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[0:05] <merp> hmm, interesting. tablet MUCH more responsive than it ever has been. I always had to press the screen very hard in tablet mode to get the 3d UI to work, and it would lock up after a few minutes. would the battery being bad all along have contributed to that from the beginning gregoiregentil ?
[0:06] <gregoiregentil> I don't know. Perhaps a little bit of battery and a little bit of placebo in your mind ;-)
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[0:12] <merp> heh heh gregoiregentil
[0:17] <merp> gregoiregentil, ummm. here is some more weirdness. went through all of this. and now maybe working better (will have to see if holds charge and if battery ruined by removal anyway). Pull off the top/tablet batter (since you told me to "trash" it). did the best i could not to totally mangle it, but still hard to do. flattened back down with a book. just out of curiousity, reconnected it's cable. TB turned on for a few seconds. (wouldn't do so before, and wou
[0:17] <merp> ldn't charge). I couldn't even run from DC power, now I can. ????????
[0:23] <merp> it still doesn't sem able to hold a charge though. will follow up tomorrow. need to get some sleep. cheers!
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[0:23] <Sn0wman_Desk> for anyone having battery problems, try unplugging the battery for 30 seconds and plugging it back in
[0:24] <Sn0wman_Desk> Mine hasn't been working for 2 weeks and then I unplugged it, used a multimeter to check voltage, and plugged it back into the board and it works just fine now
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[0:42] <merp-away> Sn0wman_Desk, tried that. no luck. thanks for the suggestion though.
[0:42] <merp-away> night
[0:42] <Sn0wman_Desk> :-/ sorry
[0:42] <Sn0wman_Desk> night
[1:01] <Sn0wman_Desk> anyone here use their TB for regular media viewing (like watching youtube or movies?)
[1:03] <Sn0wman_Desk> viewing media regularly*
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[2:38] <diroots> found package e-wm in the angstrom mirrors of the AIOS, anyone tried to install this ?
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[2:53] <DJWillis> diroots: can't comment on installing it into AIOS as a retrofit, but if your using mainline Angstrom Xfce 4.6.*, Gnome and E17 are all running well on the Touchbook.
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[2:55] <diroots> DJWillis: trying to find howto change default X session for the ai user, to try
[2:55] <diroots> gnome running well even with 256Mo?
[3:00] * _koen_ pats his touchbook with new 512MB mainboard
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[3:16] <cfriedt> does anyone have hints on how to boot the TB via serial? mine is somehow unable to read the mmc (the card works fine everywhere else). I'm able to successfully load x-boot.bin and u-boot.bin from Nishanth's tools, although I don't think the default AI u-boot prompts the user to 'Hit any key to stop autoboot:'. Where are the AI u-boot sources?
[3:18] <cfriedt> hmm.. i found them http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/U-boot
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[3:25] <DJWillis> diroots: well 256 is tight but it does work ;-) (well ok, I test on an OpenPandora but they are close enough in this regard)
[3:25] <DJWillis> cfriedt: is your MMC just lacking the boot flag?
[3:26] <cfriedt> DJWillis: no, checked that already
[3:39] <DJWillis> cfriedt: hmmm, well I don't know how the TTY that the bootrom is on is exposed on the TB so can't help with that.
[3:40] <DJWillis> cfriedt: for testing purposes you could try something like the BeagleBoard validation images as-is. X-Loader, U-Boot, Kernel and all.
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[5:26] <cfriedt> DJWilis: just to be clear, the touchbook doesn't have anything stored in internal nand or some kind of rom, right? ... I think the only conclusion I can come up with is that the mmc controller (in the omap? twl4030?) is fried...
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[5:48] <cfriedt> DJWillis: if there is a boot-rom on the TB, then there's it's likely corrupt, but I haven't seen any indication that there is a ROM yet.
[5:50] <DJWillis> cfriedt: there is the SoC, the stage 0 bootrom that is, that loads MLO (A signed X-Loader in most cases) off the NAND or the SD card. There is no way your stage 0 bootloader is corrupt as it's blown onto the SoC as part of the manufacture. I.e. it's a core part of the OMAP.
[5:51] <DJWillis> cfriedt: if you can boot off USB your bootrom is fine. I VERY much doubt the controller is fried to be honest. I have seen people sware blind there setup is fooked and try another SD and 'magic, it worked' ;-). The bootrom is VERY picky about the SD setup, boot flags, fat volume, layout etc.
[6:02] <cfriedt> DJWillis: i haven't been able to boot from USB at all, just via the uart. I'm using the SD card that came w/ the TB, and I used the install-sd.sh script to re-format it about 5 times already - no dice. Here is the output from fdisk: http://pastebin.org/86599
[6:03] <DJWillis> cfriedt: got a windows box and another random SD?
[6:03] <DJWillis> If you can boot it AT ALL the hardware rom is 100% file ;-)
[6:03] <cfriedt> I've only got linux here, but I do have another 1GB SD
[6:05] <DJWillis> cfriedt: I can't comment on the install-sd script you see, I hack on the OpenPandora not the TB but the bootrom and its quirks are the same. Using Windows and the HP USB format tool is a good safe way to get a good partition table onto an SD if you not having much luck.
[6:09] <cfriedt> i'll try w my 1GB SD card and a gentoo stage, 1GB is not quite large enough for ai-os, android, and ubuntu
[6:11] <DJWillis> cfriedt: I have some Pandora images you can try that should 'almost' run ;-), yep, you just want to prove it's ok for now.
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[7:31] <mammique> hi
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[7:41] <Noume> Hi folks :)
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[8:03] <ThibG> Hi, I've some questions about the Touch Book :)
[8:03] <ThibG> first, is the OS 100% FLOSS?
[8:08] <Meizirkki> There's one part that is not, and that's the PowerVR SGX GLES 2 accelerator libraries
[8:08] <Meizirkki> AFAIK all the rest is
[8:09] <_koen_> I wouldn't call android FLOSS
[8:09] <ThibG> erf too bad
[8:09] <ThibG> thanks
[8:09] <ThibG> it's running android?
[8:10] <ThibG> Meizirkki, what about the video co-processor?
[8:10] <ThibG> (or maybe it's the same chip?)
[8:10] <Meizirkki> not the same
[8:10] <Meizirkki> _koen_, android is only an optional OS though
[8:12] <Meizirkki> ThibG, Touchbook's main board is based on beagleboard http://beagleboard.org/
[8:13] <ThibG> ok, thanks
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[8:33] <ThibG> hm... how nice is the touchscreen? Enough to "draw", for instance?
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[8:41] <Meizirkki> ThibG, yes
[8:41] <Meizirkki> IMO
[8:41] <ThibG> ok, that's nice :)
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[8:42] <ThibG> and the video co-processor doesn't need any proprietary software?
[8:46] <martinh> that's what the powervr sgx gles 2 accelerator libraries are.
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[8:47] <ThibG> so, both the video decoding part and the GL ES part are handled by those libraries?
[8:49] <Meizirkki> no
[8:49] <Meizirkki> only SGX
[8:49] <Meizirkki> DSP is not propietary
[8:50] <ThibG> ok, that's what I was asking, thanks :)
[8:51] <Meizirkki> http://focus.ti.com/dsp/docs/dspcontent.tsp?contentId=53403
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[8:52] <Meizirkki> err..
[8:52] <Meizirkki> i meant this http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/omap3530.html
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[9:14] <merp-away> cfriedt, I had to re-run the install-sd.sh script many times. I found out that the download servers were sometimes timing out (though my network was fine), and would give up, I had to carefully watch the progress report o each file, eventually after many attempts they all downloaded completely and installed without errors. Until then, I had all sorts of different odd issues booting and running. (this was under Llinux). The download servers don't seem t
[9:14] <merp-away> o be very reliable and/or get overloaded easily.
[9:16] <merp-away> also be sure to run the -e switch prior to running the download and install (without the -e switch) to make sure the care is clean and properly laid out. not doing so had unpredictable results as well.
[9:17] <merp-away> man, fingers not awake yet. :-P care=card.
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[9:24] <mammique> no has problems to connect with wifi under ubuntu? (i can't, under Ai it works well).
[9:25] <mammique> no=nobody
[9:26] <tommd> I have issues in Ubuntu
[9:26] <tommd> with wifi
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[9:33] <mammique> tommd, damn, any lead?
[9:36] <martinh> i have the opposite problem on our work wifi. ubuntu connects, but aios doesn't.
[9:39] <mammique> damn...
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[11:38] <cfriedt> martinh: same w/ me - wifi connects under ubuntu but not ai
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[12:27] <martinh> 3w
[12:34] <gregoiregentil> tommd: could you please help on this page: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Rotation ? Especially to explain the threshold. Thanks in advance.
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[14:13] <Aard> patch to fix building of libxcb: http://bwachter.lart.info/patches/ai/0001-Fix-install-dir-for-xcbgen-add-STAGING_DIR-prefix-t.patch
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[14:39] <tommd> gregoiregentil: On it.
[14:40] <tommd> mammique: No ideas. It does work consistently on my (open) campus network. It has worked (but not recently or for long periods of time) on my home WPA2 AP.
[14:46] <gregoiregentil> Thanks
[14:49] <mammique> tommd, hmm... i don't see where the problem can come from, i have to ecryption at all, open wifi...
[14:50] <tommd> You mean "no encryption at all" ?
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[14:50] <mammique> i mean the wifi router has no WEP nor WPA
[14:51] <tommd> Right. What does dmesg say?
[14:51] <tommd> I got weird device driver errors when my wifi didn't work - so the driver is obviously breaking some how.
[14:52] <tommd> But that figures - its still in Linux 'staging' which isn't a good sign wrt quality or maturity of the driver.
[14:55] <mammique> tommd, wait i reboot, IIRC i have kernel messages about the ra0 under both systems
[15:00] <mammique> tommd, http://pastebin.com/m1e66a171
[15:00] <mammique> this is dmesg under ubuntu
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[15:24] <MochaRoo> Has anyone else here had experience with reinstalling AI OS to their SD card?
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[15:29] <tommd> MochaRoo: "gunzip -c sd-card.gz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0"
[15:29] <tommd> That is how I do it. Installers are just annoying.
[15:29] <MochaRoo> Is it typical for it to take... hours?
[15:29] <MochaRoo> I never see any progress.
[15:29] <tommd> Yes, it can take a while - quite a while if you use a SD card reader that is USB 1.0
[15:30] <MochaRoo> This one is most definitely 2.0
[15:30] <tommd> Mine is too and is measureable in the hours time frame.
[15:30] <MochaRoo> Okay. Just so I know.
[15:31] <tommd> Yeah, writing SD is really slow.
[15:32] <MochaRoo> I have tried the Linux installer far too many times.
[15:32] <MochaRoo> Updater.exe does not even have an effect as far as I know.
[15:32] <MochaRoo> Guess I'll just do it myself.
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[21:49] <MochaRoo> So I'm getting to the red screen.
[21:49] <MochaRoo> Then it goes blank, but it is obviously up to something.
[21:49] <MochaRoo> Is there a key command I can enter to see what's up?
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[21:56] <tommd> try tapping the screen - it used to be the case that to get to the boot options (for alternate OSes) you had to tap the screen. I don't expect anything to happen, but its easy to test.
[22:00] <MochaRoo> Nothing of note.
[22:00] <MochaRoo> Well, nothing at all actually.
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