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[2:35] <vishal_> kl
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[9:23] <MochaToo> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=807&p=5171#p5171 - Just for fun.
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[9:24] <MochaToo> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=807&p=5171#p5171 - For the new joinees, too.
[9:26] <MochaToo> gregoiregentil: I suggest you take a look at that.
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[9:42] <drantin> filed a bug report?
[9:42] <PeachWeasel> Where can I do that?
[9:43] <drantin> http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/
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[9:48] <PeachWeasel> Not entirely sure what I would put down.
[10:03] <merp> Should I post tablet charging issues in hardware or software forum? Which will get better eyeballs and be better context? this is different than the current battery issues posted.
[10:04] <tommd> merp: Please don't start another thread on it - use one of the existing threads.
[10:04] <PeachWeasel> Preferably mine if you would indulge me.
[10:05] <PeachWeasel> I'm trying to bring attention to it as it is very obviously not an isolated problem.
[10:05] <_koen_> bugzilla is the place gregoire tracks stuff, so file a bug there
[10:08] <merp> not sure if it is software, hardware, or qualifies as bug or warranty issue, since I can't get the tablet to charge at all (but keyboard does fine).
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[10:09] <merp> I thought I would post it separately because my symptoms are different than yours PeachWeasel
[10:09] <merp> didn't want to cause confusion on the diagnosis process.
[10:09] <tommd> What about the second link MochaToo posted?
[10:10] <tommd> Also note the many different types of problems you could be having - try to be specific: Is the charger working (use a DMM or another charger if you can)? Is the system powering on while plugged in? Is the system able to stay on after being unplugged as simply not able to turn on with batteries alone?
[10:10] <PeachWeasel> If it's an issue that involves the tablet or keyboard receiving power, I think it has a proper place in that thread.
[10:10] <merp> _koen_, you think it would be better for me to file it as a bug? I usually (in most open source) post in forums/lists first, until someone either says "that's a bug, file it" or no one responds, and then try that.
[10:10] <merp> tommd, I have a VERY detailed report I'm typing up.
[10:10] <tommd> And include the board rev.
[10:14] <PeachWeasel> Yes, please put it on Bugzilla.
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[10:21] <PeachWeasel> If I could convince you to link to your thread at the very least through my post, that would also be encouraged. I am hoping to create a big, general power issue thread to show that it isn't a tiny problem.
[10:26] <PeachWeasel> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=811 - Wow. Another one.
[10:29] <tommd> or is that Merps report
[10:30] <PeachWeasel> Yeah, I'm not sure.
[10:30] <merp> PeachWeasel, ok, I'll add a link to my thread and bug report to your thread. ;-)
[10:30] <PeachWeasel> Thank you.
[10:30] <merp> I am only now starting to post the bug report. I did just post the forum report.
[10:32] <PeachWeasel> Oh boy, you're getting the White Screen of Death too.
[10:32] <PeachWeasel> They need to stop production ASAP and figure this out. :/
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[10:39] <drantin> are you guys absolutely certain the SD card is set up properly?
[10:39] <drantin> that's the only time i've gotten errors like that
[10:40] <drantin> i.e. white-slow fade to black
[10:40] <drantin> etc
[10:40] <drantin> turned out that one of the files was a corrupt download
[10:40] <PeachWeasel> I get a white-slow fade to black if the SD card is -removed- from the computer completely.
[10:41] <drantin> ah, and when it's in?
[10:41] <PeachWeasel> Having the card inside the computer results in it simply flashing 'black' and shutting off immediately.
[10:41] <PeachWeasel> No delay, no logo. Flash, shut down.
[10:41] <drantin> have you tried redownloading the OS and reformatting teh SD card?
[10:41] <PeachWeasel> All in the span of about half a second tops.
[10:42] <drantin> yes, the logo is loaded off thee SD card, if it's got problems, then it won't show it at boot
[10:42] <drantin> the*
[10:42] <PeachWeasel> Yes, multiple times on various OS through various methods.
[10:42] <PeachWeasel> Plus the tablet does not, in fact, boot at all in any form whatsoever.
[10:42] <PeachWeasel> Not even the above mentioned flash.
[10:44] <drantin> yes, i've had that with a corrupted sd card before, which is why I'm mentioning it several times. did you try checking the md5sums of the downloaded files?
[10:45] <PeachWeasel> Yes, they checked out. I am not receiving any form of LED power indication through the keyboard either. :/
[10:46] <Corsac> PeachWeasel: I had problems with false contact in the US/EU power adaptor at one point
[10:47] <PeachWeasel> Explain.
[10:48] <PeachWeasel> I've tried wiggling it and inserting the prongs into an additional adapter because I felt it was making loose contact as well. Didn't work. At least as far as the LED could tell me.
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[10:53] <PeachWeasel> Unless the -keyboard- LED is also software powered? I am aware that the tablet one is?
[10:58] <Corsac> mhmh I don't think so (because you can charge the keyboard while the tablet is not connected, iirc)
[10:59] <PeachWeasel> Right.
[11:01] <PeachWeasel> I'll fiddle with the software some more, but the keyboard should light up at the very least, right?
[11:01] <PeachWeasel> Unless the unit has to be on for it to show up?
[11:01] <PeachWeasel> Augh so many variables.
[11:02] <leinir> Yes, the keyboard should light up, connected to the tablet or not
[11:02] <leinir> (in fact, that's how mine is right now - turned off, and the light is on and green)
[11:03] <PeachWeasel> Yeah, I'm not even getting that.
[11:04] <Corsac> that's why I'm thinking it might be related to the power adaptor
[11:05] <martinh> that could be checked easily enough.
[11:05] <PeachWeasel> 5v 3.5A-ish power supplies are harder to find than I thought.
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[11:06] <PeachWeasel> A question, though. Who here has an operational TB that is working within the realm of what is listed on the main site?
[11:06] <leinir> PeachWeasel: If you can confirm the powersupply is dud, tell AI and they'll send you a new one :)
[11:06] <leinir> define "listed on the main site"? :)
[11:07] <martinh> yea. . .mine's running mostly beautifully.
[11:07] <martinh> the current software rev seems to have an issue with some wifi. .
[11:08] <Noume> is it possible in any way that the internal stepup regulator for +5V is somehow weak? I am reading many posts on the forum regarding that issue
[11:13] <PeachWeasel> I have no idea, but if you come to any sort of conclusion, let me know!
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[11:32] <Noume> Well, i have just ordered one and i guess, i'll be taking the test. but it seems like the converter is not listed in the schematics available from ai
[11:37] <Noume> Or is it one of the 7 regulators inside the TWL 4030?
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[12:48] <mkxxxc> hi all
[12:49] <mkxxxc> So there is TB with 512MB and 3G Dongle impruvment :) 2 topics moved by Me
[12:50] <mkxxxc> What u thing about speed: T vs iPad ?
[12:54] <mkxxxc> If I order it now wll I get 512MB version or 256MB ?
[12:58] <tommd> Good question.
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[13:03] <PeachWeasel> It has a long, long ways to go before it hits iPad replacement imo.
[13:06] <tommd> iPad has a long, long way to go before it could replace my TB, imo.
[13:06] <tommd> Can't stand closed or developer unfriendly hardware.
[13:06] <leinir> i'm with tommd there, really... The iPad surely has its place, but it's not in my bag
[13:07] <leinir> Sort of like how i wouldn't really recommend an N900 to my local fashionistas, but an iPhone? Sure, go right ahead
[13:09] <PeachWeasel> So what can I do with squashfs files?
[13:14] <tommd> Mount them
[13:14] <PeachWeasel> And then?
[13:14] <tommd> mount -o loop someSquashFile /mnt/blah
[13:14] <tommd> And use the file system...
[13:15] <PeachWeasel> Alright.
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[15:40] <cfriedt> alextissarant: is this the alex i've been emailing lately?
[15:41] <cfriedt> gregoiregentil: are you online? ... trying to debug a tb right now w/ the console
[15:42] <cfriedt> all i'm getting is: reading boot sector
[15:42] <cfriedt> booting from nand
[15:42] <cfriedt> then it's frozen
[15:42] <gregoiregentil> What are you trying to do?
[15:42] <gregoiregentil> there is nothing installed on NAND
[15:43] <cfriedt> i just want it to boot, but that isn'
[15:43] <cfriedt> t working at all
[15:45] <cfriedt> the tb was sitting on my desk for a week, not doing anything, and then i started building a few packages... screen went dark, was frozen, and then it wouldn't boot anymore after that.
[15:46] <cfriedt> normally it would boot from the mmc... doesn't seem to do that though - i reformatted as well. no dice
[15:47] <cfriedt> i'm happy that the console is showing something at least...
[15:50] <cfriedt> is there any way to get it to enter the u-boot environment on the console, or perhaps via usb otg?
[16:05] <cfriedt> now there's nothing at all... not even "texas instruments x-loader 1.4.2"
[16:08] <cfriedt> do you (at ai) have a jtag tool to rewrite the nand? it would seem that somehow my bootloader has been corrupted
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[18:43] <merp> gregoiregentil, if I take apart the keyboard to follow the lower battery testing instructions, will it void my warranty? I am only getting 4.052 volts on pin 7.
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[18:56] <gregoiregentil> no.
[18:56] <gregoiregentil> 4.05V is pretty normal on pin 7
[19:01] <merp> ok, still trying to figure out why system dead without Dc, especially tablet. I just added more info to the bug report: very oddball thing related to screen sleep mode and D cable unplugging...
[19:01] <merp> http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=108
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[19:01] <merp> bbiab. have to switch networks...
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[19:12] <merp> back
[19:13] <merp> so, gregoiregentil the two things that seemed odd were #1 (minor?) the voltage when unplugged was higher (4.13 v) on pin 7 than when plugged into DC (4.15 v). #2 (more significant?): if the screen has gone to sleep, I can unplug the DC cable, and the system won't shut off, but if the screen is active, and I unplug the DC cable, it shuts down the system immediately.
[19:14] <merp> also gregoiregentil if I follow the directions to disassemble the keyboard for the lower battery testing, will that void the warranty, or do I have your permission to do so? Or do you think that completely unnecessary at this point? thanks.
[19:15] <gregoiregentil> you can go ahead
[19:15] <gregoiregentil> The good part is you unscrew everything
[19:15] <gregoiregentil> you can use the bottom board to test and charge the top battery
[19:17] <merp> ok. will do when I get back to house in about 1-2 hours. however, isn't that odd about the screen and DC? could that be software? or do the results so far seem to lean towards hardware issue?
[19:44] <merp> gregoiregentil,?
[19:46] <MochaRoo> Is there any way to install the sd-card.gz to an SD card in Linux? I had a friend download it for me and verify the checksum.
[19:47] <MochaRoo> I have been having a dog of a time getting a good file.
[19:48] <MochaRoo> The Updater.exe under Windows does not appear to be writing... anything at all.
[19:48] <MochaRoo> It goes through the motions and my card comes out untouched.
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[19:50] <gregoiregentil> MochaRoo: Read the wiki to do that
[19:50] <gregoiregentil> on the reinstallation page
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[21:41] <e42172> hello touchbook community
[21:42] <e42172> I'm trying to testdrive the os. I've created a virtual sd.image, mounted, and placed the files reinstall.sh would have
[21:42] <e42172> my question, what does the bios (guessing) do with those files if present on boot?
[21:43] <e42172> or how can I lay down the latest release on a virtual sd image?
[21:43] * alextisserant (~alextisse@c-76-21-41-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[21:48] <gregoiregentil> e42172: Read this: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Reinstall_OS
[21:51] <e42172> ty
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[22:53] <merp> gregoiregentil, any pointers on what would cause the "white screen melting"? (posted to bottom of this thread with details): http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=811&p=5221#p5221
[22:53] <gregoiregentil> card not correctly reinstalled
[22:53] <gregoiregentil> or defective card
[22:53] <gregoiregentil> is it a silicon power card?
[22:54] <merp> ??? Did you read the post? it's not like that, it's related to the DC plugin.
[22:56] <merp> gregoiregentil, I can boot fine with keyboard (and DC cabled still has to be) attached.
[22:57] <merp> it just does this when plugging the DC cable straight into the tablet every other time.
[23:00] <merp> gregoiregentil, so, with those symptoms do you still think it is something with the card?
[23:01] <gregoiregentil> I'm not sure
[23:02] <merp> gregoiregentil, keep in mind, this is the same system that won't let the tablet run without the keyboard attached. I'm going to try flash another card with the AI OS 2009-12.a that it originally came with and see if it's a software issue. i had issues with the tablet, but all these charging issues just seemed to start in the past 2-3 weeks since I started upgrading OSes, that may just be coincidence, but thought I'd check.
[23:11] <Corsac> hey gregoire :)
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[23:27] <merp> gregoiregentil, for the install-sd.sh script, I want it to download the older 2009-12.a release. Do I just modify the script where it says "VERSION=latest" to VERSION=2009-12.a ?
[23:27] <gregoiregentil> you can pass the parameter
[23:27] <gregoiregentil> -v I think
[23:28] <merp> so far looks like modifying that line worked, so far downloading the correct release. thanks for the fyi on the -v.
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[23:30] * ziroday (~nick@ubuntu/member/ziroday) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[23:33] <gregoiregentil> are you sure that the top battery is plugged into the board?
[23:38] <gregoiregentil> merp: your explanations are a little bit too long and I have a hard time to understand.
[23:38] <gregoiregentil> merp: also, I doubt that it's a software problem.
[23:39] <gregoiregentil> merp: I think that the top battery is too flat or dead.
[23:39] <gregoiregentil> merp: what you can do is the following
[23:39] <merp> yes, I assumed top battery dead too, but was told to try to do more tests.
[23:40] <gregoiregentil> charge the bottom with DC. Leave it like that for a night. No top. Just bottom charging. The light should become green or yellow blinking
[23:40] <merp> sorry if too detailed.
[23:40] <merp> yes, bottom already fully charged like that.. next?
[23:41] <gregoiregentil> then if possible, unscrew the bottom and use the bottom board to charge the top battery. Simply unplug the bottom battery red/black cable (inside the bottom) from the bottom board and plug the top battery into it
[23:41] <gregoiregentil> charge for one night and wait for green and yellow blinking
[23:41] <gregoiregentil> then do testing of battery status without DC.
[23:42] <merp> ok. was just setting that up. will let top battery (connected to bottom) charge overnight and see how it does. thanks.
[23:43] <gregoiregentil> yes.
[23:44] <gregoiregentil> sometimes, when the top battery is super flat, the top board may have some problem to charge it, depending of voltage and current. Also, in such case, it's better to charge the top battery via the DC of the top board though it's a little bit slower
[23:44] * leinir (~leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) has joined #touchbook
[23:45] <merp> I tried charging the tablet directly through it's connector, left for 2 days, never charged. hopefully this other approach will work. thanks. have a good night. will report back on the morrow.
[23:46] <merp> gregoiregentil, nevermind. I plug it in, amber light comes on for 20 seconds, then turns off completely.
[23:46] <merp> does that indicate battery completely flat?
[23:47] <gregoiregentil> so you plugged the top battery in bottom part, and DC is plugged in bottom board too
[23:47] <merp> or will it cycle on and off?
[23:47] <merp> correct
[23:47] <gregoiregentil> and it turns off after 20 seconds
[23:47] <gregoiregentil> yes, there is a short or something really bad on top battery
[23:48] <gregoiregentil> and the board doesn't turn off after 20 seconds if it's the bottom battery into the bottom board
[23:48] <gregoiregentil> correct?
[23:48] <merp> amber light turns off after 20 seconds.. oh but interesting, comes back on about 20 seconds later, then back off alternating like that (not the usual 1 second thing)
[23:48] * jod (~roman@85-248-244-206-broadband.iol.sk) has joined #touchbook
[23:48] <merp> I'll verify, but I don't recall it acting like that with the bottom battery at all.
[23:48] <gregoiregentil> so probably top battery is in bad state
[23:49] <merp> probably.
[23:49] <merp> ok, verifying bottom battery again. plug in Dc. light amber for a few seconds, now green (fully charged). stays on. (green).
[23:50] <merp> what do I do then to repair this?
[23:50] <gregoiregentil> ask for a new top battery to customer support
[23:50] <gregoiregentil> reference this chat
[23:50] <merp> ok. thank you.
[23:50] <gregoiregentil> another test that you can do: trash top battery
[23:51] <gregoiregentil> plug bottom battery into top board. it's the same connector
[23:51] <merp> through this help deskg page? http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/support/
[23:51] <gregoiregentil> yes. plug top part into bottom
[23:51] <merp> gregoiregentil, yes, I already did that, and it worked. tablet ran with bottom battery connected.
[23:51] <gregoiregentil> start the system, separate, do everything you want. make sure that it works correctly
[23:51] <merp> I only did initial bootup though.
[23:51] <gregoiregentil> OK. so top battery exchange...
[23:52] <merp> should I run it for a while with the bottom battery just to make sure it is ok too?
[23:52] <merp> it seemed to drain very fast, but I attributed it to the tablet battery causing the issue.
[23:52] <gregoiregentil> not for a while. Just boot, do some insertion/removal
[23:53] <merp> ok

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