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[6:08] <Corsac> hmmh, usb died, it seems
[6:08] <Corsac> no network, but no keyboard either
[6:11] <martinh> even after a reboot?
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[6:17] <Corsac> no, it works fine
[6:17] <Corsac> but usb dies after about 24h it seems
[6:17] <martinh> I've had it working for longer than that.
[6:17] <martinh> but, I can't leave a flash drive in it.
[6:18] <martinh> mmcqd goes crazy
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[10:30] <tommd> ... I love the TB but compiling 20MB of code on it is trying my patience.
[10:30] <tommd> :-)
[10:31] <gregoiregentil> What are you compiling?
[10:31] <tommd> GHC
[10:31] <tommd> Glasgow Haskell Compiler
[10:32] <gregoiregentil> oops...
[10:32] <tommd> My last attempt to build failed but now that I learned about "proper-task-utils" that takes one of the more annoying issues out of my way.
[10:32] <tommd> oops?
[10:36] <ehamberg> tommd: i plan doing the same. i would love to hear about your experiences afterward ;)
[10:37] <tommd> ehamberg: Sure thing. So far the main issue is getting the right build tools (busybox version are not enough). That means installing the 'proper-task-utils' package and making a 'ghc-pwd' script instead of copying the busybox 'pwd' binary.
[10:37] <tommd> I'll probably blog about it soonish. Too bad TB doesn't have a planet.ai.com
[10:38] <tommd> Its really odd how many Haskellers are here - even one would surprise me and there are three of us.
[10:38] <tommd> perhaps more.
[10:38] <ehamberg> i just got my tb. ???installing packages?????? is there a packaging tool? :)
[10:38] <ehamberg> tommd: hehe, cool.
[10:38] <tommd> ehamberg: "ipkg remove some-conflicting-package" then "ipkg install proper-task-utils"
[10:39] <tommd> ehamberg: IOW, 'ipkg' is the package manager.
[10:39] <tommd> You can do 'ipkg update'
[10:39] <tommd> DO NOT PERFORM 'ipkg upgrade'
[10:39] <ehamberg> where is that from? never heard about that before.
[10:39] <tommd> It syncs with and updates to the Angstrom build which will break things.
[10:39] <ehamberg> noted :)
[10:39] <tommd> ehamberg: AI OS is based on Angstrom / OpenEmbedded. ipkg is common to one of those two projects (don't remember which it came from, probably OE).
[10:40] <ehamberg> are you building 6.10 or 6.12?
[10:40] <tommd> 6.13
[10:40] <tommd> Snapshot as of last week (don't have darcs on the TB so I'm not bothering building the latest repo version)
[10:40] <ehamberg> living on the edge, are we? ;)
[10:41] <tommd> Nah - this is right where I belong!
[10:41] <ehamberg> 8-)
[10:42] <tommd> Its a little sad. There are perhaps 5 groups who talk about doing minor amounts of GHC/ARM work but nothing has came together yet. Hopefully we can change that.
[10:42] <tommd> I'm referring to Topi's work with the TB, the haskell-IPhone group, another lone hacker I don't recall, and the GHC+LLVM backend work.
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[10:51] <DJWillis> ipkg (well opkg these days, ipkg is a legacy symlink for compat) is a 'light deb style package manager' dating way back to the old Compaq iPAQ linux days.
[10:52] <tommd> So its part of OE then? I'm guessing that seeing as OE is the union of a few of those old school embedded/handheld linux distros.
[10:52] <gregoiregentil> ipkg upgrade is less worse now as we have the same glibc as Angstrom
[10:53] <tommd> Good start
[10:54] <ehamberg> how can i get root? (opkg update complains)
[10:55] <DJWillis> tommd: no, it's used by OE as one of many package managers (the DISTRO picks the packman). OE can support RPM/DEB/IPK etc. if the distro wanted to go down that route. http://code.google.com/p/opkg/ is the homepage for opkg, it's seperate (but close ties) from Angstrom/OE.
[10:55] <DJWillis> ehamberg: sudo?
[10:56] <gregoiregentil> sudo -i
[10:57] <ehamberg> right. thanks.
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[13:31] <tommd> ehamberg: Igloo (and others) were right - its quite easy to use the Debian unregistered ARM build of 6.10.4 and bootstrap 6.12.1 from there. Just use deb2targz (a perl script, google for it) and convert libffi, libffi-dev, and ghc to .tar.gz then unpack those on your TB using "tar xzf SOMEFILE.tar.gz -C /". From there I'm able to build programs and am now building ghc-6.12.1 with a simple ./configure && make (after making soft links poin
[13:32] <ehamberg> tommd: cool. (what you wrote was chopped off after ???making soft links poin???.)
[13:34] <tommd> (after making soft links pointing to the ghc{-pkg}-6.10.4 so ./configure detects the installed copy).
[13:34] <tommd> Basically - the .debs don't make /usr/bin/ghc and /usr/bin/ghc-pkg so you must make those soft links or the ghc source configure script won't know which ghc binary to bootstrap from.
[13:38] <ehamberg> wonder how long it will take to compile. :)
[13:39] <tommd> Well a portion of the porting guide (which ultimately failed) took about 3 hours.
[13:39] <tommd> So I'm not going to be watching it.
[13:40] <ehamberg> almost bed time here, so good timing.
[13:42] <tommd> I might post in the Development forum on AIs site once I have it all up and am happy.
[14:22] <ehamberg> tommd: what exactly did you mean by ???unregistered??? ARM build?
[14:24] <tommd> ehamberg: http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/Building/Unregisterised
[14:24] <tommd> It is less efficient.
[14:26] <ehamberg> and there are debian packages for arm of unregisterised builds? where do i find those?
[14:33] <tommd> ehamberg: http://packages.debian.org/lenny/ghc6
[14:33] <tommd> ehamberg: Sorry, no not that
[14:33] <tommd> ehamberg: http://packages.debian.org/sid/ghc6
[14:34] <tommd> From there you have a link for libffi5 (>= 3.0.7-1) and a link for libffi-dev. You'll need those packages as well.
[14:34] <tommd> Just a warning... I'm still building cabal (the library). Have been since I mentioned "now building ghc-6.12.1" an hour ago.
[14:36] <tommd> No - my mistake, it looks like that finished and I just now finishing up the 'binary' package and am working on Main for ghc-pkg.
[14:36] <tommd> So its going OK
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[14:37] <ehamberg> right, i downloaded those packages and extracted them to /, but ghc-pkg complains about /var/lib/ghc-6.10.4/./package.conf not existing.
[14:37] <ehamberg> hmmm...
[14:38] <tommd> ehamberg: Thanks for reminding me. I coped /usr/lib/ghc-6.10.4/package.conf.something to /var/lib/...
[14:38] <tommd> I think that "something" is "shipped"
[14:40] <ehamberg> correct :)
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[23:23] <snlemons> can I set the TB to boot to Ubuntu by default?
[23:25] <snlemons> also, any thoughts on why the start menu doesn't show in Ubuntu? all I did was install something via Synaptic (OCaml, so it shouldn't have affected anything with the interface.)
[23:27] <Corsac> maybe the plugin crashed, try to add it back
[23:27] <Corsac> (right click, add plugin, xfce menu)
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[23:30] <snlemons> Corsac: yeah, I guess I was a bit thrown by the fact that it didn't come back after a reboot. manually adding worked, just hope it's not a recurring thing.
[23:31] <Corsac> it never crashed on me, so I gues it was
[23:34] <snlemons> I'll worry about it if it happens again.
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[23:59] <_koen_> DJWillis: I think I fixed the serial issue with this: http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/commit/?id=8b6d84221426d0b5cb54b8877dd0f70e796a3811

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