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[4:06] <mervaka> gregoiregentil: what's the likely monthy transfer rates?
[4:06] <mervaka> i might be able to provide a uk mirror
[4:07] <mervaka> but ofc i'd want to cap the rate, it's my personal colo.
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[4:23] <frznlogic> hi, is anyone here?
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[4:28] <MikeEvans> YAY! I've just collected my touchbook from the parcel depot
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[4:30] <frznlogic> :)) same here, 3 days ago, finally got tsome time to play with it
[4:32] <MikeEvans> Ooo it looks lovely
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[4:33] <frznlogic> it does, there are a few big bugs in my version of the os, (2009.12a) that im hoping is solved in next version
[4:33] <MikeEvans> hmm - the foot-pad is missing off one of the stabilisers at the back and it doesn't seem to be kicking around in the box
[4:34] <frznlogic> but it rocks, and the crazy tank game... probably sold 10 tb's to friends etc on that game alone :)
[4:34] * Meiz_webirc would add the faster xorg to Mer build repositories
[4:34] <frznlogic> mike, odd... i have a missing footpad as well
[4:34] <ehamberg> i just got mine two days ago. the biggest problem is that i can't move the cursor to the screen edges, so i can't scroll in a fullscreen browser. can i recalibrate this somehow?
[4:34] <frznlogic> right side, sitting with it in my lap
[4:35] <MikeEvans> swap you @ frznlogic - mine is the other one
[4:35] <MikeEvans> seems like some stronger glue and improved quality control is needed there
[4:36] <frznlogic> i didnt notice it until today though, so it could possibly have dropped off somewhere at home
[4:36] <frznlogic> yeah, and more glue, its just a very tiny dot of glue
[4:36] <MikeEvans> I've literally just unwrapped mine so I know it was missing from the start
[4:37] <Meiz_webirc> All have dropped off here
[4:37] <MikeEvans> thought it would be floating around loose in the bag or box - but not so
[4:37] <frznlogic> ok, good to know so i dont spend days looking
[4:37] <Meiz_webirc> and the bottom is full of scratces but i don't care as long as the screen is not scratched :P
[4:37] <MikeEvans> crumbs - do i have to go down the gym to find someone strong enough to get the magnets apart :D
[4:37] <frznlogic> no scratches here
[4:38] <frznlogic> mike, i got them apart with a screwdriver
[4:38] <Meiz_webirc> haha
[4:38] <frznlogic> almost cut my fingers off while doing it,
[4:38] <dpb> the wiki has instructions for the magnets
[4:38] <MikeEvans> no scratches here either
[4:38] <frznlogic> :)
[4:39] <frznlogic> my magnets where too weak to hang the screen on fridge
[4:39] <frznlogic> and no scratches
[4:39] <MikeEvans> well I've managed to get it plugged in and charging so I guess that's the first initiative
[4:39] <MikeEvans> my fridge has a wooden door :(
[4:40] <frznlogic> then its not the magnets ;)
[4:40] <MikeEvans> I knew I must be doing something wrong!
[4:41] <Meiz_webirc> The magnets are so freaking strong i only had to put two of the three _inside_ the case and it held on my fridge. well.
[4:41] <frznlogic> has anyone tried upgrading 2009.12a to 2010.01a?
[4:41] <frznlogic> mmm, i think my fridge is an alloy or something... all magnets work badly on it
[4:44] <MikeEvans> ok - well it seems to have enough charge to do something already - hurrah - not sure I would be able to wait 6 hours
[4:44] <ehamberg> frznlogic: i did it without any problems.
[4:46] <frznlogic> odd, how long did it take? and does start->system->about tochbook say 2010.01 or old version for you?
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[4:47] <MikeEvans> well it's been plugged in since I joined the room
[4:47] <MikeEvans> so 15 mins or so
[4:48] <MikeEvans> and it says 2010.01a
[4:48] <ehamberg> frznlogic: i took out the sd card and did it from another linux machine (see the wiki) while i charged the batteries for the first time.
[4:48] <ehamberg> it says 2010
[4:48] <frznlogic> mine was online for 6-7 hours and didnt do anything, and rebooted, and now it says nothing to do when i run the script from shell it says "Nothing for the moment"
[4:49] <MikeEvans> that doesn't sound encouraging
[4:49] <frznlogic> erh bad english, sry, im a bit unused to us keyboards :)
[4:49] <frznlogic> guess ill reformat sd card in a linux system when i get home instead
[4:50] <MikeEvans> is this the SD card supplied?
[4:51] <frznlogic> yepp
[4:51] <ehamberg> you have to open the top cover
[4:51] <MikeEvans> perhaps it's not engaged correctly or something like that
[4:52] <frznlogic> system is booting up so should be no problem?
[4:52] <frznlogic> im actually writing this using the TB
[4:52] <MikeEvans> ah - I misunderstood you then - so when does it say "nothing for the moment"?
[4:53] <frznlogic> when i try to run the /usr/bin/ai/updater/check_update.sh script
[4:53] <MikeEvans> OK - now I understand
[4:54] <MikeEvans> I've not gone that far yet - but I think my version 2010.01a must be the most recent
[4:55] <MikeEvans> I think I remember reading that the updater will not work until the system comes out of beta
[4:55] <frznlogic> yupp, it should be, ah well, np, ill do it in a few hours when im home ;)
[4:55] <frznlogic> oh, didnt know that
[4:56] <MikeEvans> you can still get stuff from the repository, or download entire replacement versions - I can't see the reference on the FAQ or WIKI where I saw that but I'm sure I didn't make it up
[4:58] <MikeEvans> bravo - wireless network connects
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[5:00] <frznlogic> :)
[5:01] <frznlogic> what crypto on the wifi?
[5:01] <MikeEvans> WEP only
[5:03] <frznlogic> using WPA here, WPA2 is a no-go though
[5:03] <MikeEvans> hmm - there are two holes between the USB and the AI button on the side - the lower one is the headphones symbol - I don' recognise the symbol on the upper one
[5:04] <MikeEvans> ah - I was thinking of changing our house to WPA - I'll take care to pick WPA and not WPA2 if I do then
[5:06] <frznlogic> line-in i think it is?
[5:07] <frznlogic> check the paper you got with the tb, it has a graphical guide to all buttons/connectors
[5:07] <MikeEvans> oh right - for a mic or something similar
[5:07] <frznlogic> yes
[5:07] <MikeEvans> thanks - that makes sense
[5:08] <MikeEvans> now I have to work out how to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad - it's sooooo slooooow
[5:09] <frznlogic> check start->control panel->advanced->mouse
[5:09] <frznlogic> motion settings in first tab
[5:10] <frznlogic> pull acceleration up and keep threshold low (imho)
[5:10] <MikeEvans> yeah - just done that - didn't seem to make any difference
[5:10] <frznlogic> i think it did a little difference at least?
[5:11] <MikeEvans> still takes three sweeps of my finger across the pad to get the mouse from one side of the screen to the other
[5:11] <frznlogic> do the sweep faster?
[5:11] <MikeEvans> I remember having this issue on my laptop and had to put some stuff in the xorg.conf
[5:12] <MikeEvans> I think it's a bit better now - I put the threshold on absolute min
[5:14] <MikeEvans> yeah - that's better
[5:15] <MikeEvans> internet works - managed to find me via google at least (always a comforting feeling to know the world acknowledges your existence)
[5:16] <frznlogic> ;)
[5:18] <MikeEvans> I assume that both batteries will charge with the power connected to the keyboard input?
[5:18] <Meiz_webirc> yes
[5:18] <MikeEvans> good - thanks
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[5:30] <MikeEvans> so my initial experience with the tb has been pretty good - time to get some lunch and let it finish charging
[5:36] <frznlogic> gl will see you around;)
[5:40] <MikeEvans> likewise
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[6:21] <GNUtoo> hi, if someone buys the touchbook and put angstrom or ubuntu,can he avoid the proprietary 3d driver?
[6:22] <mjr> to the best of my knowledge (not having the device myself), yes, but you then avoid any 3d acceleration as well
[6:23] <mjr> gotta run
[6:28] <GNUtoo> ok thanks a lot
[6:33] <viridior> morning all, Gentoo is coming along nicely
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[7:57] <MikeEvans> I'd like to edit /etc/hosts on my new netbook so I presume I need the root password
[7:58] <MikeEvans> unless ai is in sudoers?
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[8:01] <dcramer> Hi
[8:02] <dcramer> my touch book has over-current change repeatedly in dmesg
[8:02] <dcramer> no keyboard
[8:02] <dcramer> no wifi
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[9:59] <rpgresearch> Is there an equivalent to the touchpad settings for the touch screen settings? For example for touchpad/mouse > Start >Control Panel > Advanced Settings > Mouse. Is there anywhere to adjust the pressure settings for the touch screen (makes me very nervous how hard I have to press many times just to get it to respond, especially in tablet mode, not to mention hard to use having to push so hard). Thanks.
[10:02] <Sn0wman_Desk> I don't think there is one for pressure but there is the ts_calibrate (that you have to run as real root) for accuracy
[10:10] <rpgresearch> Sn0wman_Desk, yes, I'm familiar with the the ts_calibrate. but doesn't seem to make a difference for pressure (does it?). Is there a config file somewhere that could be manually edited then for the touchscreen settings, anyone know? thanks.
[10:11] <Sn0wman_Desk> I'm not sure about that. Haven't tried to edit the pressure settings
[10:14] <rpgresearch> Where would the config file be for the screen touch settings in general?
[10:14] <gregoiregentil> rpgresearch: there is no UI for the screen touch settings
[10:14] <gregoiregentil> there are two location to modify touch screen
[10:15] <gregoiregentil> - the ts.conf / pointercal file. It's something I've never really played with. Changing may help but probably not pressure
[10:16] <gregoiregentil> - the driver itself where there is probably more control over pressure. There are a few settings exposed by the driver
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[10:16] <gregoiregentil> the location is:
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[10:18] <gregoiregentil> cd /sys/class
[10:18] <gregoiregentil> find . -name debounce_max
[10:18] <gregoiregentil> there are three or four settings there
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[10:25] <Sn0wman_Desk> could you give an example file. the find didn't return anything
[10:25] <gregoiregentil> I'm reinstalling the Touch Book in front of me. I will have the location within minutes
[10:26] <Sn0wman_Desk> alright thanks
[10:32] <rpgresearch> Sn0wman_Desk, found in /sys/devices/platform/omap2_mcspi.4/spi4.0
[10:32] <rpgresearch> thanks gregoiregentil
[10:34] <gregoiregentil> I'm definitely interesting to get any feed-back that can help to improve touchscreen responsiveness
[10:34] <gregoiregentil> I think that there are really two places to investigate: driver (those three settings are an example of what can be done)
[10:34] <gregoiregentil> and the tslib libraries. Especially trying other modules
[10:35] <gregoiregentil> I will summarize the locations once my touch book has started
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[10:59] <gregoiregentil> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Touchscreen_calibration
[10:59] <gregoiregentil> for rpgresearch and Sn0wman_Desk
[10:59] <Sn0wman_Desk> thanks gregoiregentil
[11:00] <gregoiregentil> If you can play with those options and find a better setting, please let me know
[11:00] <Sn0wman_Desk> did you just make that today? it says last modified was today
[11:00] <gregoiregentil> just now
[11:00] <Sn0wman_Desk> alright will do
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[20:53] <martinh_> so. my sister bought an acer aspire one and wants me to put linux on it (yay!). every time I dialog box comes up I touch the OK button. . .it doesn't work. *sigh*.
[20:57] <tommd> Acer Aspires are now touch screen systems?
[20:57] <tommd> huh
[21:00] <rpgresearch> gregoiregentil, I will definitely take a look at fiddilng with those settings, and logging the results. thanks!
[21:00] <gregoiregentil> yes. please
[21:01] <gregoiregentil> Some people already played with the driver settings but nobody managed to get something better
[21:01] <gregoiregentil> I'm not sure that it's possible to do better at kernel. The limitation at kernel level comes more from the hardware itself (meaning it's a resistive touchscreen)
[21:01] <gregoiregentil> but I think that tslib various modules might help.
[21:02] <gregoiregentil> Playing with ts.conf may be interesting. I read some threads on Google of people selecting other tslib modules and get better result for finger
[21:02] <gregoiregentil> also, note that with a stylus, the touchscreen is almost perfect. It's really with the finger that it's not optimal.
[21:02] <gregoiregentil> Some smart algorithms in the tslib module could help
[21:03] <rpgresearch> ok. I'll experiment with both tomorrow.
[21:03] <tommd> Oh, this is about your new touchscreen configurations? Could someone paste that link? I wasn't in chat on my laptop when it came up.
[21:03] <rpgresearch> heading to get my kids off to bed. cheers!
[21:03] <gregoiregentil> I've just updated the wiki
[21:03] <gregoiregentil> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Touchscreen_calibration
[21:03] <gregoiregentil> nothing new in the coming 2010-01.b image.
[21:05] <tommd> ok
[21:35] <gregoiregentil> interesting thread about touchscreen: http://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/1194
[21:39] <martinh_> tommd: now. they're not touch screens. that's why it doesn't work when I touch the OK button.
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[21:39] <tommd> lol, I see!
[21:41] <martinh> instead of progress. I get a lot of smudges on the screen. it's very annoying.
[21:45] <tommd> Well serves her right for not getting a TB
[21:45] <tommd> I've been really impressed by the progress of AI OS over the past three months.
[21:46] <martinh> yea. but, I wasn't going to be able to convince her of that. at least she did want linux on it.
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[22:41] <gregoiregentil> Sound is working in Ubuntu ;-)
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[22:52] <gregoiregentil> viridior: you should take a look at my ubuntu build. Ideally, you should do the same for Gentoo. It's just customization to support the basic Touch Book features (rotation, sound, video...): http://git.alwaysinnovating.com/cgit.cgi/ai.ubuntu/tree/
[22:53] <gregoiregentil> I can help you with that. I have some good ebuild experience!
[22:54] <gregoiregentil> What would be awesome would be to share the Documents folder between the various OSes... Not difficult technically, super cool features, but could be quite a mess
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