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[5:55] <Eruquen> I'm doing an upgrade on my touchbook (via start -> system -> check update). how do I know it's still running?
[6:00] <Corsac> I'm not sure the live upgrade works
[6:01] <martinh> that one doesn't work.
[6:01] <martinh> and, I had a problem with the reboot one. I had to pull the card and stick it in my linux box to do the upgrade.
[6:04] <Eruquen> oh, okay.. I guess I'll try that one then
[6:04] <Eruquen> thanks
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[7:22] <martinh> hrm. I seem to be having wifi problems. but i can't tell if it's just the tb or if it's our wifi.
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[9:26] <martinh> yea. definitely the tb. works fine when booted in ubuntu.
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[9:50] <martinh> hrm. I might have to go back to 2010-01.a at this rate.
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[10:32] <Eruquen> http://pastebin.com/m53085c76 <- this always happens when I'm trying to install via install-sd.sh
[10:32] <Eruquen> any ideas?
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[11:09] <martinh> did you -e ?
[11:11] <Eruquen> yup
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[11:17] <Eruquen> hm
[11:18] <Eruquen> seems like /tmp ran out of space
[11:18] <Eruquen> or not.. still getting kernel panic when booting ai os
[11:20] <Eruquen> or tbuntu for that matter
[11:20] <martinh> did you do it from the tb? or externally?
[11:21] <Eruquen> externally
[11:21] <martinh> I got a simliar thing when I ran it on the tb, but it worked when I ran it on my linux box.
[11:21] <Eruquen> all this is on my linux box
[11:21] <Eruquen> doing install-sd.sh -e -d /dev/.. and then install-sd.sh -d /dev/..
[11:22] <Eruquen> but I keep getting weird errors..
[11:22] <Eruquen> tune2fs: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sde2
[11:22] <Eruquen> Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.
[11:33] <martinh> that's weird. I didn't errors like that.
[11:41] <Eruquen> how many partitions are there supposed to be after -e?
[11:43] <martinh> 4, i believe
[11:44] <Eruquen> I get 3
[11:47] <Eruquen> sfdisk: ERROR: sector 0 does not have an msdos signature
[11:47] <Eruquen> /dev/sde: unrecognized partition table type
[11:47] <Eruquen> Old situation:
[11:47] <Eruquen> No partitions found
[11:47] <Eruquen> thats what I get from -e
[11:47] <Eruquen> something really is wrong here
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[12:03] <krylen> Eruquen: perhaps you should test the SD card to ensure it's not throwing I/O errors? any badness in dmesg about failures of this kind?
[12:03] <Eruquen> yes, there a few errors:
[12:04] <Eruquen> end_request: I/O error, dev sde, sector 6068941
[12:04] <Eruquen> Buffer I/O error on device sde2, logical block 5988616
[12:04] <Eruquen> and a few more of the same kind
[12:06] <krylen> Sounds to me like your SD card is going bad
[12:07] <Eruquen> I've just got it today
[12:07] <krylen> Unfortunatly I've never had any experience with a failing SD card, so I don't know if there is a way you can mark the bad sectors and continue to use it, or if it's just going to continue to degrade until death
[12:08] <krylen> eh, probably just a bunk card, hard drives, compact flash, all that stuff tends to just up and die at some point, usually not for a long time, but you get factory defects and such and those usually crap out pretty quick (depending on how much usage they get of course)
[12:09] <krylen> I'm always amazed at how often we lose drives in our arrarys (I'm a SAN admin)
[12:14] <Eruquen> I'm gonna try another card
[12:17] <krylen> good idea, thanksfully those SD cards are really cheap these days, plus if you just got it I'm sure AI would send a replacment card (DISCLAIMER: I am no way affilated with AI)
[12:18] <Eruquen> hehe
[12:19] <Eruquen> well, I'm from germany.. I guess sending me a new sd card would not be most cost efficient thing to do
[12:20] <krylen> Ah, well that will probably make it more problematic, at the very least it'll take a while
[12:24] <Eruquen> no errors so far
[12:24] <Eruquen> looking good
[12:27] <martinh> yea. I think I need to get myself a 2nd card for doing upgrades on.
[12:28] <martinh> so that I have a good working install if the upgraded stuff doesn't work so well. like right now.
[12:28] <Eruquen> hm, now the device is refusing to boot
[12:29] <Eruquen> I get a short flash of white light from the screen and a red lamp somewhere under the circuit board.. nothing else
[12:36] <Eruquen> hm, this sucks
[12:39] <krylen> sorry to hear that Eruquen, I don't have a TB yet so I'm afraid I have little left to offer :(
[12:39] <Eruquen> hehe, no problem
[12:40] <Eruquen> a few other people on the forum seem to have a similar problem
[12:40] <Eruquen> the funny thing is that it was working fine just a few hours ago
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[12:47] <Eruquen> hehe
[12:48] <Eruquen> I guess it would have been too much to ask to get it working with an empty sd card
[12:48] <Eruquen> booting ai os now.. :)
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[12:58] <martinh> new one?
[12:58] <Eruquen> 2010-01.b
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[13:56] <krylen> LOL! Glad you got it back up and working Eruquen
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[15:53] <tommd> I've filled out http://alwaysinnovating.com/company/schematics.htm twice and not received any schematics. Is there a human behind this form or a computer?
[15:54] <Gary13579> It's probably a human.
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[16:30] <gregoiregentil> Fixing that
[16:41] <tommd> Thanks, replied.
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[17:21] <tommd> gregoiregentil: Sent it - you should get the board by end of the week.
[17:43] <gregoiregentil> OK
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[18:25] <TroublePanic> Does anyone know where to make parts orders/requests?
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[18:28] <pretestb> hi anyone here a linden by any chance?
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[18:41] <TroublePanic> I'm not on SecondLife, if that's what you mean ...
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[18:53] <pretestb> TroublePanic are you a linden ?
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[19:04] <TroublePanic> also, where is qmake?
[19:06] <TroublePanic> do I have to build it directly on the TB?
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[23:42] <tommd1> TroublePanic: Are you saying qmake isn't included in any of the qt4-embedded-dev or qt4-x11-free-{gles-,}dev packages?

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