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[1:07] <darrent> Open Question... Will we be seeing a full PowerMansagement Kernel in the AI/OS on the next build. I'm sure I saw it on a roadmap somewhere that indicated that it should be included about this timeframe.
[1:07] <Corsac> darrent: it was on the roadmap but I'm not sure the work is really ongoing
[1:07] <darrent> I was thinking, If I keep asking the same question...someone will answer eventually..
[1:07] <Corsac> darrent: for other reasons I built a -pm kernel, and did it a bit quick&dirty and it's not exactly ready :)
[1:08] <Corsac> darrent: usually it's not a good idea
[1:08] <Corsac> darrent: people are pissed off before :)
[1:08] <darrent> @corsac yes I ead some of it in theIRC log
[1:09] <darrent> I'll stop being a pest then. It just seemed a reasonable question.
[1:09] <Corsac> sure, but if nobody answers keeping asking again won't really help, until they get really pissed off
[1:10] <darrent> Good point, but I think you already gave me the answer anyway...
[1:11] <Corsac> :)
[1:11] <Corsac> because you were lucky
[1:11] <darrent> If it was not very stable from your testing then I suspect it's got some way to go still.
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[1:11] <darrent> :-) Thanks :-)
[1:11] <Corsac> the thing is, I didn't really work on it, I just had to have it running
[1:11] <Corsac> and I'm not sure it's AI priority these days
[1:12] <Corsac> suspend/resume has USB issues and it might not be only software, aiui
[1:12] <Corsac> beagleboard has the same problem, so...
[1:12] <darrent> Hmm.. Odd as there are so many threads about poor power management and battery life on support forums.
[1:12] <Corsac> tbh I didn't yet really tested battery life :)
[1:13] <darrent> I would have thought it would be "up there" on things they were focusing on.
[1:13] <darrent> are you still running against the -pm kernel?
[1:14] <darrent> any luck with your 'mer' port btw?
[1:16] <_koen_> why do people want suspend/resume?
[1:16] <_koen_> the nokia tablets do fine without it
[1:17] <_koen_> my n810 does 2 weeks on a single charge without suspending
[1:20] <darrent> I'm not personally fussed with "suspend/resume". I'm more interested in increased runtime from batteries.
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[1:25] <Corsac> _koen_: n900 lasts 24h :)
[1:25] <Corsac> darrent: no, I need to check things with Stskeeps about that, the port ???works??? but accel doesn't yet
[1:25] <Corsac> (thus the -pm kernel in fact)
[1:26] <_koen_> Corsac: my dad complains about that as well, I suspect nokia needs to do a firmware update
[1:28] <woglinde> corsac is he always online?
[1:28] <woglinde> or has running skype all the time?
[1:29] <Corsac> woglinde: no
[1:29] <Corsac> I don't use skype at all :)
[1:29] <woglinde> hm but wlan?
[1:29] <Corsac> woglinde: without any connection I still find the battery flaky
[1:29] <Corsac> not connection at all
[1:29] <woglinde> strange
[1:30] <Corsac> but yeah it's worse with a connection, and especially with IM on
[1:30] <woglinde> our company n900 last up to 3 days
[1:30] <Corsac> (there's a bug report about that)
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[1:30] <Corsac> woglinde: I use it as a phone, though
[1:30] <woglinde> sure
[1:30] <woglinde> I dont make or get calls this much
[1:30] <Corsac> so there's no data connection but even with that, if I don't charge it at night, it will be dead the next day (during the day)
[1:31] <Corsac> so not just 24h, but not really more than 36
[1:34] <woglinde> hm which kernel should I use on the touchbook?
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[1:39] <Corsac> woglinde: the included one
[1:40] <woglinde> hm its 2.6.29
[1:40] <woglinde> maybee 2.632-psp is running better
[1:41] <Corsac> no
[1:41] <woglinde> hm
[1:42] <Corsac> woglinde: basically running the ???supported??? kernel is beeing on the safe side at the moment
[1:42] <Corsac> woglinde: it might be interested to test other stuff, but don't expect it to run smoothly
[1:43] <Corsac> when I see that the included kernel tree is linux + omap + a huge pile of patches, I think it runs kind of magically
[1:43] <Corsac> and the tiniest bit you change, it'll stop working
[1:43] <woglinde> sure
[1:43] <woglinde> but as you know I am oe dev
[1:43] <woglinde> and think I can deal with it
[1:44] <Corsac> so with enough work it should be possible to have a cleaner kernel running, but you might want to spent quite some time on it :)
[1:44] <Corsac> yeah I wasn't questioning your hability to do kernel stuff
[1:44] <Corsac> it's just the fact that it seems highly hardware-related and seeing the stack of patches in the recipe, doing trial & error on that seems awful
[1:44] * woglinde wonders why touchbook needs all the pam-modules
[1:44] <Corsac> like, there's too much possibilities of breakage :)
[1:45] <woglinde> beagleboard runs fine with 32
[1:45] <woglinde> I was told
[1:46] <Corsac> yeah but, tbh, I think what doesn't work on BB won't work on TB, and what work on BB might not work on TB
[1:46] <Corsac> it might not be true, but it's safer to assume that :)
[1:47] <_koen_> woglinde: for 2.6.32-psp you'll need: http://dominion.thruhere.net/git/cgit.cgi/openembedded/commit/?h=ti/staging&id=d9d4bb8c250bb2ab27ebacaf5df82cf262e96528
[1:47] <_koen_> woglinde: only compile tested
[1:48] <woglinde> koen yes
[1:48] <Corsac> woglinde, _koen_: what's -psp btw?
[1:48] <woglinde> corsac ti stuff
[1:48] <Corsac> (I assume it's not playstation portable, but?)
[1:48] <woglinde> no
[1:48] <_koen_> woglinde: and probably http://dominion.thruhere.net/git/cgit.cgi/openembedded/commit/?h=angstrom/udev-update&id=ccc229e4f010bc3fe7d1aa4d9972324b71e9fdf4 as well
[1:49] <_koen_> Corsac: platform support package, the name of the depertment coding the drivers
[1:49] <_koen_> Corsac: in this case: http://arago-project.org/git/people/?p=sriram/ti-psp-omap.git;a=shortlog
[1:49] <woglinde> koen hm at fosdem I learned with the next proc-generation dsp-api changes again
[1:49] <_koen_> woglinde: which generation?
[1:50] <_koen_> omap4 has indeed a 'tesla' which is basically the c64x froim omap3 cut in half
[1:50] <_koen_> but other next gen procs use full c64x or c67x
[1:50] <Corsac> _koen_: I'm definitely lost with all the trees and patches applied on arm stuff :)
[1:51] <woglinde> corsac yeah you will get lost at the ti side too
[1:51] <_koen_> Corsac: there are >20 trees for omap3 alone :(
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[1:53] <Corsac> what's the point?
[1:53] <Corsac> well, I see the point in having a lot of branches or trees to parallelise development
[1:53] <woglinde> V??ctor Manuel J??quez Leal hold the talk about dsp on fosdem
[1:53] <Corsac> but it's a bit messy these days :)
[1:53] <woglinde> mainly about dsp-bridge
[1:54] <Corsac> and it's hard to find the reference information somewhere
[1:54] <Corsac> http://omappedia.org/wiki/Main_Page has some info, but I'm not sure it's the root
[1:54] <_koen_> woglinde: that's funny, since dspbridge is pretty much dead
[1:55] <_koen_> (and it only runs on omap3, which also sucks)
[1:55] <woglinde> koen yes
[1:55] <woglinde> but dsp-link will not hit mainline kernel or do you working on it?
[1:56] <_koen_> dsplink evolved into syslink
[1:56] <_koen_> and syslink should go into mainline eventually
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[1:56] <woglinde> ah yeah that was the new think
[1:56] <woglinde> will it be available for omap3 too
[1:56] <woglinde> or only omap4 and above?
[1:57] <_koen_> omap3 support was comissioned a while ago
[1:57] <_koen_> so omap3, omap4 and newer davinci type chips
[1:57] <woglinde> ah cool
[1:58] <woglinde> I hope I will find some time after summer to work a little bit with dsp stuff
[1:58] <_koen_> it doesn't matter than much, sinc things like gstreamer-ti abstract it
[1:59] * _koen_ hopes to merge http://dominion.thruhere.net/git/cgit.cgi/openembedded/log/?h=ti%2Fstaging this week into .dev
[1:59] <_koen_> but first it needs more testing on hardware
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[2:00] <woglinde> ah new stuff from arago
[2:00] <_koen_> not exactly
[2:01] <_koen_> new stuff that will go into arago as well
[2:01] <woglinde> *g*
[2:01] <woglinde> that forking goes worser and worser
[2:02] <_koen_> arago will actually diverge less nowadays and use angstrom without patching
[2:02] <_koen_> which is why ti/staging is an OE branch that will get merged instead of an overlay
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[8:17] <martinh> w
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[8:39] <Corsac> hey alx
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[9:01] <alextisserant> hello Corsac
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[14:10] <torpor> howdy
[14:10] <torpor> anyone remember how to fix the "cannot find bfd.h" problem with AIOS?
[14:10] <torpor> i fixed it last time i did an update but i forgot how and tonight i finally updated to 2010.1b
[14:10] <torpor> now i can't find bfd.h again .. grr ..
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[14:44] <martinh> ha! last time I upgraded and had trouble finding some info, googling around eventually brought me back to the irc log of the time before that gregoire and I worked out the solution. :->
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[21:17] <darrent> question: hos does the ai build differ from that offered by narcicist on Angstrom build site? Which is newer/more stable/more complete etc...?
[21:18] <darrent> hos => how
[21:18] <darrent> http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/narcissus
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[23:28] <tommd> darrent: I have not seen the Angstrom narcissus build you refer to, but the AI build is now pretty stable, optimized for the Cortex-A8 (many other ARM images are not), and releasing monthly so fairly new.
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