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IRC Log for 2009-12-01

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[0:00] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) has joined #touchbook
[0:00] <volatile> finally it woerks :)
[0:00] <volatile> The original OS
[0:01] <FIN__Master> what did you do to it?
[0:01] <volatile> So now lets see what I have done wrong when using debian and stuff
[0:01] <volatile> I dd'ed the image to the sd-card
[0:01] <volatile> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Reinstall_OS#Linux
[0:02] <FIN__Master> i didn't get that one to work when i tried, but good that you did :)
[0:03] <volatile> :) Yeah
[0:04] <FIN__Master> my tb just finished compiling qt. it took about 22 hours :)
[0:04] <FIN__Master> maybe next time ill compile with my 4 cores :D
[0:05] <volatile> wtf... dd has done the same as I did?!
[0:05] <volatile> I got a 40mb fat32 partition with mlo, u-boot.bin and uImage
[0:05] <volatile> a 6,5gb partition, empty
[0:05] <volatile> And swap I guess
[0:07] <FIN__Master> I thought you got everything right. But now you got a booting card so you should be able to change the ext3 part. I think
[0:07] <volatile> Yeah
[0:08] <volatile> And Ill leave the card like this and take another one fuer Debian ;)
[0:10] <volatile> Okay, now Ill try debian
[0:10] <volatile> I mean Ubuntu
[0:10] <FIN__Master> tb should have 2 cards included
[0:10] <FIN__Master> you really cant survive with only one :D
[0:10] <volatile> :D
[0:10] <volatile> I got another one from my EEE PC 901
[0:11] <volatile> A shiny white 16GB one :)
[0:22] <dpb> You can buy cards from shops.
[0:22] <dpb> The TB has no need to provide two.
[0:23] <volatile> http://www.o--rly.com/owl_orly.png
[0:23] <volatile> :D
[0:24] <dpb> Old.
[0:24] <volatile> No shit sherlock? :D
[0:25] <volatile> Just wanted to use that one :D
[0:39] <dpb> You've confused me with someone else. My name isn't Sherlock.
[0:40] <volatile> :P
[0:46] <FIN__Master> volatile: Any luck with ubuntu?
[0:46] <volatile> FIN__Master: I have not started yet
[0:46] <volatile> I had to drink coffee :D
[0:46] <volatile> Have - to - stay - awake... -.- :D
[0:47] <FIN__Master> I was in germany for couple of days last summer and all the coffee i got was so bad :). It was hard for us finnish
[0:48] <volatile> Lol
[0:48] <volatile> Whre have you been to drink coffee?
[0:48] <volatile> I make my coffe with a french press
[0:49] <FIN__Master> All those different coffee shops with those special coffees for 20euros. Next time i bring my own coffee maker to the hostel :)
[0:49] <volatile> :)
[0:50] <dpb> Finnish people drink awful coffee.
[0:51] <volatile> ^^
[0:51] <dpb> Luckily more and more dark roasted coffee is coming to the shops..
[0:52] <dpb> I make my coffee at home with a french press too, it's the best.
[0:52] * DJWillis could not live without access to good coffee
[0:53] <DJWillis> French press or stove expresso maker :) - Great!
[0:54] <volatile> :)
[0:54] <volatile> Milk? Sugar?
[0:55] <FIN__Master> Our coffee is good enough for me :D. Actually its almost everything i consume. And a drop of milk pleas.
[0:55] <DJWillis> Milk sometimes, sugar, never ;)
[0:55] <volatile> I like mine with a fifth of milk ;)
[0:56] <volatile> If milk is empty I can drink it with sugar, but thats not as good as milk
[0:56] <DJWillis> And the topic goes south ;-)
[0:56] <volatile> :)
[0:56] <FIN__Master> Welcome to the coffee channel
[0:56] <volatile> As long as the niveau stays up :D
[0:56] <volatile> Someone here from UK or USA?
[0:57] <DJWillis> volatile: no worse then the Pandora and GP2X chans, I have some awesome food recipes from those chans and some great DIY tips ;-)
[0:57] <DJWillis> volatile: UK/Bath
[0:57] <volatile> DJWillis: :)
[0:57] <volatile> How would you rate my English?
[0:58] <volatile> <- just curious
[0:58] <DJWillis> Typed, pretty damm good but most of the German guys I know have great written English (it's the Brits and Yanks that struggle) ;-)
[0:59] <volatile> Really? thx
[0:59] <volatile> I prefer typing English but I hate talking :(
[1:02] <volatile> Okay, back to topic
[1:02] <jvs> because you have a funny voice?
[1:02] <FIN__Master> the US are the worst typers :S
[1:02] <volatile> jvs: Because I think I have an horrible accent
[1:03] <volatile> FIN__Master: :D
[1:04] <FIN__Master> sorry for changing the topic but can you use usb memorysticks with aios?
[1:05] <FIN__Master> mine crashes programs every time i try to open/save something while the usb memory is plugged in
[1:05] <volatile> Didnt try yet
[1:05] <FIN__Master> i have posted a bug about that and i didn't have this issue with earlier os
[1:13] <volatile> *yawn*
[1:14] <DJWillis> FIN__Master: what version of the TB do you have, pre or post USB tweaks?
[1:15] <FIN__Master> I have the 11a but what usb tweaks?
[1:18] <DJWillis> FIN__Master: I understood there had been some H/W tweaks to USB in vairous batches of the TB but I may have that wrong.
[1:19] <FIN__Master> im sure its not a hw issue since the usb works and the 09 version of aios worked fine
[1:20] <FIN__Master> the issue must be in the file manager dialog the programs open
[1:20] <FIN__Master> because i can use the usb memory directly from file manager
[1:24] <DJWillis> FIN__Master: Okies, that's good then, what version of the FM is in 11a?
[1:31] <FIN__Master> can I see it somewhere?
[1:33] <volatile> On my board is written AI Rev. B1
[1:33] <volatile> Are you talking of that?
[1:35] <DJWillis> volatile: I was but as FIN__Master says it worked before I guess software is more realistic ;-). I was thinking what version of Thunar (assuming that is the FM that AIOS is using in Xfce)
[1:35] <volatile> Okay ;)
[1:46] <FIN__Master> I have the same hw version and i also think that doesn't change when upgrading the os :)
[1:48] <FIN__Master> and ubuntu runs fine :) And i got to stop by at school now ->
[1:48] <volatile> hf
[1:48] <dpb> Btw, what is it with Finns and Ubuntu on the Touchbook?
[1:54] <_koen_> I guess the brown reminds them of bacon
[1:54] <dpb> Bacon isn't that common in Finland..
[1:56] <DJWillis> _koen_: your thinking of Denmark ;-)
[1:56] <_koen_> ah, right
[1:56] <dpb> Or Britain.
[1:57] <_koen_> britain is more of a custard nation
[1:57] <leinir> most of the Bacon found in Britain is made here in Denmark ;)
[1:57] <_koen_> (or northanmptonshire is just weird)
[1:58] <dpb> Isn't bacon and eggs a standard english breakfast?
[1:59] <leinir> Nah, full English is quite a lot more than just that :)
[1:59] <volatile> Beans!
[1:59] <volatile> And deep fryed sausages :D
[2:00] <_koen_> and peas
[2:00] <volatile> One of these sausages could feed ab African village for a week :D
[2:15] <DJWillis> _koen_: Finland is all about saunas, dark metal and the like, Britain is more 'full English', chavs and imported German cheap supermarkets ;-)
[2:17] <leinir> And Denmark is all about Tesco ;)
[2:17] <leinir> \section
[2:17] <leinir> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfSi0D7KESk
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[2:22] <volatile> rofl
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[2:57] <volatile> If anyone cares: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Reinstall_OS#Linux This works for bigger/other sd-cards as well
[2:58] <volatile> I just used a 16GB card and it boots fine
[2:58] <volatile> While the wiki says: For??advanced users, especially if a different SD card is used, you need to run the /usr/bin/ai/reset/install-sd.sh script which is listed below. To use it:
[3:01] <andrewgodwin> volatile: you mean just dd-ing the image onto the card?
[3:01] <volatile> ack
[3:13] <dpb> that of course will only use 8GB of it, it won't use your full 16GB
[3:15] <volatile> yap
[3:16] <dpb> (and it won't work for smalled cards)
[3:16] <dpb> smaller*
[3:16] <volatile> :P
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[4:02] <volatile> http://www.aaronbassett.com/tag/lolsql/ :)
[4:16] <swez> rofl :D
[4:21] <leinir> that am dumb ;)
[4:22] <volatile> :)(
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[5:21] <_koen_> gregoiregentil: good morning!
[5:21] <gregoiregentil> You should say good night! I'm in China...
[5:23] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
[5:23] <leinir> What in the world are you doing there? :)
[5:23] <gregoiregentil> Vacations! ;-)
[5:23] <leinir> Hehe ;)
[5:28] <_koen_> gregoiregentil: http://www.total-knowledge.com/~ilya/mips/ugt.html
[5:29] <gregoiregentil> _koen_: I have sent a few emails to the OE mailing list regarding a few various problems. I didn't get any reply. :-( Any idea for this: http://lists.linuxtogo.org/pipermail/openembedded-devel/2009-November/015294.html ?
[5:30] <_koen_> you did get replies
[5:31] <gregoiregentil> But not good ones ;-)
[5:31] <_koen_> gregoiregentil: have you looked at kernel.bbclass?
[5:32] <_koen_> there is initramfs infrastructure in OE :)
[5:33] <gregoiregentil> Funny: if [ ! -z "${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}" ]; then
[5:33] <gregoiregentil> cp "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}-${MACHINE}.cpio.gz" initramfs.cpio.gz
[5:33] <gregoiregentil> fi
[5:33] <gregoiregentil> I did the same in the do_configure of my kernel recipe
[5:34] <gregoiregentil> anyway, that doesn't fix the problem I report. How to avoid the circular dependency? Does it?
[5:36] <_koen_> it does, have a look at the recipes/kexecboot/linux-kexecboot.inc file
[5:36] <_koen_> that's a kernel recipe with an initramfs
[5:36] <volatile> What should I do to stay awake? :(
[5:37] <volatile> My eyes burn
[5:37] <volatile> I want to sleep
[5:37] <volatile> I cant concantrate
[5:37] <volatile> :(
[5:39] <gregoiregentil> _koen_: I still don't get it. when i build initramfs-image, it builds linux-omap
[5:40] <_koen_> I usspect you're depending on things like kernel modules for that initramfs-image
[5:41] <gregoiregentil> correct
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[5:43] <gregoiregentil> so I was asking the question differently: is there a way to have an initramfs loaded from the fat partition and externally loaded by the kernel? I read that kernel supports external initramfs. I tried some initrd="memory address" of fatload of initramfs, but it's not working
[5:45] <_koen_> initrd-0xsomething root=/dev/ram0
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[6:57] <martinh> ok. so, it's happened a few times now where I haven't been able to look at my TB for a few days, and then when I go to turn it back on the battery is discharged despite having done a shutdown on it.
[6:58] <martinh> what's still drawing power after it's shut down?
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[7:02] <FIN__Master> any tb-ubuntu users?
[7:03] <FIN__Master> or anyone with any idea why touching the screen in ubuntu steals left mouse button so its not anymore usable
[7:11] <FIN__Master> does all tbs reset the date when turned off? Can it be fixed?
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[9:43] <Zopper> anybody have ubuntu?
[9:43] <FIN__Master> i do :)
[9:44] <FIN__Master> but i think you knew it
[9:45] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B040065.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[9:46] <Zopper> You is the ideal for my question :) I want try gdm instead of kdm on your image, but.. When I switch to tty and back to gdm (or kdm, it do the same also on freshly created card), I see "matrix" - I see 15x mouse cursor in fifteen few-pixel sized lines
[9:46] * volatile (n=volatile@g229208255.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #touchbook
[9:46] <Zopper> Have you this too?
[9:46] <FIN__Master> yes i have it too. But no idea why :S
[9:47] <Zopper> I think, there is problem with Xorg configure
[9:47] <Zopper> but "X -configure" doesnt help
[9:47] <FIN__Master> i didnt have that when i had ubuntu earlier. When meizirkki had an ubuntu-image
[9:48] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-76-21-41-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit ()
[9:48] <FIN__Master> do you lose the left mouse button when touching the screen?
[9:48] <Zopper> I dont try it
[9:48] <Zopper> I'll try, w8
[9:49] <FIN__Master> it seems to me that x thinks my left mouse button is pressed all the time after touching the screen
[9:50] <volatile> X doesnt think at all. Thats the probem
[9:50] <FIN__Master> volatile: You still awake? :)
[9:50] <volatile> Sure
[9:51] <volatile> My girlfriend just visited me ;)
[9:51] <volatile> But it was hard not to fall asleep :-/
[9:53] <Zopper> FIN__Master: yes, I have it too
[9:54] <Zopper> volatile: what timezone?
[9:54] <volatile> Berlin
[9:54] <jvs> Zopper: GMT+1
[9:54] <volatile> GMT + 1?
[9:54] <volatile> k ;)
[9:55] <Zopper> yeah, me too GMT+1 (Brno - CZ)
[9:55] <jvs> it's not that late
[9:55] <Zopper> :D
[9:55] <jvs> but volatile has talked so much today
[9:55] <Zopper> 7pm
[9:55] <volatile> jvs: Im awake sind way over 24 hours
[9:55] <volatile> Maybe 30 hours
[9:55] <jvs> volatile: y?
[9:55] <volatile> Because I could not sleep the last nights
[9:55] <jvs> are you in the line for a new gadget?
[9:56] <jvs> I see
[9:56] <volatile> So i thought I should become really tired ;)
[9:56] <Zopper> volatile: why? :D at last, when I was so long awake, I was playing World of warcraft, I think... It was two -three years ago
[9:56] <Zopper> :D
[9:56] <volatile> The gadget... Not too fascinating if it doesnt work...
[9:56] <jvs> well, if your girlfriend can't make you tired
[9:56] <jvs> there definitely is smthg wrong with you
[9:56] <volatile> She just visited me ;)
[9:57] <jvs> heh
[9:57] <volatile> And it was hard not so sleep
[9:57] <jvs> I might geht a N900 next week
[9:57] <jvs> let's see how this performs :)
[9:57] <volatile> She was very tired too and began to sleep in my arms
[9:57] <volatile> So I had a doubled responsibility to stay awake :D
[9:58] <jvs> haha
[9:58] <jvs> poor you
[9:58] <Zopper> :D
[9:58] <volatile> N900? Looks nice, but... tiny somehow? :D
[9:58] <volatile> I can barely type on my EEE PC 901 because I got big hands
[9:59] <Zopper> I looked about N900, but - only three row on keyboard and no buttons under screen?
[10:00] <volatile> Zopper: I never played WOW and I never will ;)
[10:01] <jvs> well, I'm used to a E71 now
[10:01] <jvs> however
[10:01] <volatile> o0
[10:01] <volatile> How can you do things on that... stamp :D
[10:01] <Zopper> volatile: I'm not playing now... Maybe when will come the new datadisc, it will be interesting look at well-known places in new look, but now WoW have nothing for me.
[10:01] <jvs> tiny fingers
[10:02] <volatile> Zopper: I always was the shooter and simulation fan
[10:02] <volatile> But I never was good
[10:02] <volatile> And I quit playing many month ago, except some single hours
[10:02] <FIN__Master> anyone any idea what to do with those earlier mentioned problems with x?
[10:02] <volatile> TF2, BF2, Grid, DOD Source, CS Source and so on
[10:02] <Zopper> volatile: shooter aren't my favorite games... I like RPGs much more
[10:03] <volatile> :)
[10:03] <volatile> Lets hope my neighbours allow me to sleep today :(
[10:03] <volatile> 2 days ago I actually could sleep at 23:00!
[10:04] <jvs> damn
[10:04] <jvs> where do you live?
[10:04] <jvs> beyond the o2 arena?
[10:04] <volatile> Yeah, when at 00:00 they startet fucking so loud I woke up and sopped ad 02:00
[10:04] <volatile> No
[10:04] <volatile> Everything quiet here, except my neighboars
[10:04] <jvs> fuck back
[10:05] <volatile> I went down twice and ringed their bell
[10:05] <volatile> Nothing, they didnt care
[10:05] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[10:05] <Zopper> this is bad for you..
[10:05] <volatile> So I threw a print of a ball gag into their letter box :D
[10:05] <Zopper> :D
[10:06] <volatile> I will see... If they to today I will ring until they open and have a little... chat with them
[10:06] <Zopper> and what about night-quiet? I think, you must have something in laws...
[10:06] <volatile> Sure
[10:06] <volatile> Its just a strange position
[10:06] <volatile> Im 21
[10:06] <volatile> Normally Im the on whos to loud
[10:06] <Zopper> yeah...
[10:07] <Zopper> Me too don't like loud sounds...
[10:07] <FIN__Master> get some major ghettoblaster and let it playing some porntape and go to hotel for a week
[10:07] <volatile> And now I have to think about calling police, talking to my hirer and so on :D
[10:07] <volatile> FIN__Master: Id like to do that
[10:07] <volatile> But there are more people in this house who woke up then
[10:07] <Martix> hi, I am in GMT+01 too
[10:07] <volatile> I live above the 'fuckers'
[10:08] <volatile> Another flat in the house is next to them
[10:08] <volatile> Looks like they and me are the only on who hear them
[10:08] <FIN__Master> then record their noises and give the tape back to them
[10:08] <volatile> So 2 parties here would laugh, 1 would not be able to have fun and 8 would be pissed :D
[10:08] <Zopper> so, go to the "fuckers" with them...
[10:08] <Zopper> ;-)
[10:09] <volatile> :)
[10:09] <volatile> Hm
[10:09] <volatile> Now Im in the light again staring into my led lightning and my screens Im fully awake again
[10:09] <Martix> Zopper: and I am Czech like you :-)
[10:09] <volatile> What do you think, will I do 48 hours? :D
[10:10] <volatile> Martix: Hi ;)
[10:10] <Martix> Zopper: have you got a TB already?
[10:10] <Zopper> martinh: yes
[10:11] <Zopper> Martix: yes
[10:11] <Zopper> :D
[10:12] <Martix> Zopper: heh, its big coincidence, my real name is Martin H. :D
[10:12] <Zopper> volatile: Maybe... when you will drink many coffe
[10:12] <Martix> Zopper: you must be lucky man, when did you ordered TB?
[10:12] <volatile> I think its no good ideo to try 48 hours... ;)
[10:12] <Zopper> martix: zdrojak?
[10:13] <Martix> Zopper: ne, openmoko.cz :-)
[10:13] <spvensko> so what do people think of the touchbook so far?
[10:13] <spvensko> enjoying it?
[10:13] <volatile> Nope
[10:13] <Zopper> I preordered it at 1st june
[10:13] <volatile> Software is not beta, its alpha, quality is baaad...
[10:14] <Martix> but HW is fine?
[10:14] <volatile> I dont know yet
[10:14] <Zopper> we hope...
[10:14] <Zopper> :D
[10:14] <spvensko> volatile: couldn't you just put an ARM port of Debian or NetBSD or something on it?
[10:15] <volatile> I mean, its the beagleboard, so it should be okay
[10:15] <volatile> spvensko: Some things went terribly wrong :D
[10:15] <Martix> I ordered TB in october
[10:15] <volatile> spvensko: But I will, since mine boots the original os again
[10:15] <spvensko> volatile: during the install?
[10:15] <spvensko> ah
[10:16] <spvensko> volatile: do you know why they went with the beagleboard instead of gumstix + modules?
[10:16] <volatile> I followed some tutorials, they took much time (qemu) and didnt work
[10:16] <volatile> Tried resetting the card with the windows software
[10:16] <volatile> Twixe
[10:16] <volatile> Twice
[10:16] <Martix> Zopper: do know about any czech or slovak Touchbook community?
[10:16] <volatile> Didnt work, I was left with a sd-card without any partitions
[10:16] <volatile> And so on
[10:18] <volatile> spvensko: And after being awake so long concentration somehow decreases :D
[10:18] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-98-210-206-210.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[10:18] <Zopper> martix: no.. I don't know onyboty hith tb except of the author of the review on root.cz
[10:19] <Zopper> sorry for mis-type, i am eating
[10:21] <Zopper> FIN__Master: I have idea about X problem... Tried use xorg.conf from AI OS?
[10:21] <FIN__Master> yes. the script copies that by default
[10:23] <Martix> Zopper: can we talk in czech? do you have Jabber? we have openmoko@muc.openmoko.cz conference and its open for everyone interested in open mobile devices
[10:23] <volatile> lol
[10:24] <Zopper> Martix: I'll do connect
[10:27] <volatile> I was in Czech once
[10:27] <volatile> They had great cheap beer :)
[10:27] <Martix> :-)
[10:27] <FIN__Master> i was in russia once. btw
[10:28] <Zopper> and beautiful girls we have too ;-)
[10:28] <volatile> :D
[10:28] <Martix> FIN__Master: Czech is not Russia :D
[10:28] <FIN__Master> i also was in sweden twice. BUT is there any way to restart X from console??
[10:28] <volatile> I was in Swede once
[10:28] <FIN__Master> Martix: I know. Im not US :)
[10:28] <volatile> n
[10:28] <Martix> FIN__Master: :D
[10:28] <Zopper> FIN__Master: I think, killall xorg or something do it
[10:28] <Zopper> or use htop
[10:29] <Zopper> (better variant of top)
[10:29] <FIN__Master> but no 'restartx' or something ment to do that?
[10:29] <Zopper> I check it
[10:30] <Zopper> No, I dont see anything
[10:31] <FIN__Master> after googling a bit it seems that there is No way to do it easily
[10:31] <volatile> I will go to rest now... -.-
[10:31] <churl> hurray!
[10:31] <volatile> Thanks for all the help I got here, Ill be back ;)
[10:32] * volatile (n=volatile@g229208255.adsl.alicedsl.de) has left #touchbook
[10:32] <churl> sleep well
[10:32] <FIN__Master> Good night :)
[10:32] <Zopper> FIN__Master: "echo 'killall Xorg' > /usr/bin/local/restartx" ?
[10:32] <Zopper> :D
[10:33] <Zopper> GN
[10:37] * jod (n=roman@85-248-244-206-broadband.iol.sk) Quit ("Leaving.")
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[10:40] <FIN__Master> Zopper: No luck. Maybe i just reboot the whole thing
[10:43] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
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[10:43] <Zopper> FIN__Master: killall Xorg is working for me
[10:43] <Zopper> you must write case sensitive Xorg
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[10:55] <FIN__Master> Zopper: Ok. With sudo it worked :) without it only said no process found
[10:57] <Zopper> :D
[10:59] <FIN__Master> i had xfce4 when it crashed and after killall Xorg and startx it started lxde :)
[11:01] <Zopper> :D
[11:01] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[11:01] <Zopper> for xfce you must type startxfce4
[11:01] <Zopper> not startx
[11:01] <Zopper> ;-)
[11:02] <FIN__Master> Ok. I got plenty of things to learn
[11:02] <Zopper> use TAB key ;-)
[11:04] <FIN__Master> i use it usually too much :)
[11:05] <Zopper> then read all choices. :-D
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[11:30] <Meizirkki> Zopper, startxfce4 really start's X server too O_o ?
[11:30] <Zopper> yes
[11:30] <Meizirkki> k
[11:31] <FIN__Master> there is startx, startlxde, startxfce4 and startkde in my tb :) And still startx runs lxde
[11:38] <azaghal> FIN__Master: It probably reads the .xinitrc
[11:42] <Meizirkki> FIN__Master, add startxfce4 in ~/.Xsession
[11:42] * Meizirkki still doesn't believe startlxde4 starts X :P
[11:43] <Meizirkki> startx will run whatever you add in ~/.Xsession
[11:46] <Zopper> Meizirkki: startxfce4 is shell script
[11:46] <Zopper> not a blob
[11:46] <Zopper> or something
[11:46] <Zopper> :D
[11:47] <Meizirkki> okay
[11:47] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:a939:abc8:fe2:b3a0) Quit ("Bye...")
[11:48] <Zopper> Meizirkki: if test "x$DISPLAY" = "x"; then;echo "$0: starting X server";prog=xinit;.......
[11:48] <Meizirkki> k
[12:01] <jvs> sure it's a blob
[12:01] <jvs> the blob from outer space
[12:01] <jvs> that will eat your memory
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[12:06] <FIN__Master> Zopper: Private ->
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[13:56] <DJWillis> koen: the opkg srcrev bump may have been a slight snag, both Steve and myself have been seeing issues with the rev402 packages when it comes to big rootfs'. Trying with older versions at the moment.
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[17:35] <volatile1> Anyone awake? ;)
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[20:17] <volatile12> *idle idle ide*
[20:18] * volatile12 is now known as volatile1
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[20:21] <gregoiregentil> Ping _koen_?
[20:22] <volatile1> Ah
[20:22] <volatile1> Someone alive and awake ;)
[20:22] <gregoiregentil> yup
[20:22] <volatile1> Cant sleep :(
[20:23] <spvensko> i'm in my reserach lab
[20:23] <spvensko> finishing up a 14 hour job
[20:23] <volatile1> I stayed awake for 30 hours because I always could not sleep. Then I went to bed and woke up after 5 hours and could not sleep again!
[20:23] <volatile1> spvensko: A lab?
[20:24] <volatile1> What kind of lab?
[20:24] <spvensko> drosophila development, a genetics lab
[20:24] <volatile1> :)
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[22:47] <volatile1> Damnit
[22:48] <volatile1> After reading /etc/shadow as root I cant log in as root in my Debian :(
[22:49] <spvensko> o_O
[22:49] <volatile1> I didnt touch the root entry
[22:50] <volatile1> And I just copied my entry
[22:50] <volatile1> Because I cant log into my TP
[22:50] <volatile1> Ubuntu is running but I dont know root password
[22:51] <volatile1> And editing /etc/shadow doesnt help
[22:52] <volatile1> I try chroot now
[22:55] <Zopper> volatile1: can you type sudo on your account?
[22:55] <volatile1> In Debian?
[22:55] <volatile1> Theres no sudo activated for me
[22:55] <volatile1> And in ubuntu on TB I dont know a user
[22:55] <Zopper> so edit your acc to /etc/sudoers
[22:55] <Zopper> *add
[22:56] <volatile1> Cant save it as non-root ;)
[22:56] <Zopper> and when you will able use sudo, type sudo passwd root
[22:56] <volatile1> ah
[22:56] <volatile1> wait
[22:57] <Zopper> on TB? so insert your sd card into reader on another pc
[22:57] <Zopper> ;-)
[22:57] <volatile1> No, on Debian
[22:57] <volatile1> On TB I use chroot
[22:57] <Zopper> have you any livecd?
[22:58] <volatile1> Its a virtual box
[22:58] <Zopper> and it is problem?
[22:58] <volatile1> *thinking* No
[22:58] <volatile1> I dont think so
[22:58] <Zopper> run livecd in virtualbox, edit sudoers file on this and restart...
[22:58] <volatile1> yes
[22:59] <volatile1> But TB first ;)
[22:59] <Zopper> :)
[23:00] <Zopper> There is no way, how to get root perms, if you are not in sudoers nor have root account. If yes, it is big security issue...
[23:00] <Zopper> you must use another system for this
[23:04] <volatile1> Ahm
[23:05] <volatile1> I cant use chroot because the TB is compiled for ARM right?
[23:05] <volatile1> @ Zopper
[23:07] <Zopper> volatile1: I dont know... I used chroot maybe three times in my life... :D
[23:08] <volatile1> It doesnt work
[23:08] <volatile1> And I suggest its because the EEE PC doesnt know how to run ARM compiled stuff ;)
[23:08] <Zopper> but I think, chroot is one of the main tools...
[23:09] <Zopper> volatile1: quemu can emulate ARM, I think...
[23:09] <volatile1> Es ist wichtig, dass die Systemarchitektur des Live-Systems mit der des installierten Ubuntu-Systems ??bereinstimmt. Es ist also nicht ohne Weiteres m??glich, sich mit chroot und einer 32Bit-LiveCD in ein 64Bit-System einzuloggen.??
[23:09] <volatile1> Quote from a German ubuntu wiki
[23:09] <Zopper> sorry, I know only one word in german... "ich"
[23:09] <Zopper> :D
[23:10] <volatile1> It says that the architectures need to be the same
[23:10] <volatile1> Even i386 and x64 are to different
[23:10] <volatile1> So ARM wont work
[23:11] <Zopper> http://www.thefreecountry.com/emulators/arm.shtml
[23:11] <Zopper> QEMU supports the emulation of x86 processors, ARM, SPARC and PowerPC. Host CPUs (processors that can run the QEMU emulator) include x86, PowerPC, Alpha, Sparc32, ARM, S390, Sparc64, ia64, and m68k (some of these are still in development). When emulating a PC (x86), supported guest operating systems include MSDOS, FreeDOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Linux, SkyOS, ReactOS, NetBSD, Minix, etc. When emulating a PowerPC, curr
[23:11] <Zopper> tested guest OSes include Debian Linux.
[23:11] <Zopper> QEMU can emulate ARM
[23:11] <volatile1> I know about qemu... So I had to start an ARM system in qemu and chroot from there into the TB?
[23:12] <Zopper> I dont know, I never used it...
[23:12] <volatile1> I got qemu installed in the virtual box Debian ;)
[23:12] <volatile1> :(
[23:15] <Zopper> I must end and go to school, so bye... I hope, you do it
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