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[3:04] <diroots> even after triple charge, kb part definitely not responding :-( and testing battery life after a full charge (led green) dropped down to 26% in 2 hours on the battery widget for bottom bat...
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[4:58] <volatile1> Np greg here :(
[4:58] <volatile1> no
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[8:45] <topi_> anyone else waiting for their order to ship than me? :)
[8:45] <volatile1> Nope ;)
[8:45] <topi_> the last 'news' item on ai.com's website is from september, for god'sake!
[8:46] <tommd> topi_: Yeah, look under the support section for more news.
[8:46] <tommd> Such as OS releases
[8:46] <topi_> hey tommd, I'm working on adding linux/arm relocation support to ghc compiler
[8:46] <topi_> it just takes a loooong time to compile the whole thing on my beagle board
[8:47] <tommd> topi_: Yep, I'd like to help.
[8:47] <tommd> I couldn't get the unregistered build to work a couple months ago, but if you're passed that and have a git or darcs tree then I'll pull and dive in next week.
[8:48] <topi_> i built it unregisteristed, but didn't really try to compile stuff, i just wanted the ghci to work...
[8:48] <topi_> i added debugging messages to the linker to see what is happening
[8:51] <tommd> topi_: I've got to run right now - this is finals week for me so things a slightly busy. I'll track you down in a few days or you could @msg, e-mail or send me a google wave.
[8:52] <topi_> i'll be here on freenode.net
[8:52] <tommd> Good, I'll ping you later then.
[8:52] <topi_> i still haven't created the missing code to the linker so it might take a week or so
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[12:07] <Corsac> hmhm, just received the counterbalances
[12:10] <azaghal> And...
[12:11] <Corsac> well, I don't know how to install them :)
[12:11] <azaghal> lol
[12:11] <azaghal> I'm still waiting for USPS/whoever to deliver the damn thing.
[12:16] <Meizirkki> Corsac, super glue they say :P
[12:17] * Meizirkki might glue them tomorrow when he fixes the hinge..
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[12:24] <topi_> azaghal: what date did you place yourder?
[12:24] <azaghal> Corsac: Did you have a weird route of the TouchBook listed on USPS tracking page, btw? I've seen the thing arrive to France, then back to New York :)
[12:24] <topi_> your order
[12:25] <azaghal> topi_: Quite a while ago, but it looks to be some shipping problem.
[12:25] <azaghal> Maybe 3-4 weeks now.
[12:25] <topi_> I ordered 12th of november, and nothing yet :(
[12:26] <azaghal> Well, I can see the USPS status, but... It's weird, as I said :)
[12:26] <topi_> damn, i want to have that thing before i leave for some more adventures :/
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[12:40] <Corsac> azaghal: no, it went straight through
[12:40] <azaghal> Argh
[12:40] <Corsac> azaghal: if it's back to nyc there's a problem, imho
[12:43] <azaghal> I have a very bad feeling I threw away 400 bucks -.-
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[12:48] <mervaka> mine came without warning
[12:48] <mervaka> just showed up
[12:48] <volatile1> Hi
[12:48] <volatile1> azaghal: What happened?
[12:49] <volatile1> mervaka: What came without warning?
[12:49] <azaghal> Well, I think USPS messed-up something.
[12:49] <mervaka> my tb
[12:49] <mervaka> ..
[12:49] <volatile1> Oh
[12:49] <volatile1> I thought you talk about an error or so
[12:49] <azaghal> I've tried to contact them now through e-mail, but it's hell of an ugly service they have there :)
[12:50] <mervaka> ya
[12:51] <mervaka> i'm still waiting for a reply on my battery problem
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[13:10] <topi_> mervaka: what happened to your batteries?
[13:10] <volatile1> He accidently ate them
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[13:39] <mervaka> well
[13:40] <mervaka> they dont seem to charge
[13:40] <mervaka> not sure about the top one
[13:40] <mervaka> i have a version of the software that doesnt have a battery indicator
[13:40] <mervaka> but the light on the bottom never reaches a green or blinking orange state
[13:41] <volatile1> mervaka: So... http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Reinstall_OS#Linux Tried that?
[13:41] <mervaka> thats the other problem
[13:42] <volatile1> What?
[13:42] <mervaka> the 8GB SD card _doesnt_ want to mount in any computer except the tb
[13:42] <volatile1> I still dont believe that :D
[13:42] <hyc> perhaps your other machines' readers don't support SDHC
[13:43] <mervaka> they do
[13:43] <hyc> there's nothing special about the formatting of this card
[13:43] <mervaka> hmm
[13:43] <volatile1> Nope
[13:43] <mervaka> it read a 4GB SHHC okay
[13:43] <mervaka> er
[13:43] <mervaka> SDHC*
[13:43] <volatile1> hyc: I a right when I say that a root can format every sd card?
[13:43] <hyc> yeah, root can always do anything to anything
[13:44] <hyc> as long as the device actually supports things ....
[13:44] <volatile1> yup
[13:44] <mervaka> but that was a microSD card, and i've misplaced the SD converter thingy..
[13:45] <mervaka> even so, it's strange i cant read the card
[13:46] <volatile1> Can tb boot from usb?
[13:47] <volatile1> If so you could maybe try that?
[13:50] <mervaka> erm
[13:50] <mervaka> well booting isnt the problem
[13:50] <volatile1> No
[13:51] <mervaka> its getting it mounted so i can format it
[13:51] <volatile1> But your battery monitor
[13:51] <mervaka> oh
[13:51] <mervaka> http://pastebin.com/m12c0d2ab
[13:51] <mervaka> there's my dmesg output
[13:51] <mervaka> from the usb insert event
[13:51] <volatile1> And since you cant dd the new image onto the sd you can dd it onto a usb stick maybe?
[13:51] <mervaka> possibly
[13:51] <mervaka> i'm about to try a 2GB SD card
[13:51] <volatile1> Yeah
[13:51] <mervaka> waiting for the image file to download
[13:52] <volatile1> :)
[13:57] <hyc> you don't mount it if you're going to format it
[13:58] <mervaka> hmm
[13:58] <mervaka> ok i'll give it a try
[13:58] <hyc> it has to be unmounted if you want to format it
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[13:59] <mervaka> hmm
[13:59] <mervaka> cant even see it in fdisk? :/
[13:59] <volatile1> su
[13:59] <mervaka> not even as sd?
[13:59] <volatile1> gparted :P
[13:59] <mervaka> i did
[13:59] <mervaka> not there either
[14:00] <hyc> it should not show up as /dev/sd. it should be /dev/mmcblk0
[14:00] <hyc> or something like that.
[14:00] <mervaka> hmm ok
[14:00] <hyc> dmesg should show you what it was detected as when you inserted it
[14:03] <mervaka> hmm
[14:03] <mervaka> did you read that pastebin link?
[14:04] <mervaka> looks like sdf
[14:04] <hyc> nope, didn't see any pastebin
[14:04] <mervaka> http://pastebin.com/m12c0d2ab
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[14:05] <mervaka> thats the dmesg output
[14:06] <mervaka> (from my main pc)
[14:06] <hyc> yeah, ok. sdf
[14:07] <hyc> didn't realize your reader wasn't built in...
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[14:13] <mervaka> nah
[14:13] <mervaka> well
[14:13] <mervaka> i do have a builtin reader
[14:13] <mervaka> but its also on a usb header
[14:16] <mervaka> this is just bloody strange :/
[14:17] <volatile1> No
[14:17] <volatile1> Just... pretty normal :P
[14:17] <mervaka> normal? :P
[14:17] <volatile1> yup
[14:17] <mervaka> AI's phantom SD cards
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[14:49] <snowman__> anyone know how good the gaming is on the OMAP 3530 in the touchbook?
[14:50] * snowman__ is now known as Sn0wman
[14:50] <Sn0wman> like if it could play games like call of duty 2 or 4?
[14:51] <volatile1> Lol
[14:51] <Sn0wman> well it seemed to have fantastic media capabilities
[14:52] <Sn0wman> is that an implied no?
[14:53] <volatile1> Im not sure about the games it could handle
[14:53] <volatile1> But I dont think it does Cod4
[14:53] <volatile1> And I dont think it does Cod2 as well
[14:53] <volatile1> Only 256 mb ram for example
[14:54] <Sn0wman> well it would have to use WINE so that doesn't help at all
[14:54] <Sn0wman> oh yah... :-/ forgot bout that...
[14:54] <hyc> WINE only runs on x86
[14:54] <Sn0wman> really?
[14:54] <Sn0wman> that blows even more
[14:55] <volatile1> But there are other great games
[14:55] <volatile1> Like... TuxRacer? :D
[14:55] <hyc> yeah, it's actually a pretty lame project
[14:55] <hyc> considering we had decent x86 emulation in software on M68K 25 years ago
[14:55] <Sn0wman> well couldn't u compile it from source on arm?
[14:56] <hyc> no, that wouldn't make any difference
[14:56] <Sn0wman> why?
[14:56] <hyc> go read about it...
[14:56] <topi_> there's qemu if you need x86
[14:56] <hyc> if you use qemu then you don't need wine
[14:57] <topi_> qemu does not know anything about running windows binaries
[14:58] <Sn0wman> so how did they get things like quake 4 and stuff onto the beagleboard?
[14:58] <Sn0wman> quake 3*
[14:58] <hyc> thenI guess qemu isn't a very good x86 emulator either
[15:00] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: with a fair bit of ease, in the case of Quake3, it's a GLES backend and SDL fudged onto the GLES libs for the SGX and run on the Touchbook/Pandora/Beagle et. all ;)
[15:00] <Sn0wman> while I may not understand that... thank you for the response :)
[15:01] <hyc> to clarify: recompiling wine from source would make no difference. if you have the actual source code of the game in question, sure.
[15:01] <hyc> Quake3 source code is freely available...
[15:02] <Sn0wman> oh... I did not know that... but why wouldn't compiling wine from source make a difference
[15:03] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
[15:03] <hyc> because.
[15:03] <hyc> go read about it.
[15:03] <volatile1> :D
[15:03] <hyc> it's not worth explaining here.
[15:04] <Sn0wman> what wouldn't work about it?
[15:04] <Sn0wman> would it not compile?
[15:04] <Sn0wman> are those libraries not available for arm?
[15:04] <Sn0wman> not compatible with arm?
[15:04] <Sn0wman> ...
[15:04] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: Wine IS NOT AN EMULATOR ;-) (hense WINE). It just passes down windows API calls. Ironically WINE can have a roll on ARM passing down some WinCE calls but's its use is so limited as to not be of use (and def. not for anything in the x86 space).
[15:05] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: WINE can be built for ARM, it just serves no purpose as it's not going to magically deal with x86 binaries ;-)
[15:05] <Sn0wman> oh
[15:05] <Sn0wman> ok
[15:05] <Sn0wman> there we go
[15:05] <Sn0wman> that makes more sense
[15:05] <Sn0wman> thank you
[15:05] <drantin> combine it with qemu!
[15:06] <hyc> great idea. then you can play at the equivalent speed of a 4MHz x86
[15:06] <DJWillis> drantin: and have something that serves no purpose other than helping you grow old while it does something ;)
[15:06] <Sn0wman> why wouldn't quemu work by itself?
[15:07] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: it will, just slow slow slow slow ;-)
[15:07] <volatile1> sloooooooooooooooow
[15:07] <Sn0wman> ARM host cpu is in testing and x86 is supported as a target cpu
[15:07] <Sn0wman> I understand that emulation is slow but when makes this sloooooooooooooooooooow
[15:08] <hyc> use your brain.
[15:08] <volatile1> qemu is always slow
[15:08] <hyc> a typical PC these days runs at 1-4GHz
[15:08] <volatile1> while(qemu){slow++}
[15:08] <hyc> the ARM in OMAP3 is 600MHz
[15:08] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: ARM is not a nice fit for the x86 arch running over it and never will be, that is the really simple way to explain it.
[15:09] <hyc> even if it was a perfect architectural match, the difference in clock speed is ridiculous
[15:09] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: to be honest, if you need/want x86 and won't leave that, ARM is not for you.
[15:09] <volatile1> Ill be sitting in the train for 4-6 hours tommorow
[15:09] <volatile1> Should I take my eee pc 901 AND the tb with me and continue with setting it up? ;)
[15:10] <DJWillis> hyc: if it was a perfect match it would be ARM > ARM ;-) but yep, clocks do come into it.
[15:10] <Sn0wman> lol so what is the OMAP3 graphics accelerator for lol if it has next to no applications for it?
[15:10] <volatile1> There are
[15:10] <volatile1> Like 720p
[15:10] <Sn0wman> so pretty much hi-def playback?
[15:10] <Sn0wman> and thats about it?
[15:10] <volatile1> Nope
[15:11] <Sn0wman> and standard-def playback
[15:11] <volatile1> It simpl accelerates ;)
[15:11] <volatile1> y
[15:11] <hyc> what else do you expect a graphics processor to do?
[15:11] <volatile1> And when you compile Quake3 for ARM it should run pretty nice
[15:11] <Sn0wman> it kinda seems over-compensation for such limited support of its use
[15:12] <volatile1> Limited? Just because you cant play Cod? Come on
[15:12] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: no apps? Hmmm, yeah, right ;), no shortage of apps and considering the Beagle/Touchbook and OpenPandora all use the same family of OMAP3 SoC's I see the interesting application space getting quite full and active in the next 3-6 months
[15:12] <Sn0wman> no because graphics acceleration isn't really used very much without some type of grahpics intenive application (games)
[15:13] <volatile1> I want a 'virus' for the tb
[15:13] <volatile1> (Theres one on the apples)
[15:13] <DJWillis> volatile1: has you tried the SGX aware Quake3 we did for the OP on the TouchBook? I expect it will run right from the Angstrom repros.
[15:13] <volatile1> You can turn the screen and the desktop icons fall down and follow gravity ;)
[15:13] <hyc> you haven't heard of GPGPU? OpenCL?
[15:13] <volatile1> DJWillis: I didnt try anything ;0
[15:14] <hyc> anyway, it's no different from GPUs on PCs
[15:14] <hyc> they don't do anything for the regular compute code
[15:14] <Sn0wman> well the touchbook is the only practicle use of the omap 3530 so far... openpandora = too small for media development and BB = development (I doubt the devs are looking to build media-centric software)
[15:15] <Sn0wman> I mean the pandora has a 4" screen... who's gonna want to develop for that?
[15:15] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: The Beagle sells very well ;), just as well we do not all fit your neich. that's what makes it interesting.
[15:16] <Sn0wman> well I still intend on getting a touchbook very soon I'm just dissapointed in its lack of graphics-intensive applications
[15:16] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: I find using my OP like a Zaurus is quite ideal, just what I had in mind for hacking, some of the emus and apps for gaming are a bonus, great for ScummVM also (but I am biased)
[15:18] <Sn0wman> oh yah doesn't the pandora have an emu for psx and other old-timey consoles?
[15:19] <hyc> Sn0wman: just what exactly do you plan to do with the TB? Doesn't sound like you're a software developer
[15:19] <volatile1> He wants to play Cod4 :D
[15:19] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: a few are in dev. most/well all will also work on the TB with a little tweaking, same for the Beagle.
[15:20] <volatile1> IF it doesnt crash :D
[15:20] <hyc> pretty sure MAME was already ported, no?
[15:20] <DJWillis> volatile1: Yep, 360 for that, TB for hacking, note taking, browsing etc.
[15:20] <volatile1> ;)
[15:20] <Sn0wman> I'm 15 and I like finding out how things work so I'm pretty much gonna use it as a pre-configured BB. I just wanna mess around with it pretty much. But I'm getting this over a BB because it is more practical to use
[15:20] <volatile1> Consoles suck :D
[15:21] <Sn0wman> I agree with that volatile1
[15:21] <DJWillis> Sn0wman: then welcome to the world of embedded hackery
[15:21] <Sn0wman> sides I have a kickass gaming pc I built for gaming
[15:21] <drantin> :/
[15:21] <hyc> embedded hackery == the only Real Programmers left in the world...
[15:21] <Sn0wman> which i'm on right now actually
[15:22] <volatile1> Damn, I have to set up my eee pc 901 as acces point to have internet on my tb tommorow
[15:22] <volatile1> Ill just have my 3g flatrate in the train :(
[15:22] <Sn0wman> sides I already have a 900HA for moderate gaming really
[15:22] <hyc> PC programmers with their C# /Java / C++ don't know crap about good software design or coding efficiency
[15:22] <Sn0wman> rofl
[15:22] <volatile1> hyc: Hehe
[15:23] <DJWillis> hyc: I head up a team of .Net developers in my paying job ;) (mind you, I am a shite coder)
[15:23] <volatile1> Jave :D
[15:23] <Sn0wman> I just learned about coding efficiency by programming an ASCII clock that took up 30% of my processor's usage :)
[15:23] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) Quit (Connection timed out)
[15:23] <Sn0wman> hyc: well what does emmbedded use? assembly?
[15:23] <drantin> :/
[15:23] <hyc> assembly when necessary
[15:23] <hyc> an experienced programmer knows "when necessary"
[15:24] <volatile1> asm sucks :D
[15:24] <volatile1> Sn0wman: C
[15:24] <Sn0wman> I just need to start learning to use libraries for XFCE or Gnome or whatever so I can start making useful applications
[15:24] <hyc> C for everything else. No object-oriented crap. no classes and inheritance or garbage collection.
[15:24] <Sn0wman> well I know c++ so close enough :)
[15:24] <Sn0wman> pssh classes ftw
[15:24] <Sn0wman> lol jk
[15:24] <volatile1> I think C++ is okay for tb
[15:25] <Sn0wman> but since i'm so young I can 15, I got time to learn...
[15:25] <volatile1> If you plan to program AVRs and stuff C++ is a bit heavy :D
[15:26] <hyc> start with the basics. If you don't *understand* machine language you will never be an efficient coder.
[15:26] <Sn0wman> what type of libs and/or whatnot would you use to to program things like how the desktop changes when the accelerometer changes
[15:26] * drantin still admires the old z80 programmers from the TI calculators...
[15:26] <hyc> you don't need to *use* it every day...
[15:26] <hyc> the AI-daemon is mostly written in C
[15:26] <volatile1> (00:26:29) hyc: start with the basics. If you don't *understand* machine language you will never be an efficient coder. <= drama drama :D
[15:26] <Sn0wman> well I'm learning a little bit of everything as I go... like electronics theory, understanding asm, high-level programming
[15:27] <Sn0wman> I've strayed away from network security lately
[15:27] <hyc> volatile1: fact, not drama, not opinion.
[15:27] <mervaka> get yourself a pic
[15:27] <mervaka> learn assembly on that.
[15:27] <hyc> you have to understand machine architecture, system architecture
[15:27] <Sn0wman> I got an arduino
[15:27] <Sn0wman> and i've been messin with that
[15:27] <mervaka> learn asm on that then
[15:27] <volatile1> NO! NONONO! No Pic!
[15:27] <volatile1> :D
[15:27] <volatile1> Take AVR!
[15:27] <mervaka> :P
[15:28] <Sn0wman> but I don't understand how to get assembly on it tho
[15:28] <Sn0wman> I'll google it eventually tho
[15:28] <mervaka> i get free pics, so i'm biased
[15:28] <Sn0wman> I also found that reading a 1000-page manual on the AVR arch is a bit heavy...
[15:28] <mervaka> at least i used to.. havent tried in a while
[15:28] <hyc> I learned assembly on 6502 first. go find an old vic20...
[15:28] <mervaka> well
[15:28] * volatile1 has a bunch of pcbs lying next to him
[15:28] <volatile1> Designed by me
[15:28] <mervaka> an assembly instruction set is pretty small
[15:28] <volatile1> Soldered by me
[15:28] <volatile1> And programmed by me
[15:28] <mervaka> volatile1: have a medal
[15:28] <volatile1> :P
[15:29] <volatile1> Great
[15:29] <volatile1> I always wanted to have a medal
[15:29] <mervaka> i have a xilinx board sitting in a box on my shelf :P
[15:29] <volatile1> :P
[15:29] <mervaka> *gloat gloat*
[15:29] <hyc> lol
[15:29] <volatile1> I have a propeller board sitting in my shelf!
[15:29] <Sn0wman> I mean the x86 instruc. manual on the intel site is only like 400p
[15:29] <volatile1> 8 cores ftw ;)
[15:29] <mervaka> Sn0wman: perhaps even learn 8051
[15:29] * Sn0wman doesn't have any shelves near him... :-(
[15:29] <volatile1> And I have a C64 in my shelf :D
[15:29] <mervaka> you need to learn to appreciate what a compiler does.
[15:30] <mervaka> volatile1: ironic you say that
[15:30] <Sn0wman> how is that any diff than x86
[15:30] <volatile1> mervaka: Why?
[15:30] <mervaka> i have a whole box of them, awaiting butchering
[15:30] <hyc> butchering???
[15:30] <mervaka> i'm taking the 6581 chips, and making a synth
[15:30] <hyc> what are you going to do with the parts?
[15:30] <hyc> oh
[15:30] <volatile1> mervaka: Oh noes!
[15:30] <volatile1> Burn him!
[15:30] <mervaka> okay, borrowing the 6581s :P
[15:30] <volatile1> He kills C64 for 6581!
[15:31] <mervaka> Sn0wman: its a simple instruction set that yields instant results
[15:31] * hyc shudders
[15:31] <Sn0wman> is everything pre i386 have its own instruc. set?
[15:31] <Sn0wman> like how is that diff than an 8008?
[15:31] <hyc> every processor family has its own instruction set
[15:31] <volatile1> Is there any life before C64? :D
[15:31] <mervaka> programming microcontrollers in assembly is probably the most fundamental thing that teaches you coding
[15:31] <Sn0wman> isn't the i386 the start of x86?
[15:31] <mervaka> volatile1: atari 2600?
[15:32] <hyc> gawd....
[15:32] <volatile1> mervaka: That doesnt count :D
[15:32] <mervaka> :P
[15:32] <mervaka> i'm considering making a snes based synth too
[15:32] <Sn0wman> so post i386, has the same instruc. sides the x64 extensions?
[15:32] <hyc> atari 2600 really teaches you how to milk efficiency. it had no frame buffer at all
[15:32] <mervaka> where you insert cartridges, and it loads the samples
[15:32] <volatile1> mervaka: You know soasc?
[15:32] <mervaka> how cool would that be?
[15:32] <hyc> the CPU pushed pixels out the DAC in realtime
[15:32] <mervaka> volatile1: nah
[15:32] <volatile1> o0
[15:32] <volatile1> Burn him again!
[15:32] <mervaka> hyc: thats hideous :/
[15:33] <volatile1> http://fonix.dyndns.org:40000/soasc/
[15:33] <hyc> and it only had 128 bytes of RAM
[15:33] <mervaka> erk
[15:33] <volatile1> http://ftp.df.lth.se/pub/media/soasc/MOS6581R2/MUSICIANS/B/Blues_Muz/Coffee_For_4_T01.sid.mp3 Take this for example
[15:33] <mervaka> the guy who coded superman is my new idol.
[15:33] <volatile1> I loooooooooooooooooooooove it!
[15:33] <hyc> lol
[15:33] <mervaka> in fact, Sn0wman
[15:33] <mervaka> i'm currently doing coursework
[15:34] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-11-148.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:34] <mervaka> doing flowcharts for some assembly i wrote for an 8051
[15:34] <mervaka> doing boring shit like reading tables and writing to LCD screens
[15:34] <mervaka> and doing A/D conversion
[15:34] <volatile1> asm is like building the car every time before driving it :-/
[15:34] <mervaka> not if you save it
[15:34] <volatile1> :P
[15:34] <mervaka> :P
[15:35] <mervaka> doing the flowcharts in kivio
[15:35] <mervaka> it rocks
[15:35] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-11-148.ptld.qwest.net) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:35] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-11-148.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:35] <volatile1> Asm may be great to understand the hardware, but if an application NEEDS to be coded in asm take a bigger processor since the old one is to small ;)
[15:37] <mervaka> Sn0wman: once you have a fair grasp of assembly, then move on to C
[15:37] <Sn0wman> anyone in here know the process of programming an arduino with assembly?
[15:37] <mervaka> and see what the compiler throws back
[15:37] <hyc> volatile1: sometimes you don't have a choice what processor to use
[15:37] <volatile1> Sn0wman: Install AVRStudio
[15:37] <volatile1> hyc: Yeah, thats right
[15:37] <hyc> like, the TB only comes with OMAP3
[15:37] <volatile1> Okay, thats right
[15:38] <Sn0wman> yah I know about AVR studio but how does that interface with an arudino?
[15:38] <Sn0wman> arduino*
[15:38] <volatile1> I was talking about applications where you choose the processor
[15:38] <mervaka> http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1188341312
[15:38] <volatile1> I have never done anything with Arduino Sn0wman
[15:38] <hyc> yeah, that may be a typical embedded design scenario
[15:38] <volatile1> Doesnt it have an ISP-Port?
[15:38] <mervaka> arduino doesnt look like the best starting point for assembly
[15:38] <volatile1> Or a usb port and a bootloader?
[15:39] <hyc> but if you're just a s/w dev and you want to port your app to a particular platform, your two choices are make it work or don't support that platform
[15:39] <volatile1> :P
[15:39] <Sn0wman> It has an ISCP and yes
[15:39] <volatile1> So wheres the problem?
[15:39] <volatile1> You dont speak German do you?
[15:39] <mervaka> gawd
[15:40] <Sn0wman> no
[15:40] <mervaka> wish my pics had an ICSP
[15:40] <mervaka> using a fucking picstart plus programmer
[15:40] <mervaka> my breadboard hates me
[15:40] <volatile1> Sn0wman: Too bad for you since this tutorial and the site are German :P http://www.mikrocontroller.net/articles/AVR-Tutorial
[15:51] <volatile1> Id like my eee pc 901 to be an access point
[15:51] <volatile1> It runs Ubuntu 8.(10?)
[15:52] <volatile1> Do you know a fast tut?
[15:52] <Sn0wman> isn't that an iwconfig mode?
[15:53] <hyc> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc
[15:53] <Sn0wman> I guess ad-hoc works too
[15:53] <volatile1> I want to connect with the tb
[15:54] <volatile1> It should be possible to connect to an ad-hoc network without X right?
[15:54] <Sn0wman> try "iwconfig DEVICE_NAME mode adhoc"
[15:54] <Sn0wman> or "iwconfig DEVICE_NAME mode ad-hoc"
[15:55] <volatile1> Okay, ty
[15:55] <Sn0wman> that work?
[15:56] <volatile1> Dunno ;)
[15:56] <volatile1> Im not that fast
[15:56] <Sn0wman> lol
[15:56] <Sn0wman> keep meh updated
[15:57] <Sn0wman> oh its "ifconfig DEV_NAME down" then "iwconfig DEV_NAME mod Ad-Hoc" then "ifconfig DEV_NAME up" i believe
[15:57] <volatile1> (00:56:53) Sn0wman: keep meh updated <- yup
[15:58] <Sn0wman> what do you need to use an ISCP header on the arduino to program it in assembly?
[15:59] <volatile1> I dont know ;)
[15:59] <volatile1> I always used my own pcbs
[15:59] <volatile1> Nothing like arduino
[15:59] <Sn0wman> well what isn't the hardware pretty much universal for programming through ICSP?
[16:00] <volatile1> You can flash the AVR with ISP, sure
[16:00] <volatile1> But maybe its easier with the bootloader?
[16:00] <Sn0wman> well I mean is there a type of hardware that I need to connect to the header to my computer or what?
[16:00] <volatile1> Ah
[16:01] <volatile1> You need an ISP-programmer
[16:01] <volatile1> Like AVRISP mkII
[16:02] <volatile1> Does your pc have a serial or parallel port?
[16:03] <volatile1> Do you have a solder iron?
[16:03] <volatile1> And some stuff like resistors?
[16:03] <Sn0wman> no only usb and yah I can get some resistors and yes I have a soldering iron
[16:03] <volatile1> Doesnt help since you only have usb ;)
[16:03] <Sn0wman> can I use this with a parallel to usb? http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=13
[16:04] <volatile1> I dont think so
[16:04] <volatile1> Most adapters dont work
[16:04] <volatile1> Just buy AVRISP mkII ;)
[16:04] <Sn0wman> lol why won't most work? would they do the same thing?
[16:05] <volatile1> Most programmers for serials and parallel port use bit banging
[16:05] <volatile1> And most usb2parallel/serial adapters dont like bit banging
[16:05] <Sn0wman> oh you mean the parallel to usb part of it. what's bit banging?
[16:06] <volatile1> Tried google? :D
[16:06] <Sn0wman> :P
[16:08] <Sn0wman> jeeze its 50 bucks??
[16:08] <Sn0wman> and where the heck do you buy one? all the google sites are just givin me info bout it
[16:08] <volatile1> Im German, so I do only know German distributors
[16:09] <volatile1> Wait a sec
[16:09] <volatile1> Where are you from?
[16:09] <Sn0wman> like this? its in GBP which I believe is German currency right? http://www.equinox-tech.com/products/details.asp?ID=848
[16:09] <Sn0wman> US
[16:09] <volatile1> Loool
[16:10] <volatile1> Our currency is Euro
[16:10] <Sn0wman> oh really?
[16:10] <volatile1> yup
[16:10] <Sn0wman> sorry I've only been to europe once
[16:10] <volatile1> Hehe ;0
[16:10] <volatile1> Now tell me
[16:10] <Sn0wman> and i went to london, paris, and some places in italy but no germany :-?
[16:10] <volatile1> Whats so hard about ad hoc ? :/
[16:11] <Sn0wman> nothing?
[16:11] <volatile1> Windows 7 and Ubuntu dont want to connect
[16:11] <Sn0wman> which has the ad-hoc and what os is on what?
[16:12] <volatile1> My big pc runs Windows 7
[16:12] <volatile1> My EEE PC 901 Ubuntu
[16:12] <topi_> i stilll haven't heard anything about my touch book even though I placed my order 12th november :(
[16:13] <Sn0wman> jeeze... man
[16:13] <topi_> *cry*
[16:13] <volatile1> Both are running adhoc... somehow :D
[16:13] <volatile1> topi_: You just have to wait about... some month :D
[16:14] <Sn0wman> wait one should be running ad-hoc and one should just connect
[16:14] <volatile1> Yeah
[16:14] <volatile1> Tried that
[16:14] <volatile1> But they dont see the other
[16:15] <volatile1> Or do they?
[16:15] <volatile1> Wait
[16:15] * snowman_ (n=snowman@c-75-66-187-145.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[16:15] <snowman_> sorry bout that
[16:15] <snowman_> try settin up the ad-hoc on ur windows 7
[16:15] <volatile1> I do
[16:15] <snowman_> ok.. what have you tried?
[16:17] <volatile1> I created a adhoc network on win 7
[16:17] <volatile1> But I dont see it in ubuntu
[16:17] <snowman_> did u set ur mode back to managed?
[16:17] <volatile1> um
[16:17] <volatile1> I do see it
[16:17] <snowman_> ...
[16:17] <snowman_> then...
[16:17] <volatile1> But
[16:17] <volatile1> I cant connect
[16:18] <snowman_> set ur adapter back to managed
[16:18] <snowman_> iwconfig DEV_NAME maode Managed
[16:18] <volatile1> When I click on the ad hoc network in nm the dropdown window just closes and does nothing
[16:18] <volatile1> nm does this automatically I think
[16:18] <snowman_> ifconfig dev_name down
[16:18] <volatile1> Since Im connected to my ap now
[16:18] <snowman_> iwconfig dev_name mode Managed
[16:18] <snowman_> ifconfig dev_name up
[16:19] <volatile1> Its in managed, I checked :P
[16:19] <snowman_> ok
[16:19] <snowman_> then "iwconfig essid ADHOC_NAME"
[16:19] <snowman_> dhclient DEV_NAME
[16:20] <snowman_> are you sudoing this stuff?
[16:20] <volatile1> sure
[16:20] <snowman_> so what do u get after the dhclient?
[16:24] <snowman_> ?
[16:27] <snowman_> volatile1 ?
[16:27] <volatile1> wait
[16:27] <volatile1> ;)
[16:28] <snowman_> what am I waitin on?
[16:29] <volatile1> me
[16:30] <snowman_> ummm...
[16:30] <snowman_> maybe I could help?
[16:31] <volatile1> -.- I dont know
[16:31] <volatile1> I think Im just too tired
[16:31] <volatile1> Ill go to bed now and continue tommorow ;0
[16:31] <snowman_> I wish I had linux set up on my laptop... then I could experiment
[16:32] <volatile1> Thanks for the help
[16:32] <volatile1> ;)
[16:32] <snowman_> lol didn't help much
[16:32] <volatile1> :P cu
[16:32] <snowman_> u know where to buy a AVRISP programma?
[16:32] <snowman_> MKII
[16:32] <volatile1> Nope, sorry
[16:32] * Sn0wman (n=snowman@c-75-66-187-145.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[16:32] <snowman_> :-/ k night
[17:57] * Joeba (n=jheck@ip-76-10-117-149.sta.ideaone.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:46] * JoeyH (n=jheck@ip-76-10-117-149.sta.ideaone.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:52] <JoeyH> Anyone around today?
[19:04] * Joeba (n=jheck@ip-76-10-117-149.sta.ideaone.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[19:09] * volatile11 (n=volatile@g225236150.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #touchbook
[19:13] * JoeyH (n=jheck@ip-76-10-117-149.sta.ideaone.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[19:13] * volatile1 (n=volatile@g227146080.adsl.alicedsl.de) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[19:16] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:17] * t_s_o (n=tso@202.84-49-132.nextgentel.com) has joined #touchbook
[19:38] * geep (n=JoeBelow@bas21-toronto12-1242364132.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #touchbook
[19:57] * Pebby (n=pebby@c-98-248-129-187.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[21:09] * shiznebit_ (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[21:18] <snowman_> hey how'd they port flash to the TB if flash is proprietary software?
[21:19] <snowman_> does it use gnash?
[21:23] <snowman_> anyone?
[21:34] <drantin> it does use gnash
[21:34] <drantin> and swfdec
[21:34] <drantin> not sure which is used by default
[21:35] <drantin> but it has swfdec-mozilla listed as well, so my guess is that...
[21:35] <snowman_> do you know how firefox chooses its default flash app?
[21:40] <hyc> you go in the plugin manager and select which one to enable
[21:41] <hyc> haven't you ever used firefox before?
[21:42] <snowman_> yah but i'm having a hard time finding that
[21:42] <snowman_> wheres the plugin manager?
[21:42] <hyc> under the firefox Tools menu
[21:42] <hyc> it's probably called Add-On manager
[21:42] <snowman_> yah yah foundit
[21:43] <hyc> firefox is supposed to be easy. sigh...
[21:44] <snowman_> oh hush
[21:44] <snowman_> I just never had to think about that before :-P
[21:46] <snowman_> Any idea why flash player shows up as shockwave flash?
[21:47] <hyc> because most users have never heard of swfdec or gnash
[21:47] <snowman_> flash player shows up as shockwave flash and shockwave player shows up as "shockwave for director"
[21:47] <snowman_> No this is the offical flash player and shockwave player
[21:49] <snowman_> any more ideas :-P
[21:49] <hyc> was there a question in there somewhere?
[21:50] <snowman_> yup... why does the offical flash player show up as a shockwave player?
[21:50] <hyc> what else should it show up as?
[21:50] <snowman_> flash player?
[21:50] <snowman_> aren't flash and shockwave apps different?
[21:51] <hyc> go ask google
[21:52] <snowman_> I am
[21:52] <snowman_> he's bein a dick
[21:56] <snowman_> oh so is flash player the watered down version of shockwave?
[22:04] * snowman_ (n=snowman@c-75-66-187-145.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) Quit ("Leaving")
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[22:58] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-195-186.eurotel.cz) has joined #touchbook
[23:15] <volatile11> Hi Zopper
[23:15] <Zopper> hi volatile11
[23:16] <volatile11> Why are you already awake? -.-
[23:16] <volatile11> 8.:00 here
[23:16] <Zopper> yes... I am at school
[23:16] <volatile11> Poor you
[23:16] <Zopper> 8:16
[23:16] <Zopper> you have bad time :D
[23:16] <volatile11> Yeah, 8:16, 8:00, wheres the difference? :D
[23:16] <Zopper> sixteen minutes?
[23:16] <volatile11> um
[23:17] <volatile11> Okay :P
[23:18] <Zopper> this is very much time... In 16 minutes, you can be eg. 150x killed by snipers..
[23:18] <Zopper> :D
[23:18] <volatile11> Haha
[23:18] <volatile11> Or enjoy a french press of coffee ;)
[23:18] <volatile11> Thats what Ill do now
[23:19] <Zopper> :D
[23:19] <Zopper> I'll do write post to web DrD
[23:20] <Zopper> :D
[23:20] <volatile11> DrD?
[23:20] <Zopper> Dungeons and Dragons
[23:20] <volatile11> o0
[23:22] <Zopper> instead of sitting around a table and speaking, we write posts on web page...
[23:22] <volatile11> Nerds
[23:23] <volatile11> Doh! Milk is empty
[23:35] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[23:49] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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