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[1:35] <diroots> my tb @ less than 200km from me, coming, coming!! \o/
[1:38] <Zopper> diroots: ;-)
[1:40] <oly> mine just made it to the same country as me, hopefully will not sit in customs to long
[1:42] <t_s_o> i must say i find the fix to the tipping issue kinda interesting
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[2:23] <volatile1> Hi Zopper
[2:23] <volatile1> (11:20:57) gregoiregentil hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). <= :(
[2:23] <Zopper> volatile1: hi
[2:23] <Zopper> :(
[2:30] <volatile1> Id like to have a IRC-Client supporting scripts, like if(gregoiregentil){print "foobar"}
[2:37] <Gary13579> volatile1, every major IRC client supports scripts
[2:37] <Gary13579> :\
[2:37] <volatile1> No kidding?
[2:37] <Gary13579> the hell is purple IRC?
[2:37] <Gary13579> pidgin?
[2:37] <volatile1> ack
[2:37] <Gary13579> go download xchat
[2:38] <Gary13579> supports python/perl/TCL/a ton more
[2:38] <volatile1> Nope... I use Pidgin because it runs 11 protocols simultaneously here
[2:39] <Gary13579> then don't complain
[2:39] <volatile1> :P
[2:39] <Gary13579> pidgins IRC support is shitty
[2:39] <volatile1> Maybe, but its good enough for me
[2:39] <volatile1> Does what it should
[2:39] <Gary13579> welp if you need scripting, obviously it's no
[2:39] <Gary13579> t
[2:39] <Gary13579> lol
[2:39] <volatile1> :P
[2:40] <volatile1> I could write a plugin... *think*
[2:40] <Gary13579> or you could download xchat
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[2:49] <volatile1> Gary13579: Ha, Pidgin supports what I want :P
[2:49] <volatile1> I can add a buddy pounce for an irc user
[2:50] <Corsac> that's called /notify
[2:51] <volatile1> No, with a buddy pounce I can do much more
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[2:53] <diroots-tb> hello u all ;-)
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[2:55] <Corsac> volatile1: underlying it's a notify, that's all
[2:56] <volatile1> I dont think so
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[2:56] <volatile1> But it doesnt matter ;)
[2:56] <diroots-tb> so keyboard part not responding... onscreen kb only
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[2:59] <diroots-tb> no kb, no touchpad...
[2:59] <volatile1> Sounds like fun
[3:02] <diroots-tb> is there a way to force detection of kb part of the tb?
[3:05] <Corsac> diroots-tb: looks like you have usb problems
[3:05] <diroots-tb> dmesg says [ 1680.143890] hub 1-2:1.0: over-current change on port 1
[3:06] <diroots-tb> but i plugged usb mouse; recognised instantly
[3:07] <volatile1> I got the feeling the hubs are faulty somehow
[3:07] <volatile1> Mine sometimes gets disabled by EMI or so
[3:10] <diroots-tb> the double connectors to plug screen part on kb part are usb connectors?
[3:10] <volatile1> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/8-pin_inter-part_connector diroots
[3:10] <volatile1> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/8-pin_inter-part_connector diroots-tb
[3:11] <diroots> ok thx volatile1
[3:14] <volatile1> I dont get why my wpa_supplicant "cannot read contentc of /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
[3:17] * diroots-tb (n=ai@88-138-192-51.adslgp.cegetel.net) Quit ("Powered by OE: www.openembedded.org")
[3:19] <diroots> is it possible tha if kb part battery is not charged at all, kb does not respond? (i just powered it up out of the box!)
[3:21] <volatile1> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Troubleshooting#Hardware diroots
[3:21] <volatile1> So see you in 10 hours :D
[3:21] <volatile1> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Charging_batteries Check this too
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[3:25] <leinir> You could try reading the manual first, which states that you should charge it for ten to fourteen hours before trying to use it the first time ;)
[3:26] <andrewgodwin> and unlike normal laptops, you really do need to
[3:26] <andrewgodwin> otherwise the voltages are going to be too low
[3:27] <diroots> its better charging it shut off?
[3:27] <diroots> be at the moment : the blue LED of the wifi dongle is blinking
[3:27] <FIN__Master> it must be on
[3:27] <andrewgodwin> diroots: no, it needs to be on
[3:27] <diroots> ok
[3:27] <andrewgodwin> the top half won't charge unless it's turned on
[3:28] <diroots> it's on, plugged, kbled yellow : charging...
[3:31] <diroots> leinir: I understand, but after 4 months of waiting, I was a bit,.... impatient :p so I go back to work, waiting these last 10 hours,...
[3:32] <leinir> *nods* i know, it's hard to not just jump in ;)
[3:33] <diroots> "now, you have it, just don't touch it" argh!
[3:34] <FIN__Master> I dont see why you couldnt play with it while its loading
[3:35] <FIN__Master> And Damn. I see that EEEPC has got 1mm wider and 1mm longer screen than tb
[3:35] <FIN__Master> So i got to cut the screen protector i just got after a month of waiting
[3:36] <volatile1> :D
[3:36] <leinir> FIN__Master: Actually, you could go one better...
[3:37] <leinir> Remove the screen casing, apply the protector, and put it back in - you then have a /proper/ screen protector, without the ugly border that most suffer from ;)
[3:37] <volatile1> Gues he juuuuust began cutting :D
[3:37] <volatile1> To late, to late "D
[3:37] <FIN__Master> I have my surgic knife at hand already :). But could I do that
[3:37] <FIN__Master> maybe ill check it out before cutting :D
[3:38] <volatile1> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Top_part FIN__Master
[3:38] <diroots> playing with it while it's half working; no typing possible is a bit frustrating for a out of the box product, i'll wait for it fully charged, a reboot, and finger cross kbpart will work right after that, because sending it back from france will definitly be expensive and long to wait
[3:39] <volatile1> diroots: After a while you get used to things not working :D
[3:39] <andrewgodwin> diroots: an uncharged TB won't have enough power to initialise the USB connection to the keyboard
[3:39] <andrewgodwin> once it's charged, it should work when you unplug + replug it
[3:39] <diroots> andrewgodwin: thx for this encouragment!
[3:39] <volatile1> Are there more developers in irc than greg?
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[3:52] <Zopper> anybody know how in c++ load a binary file?
[3:58] <leinir> that depends greatly on what toolkit you are using and what binary file you are attempting to load;)
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[3:58] <FIN__Master> Thanks alot for the tip. Now my tb is blown to pieces :D
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[4:43] <FIN__Master> I got the tb assembled with the screen protector nicely in between the screen and the case
[4:44] <FIN__Master> ...But i lost the touchscreen, so got to go inside again
[4:45] <volatile1> lol
[5:13] <FIN__Master> leinir: Thanks for the tip. But the touchscreen is useless after installing the protector..
[5:13] <leinir> aw man...
[5:13] <leinir> too much pressure needed?
[5:13] <FIN__Master> Seems that theres not enough space for the protector
[5:13] <leinir> bugger
[5:14] <FIN__Master> touch starts to work when the screws are loose
[5:16] <FIN__Master> but at least now i know how to brake that apart :)
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[5:43] <FIN__Master> Any idea if there is a package for vitual keyboard in ubuntu?
[5:43] <andrewgodwin> FIN__Master: it's 'onboard'
[5:43] <andrewgodwin> or if you use kde, 'kvkbd'
[5:44] <FIN__Master> virtual or onboard or onscreen, i dont care which one
[5:44] <FIN__Master> oh did you mean the name of the package?
[5:44] <andrewgodwin> yes, those two are package names
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[5:55] <diroots> does anyone of you is from france and got a tb? to ask if he had extra duty fee of 70??? as I just had!!
[5:55] <diroots> custom fee, sorry
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[6:08] <Zopper> google runs their own DNSs - and :)
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[6:22] <volatile1> Wow
[6:22] <volatile1> New Ubuntu netbook remix looks noble :)
[6:23] <volatile1> When I touch the touch screen the pointer goes in the right lower corner and doesnt move no matter what I do on the touch screen
[6:23] <volatile1> What should I do?
[6:24] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: you need to calibrate the touchscreen
[6:25] <andrewgodwin> you can either try and get ts_calibrate working, or steal the calibration file from /etc/ on the AIOS
[6:25] <volatile1> okay, thx
[6:25] <Zopper> volatile1: you are trying something else then image from FIN?
[6:25] <volatile1> Yup
[6:25] <Zopper> :) where you download it?
[6:26] <volatile1> http://gitorious.org/ubuntutouchbookremix/pages/Home Take this as base
[6:26] <volatile1> Then I slammed the sd card into the tb and installed netbook remix
[6:27] <FIN__Master> i got the touchscreen to work in ubuntu with the instructions from the ai wiki
[6:27] <FIN__Master> but its goodbye for the weekend.. ->
[6:27] <volatile1> Okay, bb FIN__Master
[6:27] <volatile1> Zopper: But some things are missing
[6:28] <volatile1> It says both batteries are missing for example
[6:28] <Zopper> FIN__Master: bb
[6:29] <Zopper> volatile1: yes... probably it search battery in /proc/acpi
[6:29] <volatile1> Ill check, rebooting atm
[6:30] <volatile1> Is here anyone knowing more about the hardware?
[6:30] <volatile1> rtc and stuff ;)
[6:34] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: does the TB even have an rtc? AIOS kept resetting the date on me
[6:34] <andrewgodwin> but that might have been an old release
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[6:36] <_koen_> andrewgodwin: it has, but it isn't battery backed
[6:37] <andrewgodwin> _koen_: ahh
[6:38] <andrewgodwin> not even with a supply from the main battery while the rest of the unit is off?
[6:38] <volatile1> gf on phone mom
[6:40] <_koen_> andrewgodwin: you'd have to ask gregroire about that
[6:42] <andrewgodwin> _koen_: I probably will eventually
[6:43] <andrewgodwin> i've just made do with ignoring the time so far :)
[6:43] <andrewgodwin> my main concern is getting ai_daemon's rotation working properly on ubuntu
[6:43] <andrewgodwin> or, rotation at all, in fact
[6:44] <andrewgodwin> and then have a go at recompiling some debs for armv7l
[6:45] <volatile1> andrewgodwin: I thought it had a rtc
[6:45] <volatile1> But it loses time when you shutdown and boot again
[6:46] <volatile1> I dont think theres a dedicated battery for rtc, but since it should only draw micro amps the batteries could power it even if they were to empty to power the tb
[6:47] <volatile1> But if the rtc is not battery backed at all... Would not be to great
[6:49] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: indeed, seems like a slight issue
[6:50] <volatile1> Who cares
[6:50] <andrewgodwin> but it's more likely that it simply isn't recognised as a hwclock by the kernel yet
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[6:50] <volatile1> Just one issue more, so 1001 issues now -.-
[6:50] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: it's a beta device, after all
[6:50] <volatile1> Yeah
[6:50] <volatile1> I know
[6:51] <volatile1> But its not advertised as beta but a better netbook and so on
[6:51] <volatile1> <- disappointed
[6:51] <andrewgodwin> yeah, the advertising is a bit misleading
[6:52] <andrewgodwin> if you read the forums and posts about it there's no hiding what it is, but it simple isn't polished at all yet
[6:52] <volatile1> yes
[6:52] <andrewgodwin> i'm interested to see if Mer 0.17 works at all/well, since that'd be a great base to start on
[6:53] <andrewgodwin> but it still needs to be released before that
[6:53] <volatile1> Mer? Let me google for a minute
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[6:56] <volatile1> Okay...
[6:58] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip4-83-240-68-155.cust.nbox.cz) has joined #touchbook
[7:02] <volatile1> http://media.ubuntuusers.de/wiki/attachments/42/44/37332264.png :) Gotta love it
[7:02] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: it's nice, but will only happen if we get opengl/clutter going well
[7:02] <volatile1> Okay...
[7:03] <volatile1> That explains why I dont get the transparent thing in the middle, only the bar at the top :D
[7:03] <Zopper> volatile1: this is your screenshot from TB?
[7:03] <volatile1> Nope
[7:04] <Zopper> :)
[7:04] <Zopper> I think it :D
[7:04] <volatile1> Hehe
[7:04] <volatile1> I think Ill park the sd card with netbook remix and take the other one and try a different os
[7:05] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: I find ubuntu with LXDE works quite well
[7:05] <volatile1> Thats one of my favourites and thats the one I try now ;)
[7:06] <volatile1> I used unr sone tme on my 901 but its somehow bloated
[7:06] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: it needs a lot of RAM, which is the issue
[7:06] <volatile1> 901 runs crunchbang since month now (openbox) and its great
[7:06] <volatile1> Really performant
[7:06] <volatile1> yeah
[7:06] <volatile1> But I wanted to try at least ;)
[7:06] <andrewgodwin> yeah, openbox is what LXDE is half-based on
[7:06] <andrewgodwin> things happen near-instantly, it's lvoely
[7:07] <volatile1> :) Yup
[7:07] <volatile1> unr would have been nice with touch :(
[7:08] <andrewgodwin> it'll get there in the end
[7:08] <volatile1> I think I will install lxde using qemu, since tb is so slow :D
[7:08] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: why not use the rootfs creator?
[7:08] <andrewgodwin> that's how I make all my TB ubuntu images
[7:08] <volatile1> um
[7:08] <volatile1> Link?
[7:09] * volatile1 tries things first and reads the wiki after :D
[7:09] <andrewgodwin> https://launchpad.net/project-rootstock
[7:09] <andrewgodwin> http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu
[7:10] <volatile1> I know rootstock, at least heard it
[7:10] <volatile1> I guess I already used it
[7:10] <volatile1> wait a sec
[7:11] <volatile1> Okay, rootstock is faster than qemu so Ill use rootstock
[7:11] <volatile1> thx
[7:11] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: yes, it's way better :)
[7:12] <volatile1> god damnit, someone stop Windows7s windows stealing focus while Im typing!
[7:13] <volatile1> andrewgodwin: Which Ubuntu do you recommend?
[7:13] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[7:13] <volatile1> Karmic?
[7:14] <Zopper> LTS? (8.10, I think...)
[7:15] <Zopper> :D
[7:15] <volatile1> Why?
[7:15] <volatile1> I dont think I wont change os ever again...
[7:15] <volatile1> So no need for 5 years of support :D
[7:16] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: I use karmic, because it has the NEON omap3 gfx driver
[7:16] <Zopper> :D
[7:16] <volatile1> andrewgodwin: Okay, so will I ;)
[7:16] <Zopper> because LTSs are more stable...
[7:16] <volatile1> Do you see the irony Zopper?
[7:16] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit (Client Quit)
[7:17] <volatile1> We talk about tb, there is no stable :D
[7:17] <Zopper> volatile1: yes... I am sorry, I forget for ":D"
[7:17] <Zopper> :D
[7:17] <Zopper> volatile1: yes...
[7:17] <volatile1> :)
[7:17] <Zopper> and when we use very stable OS, maybe TB will be more stable too
[7:17] <Zopper> :D
[7:18] <volatile1> wtf
[7:18] <volatile1> 120 Euro for a 16GB sd-card with 30mb read/write speed
[7:18] <volatile1> :(
[7:19] <Zopper> but, maybe when we use very unstable OS, unstables of TB and OS will terminate each others....
[7:19] <volatile1> :P
[7:19] <Zopper> so it will be much more stable
[7:19] <Zopper> have you windows for ARM?
[7:19] <Zopper> :D
[7:19] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: 30mbps read/write? that's even possible?
[7:19] <volatile1> Lets run Windows in a vm
[7:19] <volatile1> Will be soo fast L:D
[7:20] <andrewgodwin> oh, wait, mb not mB
[7:20] <andrewgodwin> *Mb not MB
[7:20] <volatile1> andrewgodwin: http://www.alternate.de/html/product/Speichermedien_SDHC/Sandisk/Secure_Digital_SDHC_Card_16_GB/349206/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Speichermedien&l2=Secure+Digital
[7:20] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: yeah, it's a class 6
[7:20] <andrewgodwin> they're not cheap at 16GB
[7:20] <volatile1> Nope
[7:21] <volatile1> We could use the 8gb card and 3 usb sticks each 8gb and build a raid :D
[7:21] <andrewgodwin> hah
[7:21] <Zopper> volatile1: I bought 16GB class 6 adata for maybe 40 Euro
[7:21] <volatile1> o0
[7:21] <volatile1> Where?
[7:21] <volatile1> andrewgodwin: I tried that when I got me EEE PC 901 (years ago)
[7:22] <volatile1> I dont remember the exact values but it was not too good
[7:22] <Zopper> I searching it
[7:23] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: they're onlt ??25 over here for a class 6 16gb one
[7:23] <volatile1> wtf
[7:23] <andrewgodwin> so I can imagine 40???
[7:24] <volatile1> 16gb class 6 20mb/sec is 100 Euro :(
[7:24] * shiznebit (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[7:25] <Zopper> it is not exactly the same, but it is the shop... http://www.softcom.cz/produkt/a-data-asd2016gcl6wh-16gb-secure-digital-turbo-150x-sdhc-class-6eee-pc/?flist=1
[7:26] <volatile1> Lol
[7:26] <Zopper> (I think... I use many e-shops, so sometimes I dont remember where I something buy
[7:26] <volatile1> Thats the one lying in front of my
[7:26] <volatile1> From my EEE PC
[7:27] <volatile1> http://www.alternate.de/html/product/Speichermedien_USB-Sticks/Super_Talent/USB_3.0_RAIDDrive_128_GB/386661/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Speichermedien&l2=USB-Sticks :D
[7:28] <Zopper> :D
[7:28] <volatile1> 200mb is like a dream
[7:28] <Zopper> I dont want it
[7:28] <Zopper> No with USB 2.0
[7:28] <volatile1> twice as much as a modern hdd
[7:28] <Zopper> :D
[7:29] <volatile1> Yeah, we need tb with usb3 and Arm Cortex9!
[7:29] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: cos that'll be cheap and use no power, right?
[7:29] <Zopper> :D
[7:29] <Zopper> no, arm cortex10
[7:29] <Zopper> :D
[7:29] <andrewgodwin> clearly we need a touchbook with a 64-core processor
[7:29] <volatile1> :D
[7:29] <andrewgodwin> that way, I can cook eggs on the back of it
[7:30] <volatile1> No, they need to be so efficient it runs 20 hours table only :D
[7:30] <volatile1> OLED multitouch screen
[7:30] <Zopper> :D
[7:30] <shiznebit> anyone know if the maemo 5 can be used on the touchbook ?
[7:31] <volatile1> <= doesnt know
[7:31] <andrewgodwin> shiznebit: it's being worked on
[7:31] <andrewgodwin> see Mer
[7:31] <andrewgodwin> their 0.17 release will apparently have the maemo 5 UI
[7:31] <shiznebit> nice
[7:32] <shiznebit> but it wont have neon acceleration, im guess
[7:32] <andrewgodwin> shiznebit: well, you'll get the open-source neon optimisations
[7:32] <andrewgodwin> but I'm not sure about the proper SGX accel stuff
[7:33] <shiznebit> andrewgodwin, whats keeping us from using neon opts in the T
[7:33] <shiznebit> TB*
[7:34] <andrewgodwin> shiznebit: the best accelerated drivers for it are closed source
[7:35] <shiznebit> oh yeah....the NDA
[7:36] <andrewgodwin> open-source accelerated ones are being developed, but they're not there yet
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[7:37] <volatile_901> Damn pc
[7:38] <volatile_901> its behaving weird again, but since vm runs fine I have to wait until I can reboot
[7:38] <volatile_901> I hate windows and I always want to go to linux
[7:38] <shiznebit> ??
[7:38] <shiznebit> so go use linux
[7:38] <volatile_901> So I install debian for example
[7:39] <volatile_901> change a line in xorg.conf
[7:39] <volatile_901> doesnt boot
[7:39] <volatile_901> freezes directly after grub
[7:40] <volatile_901> That takes the fun away
[7:40] <shiznebit> pretty sure if you hold space
[7:40] <shiznebit> it would continue to boot
[7:40] <shiznebit> maybe it will work, maybe it wont
[7:40] <volatile_901> Ill see
[7:41] <shiznebit> k im out
[7:41] <volatile_901> cu shiznebit
[7:57] <diroots> how do we say in english (a laptop can be on battery or ...(when plugged in) ?
[7:58] <andrewgodwin> diroots: you want the opposite to "on battery power"?
[7:58] <diroots> yes
[7:58] <_koen_> "on AC"
[7:58] <diroots> ok, thx andrewgodwin & _koen_
[7:58] <andrewgodwin> or "plugged in"
[7:58] <andrewgodwin> but that's more ambiguous
[7:59] <diroots> yes, with a pluggeable keyboard, it seems ambiguous
[7:59] <andrewgodwin> indeed
[7:59] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) has joined #touchbook
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[8:15] <Zopper> I am back :)
[8:16] <volatile_901> wp yop
[8:16] * volatile_901 blames the different keyboad layout on 901
[8:16] <volatile_901> wb Zopper
[8:17] <Zopper> gnome was frozen, but I had running ../tb-ubuntu-scripts/mkrootfs.sh, so I leave it and hope, gnome unfreeze :D
[8:17] <volatile_901> :)
[8:17] <Zopper> so, if you something wrote to me, please, write it again :D
[8:18] <Zopper> dont unfreeze
[8:18] <Zopper> :D
[8:18] <volatile_901> No
[8:18] <volatile_901> Nothing
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[8:38] <Zopper> http://web.eurocom.com/EC/ec_model_config1(1,207,0) I want it.... :D My configuration is about 6229 USD :D
[8:38] <volatile1> :)
[8:38] <volatile1> Id like to have a ruggedized toughbook
[8:38] <volatile1> But thats 4000$
[8:44] <volatile1> How much Swap do you use for tb?
[8:46] <Zopper> 512MB
[8:46] <volatile1> k
[8:48] <Zopper> http://web.eurocom.com/EC/ec_model_config1(2,195,0) wow... they have also tablet PC
[8:48] <volatile1> Does it run Linux?
[8:50] <Zopper> yes... it is x86
[8:50] <Zopper> :D
[8:50] <volatile1> Sure
[8:50] <Zopper> core2duo or dual core
[8:50] <volatile1> But do you get all the drivers and so on
[8:51] <Zopper> I dont know about fingerprint, but others I think should works
[8:51] <volatile1> k
[8:53] <Zopper> my config is about 4561 USD
[8:53] <Zopper> :D
[8:53] <volatile1> Then go and buy it
[8:54] <Zopper> And if I remove 512GB SSD, It is only 3461
[8:54] <Zopper> :D
[8:54] <volatile1> ssds are not worth their money, I think
[8:55] <Zopper> yes... But if somebody have money for this, he have money for SSD too
[8:55] <volatile1> yup
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[11:16] <tommd> I could easily glue the plastic legs onto the TB, but would like to get the placement right on the first try. Are there any instructions out there?
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[15:33] <volatile1> <= gone, cu
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[16:10] <viridior> hey
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[21:22] <snowman> hey how can you type something in without the keybaord?
[21:25] <snowman> anyone?
[21:28] <drantin> the virtual keyboard
[21:29] <snowman> does it just like pop up? and does it rotate too?
[21:35] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-216-221-32-64.aei.ca) has joined #touchbook
[21:39] <snowman> ?
[21:40] <Gary13579> snowman, hit the button on the side while in tablet mode
[21:41] <snowman> gotcha
[21:41] <snowman> thnx
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[23:31] <snowman> anyone know how long it would be if I tried to order a touch book within the next week?
[23:35] * gregoiregentil (n=gregoire@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:38] <snowman> ??
[23:42] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip4-83-240-68-155.cust.nbox.cz) has joined #touchbook
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