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[4:58] <_koen_> DJWillis: how's SLiM working nowadays?
[5:49] <DJWillis> _koen_: one outstanding bug with the session selection (F1 or via the slim.conf) but other than that it works with PAM and friends well enough. The recipe and patches are a bit of a hack however.
[5:50] <leinir> SLiM?
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[5:58] <DJWillis> leinir: yep, I use it as a DM on the OpenPandora, patched up a fair bit, cleaned up to work with PAM and the like.
[6:02] <leinir> not really googleable - link me? ;)
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[6:10] <DJWillis> leinir: http://slim.berlios.de
[6:11] <leinir> Thanks :)
[6:12] <DJWillis> leinir: lightweight, pretty simple DM, not bad for an embedded device really. I needed something like it for the Pandora as making the system multiuser for day one was a must for me. I take the view that if you don't do it at the start you will forever be stuck with a named user on the system and all sorts of hacks ;-)
[6:13] <dpb> (like AIOS..)
[6:15] <DJWillis> dpb: well lets just say, a fixed user seems to inspire hacks IMHO and masks issues that really should be sorted, can't comment on AIOS, don't have a TB ;-)
[6:16] <dpb> if you don't have a TB, why are you here? ;)
[6:18] <Gary13579> dpb, don't complain, he works on a similar OMAP3 project, and has contributed alot.
[6:18] <Gary13579> DJWillis, what's current boot up time on Pandora, btw?
[6:19] <Gary13579> if it's fast enough I'm interested in adding mpeg support to SLiM... for, completely useless yet awesome reasons :).
[6:19] <dpb> I'm not complaining, where do you see a complaint?
[6:19] <DJWillis> Gary13579: depends on the image and if it's running from the NAND or the SD. Not quick by any means.
[6:20] <topi`> dpb: your irony was left undetected ;)
[6:20] <Gary13579> mm, shame. what's slowing it down so much?
[6:20] <dpb> topi`: yep..
[6:20] <Gary13579> lets uh, take this to other channel actually :p
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[6:22] <DJWillis> dpb: I don't see it as a complaint, the TB has benifited from OP work and OP has got a lot from the TB work, same goes for the other open OMAP3 family devices, all small projects that gain from working with each other. Plus, holding cards to your chest never seems to solve many problems ;-)
[6:23] * dpb nods
[6:24] <ryuo> anyone know if the wireless in the TB always has such short range?
[6:24] <ryuo> i was able to get it to sync with my router but i cant get it to maintain it if i walk to around 50 feet distance.
[6:25] <DJWillis> ryuo: what driver version is the latest AIOS using, I know that recent 'compat-wireless' releases seem to have a lot of work in the arena of the chipset the TB uses.
[6:26] <ryuo> DJWillis, its whatever the latest disk image uses
[6:26] <ryuo> i upgraded it to see how it performs.
[6:26] <ryuo> its very usable now but the wireless not working reliably makes me put it down for now
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[6:27] <ryuo> i'm waiting for greg because he might have some ideas
[6:27] <DJWillis> ryuo: well building compat-wireless should be quite easy to do (still on the old 2.6.28 kernel in the latest image?)
[6:28] <ryuo> uh... it says 2.6.29
[6:29] <DJWillis> ok, well .29 then, still old in Linux-Wireless terms.
[6:29] <ryuo> /me shrugs.
[6:29] <ryuo> err
[6:29] <ryuo> rofl
[6:29] <ryuo> the only flaw i find with the TB now is the short range wireless
[6:30] <ryuo> its shorter than my x86 machines
[6:33] <andrewgodwin> the wireless on mine has always been slightly dodgy at long range
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[6:44] <ryuo> wodner if its hardware or drivers
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[8:03] <Martix> what is difference between DSP-link and DSP-bridge?
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[8:15] <martinh> ok. how do I make the TB's date always be correct.
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[8:31] <merp> greetings. on 2010-01.a something is wrong with my tb. The tablet won't charge if connected to the power either directly through the keyboard. And with the keyboard attached I can only power on all the wayif the power cord is attached (otherwise starts to boot then shuts off). This just started happening Wednesday, no idea why, hadn't been fiddling with it. Was very embarrasing when I was finally presenting a demo of it at the Linux User Group here. Shows
[8:31] <merp> both devies "charging" in /sys/class/power_supply/../uevent, and keyboard at 100% (adn tablet all over the place as usual. Any ideas what's going on, ow what I can do? thanks.
[8:33] <merp> also noticed that when shutdown, charging/power light is green (keyboard), but amber as soon as I turn on the system. Remains amber (left on power for 3-4 days), but as soon as I diconnect poewr cord, shuts off. :-(
[8:38] <merp> Hmm, I see 2010-01.b is out. Guess I'll go ahead and update to that and see how it does. News also says ubuntu on par with AI OS now, is that right?
[8:44] <martinh> I wonder if that will update online. . .
[8:46] <merp> is there any way to monitor how the update is running? I'm trying to update applet rather than the manual process. Is that applet working correctly now? Or should I go back to manual process?
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[8:49] <merp> hmm. doesn't look like the updater is working. :-( guess have to use manual method still?
[8:50] <vti_> merp: i am having same issues with power
[8:50] <merp> vti_, which OS release?
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[8:51] <vti_> merp: 2010-01.a
[8:52] <vti_> i've updated yesterday, but power indicator shows nothing, update is ugly, my fonts and windows appearance are corrupted
[8:52] <vti_> it was like a downgrade for me =/
[8:52] <merp> .a or .b?
[8:53] <vti_> power problems: .a, after update .b but it is worse
[8:53] <merp> ugh. ic. thanks for the heads up vti_ I'll give .b a shot, and if it is the same for me, then maybe try the ubuntu image instead.
[8:54] <vti_> ubuntu is way slow
[8:54] <vti_> *slower
[8:54] <merp> ok. not promising. thanks for the heads up vti_
[8:54] <vti_> android says there is something wrong with my sd card and does not respond to anything
[8:55] <vti_> so.. i don't know if it was a good idea to buy a beta-stage touchbook :D
[8:56] <merp> not if you were expecting to actually _use_ it for anything. but fine for helping debug the heckout of it, and get it further along. ;-)
[9:00] <merp> ok. this is NOT good. it was downloading the updates, then suddenly shut off, now can't get it to turn on! then if I hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn it on, I get a multicolored screen fading to white nothingness. wth???
[9:00] <leinir> merp: well, you'll need to redo your sd card - instructions on the wiki
[9:01] <merp> yes, I'm familiar with that. but is it even getting to the sd stage when it won't even power on normally?
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[9:09] <andrewgodwin> merp: the bootloader is on the SD card
[9:09] <andrewgodwin> that's the same symptom as not having one in at all
[9:10] <merp> there's nothing like a bios/rom/eeeprom on the board? ok. so the updater totally corrupted the card setup? ok. will go ahead and manually resetup the card with my other system then. Has anyone had any luck with 2010-01.b? Or should I roll back to earlier rev insstead?
[9:11] <merp> or other OS option? doesnt' sound like any are behaving at the moment from vti_ 's comments.
[9:12] <andrewgodwin> merp: the NAND has a bit of code on it, but nearly everything's on the SD iirc
[9:13] <andrewgodwin> and 2010-01.b is fine for me
[9:13] <andrewgodwin> though the new "big fonts" tablet mode it a bit ugly
[9:13] <andrewgodwin> but the ubuntu OS now has rotation and sound and things
[9:14] <merp> andrewgodwin, is it as terribly slow as vti_ is experiencing for you? is it better, same, or worse than 2010-01.b AI OS?
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[9:20] <andrewgodwin> merp: I didn't notice any terrible slowness, but I didn't test AIOS for very long
[9:20] <andrewgodwin> I mainly use the ubuntu, since it'll pair with my bluetooth phone
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[9:28] <merp> ok andrewgodwin, thanks. I'll give them both a shot. hopefully I can have something better for the next Linux User Group meeting next month, than happened last week.
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[16:34] <martinh> hmmmm. the on board update script failed and it didn't boot. i'm doing the update on my linux box, and it's going to take ages downloading from .fr
[16:36] <martinh> any other way to download the images?
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[17:00] <martinh> yea. this is really annoying.
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[17:43] <martinh> forcing the script to point at a faster mirror.
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[19:03] <martinh> hmmm. it seems that OE dropped some things from their repo
[19:03] <martinh> like. rsync only has a -dbg
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[19:19] * drantin inserts another note into the logs about the topic being outdated as far as release versions go
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[21:49] <TroublePanic> Oh, hi.
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