[20:23] <drantin> hi rozzin
[20:23] <bstag> 0110011
[20:24] <rozzin> Um..., hi :)
[20:24] <rozzin> Yes. erp == oops. :)
[20:25] <bstag> :>
[20:26] <rozzin> Mixed up my keystrokes and type "Ctrl-a a 10 <return>", where what I meant to do was load 10 messages in gnus and *then* switch Screen windows....
[20:26] <rozzin> But, since I'm out of lurk-mode anyway...
[20:27] <rozzin> from watching the conversation today,
[20:27] <rozzin> and putting that together with the content of the various reviews that I've read,
[20:28] <rozzin> it *sounds* sort-of like the Touchbook *tablet* per se is basically in an OK state,
[20:29] <rozzin> but the keyboard/dock module sounds more prototype-like.
[20:30] * alextisserant (~alextisse@c-76-21-41-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[20:33] <bstag> I use it every day. It has some issues but most of that is software.
[20:33] <bstag> i havent run in to the usb issues liek other though
[20:33] * drantin also uses it every day
[20:34] <drantin> had the usb issue happen about 4 times, but it's not regular enough to bother me
[20:34] <rozzin> I gather that the "10 hours" figure for batter-life is *with* the keyboard module attached, and that the tablet's inbuilt battery provides something like... 4 hours?
[20:34] <bstag> yeah something like that
[20:34] <bstag> i have gotten 13-14 total out of both
[20:35] <rozzin> But this is without power-management.
[20:35] <bstag> right
[20:35] <drantin> yes it's with, but i've only gotten up to ~8 hours thus far... that's with an active ssh session going the entire time though, i expect better from omap-pm
[20:36] <rozzin> The reviewers seem to all be fairly generous on that front--readily dismissing `mere software issues'. :)
[20:36] <bstag> its not done so software issues would be expected
[20:38] <rozzin> Well, yes, but...
[20:39] <rozzin> ... the obvious question is, `if not now, when?' :)
[20:40] <rozzin> `sooner if I help', presumably.
[20:40] <bstag> a community driven producty is hard to gauge. and if anyone said when they would be speaking out thier ass
[20:40] <rozzin> Tell me about it.
[20:41] <rozzin> :)
[20:41] <bstag> now all the major software issues few months at least. the minor stuff people emay want years
[20:42] <bstag> i am still making myself familur with the code
[20:42] <bstag> so i am useless at the moment
[20:43] <rozzin> I know the issues well--I'm a professional software engineer;
[20:45] <bstag> i am lazy i just manage a group of developers now
[20:45] <rozzin> been through the community-driven-product cycle several times;
[20:46] <rozzin> it's very different than the typical proprietary cycle--and the consumer world is still getting used to it.
[20:47] <bstag> i think some fo the issues will arise here are the sameones any linux based projects run into not enough convergence. to many people working on everything they want and not some singular goal.
[20:47] * Noume (~Noone@ has joined #touchbook
[20:49] <rozzin> It's actually probably good that Touchbook isn't getting too much exposure too quickly.
[20:50] <rozzin> So, I guess I need to convince my accountant... er..., wife... to let me order one of these things in the near future.
[20:50] <rozzin> Oy--she's reading this over my shoulder.
[20:50] <bstag> lol
[20:51] <drantin> it had a lot of exposure about a year ago, at least on the sites i frequent...
[20:51] <bstag> yeah i pre ordered min 1 year ago today actully
[20:51] <bstag> its was annouced at ces then
[20:51] <drantin> i didn't preorder until april >.>
[20:51] <bstag> and i dont think AI is shipping out test models to reviewers :>
[20:53] <rozzin> I guess it seems like gregoire and co. are pacing themselves relatively well with regard to exposure.
[20:54] * drantin first read about it on osnews.com
[20:54] <bstag> yes looks like
[20:54] <bstag> I was at CES that year
[20:55] <drantin> close enough to the front to be in the video of the demonstration?
[20:55] <rozzin> Neuros has managed the same thing;
[20:55] <bstag> no drantin. i was focusing on the asus tablets att eh time
[20:55] <rozzin> Openmoko got *way* too much exposure *way* too soon, and probably talked about way too much.
[20:57] <bstag> ahh freerunner
[20:58] <rozzin> I've actually been quire satisfied with mine :)
[20:58] <rozzin> er,
[20:58] <rozzin> *quite* satisfied.
[20:58] <bstag> i use a droid now
[20:58] <drantin> haven't touched my XO-1 in a while >.>
[20:59] <rozzin> Just need to get the toolchain unbroken in SHR so that I can build my stuff again :\
[20:59] <rozzin> So...,
[20:59] <bstag> waiting for the pandora open too. that will be nice when it finally can be bought
[21:00] <rozzin> there was mention in one Touchbook review about a `plastic slide-lock' holding `the cover' onto the Touchbook tablet?
[21:00] <bstag> yeea
[21:01] <bstag> the back of teh tablet is held on by a slide lock
[21:01] <rozzin> bstag: raster was ragging on Pandora, the other day, for being full of `outdated hardware'.
[21:02] <bstag> :>
[21:02] <rozzin> All I know is that Pandora's computing hardware is *way* more advanced than the most popular contemporary portable video-game consoles :)
[21:03] <bstag> the specs look very familur
[21:03] <rozzin> :)
[21:04] <rozzin> Does that slide-lock `click' into position, at least?
[21:04] <bstag> yes it stays
[21:04] <bstag> it slide back to locked withtetablet back off
[21:05] <bstag> but with the back on it doesnt slide to unlockeed
[21:05] * Vito_ (~quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:06] * niloc132 (~colin@adsl-76-239-25-55.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: niloc132)
[21:06] <rozzin> Well. I guess it should be easier to explain this purchase than when I bought the dinosaurs....
[21:07] <rozzin> Still haven't done *anything* with *them*....
[21:07] <bstag> ahh teh programable dinos
[21:07] <rozzin> Pleo.
[21:07] <bstag> yeah
[21:07] <bstag> put it next toyour chumby
[21:07] <bstag> and move on :>
[21:08] <rozzin> Oh, yeah--I'm still trying to justify buying a Chumby :)
[21:08] <rozzin> But, aside from their being leather and squishy..., I can't even explain to *myself* why they're interesting.
[21:08] <bstag> its a nice alrm clock
[21:08] <bstag> made with flash woot :>
[21:09] <rozzin> Yeah, have the FreeRunner for that.
[21:09] <bstag> i have a chumby.
[21:09] <rozzin> Oh, now I remember what I really wanted to ask:
[21:10] <bstag> its a alrm clock the tells em teh weather
[21:10] <rozzin> What are the Touchbook's options for boot volumes?
[21:11] <bstag> not sure
[21:11] <rozzin> I gather it normally boots from SD?
[21:12] <bstag> yes
[21:12] <bstag> which is setup in 3 or 4 partitions
[21:12] <bstag> with xboot
[21:13] <Noume> g2g ;)
[21:14] <rozzin> /boot, /, /home, swap?
[21:14] * Noume (~Noone@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:16] <rozzin> Do you know which manufacturer's flash is shipping with the Touchbook?
[21:18] <drantin> well... as no plugins show up with `opkg list '*flash*', but lot of swfdec related stuff shows up with `opkg list '*swf*'`, i'm guessing swfdec
[21:19] <drantin> oh, also firefox's about:plugins page says swfdec
[21:19] <rozzin> I meant the SD card :)
[21:19] <bstag> oh um
[21:19] <bstag> yeah one sec
[21:20] <bstag> silicon power
[21:20] <rozzin> Oh. Hunh. Why does that sound familiar?
[21:22] * bstag_tb (~ai@2002:42be:4c2f:0:208:10ff:fe72:575f) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:22] <bstag> heh well ther egoes my timing out
[21:26] * bstag_tb (~ai@2002:42be:4c2f:0:208:10ff:fe72:575f) has joined #touchbook
[21:28] <bstag> i guess i need to have my jtag hooked up when it locks on me
[21:28] <bstag> should solder that in this weekend
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