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IRC Log for 2009-12-02

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[0:01] <volatile1> wb Zopper
[0:01] <Zopper> hi
[0:02] <Zopper> Literature
[0:02] <Zopper> :D
[0:02] <Zopper> It is boring
[0:02] <volatile1> :D
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[1:15] <Zopper> volatile1: are you still here?
[1:16] <volatile1> Sure
[1:16] <volatile1> ;)
[1:16] <Zopper> now it is better... Computed Tomography
[1:16] <Zopper> :D
[1:16] <volatile1> :)
[1:17] <Zopper> Much more interesting :D
[1:17] * volatile1 has a french press next to him
[1:17] <volatile1> filled with delicious coffee
[1:17] <volatile1> :)
[1:17] <Zopper> :D
[1:18] <volatile1> So
[1:18] <Zopper> and next lesson will be EEG...
[1:18] <volatile1> What should I do to get me logged into the damn Ubuntu on TB? qemu and chroot might work, but its much work
[1:19] <volatile1> EEG?
[1:19] <volatile1> Sounds nice
[1:19] <Zopper> electro-encefalo-graf...
[1:19] <Zopper> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eeg
[1:20] <Zopper> and ubuntu
[1:20] <volatile1> I know, its opened already :P
[1:20] <volatile1> Wheres FIN__Master?
[1:20] <volatile1> I think he knows
[1:20] <Zopper> you cant log in gdm/kdm?
[1:20] <FIN__Master> im kind of here
[1:20] <volatile1> Ah :)
[1:20] <FIN__Master> but testing saboteur :)
[1:21] <volatile1> Zopper: No gdm, tty1
[1:21] <Zopper> I must switch to tty and log in tty
[1:21] <volatile1> I dont know root password, and I dont have any users
[1:21] <FIN__Master> its that rootfs i gave?
[1:21] <FIN__Master> master / ubuntu
[1:21] <volatile1> (at least no users with knows passwords)
[1:21] <FIN__Master> those are the ones
[1:21] <volatile1> No FIN__Master
[1:21] <FIN__Master> how did you do the rootfs?
[1:22] <volatile1> http://gitorious.org/ubuntutouchbookremix/pages/Home Its this
[1:22] <FIN__Master> gitorious scripts make a default user with username: the name of the user who made the rootfs and pwd: ubuntu
[1:22] <volatile1> Now that this works I could as well try your image
[1:22] <FIN__Master> so the username is the username of the linux you made the rootfs with
[1:23] <volatile1> God to know -.-
[1:23] <volatile1> Why dont they write it into the howto?
[1:23] * volatile1 gives FIN__Master a coffee
[1:23] <FIN__Master> Unless you were root while making the rootfs :D Then you got username: root and pwd made random :D
[1:24] <volatile1> Oh... I doubt ubuntu as password will work because I played around with the /etc/shadow
[1:25] <volatile1> Hm
[1:25] <FIN__Master> you change the mkrootfs script if you want different username
[1:25] <volatile1> Take your Image now or restore original shadow?
[1:25] <FIN__Master> but then you have to wait for another footfs to cook
[1:25] <volatile1> You mean rootfs?
[1:26] <FIN__Master> :D
[1:26] <volatile1> I cant cook a new one because I killed root on my Debian virtual boc too :(
[1:26] <FIN__Master> foot or roof or root. Its the same
[1:26] <volatile1> Ill try yours
[1:27] <FIN__Master> i killed yesterday my vb kubuntu too. dont know what happened
[1:27] <volatile1> Me niether
[1:27] <volatile1> neither
[1:27] <volatile1> I just opened /etc/shadow as root and copied my line
[1:27] <volatile1> I didnt touch root or change the file at all
[1:28] <FIN__Master> I wish there were no computers and all we got was sticks and stones. Those wont betray you
[1:28] <volatile1> But when I type root and pw he says error
[1:28] <volatile1> Hehe
[1:28] <volatile1> "We should have never left the trees!"
[1:30] <FIN__Master> Shit. My W7 just gave bsod. Fuck. Now on tb..
[1:30] <volatile1> wtf?
[1:30] <volatile1> I cant remember I had a single bsod on W7
[1:30] <FIN__Master> no idea why. that was the first one for me too
[1:31] <volatile1> But I have to admid I like W7
[1:31] <volatile1> Win XP-like performance but up to date
[1:31] <volatile1> And much better than crappy vista
[1:32] <FIN__Master> im screening irc on the school network so irc wont be disconnected ever :)
[1:32] <volatile1> :)
[1:32] <FIN__Master> I have vista on my laptop and its the worst os ive ever used
[1:32] <volatile1> Yeah
[1:33] <volatile1> I never had vista myself but had to setup or repair different pcs of friends and my sister got one
[1:33] <volatile1> click - wait - wait - click - confirm - confirm - really goddamn confirm now!! - wait and so on :D
[1:37] <FIN__Master> Now ive got comodo firewall and defence+ so its quite the same situation :D
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[1:38] <volatile1> volatile_901: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2444982/armel-rootfs-200911281927.tgz
[1:39] <FIN__Master> does that work?
[1:39] <volatile1> Wait
[1:39] <volatile1> im loading
[1:39] <FIN__Master> i ment the link but i assume it works
[1:39] <volatile1> I need to setup a network
[1:39] <volatile1> yeah, it does
[1:40] <volatile1> I have to dl again to have it on my eee pc :D
[1:43] <volatile1> Oh come on...
[1:43] <volatile1> 40 minutes remaining
[1:43] <volatile1> I better use sneekers network
[1:43] <FIN__Master> i really got to set up a server at home..
[1:44] <FIN__Master> those file sharing services are so slow
[1:44] <volatile1> :)
[1:44] <volatile1> I need a root
[1:44] <volatile1> and a second internet access
[1:45] <volatile1> Then I bond my broadband and broadband over tv cable and my umts flat and the neighbours open and wep secured wlans and send it to the root
[1:45] <Zopper> FIN__Master: I have server at home, but it cant run in night... I still live with parents.
[1:45] <volatile1> "Must - have - more" :D
[1:46] <DJWillis> koen: just trying the opkg bump with my big images that borked on rev. 402.
[1:46] <FIN__Master> i should by another computer to run as server but girlfriend might think three is enough :)
[1:47] <volatile1> :D
[1:47] <Zopper> FIN__Master: HTPC?
[1:49] <Gary13579> FIN__Master, low powered arm device like the bb would make a nice fileserver
[1:49] <Gary13579> if you need it
[1:49] <FIN__Master> Zopper: No. Not yet :) Although i have my desktop plugged in to my tv and sound system
[1:49] <volatile1> Beagleboard :)
[1:50] <FIN__Master> Gary13579: Thanks for the tip. Got to look into it
[1:50] <Zopper> FIN__Master: mmm...
[1:50] <volatile1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsU3B0W3TMs
[1:50] <Gary13579> FIN__Master, you haven't heard of the beagleboard?
[1:50] <FIN__Master> Hmm. Maybe i could make my wii act as a file server
[1:50] <Gary13579> it's practically the same device thats in your touchbook lol
[1:51] <volatile1> But BB doesnt have network which kinda sux :D
[1:51] <Gary13579> volatile1, usb ethernet adapters
[1:51] <volatile1> Sure
[1:51] <FIN__Master> Yes i have, but never thought that as a server
[1:51] <Gary13579> FIN__Master, you also might look into 'plug' computing
[1:52] <Gary13579> something like this, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SheevaPlug
[1:52] <Gary13579> a bit prettier and out of the way :P
[1:52] <volatile1> Haha, yeah
[1:52] <Zopper> Gary13579: have you running any USB ethernet? I tried this, but on TB it is not working (Edimax EU-4230, I think..)
[1:52] <volatile1> So ugly
[1:53] <Gary13579> volatile1, I'm saying it's prettier compared to the bb. the bb requires 5+ cables running out of it, and is a circuit board sitting out in the open.
[1:53] <Gary13579> tug a cord accidently = broken $150 device
[1:53] <volatile1> Do you know the Bifferboard? http://bifferos.bizhat.com/ http://sites.google.com/site/bifferboard/_/rsrc/1245936118279/Home/howto/power-bifferboard-and-usb-hub-from-one-psu/DSC01605.JPG
[1:53] <volatile1> I got one here...
[1:53] <Gary13579> Zopper, not on linux, but I know it's possible
[1:53] <volatile1> Gary13579: Ah, okay
[1:54] <FIN__Master> I could put ubuntu rootfs to my usb harddrive connected to wii and run wii as ftp server..
[1:54] <Zopper> Gary13579: on my notebook with ubuntu 9.10 it is working
[1:54] <volatile1> Bifferboard is <50$
[1:54] <volatile1> But only 150MHz
[1:55] <Gary13579> Zopper, it could just be lack of ARM drivers for the specific device
[1:55] <Gary13579> I'm near positive someone in the BB community has usb ethernet working
[1:56] <Gary13579> Zopper, try this
[1:56] <Gary13579> http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Blogs/Beagleblog/Connecting-to-the-world
[1:56] <Zopper> Gary13579: thanks
[1:57] <Gary13579> erm no, bad article lol
[1:57] <Zopper> hmm. I see :D
[1:57] <Zopper> This is only network setting...
[1:58] <_koen_> if I plug in an usb2ethernet in my touchbook it just works
[1:59] <Zopper> mmm
[1:59] <Zopper> Its quite strange...
[1:59] <Gary13579> Zopper, insert the device, plug an ethernet cable in
[1:59] <Gary13579> and dmesg | grep eth0
[2:00] <Zopper> ah...
[2:00] <Zopper> Maybe it is the reason
[2:00] <Zopper> I will try it
[2:00] <volatile1> Im looking forward to bb/tb with 2GHz Arm Cortex-A9 :)))
[2:00] <DJWillis> Gary13579: the snag with the BB/TB/Pandora as a small fileserver is the USB bandwidth you have, it's not really upto the job ;
[2:01] <Gary13579> DJWillis, considering it's using his home connection, 2mb/s upload is most likely faster than his connections upload
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[2:01] <Gary13579> which would make it fine :P
[2:01] <Zopper> DJWillis: but if you use it primary to internet fileserver and you have lower connection than USB speed, it is good.
[2:01] <volatile1> FIN__Master has 100mb upstream ;)
[2:01] <Gary13579> if usb to ethernet can hit 5mb/s transfer speeds, you'd need a 40mbit upload to match
[2:01] <Gary13579> volatile1, then he needs to stop spending so much on internet so he can buy more PCs
[2:02] <Zopper> :D
[2:02] <volatile1> :D
[2:02] <FIN__Master> my internet costs nothing to me
[2:02] <Gary13579> (damned kids)
[2:02] <FIN__Master> as long as i live in this apartment
[2:02] <FIN__Master> This student apartment foundation gives 100/100 net to everyone
[2:03] <FIN__Master> i dont want to graduate ever :D
[2:03] <volatile1> FIN__Master: Without any crappy rules?
[2:03] <FIN__Master> mm
[2:04] <FIN__Master> there used to be limits for the use but when it changed to 100/100 they switched those to some automatic system
[2:04] <FIN__Master> but i uploaded kubuntu 9.10 image over 100Gb in a night when it was published
[2:05] <volatile1> I have friends who went to study in UK
[2:05] <Zopper> FIN__Master: you have it good.. I have only cca 12Mbit/s, because, I am connected trough wifi. Here is nothing except O2 ADSL
[2:05] <FIN__Master> and didnt see any difference in rate
[2:05] <volatile1> They were not allowed to use a router
[2:05] <volatile1> They were not allowed to use more than 1 pc at a time
[2:05] <FIN__Master> we are as long as you can configure it right
[2:05] <volatile1> They had to register their MACs
[2:05] <volatile1> Steam was forbidden too iirc
[2:05] <volatile1> And so on
[2:05] <Zopper> volatile1: How they detect, you use a router?
[2:06] <Zopper> almost every "smarter" router can change it
[2:06] <volatile1> I dont know ;)
[2:06] <Gary13579> seriously heh
[2:06] <Gary13579> add your routers MAC and share it
[2:07] <FIN__Master> if its set ip right it shouldn't show itself outside?
[2:07] <volatile1> Dont know ;)
[2:07] <volatile1> I never had to worry about this things
[2:08] <Zopper> I was playing little about this..
[2:09] <Zopper> there is no way, how to restrict connect any device, if you do not use any software on allowed device.
[2:09] <Zopper> and users can make changes in cables...
[2:11] <Zopper> And on wireless, it is hopeless, if you are not using WPA security...
[2:11] <Zopper> :D
[2:11] <Zopper> (free internet everyhere)
[2:11] <volatile1> :)
[2:13] <volatile1> Lets see how long it takes until everybody can brute wpa in hours or days using multiple grafic cards
[2:14] <volatile1> If one was able to hack a network like folding at home or so... :)
[2:14] <Zopper> for wpa with TKIP is existing vulnerable, but is not wellknown.. I know about only one people, who did it.
[2:15] <Zopper> yeah... But, you dont need much for bruteforcing wifi passwords...
[2:15] <volatile1> 63 characters?
[2:16] <Zopper> no..
[2:16] <Zopper> wifi APs speed
[2:16] <Zopper> They can't response too fast
[2:17] <volatile1> hm
[2:17] <volatile1> right
[2:17] <Zopper> and with WPA, authentizating process take few seconds, so you must have many wifi-cards and still you will not be able try more then few passwords in a sec
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[2:24] <volatile1> FIN__Master: Card should be ready in a few minutes
[2:25] <FIN__Master> No. It Will be ready :D
[2:25] <volatile1> hm
[2:25] <volatile1> wrong grammar or faith in your image? :D
[2:26] <FIN__Master> faith
[2:26] <volatile1> :D
[2:26] <volatile1> But I know me
[2:26] <volatile1> I know I can spent hours with such a simple task because of a small mistake :D
[2:26] <FIN__Master> Not really. I think tampering with tb is always like throwing a dice
[2:26] <volatile1> Yeah :-/
[2:27] <volatile1> So sad since the idea behind is brilliant
[2:28] <volatile1> Lets see it as a prototype for a ARM Cortex-A9 TB with extreme high quality :)
[2:28] <volatile1> Magnesium case? :D
[2:28] <volatile1> For only 300$
[2:29] <volatile1> And at least 720p resolution
[2:29] <volatile1> *dream*
[2:29] <volatile1> Not to forget multitouch
[2:29] <leinir> please no
[2:29] <leinir> multitouch when you can use a stylus on it, sure
[2:29] <leinir> until then, no thanks
[2:30] <volatile1> Okay, both :)
[2:30] <FIN__Master> or at least a touchscreen with decent behaviour
[2:30] <volatile1> Yes
[2:30] <leinir> something with the same level of responsiveness as the one on the N900
[2:30] <leinir> that stuff's sweet :)
[2:30] <volatile1> I dont like to press it like I want to kill a bug or so :D
[2:34] <volatile1> hm
[2:34] <volatile1> tb says Please wait...
[2:34] <volatile1> FIN__Master: How long should I wait until I slam the damn card into my EEE PC and change something? :D
[2:35] <FIN__Master> wait for what?
[2:35] <FIN__Master> it booted something i guess?
[2:35] <volatile1> Yeah
[2:35] <volatile1> It booted to "Please wait..."
[2:36] <volatile1> Doesnt matter
[2:36] <FIN__Master> It took some time at the first boot but not hours :D
[2:36] <volatile1> Its in the EEE again
[2:37] <volatile1> Ill rewrite the fs since I changed something
[2:37] <volatile1> -.-
[2:41] <volatile1> Why is flash-media so slow when its affordable? :(
[2:41] * volatile1 is used to his Velociraptor
[2:42] <Zopper> volatile1: why not ssd disk?
[2:42] <Zopper> ;-)
[2:42] <volatile1> $$$ ;)
[2:42] <Zopper> yeah, this is good reason
[2:42] <Zopper> :D
[2:42] <volatile1> And I have no faith in flash
[2:42] <volatile1> Its somehow bad
[2:43] <volatile1> It doesnt move, it makes no noise, its fast as hell and unaffordable and it might loose data. black magic!
[2:43] <volatile1> "Burn him!" :D
[2:43] <Zopper> :D
[2:44] <volatile1> http://www.ramsan.com/products/ramsan-440.htm The storage media of my dreams
[2:45] <Corsac> 512GB of storage capacity in a 4U rack-mount chassis.
[2:45] <Corsac> yeah for density
[2:45] <Zopper> mmm... I try my usb network with connected cable... Nothing happens
[2:45] <volatile1> Corsac: http://www.ramsan.com/products/ramsan-6200.htm :D
[2:45] <Zopper> ifconfig -a still return only lo and ra0
[2:46] <Corsac> yeah, 100TB in 40U, super :)
[2:46] <volatile1> Try shouting it
[2:46] <Corsac> Zopper: what would you expect?
[2:46] <volatile1> But look at the specs Corsac! :D
[2:46] <volatile1> Every geek will pray when he sees that
[2:46] <Corsac> not really
[2:46] <volatile1> :P
[2:47] <Corsac> i'm fine with ssd, yeah, but it's not (yet) a *mass* storage device
[2:47] <Corsac> if you want to do mass storage, use plain old hdd
[2:47] <Corsac> which work perfectly fine since ages
[2:47] <volatile1> yep
[2:47] <volatile1> And >100mb/sec is not too bad
[2:48] <volatile1> Most of the time theres a bottle neck somewhere else
[2:48] <Corsac> do you imagine the error rate of 100TB of flash?
[2:48] <volatile1> internet eg
[2:48] <volatile1> :D
[2:48] <volatile1> You dont want to do a backup of 100TB
[2:48] <Corsac> there's really no point in doing storage arrays in flash
[2:49] <Zopper> Corsac: On my notebook it is working ok, lsusb see it, but it is not working...
[2:49] <Corsac> Zopper: yeah but what would you expect in infconfig besides lo and ra0 ?
[2:50] <Zopper> Corsac: eth0
[2:51] <Corsac> there's no ethernet card in the touchbook, you do know that?
[2:51] <Corsac> I don't think there are any eth drivers there
[2:55] <Zopper> Corsac: I think, it is because there is not usbnet module
[2:56] <Corsac> ok I don't understand what you're trying to do, sorry
[2:58] <Zopper> Corsac: I am trying get to work an USB-Ethernet
[2:58] <volatile1> GOD DAMNIT!
[2:58] <volatile1> I feel like I got no idea of what Im doing
[2:58] <FIN__Master> you are using the cpfiles script from gitorious?
[2:58] <volatile1> wtf is the fs broken now?!
[2:58] <volatile1> No
[2:59] <FIN__Master> i think you should
[2:59] <Corsac> Zopper: and it doesn't appear in lsusb?
[2:59] <FIN__Master> thats how i did it
[2:59] <Zopper> Corsac: in lsusb it appears
[2:59] <Corsac> ok
[2:59] <Corsac> so my guess is that you don't have the drivers
[2:59] <FIN__Master> you should have aios files in one folder and give that folder as a parameter to the cpfiles script
[2:59] <Zopper> so system see it, but there is no kernel module for usbnet..
[3:00] <Zopper> it seems to be my problem
[3:01] <Corsac> yes it is
[3:01] <volatile1> FIN__Master: Thats not my problem
[3:02] <volatile1> I must do something wrong
[3:02] <volatile1> Since I broke the fs or so
[3:02] <volatile1> Could not mount a partition
[3:02] <FIN__Master> i couldn't get it to work without using the script. Dont know why
[3:03] <volatile1> Okay...
[3:03] <volatile1> Ill see ;)
[3:07] <Zopper> Is there any way to get usbnet module without compiling kernel?
[3:07] <Zopper> I can't find anything..
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[4:07] <volatile_901> What does this do?
[4:07] <volatile_901> for file in `echo /etc/Wireless /lib/modules /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/fstab /etc/udev/rules.d/local.rules` ; do
[4:07] <volatile_901> mkdir -p "${ROOT}`dirname ${file}`"
[4:07] <volatile_901> logrun "Copying '${file}'" "cp -ra ${TB}${file} ${ROOT}`dirname ${file}`/"
[4:07] <volatile_901> done
[4:09] <andrewgodwin> volatile_901: it appears to copy those files/directoties from a touchbook image to some other rootfs
[4:09] <andrewgodwin> probably for an alternate OS?
[4:10] <volatile1> hm
[4:12] <volatile1> So it copies those files into my sd-card
[4:12] <volatile1> Wait, Ill pastebin the complete script
[4:13] <volatile_901> http://pastebin.com/m16967a00
[4:14] <volatile1> Where does it get the original files from?
[4:16] <volatile1> The wgets are for something different
[4:16] <volatile1> Ah
[4:16] <volatile1> Wait
[4:17] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-216-221-32-64.aei.ca) has joined #touchbook
[4:17] <volatile1> . /etc/Wireless and so on are the original files?
[4:17] <volatile1> @ andrewgodwin
[4:18] <andrewgodwin> volatile1: yes, they're the set of files needed to get wireless etc. working with the AIOS kernel
[4:19] <andrewgodwin> since I know of no custom OSen yet that use a custom kernel
[4:19] <volatile1> Okay, thx :)
[4:21] <volatile1> I thought it takes these files from the unpacked tarball
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[5:48] <volatile1> FIN__Master: Its running! :)
[5:48] <volatile1> Some errors have to be fixed but that should not be to hard
[5:50] <Zopper> volatile1: CG :) (You are speaking about ubuntu, I think)
[5:51] <volatile1> I do, thx ;)
[5:51] <volatile1> After logging in I see multiple mouse pointer
[5:51] <volatile1> Have to fix that
[5:52] <volatile1> But its using KDE now, I want to usw openbox anyway
[5:52] <volatile1> So maybe doesnt matter
[5:55] <Zopper> volatile1: multiple lines with multiple mouse pointer I have too, when I switch to tty and back... It do always, it doesnt matter about desktop enviroment.
[5:56] <volatile1> Sorry, I dont get it. You dont care about de because you dont use it? Or what do you want to say
[6:03] <volatile1> um... To bad I cant understand a word Finnish :D
[6:08] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[6:12] <Zopper> I am back... Sorry, boss :D
[6:13] <volatile1> o0
[6:13] <volatile1> wb ;)
[6:13] <Zopper> volatile1: finnish: http://blog.andrewbeacock.com/2007/01/how-to-change-your-default-locale-on.html
[6:13] <Zopper> ;-)
[6:13] <volatile1> thx
[6:14] <volatile1> My poor eyes
[6:14] <Zopper> and what about mouse... I want to say, I have it always and I didnt found why yet...
[6:14] <volatile1> Lokks like they dont handle 5 hours of sleep in 49 hours to well :(
[6:14] <volatile1> Okay
[6:15] <Zopper> volatile1: give them coffee ;-)
[6:15] <volatile1> I guess I should get network running first
[6:15] <volatile1> Ive never connected to a wlan in console :(
[6:15] <volatile1> Better not :D
[6:15] <Zopper> volatile1: WEP or WPA?
[6:16] <volatile1> WPA
[6:16] <Zopper> so, you need use wpa_supplicant
[6:16] <volatile1> Damnit
[6:16] <volatile1> ifconfig only gives me lo
[6:16] <Zopper> ifconfig -a too?
[6:16] <volatile1> No
[6:17] <volatile1> :D lol & thx
[6:17] <Zopper> ifconfig ra0 up
[6:17] <Zopper> ;-)
[6:17] <volatile1> Okay
[6:17] <Zopper> if you want, I can send my wpa_supplicant.conf to you
[6:18] <volatile1> And I drop it into sd and boot the tb again?
[6:18] <volatile1> Then do so please ;)
[6:20] <Zopper> ap_scan=1
[6:20] <Zopper> ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicant
[6:20] <Zopper> network={
[6:20] <Zopper> ssid="myssid"
[6:20] <Zopper> proto=WPA2
[6:20] <Zopper> key_mgmt=WPA-PSK
[6:20] <Zopper> psk="my password"
[6:20] <Zopper> }
[6:21] <volatile1> thx
[6:21] <Zopper> and use this script to connect
[6:21] <Zopper> sudo -s &
[6:21] <Zopper> ifconfig ra0 up
[6:21] <Zopper> killall wpa_supplicant
[6:21] <Zopper> sleep 2
[6:21] <Zopper> wpa_supplicant -Dwext -ira0 -c/home/ai/wpa_supplicant.conf &
[6:21] <Zopper> sleep 2
[6:21] <Zopper> dhclient ra0
[6:21] <Zopper> #clear
[6:21] <Zopper> ifconfig ra0
[6:22] <Zopper> the sudo doesnt work (I must rewrite it), I you can remove it...
[6:22] <volatile1> ;)
[6:22] <Zopper> I must use "sudo script.sh"
[6:23] <volatile1> I wonder if the developers of the tb ever typed on the keyboard
[6:23] <Zopper> and wicd in ubuntu can connect perfectly.
[6:23] <volatile1> I guess not even once
[6:23] <volatile1> Okay
[6:24] <Zopper> you can get used on it...
[6:24] <volatile1> :-/
[6:24] <Zopper> you only need some time of using keyboard
[6:24] <volatile1> But I love my happy hacking keyboard! :(
[6:24] <volatile1> They should build that into the tb :D
[6:24] <Zopper> yeah... I too love my keyboard... From a4tech
[6:25] <Zopper> I dont remember type...
[6:25] <volatile1> Hehe
[6:25] <Zopper> but is waterproof
[6:25] <Zopper> have handle for carrying or when you wash it...
[6:25] <Zopper> :D
[6:26] <volatile1> :D
[6:26] <volatile1> *ashamed* I have to learn vim
[6:26] <Zopper> http://www.bestpc.lv/a4tech-keyboard-g700_-ps_2-_black_-us-_g700_-p-94098.html?language=en this it is... (the red rubber buttons are optional
[6:27] <Zopper> b ase vim commands are easy
[6:27] <volatile1> Lol
[6:27] <volatile1> to keyboard ;)
[6:28] <Zopper> :q, :q!, ZZ
[6:28] <volatile1> Yeah, I got the cheat sheet open
[6:28] <Zopper> :q - quit
[6:28] <honk> Zopper: 10pcs/2.16cuft/ctn <-- wtf?
[6:28] <volatile1> :wq
[6:28] <Zopper> :q! quit force (when you change something and not save)
[6:28] <volatile1> Zopper: http://fprintf.net/vimCheatSheet.html ;)
[6:28] <Zopper> ah...
[6:29] <Zopper> honk: I dont know... maybe when i typed vim commands, IRC made this
[6:29] <Zopper> I dont see, I type anythink like this
[6:29] <honk> Zopper: huh? I'm talking about the link you posted ;P
[6:29] <honk> those are supposed to be the dimensions of the keyboard
[6:30] <Zopper> ahh...
[6:30] <Zopper> I dont know...
[6:31] <Zopper> is little bigger than "standard" keyboard, because have the handle
[6:33] <Zopper> It have hight "type"... I dont know, how translate it. I mean, when you click on key, how much the key go down. Notebooks keyboards always have low "type", touchscreen have no "type"
[6:34] <honk> that's just weird ;P
[6:34] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@elspac3.med.muni.cz) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[6:35] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@elspac3.med.muni.cz) has joined #touchbook
[6:36] <Zopper> sorry, crash... What did you say?
[6:37] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:1d06:69c9:507a:5d86) has joined #touchbook
[6:40] <honk> <honk> that's just weird ;P
[6:42] <Zopper> what is weird? the keyboard?
[6:42] <Zopper> :)
[6:47] * spvensko (n=spvensko@ Quit ()
[7:12] * Vito89 (n=quassel@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[7:49] <_koen_> DJWillis: btw, I totally forgot about gpe-su...
[7:52] <DJWillis> _koen_: good point, esp. as gksudo was bringing in nautilus (need to make that optional). Still, gpe-su is no use if you want to sudo, i.e. use your user password, still thinking on that, anyway, this opkg stuff has got me into a state trying to get more info anyway so not got images built to test ;-)
[7:58] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #touchbook
[7:59] <_koen_> DJWillis: nautilus is only a buildtime dep
[8:00] <_koen_> DJWillis: it will only install nautilus if you install the gksu-nautlius-extension
[8:01] <DJWillis> _koen_: ahh, I assumed it would get wrapped up via the autodetect on the so needs and moved to rdepends, you learn something new ;-)
[8:02] * robclark (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-phwtyzsokgsnchsd) has joined #touchbook
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[9:26] * torpor (n=w1x@91-115-165-203.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #touchbook
[9:27] <tommie1> could I speak with customer service?
[9:28] <volatile1> I dont think heres is any customer service
[9:30] * tommie1 (n=tommy@net-93-144-189-36.t2.dsl.vodafone.it) has left #touchbook
[9:31] <volatile1> o0
[9:32] <volatile1> So this is the average, um, 'satisfied' customer of the tb? :D
[9:33] <Zopper> volatile1: you dont know about these users? ;-)
[9:33] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[9:34] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit (Client Quit)
[9:34] * alexandre__ (n=alexandr@c-98-210-206-210.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[9:34] <volatile1> Nope
[9:34] * oly (n=oly@82-34-240-201.cable.ubr02.maid.blueyonder.co.uk) Quit ("Leaving")
[9:34] <volatile1> Should I?
[9:34] <volatile1> D:
[9:34] <volatile1> :D
[9:35] <Zopper> When it is not working as from apple, they say "it is bad". When they come to phorum or chat and all peoples there doesnt want to help them, they say "you are idiots..." :D
[9:35] <volatile1> :D
[9:36] <Zopper> and their topics in phorums are like "HELP!!!!!!!!"
[9:36] <volatile1> I love them
[9:36] <Zopper> something LiK3 tH1s
[9:36] <Zopper> :D
[9:37] <volatile1> Or this: i need help my foo not do bar what can i do ?????
[9:38] <reis> hm yes, thats one reason for the forums
[9:38] <reis> people that try to get help from some community
[9:38] <volatile1> Orly?
[9:41] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[9:41] <_koen_> I thought fora were for the google impaired
[9:42] <Zopper> volatile1: these are OK... more simple topic would be better, but in this is the problem, that they have
[9:43] <volatile1> I thought forums were made for linux vs windows, apple vs windows, linux vs apple, grammar flame wars or cooking receipies
[9:43] <Zopper> :-D
[9:44] <Zopper> you forget one...
[9:44] <volatile1> Doh!
[9:44] <Zopper> for posting warez links on rapidshare
[9:44] <Zopper> :D
[9:44] <volatile1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khSIYmTzt6U
[9:44] <volatile1> Haha
[9:45] <volatile1> Yeah, asking for cracked software, serials and cracks
[9:47] <Zopper> mmm... how is "help" command?
[9:47] <Zopper> !help
[9:49] <Zopper> mm, nothing in help :(
[9:49] <Zopper> so I must UTFG :D
[9:49] <volatile1> :P
[9:50] <Zopper> yeah, I found it... /me
[9:50] * Zopper are frustrated
[9:50] <Zopper> ou
[9:50] <Zopper> * is
[9:50] <Zopper> :D
[9:50] <volatile1> I didnt get it
[9:50] <volatile1> Where do you need help
[9:51] <Zopper> I searched /me command
[9:51] <volatile1> Okay
[9:55] * azaghal_ (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[9:56] <volatile1> I think I should go to bed now :-/
[9:57] <volatile1> If I wake up again after 5 hours it will be 00:00, so see you then! :D
[9:58] <Zopper> volatile1: GN
[9:58] <volatile1> thx
[9:59] <Zopper> at 00:00 I will be sleep
[9:59] <Zopper> :D
[9:59] <Zopper> ing
[9:59] <Zopper> :D
[9:59] <Zopper> so tomorrow...
[9:59] <volatile1> :P
[9:59] <volatile1> bb
[9:59] <Zopper> bb
[10:00] * azaghal__ (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[10:03] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[10:06] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[10:06] * azaghal_ (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[10:10] <Martix> volatile1: polyphasics sleep?
[10:10] <volatile1> What?
[10:11] <volatile1> Stuck in Youtube :D
[10:11] <Zopper> :D
[10:12] <Martix> volatile1: oh, sorry, its 5 hours at total
[10:13] <volatile1> :P
[10:13] <Zopper> aarrggggh...
[10:13] <volatile1> ?
[10:13] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
[10:13] * Zopper can't get his script working....
[10:15] <Zopper> volatile1: I have two tables in mysql with almost same data and I must compare it and when it is diferent, or one line is missing, solve it...
[10:15] <volatile1> okay
[10:15] <volatile1> <- has no sql skills ;)
[10:16] <Zopper> no mysql but php
[10:16] <Martix> mysqldiff
[10:18] <Martix> maybe you will find this link useful: http://www.mysqldiff.org/
[10:18] <Zopper> Martix: thanks, but I need compare data, not structure
[10:18] <Martix> oh I see
[10:19] <Zopper> I think, my script is almost complete, but is here one bug and I cant get it out...
[10:19] <azaghal> Uh-oh....
[10:20] <azaghal> Any ideas what the hell " Inbound International Arrival" means? (after the shipment had ended-up in France...)
[10:21] <FIN__Master> customs maybe?
[10:21] <azaghal> I have a bad feeling I'm not going to get this TouchBook -.-
[10:23] <spvensko> azaghal: why wouldn't you?
[10:23] <volatile1> Dont be too excited azaghal
[10:23] <azaghal> Well, it was first in San Francisco, then shipped internationally, then arrived to France, _then_ it got sent to New freaking York?
[10:24] <volatile1> Youll be disappointed when you get it
[10:24] <volatile1> Quality is... somehow not the best ;)
[10:24] <volatile1> And software crashes every other minute
[10:24] <azaghal> It did say software was beta.
[10:24] <volatile1> Okay, now Im really gone, bb ;)
[10:24] <spvensko> hehe what do you expect from a homebrew device?
[10:24] <FIN__Master> gn :)
[10:24] <Zopper> volatile1: bb
[10:25] * azaghal__ (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[10:28] <Zopper> volatile1: still here? ;-)
[10:30] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit ()
[10:31] * hyc (n=hyc@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[10:42] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[11:03] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit ("Leaving.")
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[11:12] * Q_Contixicated is now known as Q_Continuum
[11:20] <churl> how do i do a manual update? (or where can i find directions)
[11:22] <reis> you mean the 11.a image?
[11:22] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[11:22] <churl> i think so, i think i have d
[11:22] <churl> 9d or something
[11:22] <FIN__Master> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Reinstall_OS
[11:22] <reis> ... k :) FIN__Master was faster
[11:22] <FIN__Master> i dont think there is another way..
[11:23] <FIN__Master> meaning you cant really update the system, cause you have to reinstall it
[11:23] <reis> churl: if you use linux, apply the steps as described in the "For advanced users"-part of the link
[11:23] <reis> 2 steps, thats all
[11:23] <churl> i have 09.c and need 11a
[11:24] <churl> cool, thanks guys
[11:26] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@elspac3.med.muni.cz) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:26] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@elspac3.med.muni.cz) has joined #touchbook
[11:27] * error_23 (n=dogzilla@adsl-074-184-019-224.sip.asm.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[11:28] <churl> error_23: yo
[11:28] <error_23> hi
[11:38] * tommd1 (n=Thomas_D@host-247-3.pubnet.pdx.edu) Quit ("Leaving.")
[11:47] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[11:53] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:1d06:69c9:507a:5d86) Quit ("Bye...")
[12:03] <torpor> ok tbh, i will do some zii hacking tonight. first a full upgrade to 96.11, and so on.
[12:10] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
[12:14] * coucouf_ (n=quassel@seg75-7-88-164-181-178.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #touchbook
[12:15] <tommd> How many books would the touchbook touch if the touchbook could touch books?
[12:15] <tommd> ... hopefully I don't get kicked for that question.
[12:16] <reis> 42
[12:16] <Zopper> reis: :D
[12:16] <reis> ;)
[12:22] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[12:48] <Martix> tommd: reis :D
[12:54] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom20433a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
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[20:15] <churl> I need help installing the AI OS on a new sd card
[20:17] <churl> i have a blank sd card in a usb card reader attached to my linux box
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[22:22] <churl> yo
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[22:57] <error_23> hi - sorry about the late hour, but does anyone know if the Updater works in Vista? I'm trying to update my OS, but when I insert the SD card that came with my TB into the card reader, Windows recognizes it but Updater does not.
[22:57] <dpb> late hour? It's 9am.
[22:58] <error_23> Late/early
[22:58] <error_23> either way, unreasonable =)
[22:58] <dpb> Remember that the usa is not the world.
[22:58] <churl> told you so
[22:59] <churl> yeah, error23's always thinking that kind of thing (actually the last person to think like that)
[22:59] <error_23> Sorry, anyways, is there anything else I could try with the windows updater, or should I just give it up and go for updating from a linux box?
[23:01] * dpb has no knowledge of the windows updater.
[23:01] <churl> doing on a linux box didn't seem to work, i dont think we missed a step
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[23:44] <FIN__Master> morning
[23:45] <FIN__Master> i suggest trying a live-cd if you dont want to install linux
[23:45] <FIN__Master> or virtual box. I have reinstalled aiso succesfully using vb + kubuntu
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