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[0:47] <ffsdmad_work2> I live in Russia and I want touchbook.
[0:47] <ffsdmad_work2> how to order from Russia?
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[5:22] <phcoder> Hello, all. Can you confirm that it's an OMAP-GP and not an OMPA-HS in touchbook?
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[5:34] <Kal_Zakath> hi
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[5:35] <Meizirkki> hi Kal_Zakath
[5:47] <Kal_Zakath> what are shipping delays actually
[5:47] <Kal_Zakath> ?
[5:49] <Kal_Zakath> I was about to order one
[5:49] <Kal_Zakath> but I saw that delay is 2 months ??? !!
[5:50] <Noume> omg, i don't hope so, my credit card is valid only until 03/2010
[5:51] <Noume> I have ordered about 4 weeks ago
[5:51] <Noume> Wehre did you see that info Kal_Zakath?
[5:53] <Meizirkki> AFAIK the feb batch is already filled, next ones will ship at match
[5:53] <Meizirkki> earliest
[5:53] <Noume> uhm, as long as they charge before 31st March, i don't mind a delay...
[5:54] <Meizirkki> I ordered my Touch Book August, got it October
[5:54] <Meizirkki> but that's when the backlog was really big
[5:54] <Meizirkki> dunno about the current delay really..
[5:55] <Kal_Zakath> I need this kind of device within 2 weeks
[5:55] <Kal_Zakath> so I won't be able to wait for the touch book
[5:55] <Kal_Zakath> unfortunately
[5:56] <Aard> Kal_Zakath: if you 'need' it the touchbook most likely wouldn't be the device for you right now anyway
[5:57] <Kal_Zakath> hmmm ?
[5:58] <Noume> You think it is possible to tell them, they should charge before shipping?
[5:59] <Meizirkki> Noume, contact the help desk
[5:59] <Noume> ok
[6:00] <Meizirkki> any ideas why my boot.scr file doesn't seem to be read by uboot btw ?
[6:00] <Aard> Kal_Zakath: the touchbook in it's current state is a really nice device for hacking, both hardware or software. if you just want to use it, or need reliability it's not the device for you
[6:01] <Kal_Zakath> really ?
[6:01] <Kal_Zakath> well, I need a tablet at low price
[6:01] <Kal_Zakath> that's the main idea
[6:01] <Meizirkki> AFAIK the boot.scr is the only way to chage bootargs as uboot has that enormous logo, but uboot doesn't seem to read my boot.scr ?
[6:03] <Aard> Kal_Zakath: had a look at the smartq 7?
[6:04] <Kal_Zakath> hmm
[6:04] <Kal_Zakath> 7 inche screen is a bit small
[6:04] <Kal_Zakath> but I'd think about it
[6:04] <Aard> depends on what you want to do. I'm quite happy with my touchbook, but I'd not want to use it purely as a tablet in its current state
[6:06] <Meizirkki> gregoiregentil, ping ?
[6:08] <Kal_Zakath> hmm
[6:08] <Kal_Zakath> chnises low cost devices seems interresting
[6:08] <Kal_Zakath> but where can I buy this stuff
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[6:12] <Mrkva> Kal_Zakath: gregoire told me that queue should be empty in 03/10
[6:13] <Kal_Zakath> hmm
[6:13] <Kal_Zakath> so oredring now will ship on 10th march ?
[6:13] <Mrkva> dunno
[6:13] <Mrkva> 02:05 < Mrkva> gregoiregentil: would it be possible to somehow better inform the support
[6:13] <Mrkva> department about current order status? something like "there are n orders
[6:13] <Mrkva> before yours and we usually process m orders per month"?
[6:13] <Mrkva> 02:06 < gregoiregentil> I understand the request. The queue should go to zero at next
[6:14] <Mrkva> batch early March
[6:14] <Kal_Zakath> ok
[6:15] <Kal_Zakath> thx
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[6:31] <Aard> Mrkva: dealextreme.com
[6:31] <Aard> err, Kal_Zakath
[6:31] <Kal_Zakath> hmm
[6:38] <Mrkva> Kal_Zakath: by the way, you can always update your credit card details
[6:40] <Mrkva> and I think that if you won't run into any hardware issues and you are familliar with Linux (and you understand some tweaking can be necessary), you can buy TB
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[7:31] <Meizirkki> arrrrgsgghh
[7:32] <Meizirkki> My touchbook goes BSOD and i dunno what to do...
[7:32] <drantin> ...bsod? really?
[7:34] <Meizirkki> yes
[7:34] * Meizirkki messed up bootargs
[7:34] <drantin> ...it really went blue?
[7:34] <Meizirkki> yeah
[7:35] <drantin> put the SD card in another computer and fix it?
[7:35] <Meizirkki> fix how?
[7:35] <Meizirkki> the SD card is fine
[7:36] <drantin> via the instructions to reinstall the OS... or did I completely miss what you meant was wrong?
[7:36] <Meizirkki> I can't get it to boot, right there when uboot load the kernel screen goes bsod
[7:36] <drantin> uh huh
[7:36] <Meizirkki> OS is there, the display just fails
[7:37] <Meizirkki> I think omapfb.vram=1:4M,2:4M messed it :/
[7:37] <Meizirkki> 24 depth made all go blueish, but the vram killed it completely
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[7:52] <Aard> Meizirkki: you changed u-boot settings in nvram?
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[7:52] <Meizirkki> I modified the bootargs stored in nand
[7:53] <Meizirkki> but the OS loads behind BSOD, i can fix it while blind
[7:53] <Aard> add a serial cable
[7:53] <Meizirkki> i can fix it without
[7:54] <Meizirkki> I have soldered my TB enough for today :P
[7:54] <mervaka> :P
[7:54] <mervaka> i still need to work out a way of adding a serial head without sodding up the back panel clearance
[7:56] <Aard> mervaka: my touchbook got a 3rd stereo jack on the side...
[7:58] <Meizirkki> Aard, for serial cable ?
[7:58] <Meizirkki> http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Serial_cable
[7:59] <mervaka> i mean a pin header, but that's an equally feasible idea
[7:59] <mervaka> :)
[7:59] <Aard> Meizirkki: yes, I wanted an easy way to plug in the cable. and since rj45 jacks are too big for the case...
[7:59] <mervaka> 3.5mm jacks are ideal i think
[7:59] <Meizirkki> ah
[7:59] <Meizirkki> i missunderstood
[7:59] <Aard> the level shifter used should survive accidentally plugged in earphones
[7:59] <mervaka> only thing is the bloody cheap plastic
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[8:00] <Aard> mervaka: wait a second, I'll make a picture
[8:00] <mervaka> the case is shockingly prone to crumbling
[8:00] <mervaka> i daren't touch it! :S
[8:00] <mervaka> half of my screwholes have lost their threading or split
[8:00] <mervaka> fucking annoying
[8:01] <Aard> add hot glue ;)
[8:02] * Kal_Zakath (~zakath@ has joined #touchbook
[8:03] <mervaka> might have to..
[8:04] <Mrkva> or an epoxy glue :)
[8:04] <mervaka> might even shrinkwrap the threadshafts
[8:04] <mervaka> carefully of course
[8:09] <Aard> mervaka: http://bwachter.lart.info/public/touchbook/serial/
[8:12] <Meizirkki> W00TF!
[8:12] <Meizirkki> no more BSOD
[8:12] <Meizirkki> phew
[8:14] <mervaka> Aard: awesome!
[8:14] <mervaka> neat too
[8:14] <mervaka> is that a current limiting resistor on the transmit pin?
[8:15] <Aard> yes, an attempt to make absolutely sure the chip will survive short circuiting (which you'll do everytime you plug in a plug)
[8:16] <Aard> as said, according to the datasheet the chip is supposed to survive it, it was just due to being paranoid. and will come out again, as it makes problems with some usb2serial adapters
[8:30] <mervaka> ok
[8:38] <Aard> the pinout I used should be quite obvious from the pictures. you should keep ground on the top, the other two don't matter
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[9:50] <Meizirkki> Corsac, around ?
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[10:25] <Martix> hi, any news about february shipment?
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[10:42] <phcoder> Rehello, all. I've been counting Watts and have seen following strange thing: HP Mini 5102 with 66Wh has around 8h 45m battery life. Touchbook has 2 batteries totalling 18Ah at 5V=90Wh. So at the same power consumption Touchbook should last 11h55m. So Touchbook is more power-hungry. Am I wrong somewhere?
[10:46] <drantin> phcoder: i take it the hp has power management of some kind?
[10:47] <phcoder> drantin: looks like it has standard features like frequency scaling but nothing out of the ordinary
[10:47] <drantin> phcoder: the touch book doesn't have that >.>
[10:49] <phcoder> but it's constantly underclocked and underpowered AFAICT.
[10:50] <phcoder> I'm looking at what my next computer will be. Touchbook is a tablet which is a plus to e.g. take notes but HP Mini 5102 has better specs (e.g. RAM size)
[10:57] <phcoder> ARM CPU is a neat toy too
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[12:11] <Meizirkki> he left :(
[12:14] <Meizirkki> Touch Book batteries aren't 5V
[12:15] <Mrkva> Meizirkki: really?
[12:16] <Meizirkki> 4.2 V
[12:16] <Meizirkki> 18*4,2 = 75
[12:16] <Meizirkki> so a lot less watts than he thought
[12:17] <Meizirkki> also, he probably has maximum wifi powersave and low screen backlight 8h 45min is unbeliavably good for an Atom netbook
[12:17] <Meizirkki> my Touch Book has ran 16h
[12:17] <Meizirkki> offline but no powersave
[12:17] <Mrkva> 16 hours? wow
[12:18] <Mrkva> thats really great
[12:18] <Meizirkki> The hardware can do that easily
[12:18] <Meizirkki> remember it's without powersaving
[12:18] <Meizirkki> i can't wait to get omap-pm kernel :P
[12:19] <Meizirkki> Should idle for days then
[12:20] <Meizirkki> Then it'll be "always on" like the ad says :)
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[12:55] <drantin> phcoder: http://dpaste.com/165712/plain/
[13:00] <phcoder> drantin: Thanks
[13:00] <phcoder> HP Mini 5102: "In our test with the screen brightness set to 70%, wireless active and refreshing websites at a regular interval, the Mini 5102 stayed on for 8 hours and 43 minutes of constant use. "
[13:01] <Mrkva> well
[13:01] <Mrkva> and the big advantage is that you can put bigger battery to your TB :)))
[13:02] <phcoder> I would rather put an HD instead of counterweights
[13:03] <Mrkva> phcoder: 1) you don't have an interface for connecting HD
[13:03] <Mrkva> (if you don't want to use an USB one)
[13:03] <Mrkva> and
[13:03] <Mrkva> 2) it'll reduce battery lifetime
[13:03] <phcoder> Perhaps someone could make a same test for TB (70% brightness, web browsing over wifi)? Just to compare at par
[13:04] <phcoder> Mrkva: 1) I was planning USB HD using USB lines for keyboard + USB hub
[13:04] <Mrkva> phcoder: well, that will be slow like a hell
[13:04] <Mrkva> i think
[13:04] <phcoder> 2) It's a 2.5" one and I'll add mechanical switch to turn it off when it's not needed
[13:05] <Mrkva> phcoder: you won't need mechanical switch
[13:05] <phcoder> why not?
[13:05] <Mrkva> most of the USB HDD's automatically spins down when disk is not used
[13:06] <Mrkva> or when disk is unmounted
[13:07] <phcoder> the one I have under the hand doesn't seem to do so. I'm not sure if it's because of USB-SATA adapter or disk itself
[13:27] <phcoder> How is it with warranty? Shipping from me to USA and back is around $80. Who pays for the shipping in warranty case?
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[13:36] <Mrkva> phcoder: you
[13:36] <Mrkva> unfortunately
[13:37] <Mrkva> this is the main drawback why I was considering whether buy TB or not
[13:37] <Mrkva> phcoder: the shipping price you->AI pays you, AI->you pays AI
[13:46] <phcoder> Hm, sounds like "no warranty in most cases" :( Is it possible to have a touchbook with no internal wifi dongle? (since I want to replace it with abgn dongle anyway)
[13:49] <drantin> it's already got N, or at least detects N networks...
[13:51] <phcoder> Well I have no N-nets around here but at university I get better speed at A than G
[13:52] <phcoder> https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=884
[13:52] <phcoder> Looks like 16h battery life is only when screen is turned off most of the time
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[13:55] <Mrkva> phcoder: there's nothing about screen turned off
[13:55] <phcoder> "about 9.5 - 10 hours idle while i slept overnight, screen off."
[13:56] <Mrkva> Offline use: (WLAN and BT off) ~ 16 hours 40 minutes.
[13:57] <phcoder> And then he details how it was used
[13:57] <Mrkva> yep
[13:57] <Mrkva> sorry
[13:57] <Mrkva> :)
[13:58] <Mrkva> i thought the display will be the greatest battery eater
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[14:01] <phcoder> Does it have anything like sleep mode when only RAM is powered?
[14:03] <Mrkva> phcoder: suspend to ram?
[14:03] <Mrkva> i think it has :)
[14:03] <Mrkva> by the way - is there anyone from the USA?
[14:04] <phcoder> Has anyone tested suspend to ram?
[14:05] * drantin is in the USA
[14:07] <Mrkva> I have (maybe a strange) question - is it possible (and how difficult it can it be) to get a job in IT (in the USA) for a foreigner with only a high school?
[14:08] <Mrkva> I'd bet it can be quite hard these days
[14:08] <drantin> no clue!
[14:09] <Mrkva> well, thanks :)
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