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[14:29] <darrent> Ooops, soory about shouting.... :oops:
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[17:08] <zelrikriando> hello
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[17:11] <tommd> hello zelrikriando
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[17:11] <zelrikriando> I am looking around
[17:12] <zelrikriando> I ll buy some new hardware soonish
[17:12] <tommd> For what uses?
[17:12] <zelrikriando> I need a netbook-sized computer
[17:12] <zelrikriando> or tablet
[17:12] <tommd> Well the TB is both in a way.
[17:13] <zelrikriando> yeah
[17:13] <zelrikriando> I kinda want higher specs though
[17:13] <zelrikriando> will they upgrade the TB soon?
[17:13] <tommd> But the tablet like functionality is best thought of as for the finger, not a stylus. If you expect to not use a stylus at all then you will be pleasantly surprised. If you expect to be writing on the TB constantly then you'll be infuriated.
[17:14] <zelrikriando> ok
[17:14] <tommd> It has 512MB ram and a CortexA8 - what do you want it to perform that such hardware can not do?
[17:15] <zelrikriando> I was looking at the screen resolution
[17:15] <tommd> Lots of people comment on that but I don't have an issue with the screen size/res.
[17:15] <zelrikriando> ok
[17:16] <zelrikriando> I dont think it s a bad deal
[17:16] <zelrikriando> it s just that I can afford to wait a bit more
[17:16] <zelrikriando> so I might as well know if something new is in the pipeline
[17:16] <tommd> It was _just_ upgraded to 512MB (from 256). I'm not sure waiting will net you another improved revision.
[17:17] <zelrikriando> oh ok
[17:17] <tommd> Perhaps when TI comes out with a dual-core OMAP?
[17:17] <tommd> I wouldn't be surprised if the TB adopted such a thing ~6 months after it came out.
[17:17] <zelrikriando> I am using ubuntu already as my main OS
[17:17] <zelrikriando> so I wont be lost on that one
[17:18] <zelrikriando> and my phone is android
[17:18] <zelrikriando> :p
[17:18] <tommd> Thats good. The TB comes with Android, AIOS, Ubuntu, and Chrome right now.
[17:18] <tommd> I think Ubuntu and AIOS are the stable ones (haven't tried Android in a while and I know ChromeOS isn't ready).
[17:18] <zelrikriando> what version of ubuntu is it
[17:19] <tommd> Good question. I've forgottten about it and haven't looked since the latest release (compiling something right now so I won't reboot it to look for a while).
[17:19] <zelrikriando> ok
[17:20] <zelrikriando> is it the netbook remix
[17:20] <tommd> No, actually. I vaugely recall someone else saying it is not the netbook remix for some unknown reason.
[17:20] <tommd> but that is second hand information.
[17:21] <zelrikriando> ok
[17:21] <tommd> If you see gregoire online then you can ask him - he's in charge of AI and is online often.
[17:21] <zelrikriando> ok
[17:21] <zelrikriando> I am planing to buy a new laptop also
[17:22] <zelrikriando> soon I ll do some heavy spending :p
[17:22] <tommd> Lucky you!
[17:22] <zelrikriando> new job
[17:22] <zelrikriando> new salarty
[17:22] <zelrikriando> salary
[17:22] <tommd> Nice - location?
[17:22] <zelrikriando> I live in Canada
[17:23] <zelrikriando> my bank account will experience a major upgrade :p
[17:23] <tommd> Great - you won't have to put up with some of the horror stories of USPS -> non-UK/Mexico/Canada shipping.
[17:23] <zelrikriando> oh
[17:24] <tommd> Some people had their packages in transit for a month - not AIs fault exactly, but local package delivery for a number of people in eastern Europe was a big issue evidently.
[17:24] <zelrikriando> ok
[17:24] <zelrikriando> is there strong demand for those?
[17:25] <tommd> I know they still have a backlog. Part of that is demand and part of that is AI being small / having low production rate.
[17:25] <tommd> There are constant questions on the forums of the style "How long do I have to wait?" but no one can answer that very well.
[17:25] <tommd> Last I heard it was ~ 1.5 months or some such.
[17:25] <zelrikriando> ok
[17:26] <zelrikriando> Well that's good for their business I guess
[17:26] <zelrikriando> I should say, it means they are doing good business
[17:26] <tommd> Yeah, and obviously they're still doing well what with the new revision, recent offers of consulting/design services, and continued effort on the OS.
[17:27] <tommd> All in all I think the continuing work on AI OS is the biggest positive sign. Its not like a Ubuntu size team but if they intended to bail that work would have ceased long ago. Instead its really came together nicely.
[17:28] <zelrikriando> oh yeah, are there videos of the AI OS?
[17:29] <tommd> Yes, GG (Gregoire) has posted many vidoes from "here it is, isn't it cool" to "How to attach the magnets (if you want to)" and "This the the TB + GPS + TangoGPS software"
[17:29] <tommd> You should be able to find that on youtube and the AI site.
[17:29] <zelrikriando> oh I didnt notice the galery
[17:29] <zelrikriando> hold on :p
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[17:31] <zelrikriando> gregoire is French :p
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[17:35] <zelrikriando> is there a virtual keyboard
[17:35] <tommd> zelrikriando: Two
[17:36] <zelrikriando> oh that s good
[17:36] <tommd> One in python (largish keys, good for fingers or stylus) and one called "cellwriter" which you can find / try out separate from AI OS.
[17:36] <tommd> cellwriter is actually handwriting recognition but it includes a keyboard too (much smaller keys).
[17:36] <zelrikriando> ok
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[21:21] <tommd2> zelrikriando: It runs Karmic
[21:21] <tommd2> Running it now
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[23:20] <tommd2> Humm, when compiling GHC, gimp is a bit sluggish. ;-)
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