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[5:28] <galahad> hello. had a doubt with the mike on touchbook
[5:28] <galahad> i have merged all the changes (the stereo changes etc) from git, but the mike input is still not working
[5:32] <galahad> hello?
[5:33] <leinir> i'm sure a storm of 42 people answering "Sorry, not a clue" isn't too helpful ;)
[5:34] <galahad> @leinir true :)
[5:35] <volatile1> Sorry, no clu
[5:35] <volatile1> e
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[7:01] <Sleep_Walker> hi
[7:01] <Sleep_Walker> how long is current queue?
[7:02] <Sleep_Walker> (in time)
[7:02] <volatile1> 4 month? :D
[7:02] <Sleep_Walker> wow
[7:03] <Sleep_Walker> are there any plans about increasing RAM ammount?
[7:03] <volatile1> No, I dont know, but mine for example took a few month
[7:03] <volatile1> Nope, Ram wont be increades
[7:04] <Sleep_Walker> 256mbs is quite a lot, but for ARM 512mb should be possible, shouldn't it...
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[7:09] <volatile1> Hi zopper
[7:11] <Sleep_Walker> zopper: happy owner of ta??b??k? :)
[7:12] <zopper> hi all... I have a "little" trables with notebook... (no TB)
[7:14] <zopper> So now I am on another NB which I found at home... An old Fujitsu siemens Amilo Pro...
[7:14] <zopper> :(
[7:14] <zopper> Sleep_Walker: yeah...
[7:15] <DJWillis> Sleep_Walker: the 512 pop RAM chips are in very short supply, when supply gets better you can expect to see them start to show up on OMAP3 devices for sure.
[7:15] <zopper> Sleep_Walker: is good... when the AIOS will be not alpha, it will be great
[7:18] <Sleep_Walker> DJWillis: great news!
[7:19] <Sleep_Walker> zopper: well, I'd like to put there Angstrom or Gentoo instead
[7:19] <zopper> restart.. I am installing new drivers on this amilo... this notebook doesnt run for almost two years..
[7:19] <Sleep_Walker> I'm interested in HW
[7:20] <volatile1> So
[7:20] <volatile1> Can someone tell me now why the LXDE on my tb doesnt want to run?
[7:20] <volatile1> I prepared the card with rootstock
[7:20] <volatile1> Connected the tb to wlan
[7:21] <volatile1> and isntalled lxde using aptitude
[7:21] <volatile1> http://gitorious.org/ubuntutouchbookremix/pages/Home This is what I used to prepare the card
[7:22] <volatile1> When I boot I get the login screen but the hourglass never gets a normal pointer, the dropdown lists load very slow and when I want to log in I can choose the user but never get a prompt for the pw
[7:22] <volatile1> So I guess theres something missing
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[7:22] <volatile1> I just got no idea wht do try :(
[7:23] <volatile1> I wish I had started with linux instead of windows 98 when I was young
[7:32] <Sleep_Walker> heh, me too
[7:32] <volatile1> :)
[7:32] <Sleep_Walker> logs doesn't tell anything unusual?
[7:32] <volatile1> I dont know!
[7:33] <volatile1> I dont know where to start looking
[7:33] <volatile1> Never ran into problems like this, my other PCs jsut work :D
[7:33] <Sleep_Walker> try /var/log/messages for userspace and `dmesg' command for kernel logs
[7:34] <DJWillis> volatile1: tried seeing what your Login DM is? I'll bet it's something like it's set to GDM but not pulled in the entire of Gnome that GDM needs these days ;-), try installing XDM or SLiM or something like that.
[7:35] <Sleep_Walker> or nodm :)
[7:35] <volatile1> Okay, Im booting ;)
[7:37] <volatile1> Okay
[7:37] <volatile1> Im in tty1 now
[7:37] <_koen_> DJWillis: how's you SliM recipe looking?
[7:38] <DJWillis> _koen_: a mess but it works, using it on the OP images with ~/.xinitrc as it looks in there for a session, need to make that nicer to be honest but I did not plan to write/maintain the code of SLiM ;-)
[7:39] <DJWillis> _koen_: I'll give it some TLC and move it out of the overlay and into the op.oe.dev tree when I get half an hour.
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[7:39] <volatile1> Damn capslock, give me a srewdriver and I kill this key :D
[7:39] <volatile1> wb zopper
[7:47] <zopper> anyone know, how to create account on EA? I bought the Spore game...
[7:47] <zopper> :D
[7:48] <DJWillis> zopper: just mail then your soul and sign up to the DRM and there right to take everything you ever own, that should cover it ;-)
[7:49] <zopper> DJWillis: I know about worse things.... eg. ACTA... ;-)
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[7:50] <volatile1> What the hell...
[7:50] <volatile1> Now I get stuff like bad page in kernel page table
[7:51] <zopper> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement
[7:51] <zopper> :(
[7:53] <galahad> hello? i am still stuck with the mic issue here. could it be a problem with volume levels
[7:53] <leinir> galahad: i thought you'd have tried that already :) Sure, it's entirely possible - try alsamixer on the command line :)
[7:55] <galahad> i had tried it once. trying it once again
[7:55] <galahad> @leimir: so is it that mic doesnt work out of the box for the touchbook?
[7:56] <leinir> no idea :)
[7:56] <leinir> (and it's an n, not an m)
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[8:12] <DJWillis> _koen_: if you get 30 secs can you eyeball the libpng and libsdl-image fixes/tweaks I pushed to my tree. libsdl-image now seems to actually work so that's a help ;)
[8:15] <_koen_> DJWillis: looks ok to me
[8:15] <_koen_> the libpng cleanup is nice
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[8:19] <DJWillis> _koen_: What does INHIBIT_NATIVE_STAGE_INSTALL mean? I suspect I should have removed it from the libsdl-image-native.inc but I am guessing at what it does.
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[8:38] <_koen_> DJWillis: I suspect it stops autotools_stage_all from staging stuff
[8:39] <DJWillis> _koen_: well as I binned the custom do_stage as it was rubbish I should also bin that ;)
[8:43] <galahad> @leinir i tried the alsamixer again
[8:43] <galahad> the headset is working
[8:44] <galahad> but the mic isn't. i checked the mic on my pc and its working fine on the pc
[8:44] <galahad> what shoud be the values set in alsamixer for capture?
[8:44] <galahad> which is the DAC to which MIC is connected on touchbook
[8:45] <galahad> hello. any other suggestions that i could try?
[8:45] <galahad> i am stuck with this since the past couple of days :(
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[9:36] <galahad> hello? anyone with the same problem?
[9:36] <galahad> what setting should i set in alsamixer
[9:37] <galahad> i had unmuted the mike from the sound
[9:37] <galahad> configuration
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[10:10] <MikeEvans> anyone heard news about the December shipment?
[10:13] <Janno_freenode> I really wonder what's going on at AI
[10:15] <MikeEvans> my friend, who's order was processed as part of the November shipment took delivery of his today. My order missed that so I was just hoping for some news on dates and when shipping is likely - given the Christmas break etc
[10:51] <MMlosh> Does that mean, that the waiting queue is only 1 month long?
[10:53] <galahad> i have patched the kernel with all the audio updates, but still even with the gstreamer commands i am getting only silence
[10:53] <MikeEvans> well I enquired near the beginning of November and was told that if I ordered then that my order would be processed in December - so I guess so
[10:54] <MMlosh> nice... I've heard some rumors saying it's >6 months
[11:17] <hyc> not any more
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[11:19] <Gary13579> MMlosh, it hasn't been >6 months since they started taking preorders...
[11:19] <Gary13579> and that was only because the device wasn't finished
[11:20] <MMlosh> OK... I've said "rumors", not that It actually happened
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[11:34] <galahad> heylo? anyone with the same issue as i have with the mic?
[11:34] <galahad> i am trying to port android onto touchbook, and trying to get audio working
[11:34] <galahad> but this mic issue is stopping me
[11:35] <Gary13579> galahad, are you sure the mic is completely connected?
[11:36] <Gary13579> remember the audio ports aren't fully aligned
[11:36] <Gary13579> open the top of the case and make sure the mic line is FULLY attached
[11:36] <galahad> @Gary13579 yes, i tried connecting three different mikes to the board
[11:36] <galahad> oh k. i will check that. thanks.
[11:37] <Gary13579> galahad, it's a hardware flaw, if you look at the audio jacks they are not fully flush with the side of the case.
[11:37] <galahad> what do you mean its not fully aligned?
[11:37] <Gary13579> sec
[11:37] <galahad> oh k. then, i guess that might be the issue. i will check them.
[11:37] <dpb> You have android working that far?
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[11:38] <galahad> i read about the alignment issue, thats why i tried with different mikes
[11:39] <galahad> @dpb yes, the basic setup. trying to integrate touchscreen and the rest now. even after running touchscreen calibration (i ran ts_calibrate) its still giving errors
[11:39] <galahad> @dpb yes, i am able to boot android
[11:39] <dpb> cool
[11:40] <dpb> are you posting your progress in the forums?
[11:40] <galahad> which forum? i didnt see any major activity there. so wasn't posting anythere
[11:41] <dpb> the alwaysinnovating forum
[11:41] <galahad> was thinking of posting it once i am done with it. the touchscreen and audio is frustrating the hell out of me and the backlight also seems to be very dull. are you facing something similar?
[11:42] <dpb> I haven't actually even tested audio on the touchbook at all... :S
[11:43] <galahad> @dpb :)
[11:44] <galahad> <Gary13579> <dpb> thanks anyways. lemme check the mic alignment.
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[12:17] <volatile1> Its me again :-/
[12:17] <volatile1> Im currently running rootstock tu set up a minimal ubuntu
[12:18] <volatile1> The scripts I use copy /etc/Wireless, /lib/modules, /etc/X11/xorg.conf, /etc/fstab, /etc/udev/roles.d/local.rules from the original FS
[12:19] <volatile1> Is there anythin else I should copy?
[12:20] <volatile1> Because when I simply boot the sd and install lxde or netbook-remix they wont run perfectly
[12:22] <volatile1> So there must be something missing! :(
[12:25] <galahad> <volatile1> is it build using the same tool chain? the linux image and the libraries u are copying
[12:25] <galahad> it usually doesnt work by just copying libraries. the tool chain has to be the same version
[12:26] <volatile1> http://gitorious.org/ubuntutouchbookremix/pages/Home These are the scripts Im using
[12:26] <volatile1> On a Debian Lenny
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[12:41] <oly> woo i just got my touchbook
[12:41] <oly> now for all the questions :p
[12:41] <oly> main one being how do i speed up the touchpad
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[12:54] <tommd> oly: There is a control menu for the mouse/touchpad
[12:54] <volatile1> Yup
[12:54] <volatile1> Which doesnt work
[12:54] <tommd> oly: iirc, the "fast" and "slow" ends of the slider bar are reversed.
[12:54] <volatile1> At least here
[12:54] <tommd> volatile1: I noticed a difference.
[12:55] <volatile1> Doesnt matter since I wont use the original OS ;)
[12:55] <tommd> Yeah, OSes are for chumps. Real devs run on bare metal.
[12:56] <volatile1> ?
[12:56] <oly> the gui does not seem to do anything
[12:56] <volatile1> I just dont want to use the AIOS tommd
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[12:56] <oly> i did just get it though so want to try out the default
[12:57] <oly> before hacking it
[12:57] <tommd> yeah, I got that - just spouting off random crazy talk.
[12:57] <volatile1> Okay :P
[13:04] <volatile1> reboot
[13:04] <volatile1> pc feels like stuck in helly
[13:04] <volatile1> jelly
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[13:22] <GNUtoo> mmm narcicius is still broken...should I write to the angstrom mailing list?
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[13:42] <Mrkva> hi
[13:42] <_koen_> GNUtoo: unless you expect issues to magicially fix themselves :)
[13:42] <Mrkva> is there anyone responsible for the official AI homepage? (http://www.alwaysinnovating.com)
[13:45] <GNUtoo> ok
[13:45] <GNUtoo> thanks
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