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[2:00] <jscinoz> hi
[2:01] <jscinoz> I'm trying to get gentoo on my touchbook, i've compiled u-boot and x-loader and an arm kernel, and put them on a bootable fat32 partition on my sd card, but the touchbook does not execute the kernel
[2:01] <jscinoz> am i missing something?
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[2:16] <jscinoz> anyone alive in here?
[2:27] <jscinoz> guess not :(
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[2:32] <Meizirkki> jscinoz, what exactly happens ?
[2:33] <Meizirkki> uboot starts, but kernel doesn't ?
[2:34] <Meizirkki> if you get white screen, your SD card is set up wrong
[2:34] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: push button, screen flashes white, then power off
[2:34] <Meizirkki> that sounds like really low battery :P
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[2:36] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: plugged it in, now when i turn it on it slowly fades to white
[2:36] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: white with horizontal lines across it
[2:38] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: any ideas?
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[2:44] <Meizirkki> http://wiki.omap.com/index.php?title=MMC_Boot_Format
[2:44] <Meizirkki> jscinoz,
[2:44] <jscinoz> thanks Meizirkki reading now
[2:44] <Meizirkki> the SD card geometry is wrong, it you get the white screen
[2:44] <jscinoz> i did that
[2:44] <jscinoz> the 255 heads + 63 sectors
[2:45] <jscinoz> ill do it again to be sure though
[2:45] <Meizirkki> the other option is that you don't have u-boot.bin, mlo and uImage in the first partition
[2:45] <jscinoz> nah they are there
[2:45] <jscinoz> they are not the original ones though
[2:45] <jscinoz> i compiled all three
[2:53] <Meizirkki> Why not use the original ones btw ?
[2:54] <jscinoz> kernel: i wanted some extra features not in the stock one
[2:54] <jscinoz> and i just though since i'm compiling a new kernel i may as well get new uboot and x-loader
[2:54] <Meizirkki> I'd like a better kernel too :)
[2:55] <Meizirkki> but try using the original uboot and mlo
[2:55] <jscinoz> ok gonna try that now
[2:55] <jscinoz> as i still get the white screen
[2:57] <jscinoz> ok
[2:57] <jscinoz> with original u-boot.bin and mlo i get the AI logo
[2:57] <jscinoz> but nothing more
[2:58] <jscinoz> so im not sure if its startin the kernel or not
[2:58] <jscinoz> because even without an appropriate rootfs i should at least see the console messages when it panics
[3:01] <jscinoz> wait a second...
[3:01] <jscinoz> uImage is the kernel right?
[3:03] <jscinoz> oh doh
[3:03] <jscinoz> its not a standard kernel image its different for uboot
[3:03] * jscinoz fails
[3:05] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: ok i get something else now
[3:06] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: i get the AI logo then the screen goes all wierd, with a pink vertical bar on the left and the rest black and white lines
[3:06] <jscinoz> with the ai logo still visible in the background
[3:06] <Meizirkki> ah sorry i was idle for a while
[3:07] <Meizirkki> you get those weird lines when it loads the kernel
[3:07] <Meizirkki> So it seems your kernel doesn't work :(
[3:07] <jscinoz> doesnt work in what way?
[3:08] <jscinoz> it'd be great if i could actually see panic messages
[3:08] <Meizirkki> It might be that just loading the kernel fails
[3:08] <jscinoz> >_<
[3:09] <Meizirkki> I have had that same problem with my own kernels many times :(
[3:10] <jscinoz> any way to get more information
[3:11] <Meizirkki> serial cable
[3:11] <Meizirkki> as AI uboot has that stupid logo taking over the screen
[3:11] <jscinoz> lemme see if i can get my own uboot to work
[3:12] <jscinoz> gah
[3:12] <jscinoz> why doesnt my uboot work :(
[3:14] <jscinoz> hey Meizirkki do you know what the two mini usb ports are for
[3:14] <jscinoz> both the one on the bottom and the internal one
[3:14] <jscinoz> are they host ports or slave ports?
[3:15] <Meizirkki> slave i think, the one on bottom is for connecting to a host computer, they were planning an ipod alike music sync or something..
[3:15] <Meizirkki> it's in the wiki iirc
[3:16] <Meizirkki> http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/USB_OTG_gadget
[3:17] <jscinoz> Meizirkki: any idea about the internal one?
[3:18] <Meizirkki> nop
[3:18] <jscinoz> hmm
[3:18] <jscinoz> i wonder if it can charge off the external mini usb
[3:18] <Meizirkki> no it can't
[3:18] <jscinoz> hmm
[3:18] <jscinoz> pity
[3:18] <Meizirkki> no motherboard can supply 1.5A though USB
[3:19] <jscinoz> the TB draws more power than the standard beagleboard
[3:19] <jscinoz> because of the screen right?
[3:19] <Meizirkki> yes and wifi and bt and the current kernel doesn't have any powersave atm
[3:19] <jscinoz> ok
[3:19] <jscinoz> so i compiled uboot
[3:20] <jscinoz> is there anything special i need to do with the resulting u-boot.bin
[3:20] <jscinoz> other than shove it on the sd
[3:20] <Meizirkki> I don't know
[3:21] <Meizirkki> but guess no
[3:21] <jscinoz> I'm using the xloader from here: git://gitorious.org/x-load-omap3/mainline.git is it the right one
[3:22] <Meizirkki> Sorry i don't know
[3:23] <jscinoz> oh ok
[3:25] <jscinoz> >_< still white screen
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[3:49] <jscinoz> sigh
[3:49] <jscinoz> looks like im gonna be building a serial cable
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[6:36] <paulk_> Hello! I'd like to know a few things about the always innovating's touchbook. First, is the touchbook fully supported by OpenSource drivers ?
[6:38] <Mrkva> paulk_: I hope so
[6:38] <paulk_> OK
[6:39] <Mrkva> but I can't tell for sure - because still I don't have it :(
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[6:39] <paulk_> gregoiregentil: maybe you know ?
[6:41] <paulk_> ?? The Always Innovating strongly believes and supports the recent open hardware efforts. The open hardware business model is very similar to open source. Over time, we provide back to the community all of our efforts but if you have any interest to pay for a premium service, we will provide first-class support as well as early access to our software and hardware developments. ??
[6:43] <Mrkva> I guess according to GPL they must provide source to any software pre-installed on the TB
[6:43] <Mrkva> but I'm not a lawyer
[6:44] <paulk_> ok, but is the BIOS free software ?
[6:49] <Mrkva> well, I'm not even sure if there's anything like BIOS
[6:49] <paulk_> great :)
[6:50] <Mrkva> again - I'm not sure about it!
[6:51] <Mrkva> if I may ask - why are you worried about proprietary BIOS? I'd bet you have one in your PC
[6:54] <paulk_> Yes I've got one in my PC but I think it's as important as the OperatingSystem.
[6:55] <paulk_> so when I'm looking for a new computer, I have a look at how it is free
[6:56] <paulk_> (and I know that the Lemote YeeLong hasn't BIOS but free initialising programs, that was just to compare)
[6:56] <Aard> paulk_: look into the private folder in ai-os git, everything in there is not open source.
[6:57] <Mrkva> Aard: like what?
[6:57] <Aard> (at least not yet). apart from ai-demos which you don't need there are only two patches, one of them is for the graphics driver (with the stock driver xrandr is not working)
[6:58] <Mrkva> okay, flash player
[6:58] <paulk_> Aard: and this patch isn't free software ?
[6:58] <Aard> binaries you can get somewhere else, I'm only talking about sources
[6:59] <Aard> paulk_: no, and I don't know if it'll be. I rather hope it will, but since the original sources of the driver are under mit license we can't force them to opensource it
[6:59] <Mrkva> aiEbook.c: This AI file will be released under GPL later after further testing.
[6:59] <Mrkva> ai-menu.c: This AI file will be released under GPL later after further testing.
[7:00] <paulk_> Aard: isn't MIT a Free Software licence ?
[7:00] <Aard> paulk_: it is
[7:02] <paulk_> ah ok ! but anywa it's just a patch, and as I see it it jus conains a few lines???
[7:02] <paulk_> anyway*
[7:05] <Aard> paulk_: it is not published. it contains -- amongst things I don't know about -- xrandr functionality, which is required for screen rotation
[7:05] <Martix> someone already tried AI OS in Qemu?
[7:05] <Aard> though, it's annoying not having the sources, but you can use the binary drivers from the original image for now
[7:06] <paulk_> Aard: Ok I see??? Is xrandr only needed for screen rotation ?
[7:06] <Aard> yes
[7:07] <Martix> followed http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Qemu but boot ends with "done, booting the kernel." and VNC session is black
[7:08] <Martix> and qemu-system-arm eats 100% CPU
[7:08] <Aard> Martix: I on't know if anything more than serial console access is usable
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[7:23] <Mrkva> this virtualization sucks :)
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[7:26] <Martix> emulation sucks
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[7:27] <phcoder> Mrkva: qemu is an emulator, not a virtualiser
[7:30] <Mrkva> sorry, I've meant emulation :)
[7:34] <phcoder> qemu is an emulator meant to be accurate, not fast. And it's important for developement. I don't think there are anyvirtualisers for ARM though
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[8:48] <mervaka> hmm
[8:48] <mervaka> ok i've hooked up a serial port
[8:49] <mervaka> how do i point my terminal, set my baud rate etc?
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[8:58] <zooko> `
[8:58] <zooko> Has anyone run TuxRacer on their touchbook?
[8:59] <zooko> I'm considering buying one for my 8 year old son, and Tux Racer is his standard benchmark of acceptable performance.
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[9:08] <Mrkva> :)
[9:18] <mervaka> caant get serial to work :/
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[9:42] <phcoder> mervaka: are you sure you have correct pinout? (you need a null-modem connection)
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[10:07] <mervaka> yeah
[10:07] <mervaka> i cant even get a loopback serial working
[10:07] <mervaka> ie, echo hello > /dev/ttyS0
[10:08] <mervaka> and cat /dev/ttyS0 in another terminal
[10:08] <mervaka> no minicom on tb :(
[10:09] <gregoiregentil> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Serial_cable
[10:09] <mervaka> ya, i've hooked it up to my PC as described there
[10:10] <gregoiregentil> Martix: Somebody is working on qemu and making good progress. It should work soon hopefully
[10:10] <phcoder> mervaka: have you disabled hardware flow control and set speed to 115200 8N1?
[10:10] <mervaka> yep
[10:10] <gregoiregentil> and null modem?
[10:10] <mervaka> yep
[10:11] <gregoiregentil> the minicom runs on the PC, you understood that ;-) ?
[10:11] <mervaka> yeah
[10:11] <mervaka> its still running in another terminal here :)
[10:11] <phcoder> gregoiregentil: I personally prefer to make the "custom cable" in null-modem way
[10:11] <mervaka> what tools does the tb have for serial?
[10:11] <Martix> gregoiregentil: thats good to know :-)
[10:12] <gregoiregentil> for serial, there is the TI chip (similar to Beagleboard)
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[10:12] <mervaka> i mean software apps
[10:12] <mervaka> sorry
[10:12] <gregoiregentil> U10 http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/BOM_Board
[10:13] <gregoiregentil> for software, there is just the kernel
[10:13] <mervaka> ok
[10:14] <mervaka> so the echo/cat commands should work?
[10:14] <MMlosh> is the tty name correct?
[10:14] <gregoiregentil> I've never tried. I guess so
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[10:15] <MMlosh> wiki says ttyUSB0, but every computer I have ever seen stil has regular serial ports.... just a guess
[10:15] <mervaka> MMlosh: saying that, there is S0/S1/S2/S3
[10:15] <phcoder> gregoiregentil: can you confirm that it's OMAP-GP and not OMAP-HS in TB?
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[10:15] <mervaka> MMlosh: thats the pc side
[10:15] <phcoder> MMlosh: not the case of my laptop
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[10:15] <phcoder> My laptop has no easily accessible serial ports
[10:15] <MMlosh> mervaka, that does not help... my computer has two serial ports and all S[0123]
[10:16] <mervaka> ok
[10:17] <phcoder> mervaka: it's because of PC architecture which basically declares 4 serial ports regardless of how much are really present
[10:17] <mervaka> ok
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[10:17] <phcoder> MMlosh: you can try loopback cable for debug
[10:18] <mervaka> but how would i find out which ones are the physical pin headers as on the wiki?
[10:19] <phcoder> have to go, guys
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[10:26] <Mrkva> by the way... credit (well, debit) card will be charged using MO/TO?
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[12:42] <Guest62637> Dutchman
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[12:59] <phcoder> mlo on touchbook doesn't require any cryptographic signature, right?
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[13:11] <phcoder> mervaka: did you manage to have this serial operational?
[13:12] <mervaka> nah
[13:12] <mervaka> cant figure out whats wrong :/
[13:12] <mervaka> whether i'm doing something wrong in software
[13:12] <mervaka> or something in hardware
[13:12] <phcoder> have you tried to boot touchbook with serial attached?
[13:12] <mervaka> no
[13:13] <mervaka> might try that.
[13:13] <phcoder> it probably outputs diagnostic messages
[13:13] <mervaka> ok
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[13:23] <mervaka> nothing :/
[13:23] <phcoder> have you tried testing with loopback serial?
[13:23] <mervaka> ya
[13:23] <phcoder> and?
[13:23] <mervaka> on the pc?
[13:23] <mervaka> its fine
[13:23] <phcoder> and on TB?
[13:24] <mervaka> nothing
[13:24] <mervaka> :/
[13:24] <phcoder> with minicom?
[13:27] <MMlosh> just to be informed: can i solder normal PIN header in there? (is there a place for it?)
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[13:29] <mervaka> hmm
[13:29] <mervaka> having problems with minicom actually
[13:29] <mervaka> echo/cat work fine
[13:29] <Aard> MMlosh: you won't be able to close the lid if you put a pin header in there
[13:30] <phcoder> Aard: not even right angle one?
[13:30] <MMlosh> Aard, thanks, that was the information what I was asking for.......... even if I choose that 90?? one?
[13:30] <Aard> no
[13:32] <Aard> http://bwachter.lart.info/public/touchbook/serial/serial1.jpg -- look at the resistor.quite small casing. slightly larger (like the ones one usually uses at home) and the lid won't fit anymore
[13:33] <Aard> you might try on the other side of the board, though it doesn't make much sense to put one there
[13:33] <mervaka> ive just wired in the 3.5mm jack straight in via bell wire
[13:33] <mervaka> its on a line driver chip
[13:33] <mervaka> as gregoire pointed out to me earlier
[13:33] <mervaka> so its protected
[13:33] <mervaka> i think..
[13:34] <Aard> mervaka: yes, it should survive shorting it
[13:34] <mervaka> hmm
[13:34] <mervaka> i think minicom keeps tripping up on the modem strings
[13:35] <mervaka> no pun intended
[13:35] <Aard> can't help you there, never liked (and therefore used) minicom
[13:35] <phcoder> mervaka: disable flow control
[13:35] <mervaka> i dont like it either
[13:35] <mervaka> phcoder: i have
[13:35] <mervaka> does that mean it doesnt use it?
[13:36] <phcoder> mervaka: have you tried lower speed?
[13:36] <Aard> speed is 115200
[13:36] <mervaka> how do i find/change the speed at the tb?
[13:36] <mervaka> i noticed a program called stty
[13:36] <phcoder> C-A O
[13:36] <phcoder> in minicom
[13:36] <mervaka> what does that do
[13:36] <mervaka> oh
[13:36] <mervaka> options screen
[13:36] <phcoder> opens option window
[13:37] <Aard> mervaka: datasheet of the line driver is linked from the wiki: http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/sn75c3221e.pdf
[13:37] <mervaka> yeah
[13:37] <mervaka> but it doesnt tell me anything i need to know, does it? :P
[13:37] <Aard> it tells you about how well it is protected ;)
[13:37] <mervaka> :P
[13:37] <mervaka> ie, it is?
[13:38] <Aard> though nothing about your current problem, yes
[13:41] <mervaka> still nothing :(
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[14:04] <phcoder> Is the shipping insured?
[14:05] <mervaka> huh
[14:05] <mervaka> you reckon i have a dodgy board?
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[20:07] <tommd> How is everyone this fine evening?
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[21:21] <gregoiregentil> ******** Fine! Thanks. I haven't worked as much as I wanted on software during February. Hence no update this month... Still on top of todo list: kernel 2.6.32 (Corsac has worked a little bit on it but other people are welcome to participate), and Android improvements...
[21:21] <gregoiregentil> This is schedule for March. Plus the usual stuff (bug fixes and so on, read the git for more information).
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[23:02] <jscinoz> hey kids!
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