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[6:32] <Meizirkki> Any news regarding sound on Ubuntu?
[6:34] <Meizirkki> I think there's something wrong with ALSA, my USB sound card doesn't work either..
[6:35] <Meizirkki> KDE systemsettings shows both omap3beagle and my USB headset, but nothing comes out when i press the test sound button
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[7:40] <defragger> hi
[8:01] <Corsac> Meizirkki: just to be sure, did you check nothing was muted?
[8:02] <Meizirkki> Corsac, well, can't really tell because mixer is completely inaccessible
[8:03] <Meizirkki> alsamixer throws me errors
[8:03] <Meizirkki> alsactl says "No soundcards found.. " but that's obviously wrong as systemsettings show them all
[8:10] <Aard> Meizirkki: what does dmesg|grep -A 2 -i alsa give you?
[8:10] <Aard> alternatively, what's in /sys/class/sound?
[8:19] <Meizirkki> sec
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[8:24] <Meiz_TB> ubuntu@TouchBook:~$ dmesg | grep -A 2 -i alsa
[8:24] <Meiz_TB> [ 15.394226] ALSA device list:
[8:24] <Meiz_TB> [ 15.394226] #0: omap3beagle (twl4030)
[8:24] <Meiz_TB> [ 15.394897] oprofile: using arm/armv7
[8:24] <Meiz_TB> ubuntu@TouchBook:~$
[8:24] <Meizirkki> Aard, ^
[8:25] <Meiz_TB> ubuntu@TouchBook:~$ ls /sys/class/sound/
[8:25] <Meiz_TB> audio card0 controlC0 dsp mixer pcmC0D0c pcmC0D0p timer
[8:25] <Meiz_TB> ubuntu@TouchBook:~$
[8:25] <Meiz_TB> ubuntu@TouchBook:~$ alsamixer
[8:25] <Meiz_TB> alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory
[8:25] <Meiz_TB> ubuntu@TouchBook:~$
[8:27] <Aard> do you have a file /etc/asound.conf?
[8:29] <Meizirkki> yes, the one provided by AI
[8:30] <Meizirkki> I think ubuntu uses /var/lib/alsa/asound.conf so i have copied it there as well
[8:30] <Aard> open it and prefix every line by # (to disable pulseaudio), and try alsamixer again
[8:31] <Meizirkki> ok
[8:31] <Meizirkki> i don't have pulse installed though
[8:32] <Aard> read again what I wrote
[8:35] <Meizirkki> can i just move the file away and touch a new one?, prefixing is going to take forever with onscreen keyboard :P
[8:35] <Aard> yes
[8:36] <Aard> though :1,$s/^/#/ is quite easy to type on the onboard keyboard, too ;)
[8:37] <Meizirkki> ah :)
[8:38] <Meizirkki> okay, both /etc/asound.state and /var/lib/alsa/asound.state are now empty, alsamixer still throws me he same error
[8:38] <Aard> are you using the default ubuntu image?
[8:39] <Meizirkki> nop
[8:40] <Meizirkki> I have made my own
[8:40] <Aard> ok, so I can't just boot it trying to repoduce it
[8:40] <Aard> can you do strace -f alsamixer and pastebin the output?
[8:40] <Meizirkki> yup
[8:41] <Meizirkki> My ubuntu image should be much different from the AI one though
[8:41] <Meizirkki> err..
[8:41] <Meizirkki> s/should/should not/
[8:48] <Aard> ah, I see, the ubuntu asound.conf is quite different from the aios one
[8:49] <Meizirkki> I have tested copying over the whole /usr/lib/alsa from AI OS, but got the same errors
[8:51] <Meiz_TB> Aard, http://pastebin.com/m301777d4
[8:51] <Aard> what exactly did you change on your image (since sound on the original image is, well, somewhat working)
[8:52] <Aard> do you have any files in /dev/snd?
[8:53] <Meizirkki> It is ?
[8:53] <Meizirkki> sec
[8:53] <Aard> alsamixer is working and mplayer manages to make some noise
[8:53] <Meiz_TB> hmm
[8:53] <Meiz_TB> /dev/snd/by-path/platform-soc-audio
[8:54] <Meizirkki> That's what i have there
[8:54] <Meizirkki> I have "changed" nothing in my image, it's pure ubuntu
[8:54] <Aard> there's your problem, for some reason the device files don't get created. maybe a udev problem
[8:57] <Meiz_TB> any suggestions?
[8:57] <Aard> you can create the device files manually for testing: mknod /dev/snd/controlC0 c 116 0
[9:00] <defragger> what wm is running on that touchbook?
[9:01] <Meiz_TB> w00tf! alsamixer works now!
[9:01] <Aard> that's what I expected. you need to find out why the device files are not automatically generated. start with comparing the udev rules
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[9:13] <Meiz_TB> still can't get any sound out though
[9:13] <Meiz_TB> and i don't have AI OS anymore
[9:14] <Aard> I only managed to get some sound with mplayer, so there's something else broken, too.
[9:14] <Meiz_TB> Aard, are there other files to create manually too?
[9:14] <Aard> btw, to have a change of getting sound you'd need to create some more device nodes
[9:15] <Meiz_TB> how?
[9:16] <Aard> pcmC0D0c (116,24); pcmC0D0p (116,16); timer (116,33)
[9:17] <Meiz_TB> i have those already..
[9:18] <Meiz_TB> should i overwrite?
[9:18] <Aard> no, then you've got everything you need. try pulling all lines up to max and playing something with mplayer
[9:19] <Meiz_TB> ok
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[9:26] <Meizirkki> systemsettings now shows omap3beagle as unavailable :(
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[10:10] <Meizirkki> W00tf!! SOUND
[10:10] <Meizirkki> finally
[10:16] <Meizirkki> Aard, thanks a lot for helping me out
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[11:28] <Aard> gregoiregentil: the changes required for the rtc: http://bwachter.lart.info/patches/ai/0001-Add-support-for-DS1307-RTC-hack.patch
[11:28] <gregoiregentil> So are you the person who reported the RTC bug on Bugzilla a while ago?
[11:29] <Aard> no
[11:29] <gregoiregentil> OK. No problem.
[11:29] <gregoiregentil> Hulu will be back in next release! Works really great! Thanks hyc again!!!
[11:30] <Aard> I only started seriously following the development after getting a touchbook about 3 weeks ago
[11:31] <gregoiregentil> OK. Cool. There was an RTC report on Bugzilla a while ago
[11:32] <Aard> just reading it
[11:32] <gregoiregentil> http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=93
[11:33] <Aard> well, you could set it to `fixable in hardware'...
[11:34] <Aard> are there any plans for a new board revision, which could add battery backup to the already present rtc?
[11:35] <gregoiregentil> Yes. I may try to integrate it in the next revision
[11:35] <gregoiregentil> Not sure when it will happen
[11:37] <Aard> could you include a spare pad for easy access to 5V? should be quite easy to place it near the inductor where I got my power from
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[11:39] <gregoiregentil> Yup. That's a good suggestion
[11:52] <Meizirkki> AI git down?
[11:53] <gregoiregentil> yes...
[11:53] <gregoiregentil> up again: http://git.alwaysinnovating.com/
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[11:58] <Meizirkki> gregoiregentil, is there any tricks done to the normal TBuntu regarding sound ?
[11:59] <gregoiregentil> No
[11:59] <Meizirkki> I got it to work for a while thanks to Aard's help
[11:59] <Meizirkki> hmm
[11:59] <Meizirkki> There's something wrong in my image then :(
[12:00] <Meizirkki> gregoiregentil, is the asound.state needed ?
[12:01] <gregoiregentil> yes. or you need to setup sound through alsamixer
[12:01] <Aard> that's for saving/restoring the volume over reboots
[12:01] <gregoiregentil> it's quite tricky to have the right sound default. Use asound.state as much as possible
[12:01] <Meizirkki> ah, thanks
[12:03] <Aard> gregoiregentil: I'm currently running a merge of ai git with latest oe; I noticed yesterday I managed to break xrandr (and therefore rotation). comparing logs it looks like xrandr is handled by the fbdev driver in aios, and in xorg in my image
[12:03] <Aard> any idea where it could have gone wrong?
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[21:55] <defragger> is there really a 6000mAh and a 12000mAh battery inside?
[21:58] <tommd> No, thats just a lie - they fill the whole case with lead. The screens are just US-news clippings...
[21:58] <tommd> YES, its true. Why the doubt?
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[22:03] <defragger> uhm cause 18000mAh should gives more then 10 hours of battery life
[22:04] <defragger> my samsung n110 has 5,7Ah and that gives 6-8hours
[22:15] <tommd> defragger: The software is far from optimized wrt power (no power savings occurs), the screen doesn't automatically turn off on close, and I have my doubts about the power conservation of the wifi dongle.
[22:16] <defragger> is there acpi running?
[22:16] <drantin> on arm?
[22:17] <defragger> dunno anything about arm
[22:17] <defragger> i dont think that this netbook takes more then 800mA
[22:18] <defragger> without harddisk
[22:24] <tommd> defragger: Well the screen spec says 350mA and SD cards can draw about 50mA... so thats half without counting the wifi, BT, OMAP, and misc parts.
[22:26] <defragger> i see
[22:26] <tommd> defragger: And at least one page says the RA3070 draws 300 mA.
[22:27] <tommd> I might hook this up to a DMM later and check.
[22:27] <defragger> that would be great, i am thinking to buy the touch book :)
[22:28] <tommd> I've heard other people changing the wifi dongle for reliability reasons - power might be another good one but I know of zero hardware sites that compare consumption - such a pity.
[22:33] <defragger> is the system able to read the battery status?
[22:50] <tommd> defragger: Physically? Yes. But the top battery reader (the one you really care about) isn't working yet - perhaps it will be in next months OS release.
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[23:58] <defragger> i see, so you can see the consumption too?

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