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[3:28] <tomeu> hi, has anybody thought about running sugar on the touchbook? http://www.sugarlabs.org/
[3:30] <leinir> Sugar isn't really touch friendly though, is it?
[3:30] <leinir> (the whole auto-hide/show thing they've got for the activity handling)
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[4:16] <tomeu> leinir: you mean because of the palettes that appear when you hover icons?
[4:16] <tomeu> I haven't tried it myself, but someone who tried it on a classmate 3 said it worked quite well
[4:16] <tomeu> the touchscreen, I mean
[4:16] <leinir> Yeah, any hover system's going to be pretty useless with a touch screen :)
[4:17] <tomeu> yeah, but palettes also open when you click the icon
[4:17] <tomeu> the hover is because it can be more discoverable than clicking in some situations
[4:18] <leinir> Right :)
[4:18] <leinir> As long as there's non-hover UI as well, it should work alright :)
[4:19] <leinir> The TB is a higher-powered device than the X0, so it should be just fine, really :)
[4:19] <tomeu> sugar has made work on beagle board already, so running it on the touchbook should be easy
[4:19] <leinir> Well, mostly so anyway :)
[4:20] <tomeu> http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/sugar/beagleboard/
[4:20] <tomeu> so if anybody has kids and would like them to run sugar on the tb, we have people in the sugar community that can help
[4:21] <tomeu> for now I haven't heard of anybody interested in deploying sugar on the tb, but I'm keeping an eye on that
[4:21] <leinir> Personally i've little interest in Sugar, i'm more into Mer... But sure, the more the merrier, really :)
[4:21] <leinir> And Sugar /is/ an interesting project, just not my alley :)
[4:22] <tomeu> yeah, we don't try to compete with general purpose desktops
[4:22] <leinir> *nods* :)
[4:22] <tomeu> we are happy if kids learn with it
[4:23] <leinir> That's the reason for its existence after all :)
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[4:47] <torpor> hiya gang
[4:48] <torpor> anyone running 2002.12a?
[4:48] <torpor> i'm considering doing the upgrade now .. just wondering if i should or not, on the basis of newly introduce bugs. i read on the forums that WPA2 doesn't work, for example but i'd like to hear it from you guys if you think its a positive step ..
[4:49] <leinir> well, 2012.01a is out already :)
[4:49] <leinir> So you might want to consider that one in stead :)
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[5:45] <Meizirkki_> Is the sound working in 2010-01.a TBuntu ?
[5:48] <Corsac> let me test that
[5:49] <Meizirkki_> ty
[5:50] <Corsac> ???gstreamer was unable to detect any sound device???
[5:50] <Corsac> my bet is ???no??? :)
[5:51] <Meizirkki_> okay thanks
[8:05] <topi_> what kind of sound chip is there in the TB?
[8:05] <topi_> I don't know where my TB is right now... *snif*
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[10:08] <martinh> topi_: it's whatever is on the beagleboard. integrated with the cpu.
[10:18] <rpgresearch> gregoiregentil, bugzilla doesn't yet list 2010-01a as a version. I'm trying to submit the bash bug I mentioned a few days ago.
[10:18] <gregoiregentil> creating, one second
[10:18] <gregoiregentil> which bug?
[10:20] <rpgresearch> From withing bash shell. If using the tab key for command line completion, and selecting a directory, the command line completion is not including the trailing slash "/" and thus requires an extra keystroke. This was not the case with 2009-12.a.
[10:20] <rpgresearch> Should be fairly easily variable fix in the environment settings for bash.
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[10:22] <rpgresearch> I would even be willing to fix it myself if you wanted.
[10:22] <gregoiregentil> interesting.
[10:22] <gregoiregentil> in 2010-01.a I have symlinked sh to bash instead of busybox
[10:22] <gregoiregentil> so it's a more elaborated bash you have
[10:22] <gregoiregentil> for instance, it has fixed the bug of history across various terminals (I have not updated bugzilla)
[10:23] <rpgresearch> to take the load off for such a trivial item. my C is too rusty, but shell and system level stuff (once I know where things are laid out) are np.
[10:23] <rpgresearch> ic
[10:23] <gregoiregentil> and the good part is that you have history with shift+PgUp
[10:24] <gregoiregentil> created 2010-01.a on bugzilla
[10:24] <rpgresearch> yep. that's good to have.
[10:24] <rpgresearch> ok. will submit it then. thanks.
[10:26] <rpgresearch> submitted
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[11:21] <tommd> gregoiregentil: WRT GPS + 01.a: It now blanks out the screen several times (with 12.a it would blank once and come back, now it does it about 4 times) when the USB GPS is plugged in. It also lost connection to the keyboard (which didn't happen in 12.a) thus going into tablet mode and back again. Then it asks if I have connected a GPS dongle (neat - what service does that?). I say yes and tango comes up...
[11:21] <tommd> gregoiregentil: the "Have you connected a GPS dongle?" question either didn't go away or there were two overlapping windows - suggest a check to prevent a window from coming up if one is already displayed.
[11:22] <tommd> gregoiregentil: It again lost me keyboard and got it back (power issue? I'm going to plug it into the wall).
[11:22] <gregoiregentil> are you on battery?
[11:23] <gregoiregentil> yes, I think that your GPS is requesting a lot of current and the board has a hard time to follow...
[11:23] <tommd> gregoiregentil: It should only be using ~70mA - I can splice a usb extention cable and check it later.... need to go to a lab to get an oscope though.
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[11:47] <hgc> does anyone know why my TB is unable to connect to my netgear router, using wpa-psk/tkip?
[11:47] <hgc> and, what might I do to diagnose the problem?
[11:49] <tommd> hgc: I would look at dmesg logs if you want to fix this problem. OTOH, you might just want to avoid the problem by switching your router to wpa-psk/aes which at least works for me.
[11:50] <tommd> hgc: You could also learn a little about wpa_supplicant (the program that does the work for your GUI interface). Running that program manually (with the correct arguments) will give you more information about what is failing.
[11:50] <tommd> Could be as simple as a typo in your password.
[11:51] <hgc> I'm pretty sure (certain, actually) that the PW is correct....where should I go to read about wpa_suppicant?
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[11:51] <tommd> Do you have another Linux computer? if so then 'man wpa_supplicant'
[11:52] <tommd> if not then google is your friend.
[11:52] <Sn0wman_> hey does anyone else have trouble with clicking the window management buttons (max, min, and close)?
[11:52] <tommd> If you are uncomfortable on the command line then dealing with wpa_supplicant might not be for you, but that is the most direct route to seeing the error messages and thus the easiest to debug with.
[11:53] <tommd> Sn0wman_: They work for me - the main issue is some applications not handling the lower resolution well (chrome has options windows that are too large, height wise). The other issue is that double-clicking the menu bar makes it disappear.
[11:54] <Sn0wman_> well it's not that they don't work, its just that they are hard to click
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[11:54] <Sn0wman_> what window manager does AIOS use?
[11:54] <gregoiregentil> xfwm4
[11:55] <Sn0wman_> what made you chose XFCE over gnome or KDE? or even blackbox?
[11:55] <tommd> KDE requires lots of memory, Sn0wman_.
[11:55] <w00t> they both do
[11:55] <Sn0wman_> that is true
[11:56] <Sn0wman_> what about blackbox or fluxbox?
[11:56] <gregoiregentil> because I have a lot of experience with xfwm4 and xfce4
[11:56] <Sn0wman_> ah
[11:56] <tommd> Not an agreeable interface for everyone. Don't get me wrong, if this were geared for me then I'd use xmonad, but not everyone likes the minimalistic interface.
[11:56] <gregoiregentil> also xfwm4 is very efficient even with transparency and stuff like that
[11:57] <azaghal> KDE is such a RAM pig...
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[11:57] <w00t> at the end of the day, an interface that works for the majority with the ability to change it for those that it doesn't work for, is what's best :)
[11:57] <tommd> Yes
[11:57] <gregoiregentil> In any case, it's hard to please everybody. But with the ubuntu image which starts to work well, you can do whatever you want with the Ubuntu repo
[11:58] <Sn0wman_> does the ubuntu image have an arm repo?
[11:58] <Sn0wman_> and has anyone gotten the chrome image working?
[11:59] <tommd> android image you mean?
[11:59] <Sn0wman_> naw, the chromeOS image
[12:00] <gregoiregentil> the chromeOS is not yet there
[12:00] <Sn0wman_> oh
[12:00] <gregoiregentil> even Google has a hard time to prepare an ARM-based chromeOS image - lol
[12:01] <Sn0wman_> hehe, I never paid attention to the release files :-?
[12:01] <Sn0wman_> cant u just cross-compile?
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[12:16] <sn0wman> I don't know if anyone actually answered the question, but what can I do about the window buttons? I've recalibrated like 7 times but I still can't press the freaking buttons when the windows are maximized
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[12:19] <gregoiregentil> yes, same for me! I'm working on something different
[12:19] <gregoiregentil> too late he is gone!!!
[12:19] <Sn0wman_> no Im here
[12:19] <Sn0wman_> that was on my TG
[12:19] <Sn0wman_> TB*
[12:21] <Sn0wman_> wait... do you have to reboot the TB for calibrations to take effect?
[12:26] <gregoiregentil> you probably need to restart X
[12:26] <gregoiregentil> ctrl-alt-backspace
[12:28] <Sn0wman_> how'd you know the key combo?
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[12:30] <sn0wman> did you read the x documentation manual? hehe?
[12:31] <gregoiregentil> good shortcut to restart the env without rebooting
[12:32] <sn0wman> yah but where'd u learn the key combination?
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[12:34] <gregoiregentil> somebody told me a long time ago...
[12:34] <Sn0wman_TB> ah
[12:34] <dpb> Yeah, that's an old old command.
[12:35] <dpb> And nowadays I think that combo is disabled by default.
[12:35] <dpb> (Can be enabled from xorg.conf)
[12:36] <Sn0wman_TB> I just have a thing about having to know where things came from. And being able to read it in offical documentation
[12:41] <dpb> Even wikipedia says about it
[12:41] <dpb> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System#User_interfaces
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[12:48] <martinh> some sstems have it set so you haveto hit it twice to activate the restart.
[12:53] <tommd> gregoiregentil: Not exactly a TB thing, but if you have any friends on tangogps - when I inserted the GPS dongle w/o internet connectivity tango startup up. I then set up my network connection but tango wouldn't start downloading files till I right clicking and messed with my map download settings. IOW, tango needs a connection-detection or polling routine.
[12:54] <gregoiregentil> tommd: I patched myself to add google maps... so no specific friend at Tangogps
[12:55] <tommd> gregoiregentil: I'm going for a run but do see a tangogps IRC room. I'll talk to them when I get back.
[12:55] <gregoiregentil> sure. That would be great to send upstream
[12:56] <gregoiregentil> and if they can integrate that: http://git.alwaysinnovating.com/cgit.cgi/ai.openembedded.dev/tree/recipes/tangogps/files/add-googlemaps.patch
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[13:55] <rpgresearch> gregoiregentil, when I plug in my USB 727 Verizon broadband device, I get 3 popup windows in a row asking if it is a GPS device. I then have to click No 3 times. If I accidentally click yes (happened when I was in command line typing, and it defaulted to yes because popped up while I was in command line hitting return), it loads the gps app, but then I can't use the verizon device unless I reboot. Should I file a bug report with more details and an
[13:55] <rpgresearch> y error log info?
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[13:56] <rpgresearch> hgc. I am able to use WPA/TKIP on 2010-01.a. Under 2009-12.a I had to manually make edits to config files to get it to work.
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[13:57] <gregoiregentil> rpgresearch: yes file
[13:57] <gregoiregentil> seems my halevt script is not so goog.
[13:57] <gregoiregentil> good
[13:57] <gregoiregentil> the problem is that all those devices use the same driver and they don't report correctly what their purpose is
[13:59] <rpgresearch> ic
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[18:22] <Sn0wman_Desk> can you turn the LCD off and still have the tablet charge?
[18:22] <gregoiregentil> yes, just press the power button once!
[18:24] <Sn0wman_Desk> alright because I just had the tablet and keyboard connected and had it charging for about ~16 hours and it died within 10 minutes of me taking it off
[18:24] <Sn0wman_Desk> taking the tablet* off
[18:25] <gregoiregentil> is it a clean build?
[18:25] <Sn0wman_Desk> yes
[18:25] <Sn0wman_Desk> installed 3 days ago
[18:25] <Sn0wman_Desk> 2010-01.a
[18:26] <Sn0wman_Desk> :-/
[18:26] <Sn0wman_Desk> any ideas on when the battery monitor will be up? Next release hopefully?
[18:27] <gregoiregentil> yes
[18:27] <Sn0wman_Desk> all of it? top and bottom batteries working?
[18:29] <gregoiregentil> the bottom battery script is working in 2010-01.a
[18:30] <Sn0wman_Desk> alright
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[23:14] <Corsac> hey alex :)
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[23:29] <Corsac> hmh.
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