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[0:03] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) has joined #touchbook
[0:10] <error_23> FIN__Master: I've tried installing the OS from both a Karmic box and from Windows
[0:10] <FIN__Master> have you checked tha install process made the right partitions
[0:10] <error_23> how do i do that?
[0:11] <FIN__Master> for example with gparted
[0:11] <error_23> ah; what should I see on the card?
[0:11] <FIN__Master> you should have 1. partition fat32 with boot flag, 2. partition ext3 3. partition linux-swap ( 4. another ext3 )
[0:12] <error_23> Gotcha; if it did not partition correctly, is that something I should try to do myself in gparted?
[0:13] <FIN__Master> ive done it manually every time when installing the os
[0:13] <error_23> good to know
[0:13] <error_23> what kind of sizes should i go for?
[0:13] <error_23> actually
[0:13] <error_23> i guess i can compare with the card that came with my touchbook
[0:14] <FIN__Master> 1. 32Mb 2. the rest 3. 512mb
[0:14] <error_23> (since I'm trying to install a newer version to a new card)
[0:14] <error_23> Great
[0:14] <FIN__Master> the fouth partitions is not necessary but you can make the second partition 600mb and the fourth with the rest of the space left
[0:15] <error_23> any real reason to do that? i'm not too fussed about having a separate data partition or anything
[0:16] <error_23> after i format, i should run that install-sd.sh script again?
[0:17] <FIN__Master> actually im not sure about the 4. partition with that script.. Maybe you need that afterall :)
[0:18] <error_23> heh, ok
[0:18] <FIN__Master> ubuntu, Mer and others need only 3 but install-sd.sh may complain if there is no 4. partition
[0:18] <FIN__Master> sorry :)
[0:18] <error_23> i appreciate the help!
[0:18] <error_23> i'll have to try it again tomorrow; it's late where i am and i'll have to hit the hay soon
[0:18] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-126-195.eurotel.cz) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[0:19] <error_23> i'm definitely interested in getting ubuntu working on the TB at some point, too, though
[0:19] <FIN__Master> ok. Remember to ask if somethings unclear :)
[0:20] <error_23> oh, i will!
[0:21] <error_23> thanks for your help, FIN__Master; take care!
[0:21] <FIN__Master> np :)
[0:23] * jod (n=roman@85-248-244-206-broadband.iol.sk) has joined #touchbook
[0:25] <dpb> the 2nd partition isn't ext3 on AIOS
[0:26] <FIN__Master> isnt it?
[0:27] <dpb> No, it's a squashfs partition
[0:28] <FIN__Master> I have formatted it as ext3 and it worked?
[0:28] <dpb> for AIOS?
[0:28] <FIN__Master> yes
[0:30] <FIN__Master> Actually.. I used the install-sd.sh script. And that probably formatted the card again
[0:30] <FIN__Master> But it didnt format the card wihtout it being formatted first
[0:36] <dpb> error_23: new sd cards need special care too, the heads and sectors need to be specially set. Not sure if the AIOS install scripts or updater does that.
[0:37] <error_23> dpb - i'm not sure i understand that statement
[0:37] <error_23> How do I set them specially?
[0:37] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[0:37] <error_23> Is there any info in the wiki (if not, I'll be happy to add a bit on new cards, once I get mine working)
[0:37] <FIN__Master> The script has this line: let CYL=$(fdisk -s ${DEST})*2/255/63 doesnt this fix the heads and cylinders?
[0:38] <FIN__Master> sorry. i meant this one: sfdisk -D -C${CYL} -H255 -S63 -f ${DEST} << EOF
[0:38] <dpb> should do, yes
[0:39] <error_23> oh, ok
[0:39] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) has joined #touchbook
[0:40] <error_23> So, it sounds like the reason my linux attempts were failing was that I wasn't formatting my card
[0:40] <error_23> hopefully, I'll get it installed some time later today; thanks again! (actually leaving this time)
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[1:20] <volatile11> Hello :)
[1:20] * volatile11 is now known as volatile1
[1:20] <Zopper> volatile1: hi
[1:20] <Zopper> :D
[1:20] <FIN__Master> morning
[1:20] <volatile1> I could sleep this night!!! :)
[1:20] <FIN__Master> so no fucking? :)
[1:20] <volatile1> Nope :)
[1:21] <volatile1> And no waking up after 5 hours
[1:21] <Zopper> :D
[1:22] <volatile1> Coffee anybody? ;)
[1:22] <FIN__Master> Already had my Finnish coffee :D
[1:23] * MikeEvans is enjoying Sumatran coffee
[1:26] <MikeEvans> now a touchbook question: I'm not expecting mine until Jan - but I was thinking of getting some e-books ahead of time. What format should I be looking for?
[1:27] <volatile1> So, french presss is set up
[1:28] <Zopper> MikeEvans: you mean format as .pdf or something, or width of pages?
[1:31] <MikeEvans> well I was thinking that if I wanted to buy a book I was assuming that the different types of e-readers would have their own formats, and that the touchbook would be using a program to read them that was compatible with one of those formats
[1:32] <MikeEvans> but as I've never bought an e-book before...
[1:32] <Zopper> MikeEvans: pdf is great choice ;-)
[1:33] <MikeEvans> well I would agree - I was just unaware that they came in PDF - like I say I'm an e-book virgin
[1:46] <FIN__Master> anyone knows how to use .patch files?
[1:46] <FIN__Master> is it just patch <file> <patch-file>
[1:46] * andrewgodwin (n=andrew@hydrae.aeracode.org) Quit (Excess Flood)
[1:47] * andrewgodwin (n=andrew@hydrae.aeracode.org) has joined #touchbook
[1:47] <MikeEvans> you don't need to name the file FIN__Master
[1:48] <MikeEvans> just 'patch /path/to/file' I think
[1:49] <MikeEvans> oh - the man page says you can name the tile too - didn't know that
[1:49] <FIN__Master> i guess I just have to try :D
[1:49] <MikeEvans> http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/appy-patch-file-using-patch-command/
[1:50] <FIN__Master> MikeEvans: Thanks. Found only these messy sites from google
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[2:26] <FIN__Master> any of you ever compiled xorg?
[2:26] <volatile1> nack
[2:27] <DJWillis> ack
[2:28] <Corsac> well, I guess I have, in few bitbake runs
[2:29] <andrewgodwin> not on purpose
[2:29] <Corsac> not really :)
[2:31] <DJWillis> Done it longhand a few times, would not do it by hand anymore, no point, bitbake and other package systems work well ;-)
[2:31] <volatile1> Zopper/
[2:32] <Zopper> volatile1: ?
[2:32] <volatile1> Ah
[2:32] <volatile1> Kismet says Encrypt: TKIP WPA PSK
[2:32] <Corsac> tkip sucks
[2:32] <Corsac> oops
[2:33] <volatile1> So I guess your WPA2 in wpa_supplicant must be replaced with WPA?
[2:36] <Zopper> volatile_9011: yes... maybe you may use google and find suitable config file
[2:36] <volatile1> Nope
[2:36] <volatile1> It should work now ;)
[2:37] <Corsac> hmhm but can't wpa_supplicant manage that by itself?
[2:37] <volatile1> Dunno
[2:37] <Zopper> I dont think... this do network managers, wpa_supplicant is only for connecting
[2:43] <Corsac> in wicd, the template for WPA is the same for 1 and 2
[2:44] <Corsac> http://paste.debian.net/53023/
[2:44] <Corsac> basically you put CCMP and TKIP in pairwise/group so it uses the correct one
[2:45] <Corsac> and proto = WPA RSN
[2:45] <Corsac> WPA means WPA1 and RSN is WPA2
[2:45] <Corsac> and you can use WPA WPA2
[2:46] <Corsac> and it defaults to WPA RSN so basically you don't even have to put it :)
[2:46] <Corsac> (this is in README.wpa_supplicant.conf.gz)
[2:46] <volatile1> a readme? No real hacker reads a readme :D
[2:46] <Corsac> we can see that
[2:48] <volatile1> um
[2:48] <volatile1> ra0 is connected
[2:48] * volatile_9011 (n=volatile@g227127079.adsl.alicedsl.de) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[2:48] <volatile1> iwconfig says correct essid of my ap anf so on
[2:49] <volatile1> But I cant ping google or the AP
[2:49] <volatile1> ping: unknown host www.google.de
[2:50] <volatile1> Or
[2:50] <volatile1> ping
[2:50] <volatile1> connect: Network is unreachable
[2:55] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-126-195.eurotel.cz) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[2:58] * Zopp (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-126-195.eurotel.cz) has joined #touchbook
[3:02] <volatile1> Looks like I dont get any DHCP offers
[3:03] <volatile1> But why?
[3:03] <volatile1> My eee pc 901 is connected to the network with dhcp
[3:03] <volatile1> The network works
[3:15] <volatile1> Oh my god -.-
[3:15] <volatile1> I had an error in the wpa key
[3:15] <volatile1> everything else is right
[3:15] <Zopp> volatile1: :D
[3:15] <volatile1> I can ping google now
[3:16] <MikeEvans> God is on your network too? That's handy
[3:16] <volatile1> I hate those errors where you think the error is somewhere else
[3:16] <volatile1> MikeEvans: ping god
[3:16] <volatile1> 64 bytes from god: icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=7.08ms
[3:17] <Zopp> yeah... especially when you type on another keyboard layout then you think...
[3:17] <Zopp> :D
[3:17] <Zopp> and dont see password
[3:17] <volatile1> No, I stored the password in wpa_supplicant
[3:17] <volatile1> I did that on my eee pc
[3:18] <volatile1> But I always forget the 1337 at the end of the key :D
[3:18] <Zopp> :D
[3:18] <volatile1> So I tried on my eee pc and realised it doesnt work without 1337 :D
[3:19] <Zopp> my problem is that y/z are switched on czech keyboard then US keyboard
[3:19] <volatile1> So now I can kick those finnish crap of the tb :D
[3:19] <volatile1> Yeah, in Germany too
[3:19] <Zopp> so when you can type all ten fingers, it is little frustrating...
[3:19] <volatile1> :)
[3:20] <Zopp> czech keyboard is from germany...
[3:21] <volatile1> Okay :)
[3:21] <volatile1> Does anybody know how to switch of the sun shining on my screen? :-/
[3:21] * Zopp is now known as Zopper
[3:22] <Zopper> move to bassement?
[3:22] <Zopper> basement
[3:22] <Zopper> :D
[3:22] <volatile1> :P
[3:22] <MikeEvans> Move to the UK @ volatile1
[3:22] <volatile1> That would be like "Linux doesnt work? Switch to windows!" Zopper
[3:23] <volatile1> MikeEvans: :)
[3:23] <Zopper> :D
[3:23] <Zopper> yeah... In CZ is cloudy too.
[3:24] <volatile1> Id like to live in Sweden :)
[3:25] <MikeEvans> I understand that it is a great place to live. I've been hiking there and everyone was very friendly
[3:25] <FIN__Master> volatile1: Wait until the nuclear winter caused by ww3
[3:26] <Zopper> :D
[3:26] <volatile1> I was in Sweden once, the nature is just incredible...
[3:26] <Zopper> FIN__Master: but, where you'd like move to?
[3:27] <FIN__Master> ...or build your own Tsar-bomba and make your own nuclear winter ( http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsar-Bomba )
[3:27] <volatile1> lol
[3:27] <FIN__Master> Id like to move to austria
[3:27] <volatile1> Too bad no one here speaks Finnish FIN__Master :P
[3:27] <volatile1> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsar_Bomba :P
[3:27] <FIN__Master> to be a ski-bum
[3:28] <FIN__Master> Less than a month to wait until i get to Austria \0/
[3:29] * MikeEvans probably isn't going to get to go skiing this season :(
[3:30] <volatile1> :P
[3:30] <MikeEvans> mustn't complain - I have a 1 month trip to Thailand, Laos, Australia and Singapore arranged
[3:30] <FIN__Master> Its so sad to come back to finland to snowboard when the slopes are like thirty times smaller :D
[3:30] <MikeEvans> but I still want to get on my skis
[3:31] * volatile1 wants to go to Crete with his gf next summer
[3:34] * Zopper wants to go to Spain in 2011
[3:34] <Zopper> :D
[3:34] <MikeEvans> 2011 is a very long way away
[3:34] <Zopper> yeah...
[3:34] <Zopper> that is true
[3:35] <volatile1> Finally, no Finnish in Aptitude and so on :D
[3:35] <MikeEvans> I barely know what I want to do next month. I have no idea about 2011
[3:35] <volatile1> Reading package lists
[3:35] <volatile1> Now THATS great! :)
[3:36] <FIN__Master> :D
[3:36] <FIN__Master> volatile1: You got the ubuntu to work?
[3:36] <volatile1> Sure!
[3:36] <volatile1> Now I have to get openbox working
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[3:54] * koen_ (n=koen@s55917625.adsl.wanadoo.nl) has joined #touchbook
[3:57] * Martix (n=Martix@ has joined #touchbook
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[4:08] [freenode-connect VERSION]
[4:25] <volatile1> How can I clear aptitudes list of actions it will perform when I press g?
[4:26] <volatile1> I got a bunch of packages I accidently marked to be removed
[4:27] <volatile1> I dont want him to do anything when I press g twice
[4:28] <MikeEvans> ah - I'm a fedora (and therefore yum) guy normally. I have a mate on another channel who might know - brb
[4:28] <volatile1> thx
[4:30] * oly (n=oly@82-34-240-201.cable.ubr02.maid.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #touchbook
[4:30] <MikeEvans> ah there you are oly
[4:30] <volatile1> :)
[4:31] <oly> no idea, i guess you are on about the curses gui for apt when you mean aptitude ?
[4:31] <volatile1> Yes
[4:32] <oly> ctrl+c would have been my guess but i dont use it
[4:32] <oly> i always use apt-get or synaptics
[4:33] <volatile1> ctrl c just quits aptitude :(
[4:33] <oly> which clears the list of actions :p
[4:33] <MikeEvans> I wonder whether the packages have been marked for download with apt-get, or just held by aptittude. In the latter case ctrl-c would work but not the former
[4:33] <volatile1> Nope
[4:34] <oly> i would hope at least
[4:34] <volatile1> When I restart aptitude it still says "Will free 700mb"
[4:34] <oly> ah
[4:34] <volatile1> But I just saw I can collaps the long list of packages
[4:35] <volatile1> And mark the list that would be removed as not to be removed
[4:35] <MikeEvans> heh - suppose that would do it
[4:36] <MikeEvans> I remember getting caught up in this when I first tried to install debian some years ago
[4:36] <volatile1> :)
[4:39] <volatile1> I thought aptitude was slow on my eee pc 901, but compared to tb its fast as light :(
[4:41] <jvs> volatile1, disk vs sd card
[4:42] <volatile1> Nope, 901 has slow ssds too ;)
[4:42] <Corsac> sd card is not disk
[4:42] <volatile1> ?
[4:43] <jvs> volatile1, your eee pc most likely has a traditional hard disk
[4:43] <jvs> the tb uses a sd card
[4:44] <volatile1> nope
[4:44] <FIN__Master> eeepc 901 has ssd disc
[4:44] <FIN__Master> or ssd drive
[4:44] <volatile1> EEE has a slow ssd too
[4:45] <volatile1> No hdd
[4:45] <volatile1> At least mine, there are some eee that come with hdd
[4:45] <leinir> sd != ssd
[4:45] <leinir> just to be clear :)
[4:45] <jvs> I see
[4:45] <jvs> well, it does not have a sd card
[4:45] <jvs> solid state disk/drive is not a sd card
[4:46] <volatile1> Yes
[4:46] <volatile1> Hdd > ssd > sd
[4:46] <jvs> no
[4:46] <jvs> ssd > everything
[4:46] <volatile1> If you talk of intel ssds and so on you are right
[4:46] <volatile1> But the eee pcs ssds are way slower than normal hdds
[4:47] <jvs> and if talk about samsung ssds?
[4:47] <volatile1> Dunno ;)
[4:47] <spvensko> yeah eeePC ssds suck
[4:47] <spvensko> as did the one that came with my AA1
[4:48] <volatile1> :)
[4:49] <jvs> ssd is a type of device
[4:49] <jvs> it is not necessarily fast or slow
[4:49] <volatile1> Yup
[4:49] <jvs> it depends on the architecture used
[4:49] <jvs> so if you say "Intel ssds"
[4:49] <volatile1> I know, I know
[4:49] <jvs> you usually would be slapped
[4:50] <jvs> slapsgiving
[4:50] <volatile1> I just wanted to make clear that 'normal' ssds like the expensive intel ones and so on may be fast, but the ones inside the eee are not ;)
[4:52] <jvs> yeah that's because these are mlc ssds
[4:53] <jvs> you are thinking of slc ssds
[4:53] <volatile1> I think they are connected with usb in the eee pc
[4:53] <Corsac> I don't really think so
[4:53] <volatile1> They do have a mini PCIe interface
[4:54] <volatile1> But the original ssds use the usb lines in the mini pcie interface
[4:54] <volatile1> As far as I remember ;)
[4:54] <volatile1> Correct me im Im wrong
[4:55] <jvs> man
[4:55] <jvs> maemo5 is awesome
[4:55] <dpb> Got it running on your TB?
[4:55] <dpb> :P
[4:56] <jvs> nope
[4:56] <jvs> but it should be possible
[4:56] <jvs> the n900 also has a resistive touchscreen
[4:56] <leinir> Sort of... Not Maemo5 per se, but rather Mer :)
[4:57] <jvs> I didn't know that
[4:57] <jvs> anybody got a N900?
[4:58] <leinir> http://alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=234
[4:58] <leinir> no, but i'm absolutely going to get one ;)
[4:59] <jvs> leinir, really?
[4:59] <jvs> it's expensive
[4:59] <leinir> it's also amazing ;)
[5:00] <dpb> I'm going to get a Motorola Milestone.
[5:00] <volatile1> And its small like a stamp :(
[5:00] <leinir> and the "expensive" is all depending on how you look at it, really :)
[5:00] <dpb> eh, N900 isn't small..
[5:00] <spvensko> n900?
[5:00] <leinir> i got to try it at devdays in Munich, and it's seriously amazing :)
[5:00] <MikeEvans> volatile1: I think you solved your issue with aptitude, but I think the expert way of doing it might have been: dpkg --clear-selections
[5:01] <jvs> yupp
[5:01] <jvs> I agree, awesome
[5:01] <jvs> I used to have a n770
[5:01] <volatile1> MikeEvans: thx, Ill try ;)
[5:02] <leinir> hardware keyboard and the single best touch screen i've ever tried :)
[5:02] <volatile1> dpb: It is :P EEE PC is small too, tb is small too
[5:02] <dpb> volatile1: you're small.
[5:02] * volatile1 works with 2 20" TFTs at his real pc, and thats to small too :(
[5:02] <jvs> leinir, and a crytal clear screen
[5:03] <volatile1> At least for developing pcbs
[5:03] <leinir> jvs: indeed :) It's really stunning :)
[5:03] <jvs> "real pc"?
[5:03] <volatile1> Yeah, my tower
[5:03] <jvs> do you imagine the others?
[5:03] <spvensko> imaginary PCs are the best PCs
[5:03] <jvs> yeah
[5:03] <leinir> And well, my camera's kind of crapped itself, so i need a new one anyway... and while it's not the best camera in the world, it's great for quick snaps :)
[5:03] <leinir> ...
[5:03] <volatile1> jvs: I got a real pc and I got the toys like EEE and TB ;)
[5:03] <jvs> volatile1, I see :)
[5:03] <leinir> You did not just bring a desktop PC into a discussion about mobile devices, did you?!
[5:04] <jvs> leinir, I was surprised to read the camera actually is good
[5:04] <volatile1> *duck and run*
[5:04] <jvs> wel
[5:04] <jvs> well
[5:05] <leinir> It's not the best camera in the world, but it's good enough for day-to-day type stuff :)
[5:05] <leinir> Good shots you need a DSLR for anyway :)
[5:05] <jvs> usually they don't give zeiss to "experimental devices"
[5:06] <jvs> or their business line devices
[5:06] <jvs> the e71 as well as the e72 do not have zeiss optics
[5:07] <jvs> nokia seems to be really proud of the tablet this time
[5:08] <jvs> I mean, just take a look at these videos
[5:08] <jvs> http://maemo.nokia.com/videos/
[5:08] <leinir> Very :)
[5:08] <leinir> They've got a lot to be proud of too :)
[5:08] <volatile1> Id like to have Linux on my Windows Smartphone :(
[5:08] <jvs> they never did smthg like that for the n770/n800/n810
[5:13] <jvs> I can just repeat it, awesome
[5:13] <volatile1> Does anyone use tb with a 3g stick?
[5:13] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
[5:13] <volatile1> Mine doesnt fit without removing the case and modifying it
[5:13] <volatile1> So which one to buy?
[5:14] <jvs> I haven't checked yet
[5:14] <dpb> they all might be too big with the casing
[5:14] <volatile1> Yes, thats one problem
[5:15] <dpb> notice the wlan card that comes with the TB also is without casing
[5:15] <volatile1> The other problem are the usb-connectors in tb
[5:15] <volatile1> They are turned around
[5:15] <volatile1> So leds of the sticks and so on point into the display
[5:15] <volatile1> And like this the stick doesnt fit without bending the pcb
[5:16] <volatile1> if the leds lookes out of the tb it fit
[5:16] <volatile1> No, fitted?
[5:16] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-67-74.eurotel.cz) has joined #touchbook
[5:17] <volatile1> Do you understand dpb?
[5:17] <volatile1> wb Zopper
[5:17] <jvs> volatile1, get a small one and open it
[5:17] <jvs> remove the led
[5:17] <Zopper> volatile1: thanks
[5:17] <jvs> or tape it
[5:17] <volatile1> jvs: The led is not he problem, I cant see it but thats okay
[5:18] <volatile1> Wait, Ill make a photo
[5:18] <volatile1> uhm
[5:18] <volatile1> Forgot my brother has the cam
[5:19] <volatile1> Check this: http://r2d2.stefanm.com/groupboard.html
[5:19] <Zopper> volatile1: and cellphone? hasnt cam?
[5:20] <volatile1> It has
[5:20] <volatile1> But the quality is reeeeealy bad
[5:20] <volatile1> And my other one doesnt have datacable or bluetooth
[5:20] <volatile1> And its no fun to usw the eee pcs build in one
[5:21] <dpb> java.. ugh..
[5:21] <Zopper> :D
[5:21] <jvs> what's that? your bachelor thesis?
[5:21] <jvs> bachelor project?
[5:22] <volatile1> :P
[5:22] <volatile1> Green is UMTS Stick
[5:22] <jvs> hmm
[5:22] <volatile1> Wont fit like this without bending the pcb
[5:22] <jvs> feels like xournal on the tb XD
[5:22] <volatile1> But would fit the other way
[5:23] <volatile1> You get it?
[5:23] <volatile1> But of course the usb plug doesnt fit the other way :D
[5:23] <jvs> I see
[5:23] <dpb> get a better card
[5:23] <volatile1> So I had to solder an adapter
[5:23] <volatile1> dpb: Yes. And thats why I ask if anyone has one and knows it fits :)
[5:23] * jvs hides
[5:24] <volatile1> :P
[5:24] <dpb> I suggest asking on the forums
[5:24] <volatile1> Forums suck :D
[5:24] <jvs> I thought "delete" would give me a rubber
[5:25] * volatile1 slaps jvs
[5:25] * leinir slaps volatile1 with a HCI book ;)
[5:25] <jvs> I deserved it
[5:26] * volatile1 cries
[5:26] <volatile1> :D
[5:26] * jvs judges volatile1 based on the gestalt laws
[5:26] <volatile1> gestalt?
[5:26] <jvs> http://www.sapdesignguild.org/resources/optical_illusions/gestalt_laws.html
[5:27] <leinir> gestalt laws, which say things like "stuff that looks the same should act the same" ;)
[5:27] <jvs> maybe you read the book leinir is slapping you with
[5:27] <volatile1> Okay
[5:28] <leinir> and "stuff gets more and more related the closer it is together" ;)
[5:30] <jvs> so if volatile1 stands right beside leinir
[5:30] <jvs> I'd say they are brothers
[5:30] <volatile1> o0
[5:30] <jvs> and after some time they'd even look the same
[5:30] <jvs> and do the same
[5:31] <jvs> except for leinir having a n900 while volatile1 uses a "real" mobile phone
[5:31] <MikeEvans> does that mean that if I stand close enough to my yoga teacher I will be able to put my legs behind my head tonight?
[5:32] <jvs> MikeEvans, no, but if you stand close enough to yoda, you will turn green
[5:33] <MikeEvans> ah, truth it is
[5:35] <jvs> now I wonder if yoda could put his legs behind his head
[5:37] <MikeEvans> yoda yoga: the new fitness craze. You heard it here first
[5:41] * robclark (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-wxmlouekxqjxisen) has joined #touchbook
[6:00] <volatile1> http://www.decimation.com/markw/images/rand1/caution_this_is_sparta.jpg
[6:02] <Zopper> volatile1: ;-)
[6:07] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #touchbook
[6:08] * Zopper is almost sleeping
[6:08] <volatile1> Why?
[6:08] * volatile1 wakes up Zopper
[6:08] <Zopper> Because I am on English conversation lesson....
[6:08] <Zopper> :D
[6:09] <volatile1> :D
[6:09] <Zopper> And there are five next students, then when speak somebody of them, I can sleep
[6:09] <Zopper> :D
[6:09] <volatile1> o0
[6:10] <volatile1> English was my best...
[6:10] <volatile1> um, what do you say?
[6:10] <volatile1> Topic?
[6:10] <Zopper> We are preparing to the final exam at the end of highschool...
[6:10] <volatile1> English was my best subject during my a-levels
[6:11] <Zopper> yes, I like it, it is easy
[6:11] <volatile1> :)
[6:11] <volatile1> yup
[6:11] <Zopper> so we talk and read about twenty-five or twenty-six topics... And on the final exam, we will speak about one of them
[6:12] <volatile1> :-/
[6:12] <volatile1> We had 3 topics
[6:12] <volatile1> And 2 of them in exam iirc
[6:12] <MikeEvans> Sex religion and politics?
[6:12] <volatile1> And one could choose from 2 tasks in exam
[6:13] <Zopper> there are some geographic questions... UK, Austraila, Canada, USA,
[6:13] <Zopper> some writers
[6:14] <Zopper> shakespeare, hemingway...
[6:17] <Zopper> and similar it is in another subject...
[6:17] <Zopper> s
[6:17] <Zopper> subjects
[6:17] <MikeEvans> but as we are in an English lesson Zopper: "We are preparing to the final exam at the end of highschool..." Ought to have been "We are preparing for the final exam..."
[6:19] <Zopper> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matura
[6:20] <Zopper> MikeEvans: thanks..
[6:20] <Zopper> :)
[6:20] <MikeEvans> Yes - we used to use a similar word in English: matriculation. I think it is more or less obsolete now
[6:24] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:51ac:3a68:16c8:8473) has joined #touchbook
[6:25] <Zopper> end...
[6:25] <Zopper> so bb
[6:25] <volatile1> :)
[6:25] <volatile1> hf
[6:25] <volatile1> u brb?
[6:26] <Zopper> yes... probably in one hour...
[6:26] <volatile1> k
[6:26] <Zopper> bb
[6:26] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-67-74.eurotel.cz) has left #touchbook
[6:39] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[6:42] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) has joined #touchbook
[6:44] <volatile1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPQmzCgb1gI <3
[6:52] * robclark (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-wxmlouekxqjxisen) Quit ()
[7:05] * spvensko (n=spvensko@ Quit ()
[7:08] * zooko (n=user@97-118-89-62.hlrn.qwest.net) has left #touchbook
[7:32] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[8:01] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip4-83-240-68-155.cust.nbox.cz) has joined #touchbook
[8:01] <Zopper> back
[8:01] <volatile1> (15:26:24) Zopper: yes... probably in one hour... :D
[8:01] <volatile1> wb
[8:02] <volatile1> Must be the time shift between here and Czech
[8:06] <Zopper> do you know, what word "probably" means? ;-)
[8:07] <volatile1> Yes *duck and run*
[8:08] <Zopper> :)
[8:27] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-11-148.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[8:32] * torpor (n=w1x@91-115-161-82.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #touchbook
[8:33] * t_s_o (n=tso@202.84-49-132.nextgentel.com) has joined #touchbook
[8:34] * torpor (n=w1x@91-115-161-82.adsl.highway.telekom.at) Quit (Client Quit)
[8:36] * setanta (n=setanta@ has joined #touchbook
[8:40] <volatile1> Ha
[8:40] <volatile1> I just restored my root-Password in Debian
[8:41] * torpor (n=w1x@91-115-161-82.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #touchbook
[8:43] <Zopper> volatile1: CG
[8:43] <volatile1> thx
[9:02] * evilnick_ (i=0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick) has joined #touchbook
[9:06] <evilnick_> Hi all, what's the procedure for cancelling a pre-order? I've replied to the pre-order confirmation email but not heard back for 4 days (since the auto-reply from contact@alwaysinnovating.com).
[9:06] <volatile1> Get used to it
[9:07] <volatile1> At AlwaysInnovating everything takes a bit... longer :D
[9:08] <evilnick_> I do understand, so I was just checking that there wasn't a specific way to do this, even though I had a fairly thorough look at the site/faqs/etc :)
[9:14] <w00t> AlwaysInnovating: except during weekdays(tm)
[9:24] <FIN__Master> they are Always Innovating. They dont have time to answer emails
[9:24] <FIN__Master> has gregoire been here today?
[9:25] <Zopper> FIN__Master: I didn't see him.
[9:25] <FIN__Master> Zopper: Ok. Thanks
[9:26] <volatile1> (05:22:00) gregoiregentil: Ping _koen_?
[9:26] <volatile1> (05:23:11) gregoiregentil: yup
[9:26] <volatile1> (01:10:55) gregoiregentil1 hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
[9:26] <volatile1> But I did ;)
[9:26] <Zopper> :)
[9:27] <FIN__Master> volatile1: Thanks. That helped so much to know he was here like 15 hours ago
[9:27] <volatile1> My pleasure FIN__Master
[9:27] <volatile1> :D
[9:28] <volatile1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPQmzCgb1gI FIN__Master I hope that makes you happy again :D
[9:30] <FIN__Master> volatile1: Im allergic -.-
[9:30] <volatile1> Oh shit
[9:30] <volatile1> Looks like I screwed up
[9:30] <volatile1> :D
[9:30] <FIN__Master> And i've had an overdose of kittens on internet :D
[9:31] <FIN__Master> Im doing this xorg recompile thing gregoire asked me to do and now I kind of have no idea what im doing :)
[9:31] <Zopper> volatile1: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[9:31] <volatile1> :)
[9:33] * oly (n=oly@82-34-240-201.cable.ubr02.maid.blueyonder.co.uk) Quit ("Leaving")
[9:34] * volatile1 (n=volatile@g227127079.adsl.alicedsl.de) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[9:34] * volatile1 (n=volatile@g227127079.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #touchbook
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[9:48] * Vito89_ (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[9:50] * BlackLord (n=Tobias@p4FCC941A.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #touchbook
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[9:51] * BlackLord (n=Tobias@p4FCC941A.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #touchbook
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[10:01] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit ("Leaving.")
[10:19] <torpor> i think the deal with AI is its pretty much nearly just gregoire, no?
[10:19] <torpor> he seems busy, and quite active. so i imagine ignoring the administrative stuff is easy for him to do.
[10:20] <Corsac> torpor: and alexandre
[10:23] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B04194C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[10:34] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit ()
[10:36] * evilnick_ is now known as evilnick_B
[10:47] <Zopper> mmmm... Interesting http://www.telegraph.co.uk/relationships/6709646/All-men-watch-porn-scientists-find.html :D
[10:48] <volatile1> :)
[10:49] * volatile1 sings "The internet is really really great..."
[10:50] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[10:51] <Zopper> I sell internet on 349 133 945 DVDs or on 5 DVDs without porn and warez
[10:51] <Zopper> :D
[10:51] <volatile1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-TA57L0kuc Zopper You know this?
[10:51] <volatile1> :D
[10:51] <evilnick_B> Zopper: How many porn scientists are there? For all men to be able to watch them?
[10:52] * evilnick_B adds a :)
[10:52] <Zopper> volatile1: yes, I know... But with different video
[10:52] <volatile1> Yeah, like Wow ;)
[10:53] <Zopper> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUl7bZARUpM
[10:53] <Zopper> yes
[10:53] <volatile1> Dieses Video ist aufgrund von Urheberrechtsbeschr??nkungen in deinem Land nicht verf??gbar.
[10:53] <volatile1> I hate youtube!
[10:53] <volatile1> It says Im not allowed to watch the video because of some copyright crap
[10:53] <Zopper> what?
[10:53] <Zopper> ou..
[10:53] <jvs> haha volatile1
[10:53] <Zopper> where you live?
[10:53] <Zopper> GB?
[10:54] <volatile1> Germany
[10:54] <volatile1> Its always like this
[10:54] <jvs> I'm from Austria and I can watch it
[10:54] <Zopper> no diference...
[10:54] <jvs> :D
[10:54] <volatile1> They display some really interesting videos in the list and then you mustnt watch them
[10:54] <volatile1> jvs: Achso, na dann ;)
[10:55] <Zopper> and what about anonimizers?
[10:55] <volatile1> Yeah, I guess I could try
[10:55] <Zopper> like hidemyass.com
[10:55] <volatile1> But thats not worth the hassle
[10:55] <Zopper> (or what)
[10:55] <volatile1> I mean, its just Youtube :D
[10:56] <volatile1> Spend to much time there anyway
[10:56] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[10:57] <Zopper> yes.. because google have different policy in some countries...
[10:57] <volatile1> yes
[11:03] <volatile1> Does anyone here watch heroes, the series?
[11:07] <torpor> on the touchbook? no.
[11:10] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-11-148.ptld.qwest.net) Quit ("Leaving.")
[11:12] <volatile1> No matter where ;)
[11:13] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[11:24] <Zopper> FIN__Master: Maybe I found why kdm login is not working
[11:25] <Zopper> cant open ConsoleKit session: failed to execute program /lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper
[11:25] * churl (n=churl@adsl-074-184-019-224.sip.asm.bellsouth.net) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:37] <FIN__Master> Zopper: whats not working
[11:38] <FIN__Master> you cant login?
[11:39] <FIN__Master> or do you mean when it looks weird?
[11:40] <Zopper> cant login
[11:41] <Zopper> this file exists, so there is maybe something bad configured... I am trying check it with dbus config from my notebook
[11:41] * churl1 (n=churl@adsl-074-184-019-224.sip.asm.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[11:41] <Zopper> mm.. nope
[11:42] <churl1> is version 2009-11.a the newest AIOS?
[11:47] <churl1> nm
[11:47] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:51ac:3a68:16c8:8473) Quit ("Bye...")
[11:49] <FIN__Master> yes it is
[11:49] * evilnick_B (i=0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick) has left #touchbook
[11:50] <churl1> does anyone have better luck with playing the "protect enviroment" avi than I do? I get no sound and about a frame every few seconds (if any)
[11:55] <churl1> audio won't unmute for more than a second
[12:17] <Zopper> FIN__Master: I solved logging problem...
[12:17] <Zopper> :)
[12:17] <Zopper> problem is in consoleKit...
[12:18] <Zopper> when I run console-kit-daemon manualy and restart kdm, I can login
[12:20] <Zopper> so, now I must find, what is bad, that I must start it manualy
[12:25] <churl1> does jaunty not have support to debootstrap a karmic install?
[12:52] * Q_Continuum_ is now known as Q_Continuum
[12:56] <volatile1> Im getting so sick of tb and things not working -.-
[12:57] <volatile1> I think its not even tbs faul now but anyway
[12:59] * diroots (n=diroots@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[12:59] * diroots (n=diroots@88-138-192-51.adslgp.cegetel.net) has joined #touchbook
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[13:08] <Zopper> is anybody on TB right now?
[13:08] <Zopper> who have problem with reseting time on restart TB?
[13:08] <volatile1> I am
[13:08] <Zopper> try chmod +rw /etc/adjtime
[13:09] <Zopper> set time and restart
[13:10] <volatile1> First you have to tell me why wlan is not working *cry*
[13:10] <volatile1> ;)
[13:10] <Zopper> mmm... see you it in ifconfig -a?
[13:11] <volatile1> Interface is up and running
[13:11] <volatile1> But I get this
[13:11] <volatile1> run-parts: /etc/network/if-up.d/wpasupplicant exited with return code 1
[13:11] <Zopper> can you connect to unprotected wifi?
[13:12] <Zopper> or WEP?
[13:12] <volatile1> When I run ifup ra0
[13:12] <volatile1> Dunno, got none
[13:12] <Zopper> hmm
[13:12] <Zopper> try ifconfig ra0 up
[13:13] <volatile1> Port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling
[13:13] <volatile1> Im so sick of tb
[13:13] <volatile1> Did it
[13:13] <volatile1> Now?
[13:14] <Zopper> have you my script?
[13:15] <volatile1> Not on card right now
[13:16] <Zopper> wpa_supplicant -Dwext -ira0 -c/home/ai/wpa_supplicant.conf &
[13:16] <Zopper> set the patch to your config file
[13:16] <Zopper> and run it as root
[13:17] <volatile1> I already tried this:
[13:17] <volatile1> sudo wpa_supplicant -i ra0 -D wext -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf -B
[13:17] <volatile1> Thats where my wpa_sup is
[13:18] <Zopper> try remove spaces
[13:19] <Zopper> as I have it
[13:19] <Zopper> -ira0
[13:19] <Zopper> no -i ra0
[13:19] <volatile1> Why?
[13:19] <Zopper> maybe it is the problem
[13:19] <volatile1> btw, it says association request to the driver failed
[13:19] <volatile1> Wait
[13:19] <volatile1> wtf
[13:20] <volatile1> iwconfig gives me ra0 as RT2870
[13:20] <volatile1> Everything looks fine
[13:20] <volatile1> ifconfig -a gives me ra0 as Ethernet
[13:23] <volatile1> Which driver does tb use?
[13:23] * torpor (n=w1x@91-115-161-82.adsl.highway.telekom.at) Quit ("Ex-Chat")
[13:23] <Zopper> I didnt look
[13:24] <Zopper> I didnt change anything, only use the config file and script
[13:24] <volatile1> Yeah
[13:27] * setanta (n=setanta@ Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[13:33] * jvs (n=jvs@ Quit ("Leaving")
[13:34] <volatile1> Dont ask me what I have done, but I can ping google now
[13:38] <Zopper> :D
[13:38] <Zopper> cg
[13:38] <volatile1> thx
[13:39] <volatile1> To bad I forgot what I wanted to do
[13:39] <Zopper> time
[13:39] <Zopper> ;-)
[13:39] <volatile1> Yeah, no
[13:39] <volatile1> Thats what you wanted me to do :D
[13:40] <Zopper> It is different? :P
[13:40] <volatile1> I have to wait for aptitude to finish
[13:40] <Zopper> But I am afraid, it is working only when I do restart. When I do shut down, time still do reset
[13:42] <volatile1> I got no /etc/adjtime
[13:42] <Zopper> mm
[13:42] <volatile1> What next?
[13:43] <Zopper> ntpdate address.ntp.server
[13:43] <Zopper> or set date manualy
[13:44] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit ()
[13:44] <volatile1> cant find host addres.ntp.server
[13:44] <Zopper> :DDD
[13:44] <Zopper> you must replace it
[13:44] <Zopper> by some ntp server
[13:44] <volatile1> :P
[13:44] <Zopper> eg tak.cesnet.cz
[13:44] <volatile1> Yeah, Im just looking one up
[13:45] <Zopper> use tak.cesnet.cz
[13:45] <volatile1> :P k
[13:45] <volatile1> Yeah, done
[13:45] <Zopper> still no /etc/adjtime?
[13:46] <volatile1> nope
[13:46] <Zopper> strange....
[13:46] <Zopper> have you hwclock?
[13:46] <volatile1> dunno
[13:47] <volatile1> I got
[13:47] <Zopper> what type to you?
[13:47] <volatile1> ?
[13:47] <Zopper> run hwclock in terminal
[13:47] <volatile1> I did
[13:48] <Zopper> type you some date?
[13:48] * t_s_o (n=tso@202.84-49-132.nextgentel.com) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[13:48] <volatile1> it said Sa 01 Jan 2000 01 and so on
[13:48] <Zopper> mm... and adjtime still isnt exist?
[13:49] <volatile1> ack
[13:49] <Zopper> "ack"?
[13:50] <volatile1> Yes, still doesnt exist
[13:50] <Zopper> quite strange....
[13:50] <Zopper> I have it on TB also on notebook
[13:50] <volatile1> k
[13:51] <Zopper> so, try hwclock --set --date 091203
[13:51] <Zopper> as root
[13:52] <volatile1> Works
[13:52] <volatile1> Changes time
[13:52] <volatile1> Now how can I connect ntpdate with hwclock? ;)
[13:52] <Zopper> And /etc/adjtime
[13:52] <Zopper> ?
[13:53] <volatile1> Yup
[13:53] <Zopper> so set rw perms for group and others
[13:53] <Zopper> and restart TB
[13:53] <volatile1> wiki
[13:54] <volatile1> wrong window
[13:54] <Zopper> :)
[13:54] <Zopper> and after restart, try turn off and on TB
[13:55] <Zopper> when I do restart, the time is OK
[13:55] <Zopper> but when I turn it off... time is lost
[13:55] <volatile1> rebooting
[13:56] <volatile1> hwclock is fine
[13:57] <Zopper> so no try turn off TB
[13:57] <Zopper> *now
[13:59] <volatile1> So what should I tell you now?
[13:59] <volatile1> The truth?
[13:59] <volatile1> Or what would make you happy?
[13:59] <Zopper> yes
[13:59] <volatile1> :D
[13:59] <Zopper> truth
[13:59] <volatile1> Doesnt work
[13:59] <Zopper> :D
[13:59] <Zopper> I know :(
[14:00] <Zopper> I hope, it is mine problem...
[14:00] <volatile1> What now?
[14:00] <Zopper> I dont know..
[14:00] <volatile1> Think, man, think!
[14:00] <volatile1> :D
[14:00] <Zopper> I am sleepy
[14:00] <Zopper> :D
[14:01] <Zopper> and found video of asus T91MT :(
[14:01] <volatile1> Quit it and think!
[14:02] <Zopper> I have the same issue on AI OS
[14:02] <volatile1> Damn tb
[14:04] <Zopper> so, it look like HW problem... :(
[14:05] <Zopper> when is turned off, there is nothing like CMOS battery
[14:05] <volatile1> But there a plenty of Ah of accu
[14:07] <Zopper> yes... But if the accu is disconnect... I dont know, how it is solved
[14:07] <volatile1> If
[14:07] <volatile1> But it is not
[14:07] <Zopper> yes..
[14:07] <volatile1> This cant be be solved
[14:07] <volatile1> No power, no rtc
[14:08] <volatile1> But I guess the rtc never runs out of power
[14:08] <Zopper> I told, I dont know why... I am only creating some theory...
[14:08] <Zopper> and now, I am going to bed ;-)
[14:08] <volatile1> Even if you made the batteries empty so the tb couldnt run the still could run the rtc
[14:09] <volatile1> Since it only draws micro amps or so
[14:09] <Zopper> if george will be here, you can ask him
[14:09] <Zopper> I am going...
[14:09] <Zopper> GN
[14:09] <volatile1> And normaly since one never disconnects the battery and charges it
[14:09] <volatile1> :P
[14:09] <volatile1> You dont let me even finish my sentence
[14:09] <Zopper> :D
[14:10] <volatile1> n8 Zopper
[14:10] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip4-83-240-68-155.cust.nbox.cz) has left #touchbook
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[16:45] <ioi8> has anyone modded the tablet to house an internal GPS unit?
[16:45] <ioi8> i see that there is an open USB port internally... anyone know approx how much space is available inside?
[16:49] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-216-221-32-64.aei.ca) has joined #touchbook
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[16:56] <tommd1> ioi8: If you're still here in 3 to 3 1/2 hours then I'll measure and find out.
[16:57] <tommd1> But its a reasonable space
[16:57] * tommd1 is now known as TomMD
[16:58] <TomMD> I had the same question but decided to not care once I settled on getting a battery backed usb gps device.
[16:58] <TomMD> at 77.48x28x17.77 mm I think it will have to live outside the case.
[17:02] <ioi8> TomMD: ill be here
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[17:26] <JoeyH> Just got my package today. Hardware works great. Having some software problems though. Care to lend an ear?
[17:26] <error_23> Hey, FIN__Master: your suggestion worked great; I'd be happy to update the Wiki on installing the OS to a new card at some point (though that page is locked right now)
[17:27] <error_23> JoehH: I just got mine a couple of days ago, too =)
[17:27] <JoeyH> Cool. Can't wait to break it in!
[17:27] <JoeyH> I love the size
[17:28] <error_23> Yeah, me too; we just got it updated to the newest OS image today, which has made some software stuff a lot better
[17:29] <error_23> I probably have no idea how to solve whatever problems you're having, but I can tell you if i've had the same ones so far
[17:29] <JoeyH> cool, lol. I should look into updating the OS as well. For now I just want to install some stuff
[17:29] <JoeyH> opkg install <file> results in "*Could not obtain administrative lock"
[17:30] <error_23> oh
[17:30] <error_23> do it like tihs
[17:30] <error_23> sudo ipkg install
[17:30] <error_23> sudo puts you into adminstrator mode for that one command
[17:30] <JoeyH> gotcha, i was wondering if i needed su or root access (learned from my android phone)
[17:31] <error_23> sudo puts you at root access for the command that you prefix with it
[17:31] <JoeyH> !! success!
[17:31] <error_23> then after that, you're back at regular user
[17:31] <error_23> so, you were wondering correctly =)
[17:31] <error_23> hooray!
[17:31] <JoeyH> you are my new best friend
[17:32] <JoeyH> now how about the password it is asking for???
[17:33] <error_23> just press enter
[17:33] <error_23> i don't think the root user has a real password
[17:33] <error_23> (on most linux systems it would, but i think it does not on the touchbook)
[17:34] <JoeyH> it's asking me (for the libflac8) "We trust you have recieved lecture from Sys Admin" and lists 3 thing 1) Privacy 2)Think 3)Great power/Respnosibility
[17:34] <JoeyH> found on wiki..
[17:35] <error_23> heh, i have no idea about that
[17:35] <error_23> I don't think mine came with a lecture
[17:35] <error_23> =)
[17:35] <error_23> anyways, I gotta scoot; have fun with your new toy!
[17:35] <JoeyH> We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
[17:35] <JoeyH> Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:
[17:35] <JoeyH> #1) Respect the privacy of others.
[17:35] <JoeyH> #2) Think before you type.
[17:35] <JoeyH> #3) With great power comes great responsibility.
[17:35] <JoeyH> <<<thanks for the help
[17:37] <churl1> did just hitting enter work fine?
[17:46] <JoeyH> no, it goes back to /homme/ai$
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[17:50] * Joeba (n=jheck@ has joined #touchbook
[17:50] <Joeba> just did sudo -s
[17:52] <Joeba> working better this way
[17:53] <Joeba> trying to get ScummVM working, needs libflac8, but can't seem to install
[18:04] <Joeba> i'm told (by scumm) that I'm missing libc6. When I install libc6 it says I need libcindn1, but libcindn1 tells me I need libc6. I'm stuck in a loop
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[18:37] <Joeba> should I be using ipkg or opkg
[18:39] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@host-246-169.pubnet.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
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[18:41] <drantin> last I remember, using any with AI OS resulted in a non-bootable system
[18:46] <Joeba> well that's not handy. how do I install an ".ipk" an the libs it needs?
[18:53] <drantin> you can install them with ipkg just fine, but the dependencies if you try to install one from online will pull glibc and friends that will mess up your system
[18:56] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-11-148.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
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[22:25] <Gary13579> [19:41:10] <drantin> last I remember, using any with AI OS resulted in a non-bootable system
[22:25] <Gary13579> that's if you try upgrading the entire system
[22:25] <Gary13579> installing a few non-critical applications is fine
[22:26] <Gary13579> and ipkg is just linked to opkg, same thing... but he already left.
[22:26] <drantin> Gary13579: the problem occurs when glibc, et al. are in the dependency resolution
[22:33] <Gary13579> ahh right
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