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[0:10] <jod> hey, anyone knows when will be touchbook with black cover? :P
[0:12] <dpb> Hopefully never, the red is nice.
[0:13] <jod> i like black :P
[0:14] <jod> with red cover, I would look strange :D
[0:15] <dpb> *if* it ever comes, it'll most likely take a while. Maybe the next device they release.
[0:20] <jod> but this is far future, right? :D
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[0:27] <jod> I have one question about speed, how fast is touchbook with 256MB RAM? :P
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[0:27] <leinir> jod: red and black go well together, though ;)
[0:30] <jod> :)
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[0:53] <hyc> they haven't even gotten out all the orders for the current device... I guess a black case would be nice, a bit more subtle
[0:54] <jvs> yeah
[0:54] <jvs> black and aluminium
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[1:10] <jod> allways inovating sent me an email that touchbook is not available in my country ;(
[1:10] <leinir> jod: which country is that?
[1:11] <jod> Slovak Republic :-/
[1:11] <leinir> Ah... i think it may be that stupid American export legislation...
[1:12] <leinir> Can you order it to someone nearby, and either pick it up there or have them forward it to you?
[1:15] <jod> but is available for Czech Republic beside us
[1:15] <jod> maybe I can ask AI to add my country to the list in order form :-/
[1:23] <leinir> Give it a shot :)
[1:24] <leinir> alexandre: something you can help with permayhaps? :)
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[1:49] <jvs> jod, I'm from Austria and received my device
[1:50] <jvs> slovakia has joined the EU in 2004
[1:50] <jvs> why shouldn't they ship to Slovakia then?
[1:51] <jod> yop
[1:53] <jod> I will send an email with a request
[1:55] <jod> alexandre: it is possible to send touchbook to the slovak republic? :)
[1:56] <jvs> why is it not possible?
[2:13] <jod> I think, AI haven't from my country any requests or orders
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[7:38] <reis> can anyone tell me what this kernel-patch for aufs partition4 over partition2 is actually for?
[7:38] <reis> is there a problem with using an initramfs architecture?
[7:38] <Meizirkki> when you have the rootfs on squashfs drive, the OS is easy to revert
[7:38] <Meizirkki> just wipe the etx3 partition
[7:39] <Meizirkki> s/etx/ext/
[7:39] <reis> yes, but couldn't that be realised using a custom linuxrc script?
[7:39] <reis> it is really a burden to point the kernel to another root or init
[7:39] <Meizirkki> (i am not working at AI)
[7:39] <reis> hehe np
[7:40] <Meizirkki> 3 partition SD works too
[7:40] <Meizirkki> i have ubuntu rootfs on the second parition ext3
[7:40] <Meizirkki> and 3rd swap
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[7:40] <reis> ah, so you can boot using your custom 2nd parition?
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[7:41] <Meizirkki> yup
[7:41] <reis> nice thanks Meizirkki
[7:41] <reis> !
[7:41] <Meizirkki> :)
[7:42] <reis> i thaught that maybe the kernel just crashes when there is no fourth partition to be mounted over the 2nd one
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[9:56] <tommie1> I talk to someone about the procedure for returning a defective tb?
[10:00] <Q_Continuum> you'll have to wait around, most of the people in here aren't sitting at their keyboards.
[10:00] <Q_Continuum> This is mostly a discussion channel, but I know sometimes there's some TB reps in here.
[10:01] <Q_Continuum> Might do better to email them as well, on their contact page.
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[10:03] <churl> hello everyone! still waiting the touchbook to get here today!
[10:03] <tommie1> i do!
[10:03] <tommie1> already done
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[10:06] <churl> can the touchbook support a 64gb sd card?
[10:08] <Q_Continuum> the SDHC spec is limited to 32GB, I thought.
[10:09] <churl> ok, i figured it didn't support 64gb, but was having trouble finding that kind of info
[10:09] <Q_Continuum> So the biggest would be 32GB.
[10:09] <churl> (maybe overlooked it on their site)
[10:09] <Q_Continuum> now, USB drives...those have no theoretical limit.
[10:09] <Q_Continuum> So the single empty internal slot, you could get one as you have funds for :-D
[10:10] <churl> awesome, im very excited to get mine, really hope it comes today
[10:10] <churl> any BIG issues with the beta?
[10:11] <churl> ive read a few people having issues with the os it ships with
[10:13] <churl> also, is there a site where people are posting the neat things they are doing with their touchbooks? A site to keep up to date with the latest touchbook news?
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[10:23] <FIN__Master> there is the official forum and still quite modest www.innovatingtouch.com
[10:26] <churl> cool thanks, ill check it out now
[10:31] * _koen_ wonders why forum people all want to create their own forum
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[10:40] <FIN__Master> _koen_: I feel the same. Wouldn't one big forum be better than many small..
[10:49] <Martix> churl: when did you ordered TB?
[10:49] <churl> Martix: ebay :)
[10:50] <Meizirkki> There was also something like touchbookfans.com
[10:51] <Meizirkki> but i left the site, it was full of spam
[10:51] <churl> im there right now
[10:51] <churl> not much info
[10:52] <Martix> I have Touchbook section on http://forum.openmoko.cz it's czech only, but I think international english forum should be only one
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[10:57] <snlemons-tb> anyone know of an xclip-like program that's built for AIOS? specifically, I'm looking for the ability to pipe a file to or from the X clipboard.
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[11:33] <azaghal> Any thoughts what "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" might mean?
[11:33] <azaghal> (form USPS)
[11:34] <churl> the ups guy with my touchbook just came by and didnt see my address....
[11:34] <azaghal> *from
[11:34] <churl> i ran out to the street to catch him....
[11:34] <azaghal> :D
[11:35] <churl> i know!
[11:39] <churl> ok usps guy just brought it
[11:40] <Q_Continuum> nice
[11:40] <Q_Continuum> I wish I could afford a touchbook :-( I almost bought one of those $189 netbooks from Newegg on Friday. $200 I can justify...$400 is still expensive for me right now :-(
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[11:43] <churl> Q_Continuum: can you link me? (just started season 7 of tng)
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[11:44] <churl> i mean 6
[11:44] <Q_Continuum> to what?
[11:44] <Q_Continuum> the $189 netbook was a friday-only deal
[11:44] <Q_Continuum> they sold out quickly
[11:45] <churl> too bad
[11:45] <churl> how did you hear about it?
[11:46] <churl> or was it just one of those after thanksgiving sales (aka buy nothing day)
[11:46] <Q_Continuum> yeah
[11:46] <Q_Continuum> one of the 'Black Friday' doorbuster deals.
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[13:04] <Gary13579> [12:43:45] <churl> Q_Continuum: can you link me? (just started season 7 of tng)
[13:04] <Gary13579> *just*?
[13:04] <churl> lol
[13:04] <churl> episode one
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[17:25] <volatile1> Hi
[17:25] * julien_BLUG (n=julien@ Quit ("88")
[17:26] <volatile1> I need help creating the partitions and files on the sd-card
[17:27] <volatile1> I didnt like the angstrom linux and I knew I could easily reset the sd-card so I didnt make a backup
[17:27] <volatile1> Now the touchbook wont boot, it always makes the weird fading screen
[17:27] <volatile1> I tried resetting the sd-card on my pc
[17:28] <volatile1> I tried installing Debian onto the card using qemu
[17:28] <volatile1> and so on
[17:31] <volatile1> Right now I have 3 partitions on the sd. First is 40mb fat32 with boot and lba flag, second is 6.7gb ext3 and third is 776mb swap
[17:31] <volatile1> Anything wrong with that?
[17:56] <hyc> the AIOS kernel and boot scripts expect 4 partitions
[17:57] <hyc> 2nd should be the root filesystem in a squashfs
[17:57] <hyc> 4th should be ext3
[17:57] <volatile1> Okay
[17:58] <volatile1> So Debian and others use different partitions
[18:28] <volatile1> Great -.- The windows tool for resetting the sd-card just erases everything
[18:28] <volatile1> When I run it and check the card with gparted it doesnt have any partitions
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[21:43] <churl> hi, i got my touchbook today, should it take about 2-5 minutes for touch input to respond?
[21:47] <volatile> o0
[21:47] <volatile> Guess not
[21:47] <churl> the processor seems to max out on any little thing
[21:48] <churl> i think im one update behind, not sure how much that matters
[21:48] <volatile> Dont know about that, I erased mine because I didnt like dhe OS :D
[21:48] <churl> what are you running?
[21:49] <volatile> Nothing right now, I will be running Debian
[21:49] <volatile> First I have to figure out how to get it running again :-/
[21:49] <churl> what DE?
[21:49] <volatile> DE?
[21:50] <churl> desktop enviroment
[21:50] <volatile> Openbox
[21:50] <churl> :)
[21:50] <volatile> Got it running on my EEE PC sind more than a year and I like it ;)
[21:51] <churl> the touchbook detected the home network just fine, but couldnt stream video
[21:52] <churl> the touchbook is running slower than my n800
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[21:52] <volatile> Yeah, I was disappointed too
[21:52] <volatile> With the original software it crashed every 5 minutes
[21:53] <Zopper> volatile: Me too
[21:53] <Zopper> With ubuntu it is much better
[21:53] <churl> i know it's beta, but i just wish more people were up front about how little you can do with it
[21:53] <volatile> Like boot without Keyboad - crash. Turn the screen in Tablet mode - crash. Play the tank game and calibrate the sensor - crash and so on and so on
[21:53] <churl> ok, ive done all that too, good to know
[21:54] <churl> i feel better now
[21:54] <volatile> :)
[21:54] <volatile> What do you think about the overall quality?
[21:54] <volatile> The materials and stuff
[21:54] <Zopper> I have kernel panics randomly on AI OS
[21:54] <Zopper> overall quality is good
[21:55] <volatile> Hm, maybe mine is a bad one?
[21:55] <churl> i want to love it, but it's not quite at my minimal expectations
[21:55] <volatile> ack
[21:55] <churl> it's like a DIY kit build for me
[21:56] <churl> kinda shake'y, but it works fine
[21:56] <Zopper> I think, are here somethings, that would be better (keyboard layout for example)
[21:56] <churl> oh yeah, no right thumb for the space bar
[21:57] <volatile> Cant reach close button or so with touchscreen because the frame is so thick, if you open it like a normal netbook it falls over, the hinge su**s, a solderpoint on the mainboard was missing, touchscreen needs mutch pressure and so on
[21:57] <volatile> And Im always feared of breaking those tiny plastic thing that hold the tablet
[21:58] <churl> can you use the keyboard with the screen detached?
[21:59] <volatile> You mean wireless?
[21:59] <volatile> I dont think so
[21:59] <churl> ok
[21:59] <volatile> Maybe you could mod it
[22:00] <volatile> It just needs a bluetooth dongle
[22:00] <volatile> ;)
[22:00] <churl> i read something that was misleading
[22:00] <churl> what comes stock in the internal usb besides wifi?
[22:01] <volatile> bluetooth?
[22:01] <volatile> The tiny thing?
[22:01] <volatile> Thats bt
[22:01] <churl> that little thing?
[22:01] <churl> thought so
[22:02] <volatile> They should have soldered the usb-ports reversed
[22:02] <churl> yeah, i was a little let down
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[22:03] <volatile> now the leds from usb-sticks and so on are on the wrong side, and a umts stick doesnt fit
[22:04] <volatile> But hey, I guess when the touchbook becomes popular apple grabs the design and sells it in an aluminium case with mac os for 1500 $
[22:04] <volatile> ;)
[22:04] <churl> i just wish i could load a web page under 5 minutes
[22:04] <volatile> :D
[22:04] <volatile> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Reinstall_OS#Linux Tried this?
[22:05] <churl> tried nothing
[22:05] <volatile> If you do something with the sd card make a back up before
[22:05] <volatile> I didnt because I knew I could easily restore it with another pc
[22:06] <volatile> Yeah, it just doesnt work :/
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[22:07] <churl> do you know what kind of code that's written in?
[22:08] <volatile> No, I didnt check
[22:08] <volatile> I tried the recovery tool on windows
[22:08] <churl> i wouldnt know, a script, i guess
[22:08] <churl> good info to know thank you much
[22:08] <volatile> It said it finished succesfully, but when I checked the sd-card with gparted it was just empty, not a single partition
[22:08] <churl> that's weird
[22:09] <volatile> And of course the touchbook didnt do anything but fade the screen weird
[22:09] <churl> i believe it
[22:09] <FIN__Master> i havent got the scripts to work either
[22:09] <volatile> which os?
[22:09] <FIN__Master> but i have installed the os many times manually
[22:10] <FIN__Master> linux and windows
[22:10] <volatile> Okay
[22:10] <FIN__Master> i have formatted with gparted and copied the files manually and everything works that way
[22:10] <volatile> Im running Windows 7 64bit, I thought thats was the problem, but if you cant use it either
[22:11] <FIN__Master> I suggest you to try virtualbox with kubuntu karmic. Its really wasy
[22:11] <FIN__Master> *easy
[22:11] <volatile> I tried to install debian on the sd-card using a debian pc and qemu
[22:11] <volatile> Didnt work
[22:12] <volatile> I tried preparing the sd-card with ubuntu and install it in the touchbook
[22:12] <volatile> Didnt work
[22:12] <volatile> I used a virtual box with debian and tried qemu again with another card reader
[22:12] <volatile> Didnt work
[22:13] <FIN__Master> One of the most important things I've learned is that you Must copy the mlo file First to the boot partition
[22:13] <FIN__Master> if you dont it doesnt matter what else have you done
[22:14] <volatile> thx
[22:14] <volatile> Nice to know if none of the howtos tell you :/
[22:14] <FIN__Master> i always umount the card after copying mlo so that im sure its the first file in the partition
[22:15] <FIN__Master> Theres some topic at the forums someone told that and another where i told someone the same thing but the forums are becoming another offtopic paradise
[22:15] <volatile> :D
[22:17] <volatile> Okay, my virtual box is running
[22:17] <volatile> first partition fat32 50mb boot flag
[22:18] <volatile> second ext3 some gb
[22:18] <volatile> third swap
[22:18] <volatile> Is that correct?
[22:18] <FIN__Master> sounds right
[22:20] <drantin> the linux install script is written in bash
[22:20] <volatile> wtf... I just created the partitions on the sd-card, debian mounted them automatically and the have their original files on them?!
[22:21] <volatile> But no mlo
[22:21] <FIN__Master> hmm. weird
[22:22] <FIN__Master> gparted should format them properly = empty
[22:22] <volatile> gparted didnt but quit with an error
[22:23] <volatile> Doesnt matter anyway, Im killing the files right now ;)
[22:25] <FIN__Master> another important thing i have run into is that when copying files to the card, sometimes the file permissions change
[22:25] <volatile> okay
[22:27] <volatile> o0 now gparted needs >6 minutes for mkfs.ext3 ?
[22:29] <volatile> Looks like the card reader does something on his own
[22:30] <FIN__Master> i thinks all those things are cursed :) i've had so much problems with umounting the card with usb reader
[22:30] <volatile> Yeah... :/
[22:31] <volatile> Why didnt they put a Western Digital Velociraptor into the touchbook? Would have improved performance *gg*
[22:33] <volatile> okay, partitions are done
[22:36] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-216-221-38-140.aei.ca) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[22:39] <FIN__Master> are you going to use the install script or copy by hand
[22:40] <volatile> I want to install Debian
[22:40] <volatile> But first I have to get the damn thing booting
[22:40] <volatile> If it does I will use qemu to set the sd-card up
[22:41] <volatile> FIN__Master: I got the mlo and dropped it into the 50mb partition
[22:41] * DJWillis (i=djwillis@82-46-19-72.cable.ubr02.bath.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #touchbook
[22:42] <volatile> What now?
[22:42] <FIN__Master> if you copy that first and then the other two files to the boot image, will it show the ai logo when booting
[22:42] <volatile> initrd and vmlinuz?
[22:43] <FIN__Master> mm
[22:43] <FIN__Master> u-boot and uimage
[22:43] <volatile> hmkay
[22:53] <volatile> FIN__Master: Sorry to stress you but it wont boot :(
[22:53] <FIN__Master> hmm. quite strange
[22:53] <volatile> mlo, u-boot.bin and uImage are in fat32 partition
[22:54] <volatile> And I get nothing but the weird fading screen
[22:54] <volatile> boot flag is set
[22:55] <FIN__Master> Everything should be fine so i dont know what to do :(
[22:56] <volatile> god damnit
[22:58] <volatile> I havent slept since 24 hours and I wont until this thing rund
[22:59] <FIN__Master> :)
[23:00] <FIN__Master> someone at the forums could know what to do but its probably not the best time to ask now
[23:00] <volatile> Its 8:00 in the morning here in Germany ;)
[23:01] <volatile> But I guess most users are not located here
[23:01] <FIN__Master> I know. Im from finland. But europeans are going to work and american are sleeping
[23:01] <volatile> Yeah
[23:02] <FIN__Master> I should go to the university also but im still so sleepy :)
[23:02] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) has joined #touchbook
[23:02] <volatile> Hehe :)
[23:03] <volatile> What do you study at university?
[23:04] * oly_ (n=sysadmin@93-97-196-177.zone5.bethere.co.uk) Quit ("Ex-Chat")
[23:04] <FIN__Master> computer science
[23:05] <volatile> :)
[23:05] <FIN__Master> major in software systems and minor in computer systems
[23:05] <FIN__Master> and still Im so lost with these things :)
[23:06] <volatile> How long do you study now?
[23:07] <FIN__Master> ive studied actively for 3 years but i had couple of years with studying while at work
[23:07] <volatile> Okay
[23:09] <FIN__Master> Buying the tb was really good for me because i had to get linux running at home and its causing so much trouble to solve :)
[23:09] <volatile> Yeah, Im not to good in Linux too
[23:10] <volatile> My eee pc runs ubuntu but it never had a problem
[23:10] <FIN__Master> my tb is now running ubuntu and its working quite well
[23:11] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-12-196.eurotel.cz) has joined #touchbook
[23:11] <volatile> My PC is running debian and it doesnt work at all :D
[23:11] <volatile> It had ubuntu, but I killed it somehow
[23:12] <volatile> Then long time I only used Windows
[23:12] <volatile> Then the new Ubuntu would not work
[23:12] <volatile> And I always kill my Debian :D
[23:13] * evilnick (i=4571af51@rockbox/staff/evilnick) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[23:13] <FIN__Master> i know have my pc booting either win7 or kubuntu karmic and kubuntu seems quite easy
[23:14] * volatile doesnt like KDE ;)
[23:15] <FIN__Master> i dont really know yet what to like but i was told its good :D Its a war out there when asking someone what de to use
[23:15] <volatile> Openbox ftw
[23:16] <volatile> Id like to try awesome but it looks like work to learn it so I didnt really try it yet :D
[23:19] <FIN__Master> if you want to test ubuntu with tb, i can up an image with lxde, kde and xfce4
[23:19] <FIN__Master> you just need to run some script with it to install
[23:19] <volatile> That would be great
[23:19] <volatile> lxde please ;)
[23:20] <FIN__Master> it has finnish locals but its easy to install new ones :)
[23:20] <volatile> :)
[23:25] <FIN__Master> i Could upload that If my win7 could open file manager :)
[23:26] <volatile> Windows sucks
[23:26] <volatile> Linux sucks
[23:26] <volatile> Mac sucks
[23:26] <volatile> :D
[23:28] <dpb> openbox sucks
[23:29] <leinir> every os sucks ;)
[23:30] <volatile> PCs suck
[23:30] <volatile> We should have never left the trees :D
[23:30] <leinir> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d85p7JZXNy8 <-- there, every os sucks ;)
[23:33] <volatile> :D
[23:34] <FIN__Master> I liked the C-64 os
[23:35] * volatile has a C64 next to him
[23:35] <volatile> And a 1541 ;)
[23:36] <FIN__Master> i have a genuine C-64 screen. Its the only one i've ever seen/heard :) I should get my c-64 running once again
[23:36] <volatile> Yeah :)
[23:38] <FIN__Master> if i make a new image to ubuntu, should i make that one with only lxde with it? i use xfce4 myself with tb..
[23:38] <FIN__Master> damn i ilke computers. Now i cant even start kubuntu in virtualbox. It crashes on boot
[23:38] <volatile> I dont mind if it has more than lxde
[23:38] <FIN__Master> *like
[23:39] <volatile> If you can upload it fast enough... ;)
[23:39] <dpb> I use dwm on my Ubuntu.
[23:39] <FIN__Master> I could upload it faster than dropbox but its easier this way: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2444982/armel-rootfs-200911281927.tgz
[23:40] <FIN__Master> thats the one with finnish locals and lxde/kde/xfce4
[23:40] <volatile> thx
[23:40] <FIN__Master> ill make another one someday when i get the vb running kubuntu again
[23:40] <FIN__Master> login info are: master / ubuntu
[23:41] * Zopper (n=wampyr_w@ip-85-161-12-196.eurotel.cz) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:41] <volatile> :)
[23:43] <FIN__Master> I should start an ftp server for uploading things like this.. My apartment is a part of this student housing foundation and we get 100/100 connection by paying the rent :)
[23:43] <volatile> :)
[23:44] <volatile> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LLTsSnGWMI :)
[23:45] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[23:47] <FIN__Master> my friend used to work in the "hell-desk" and once he had to go to an office where some grandma couldn't get the mouse to work. She was using it with the buttons facing the wrong direction. It kind of moved the wrong way :D
[23:48] <volatile> :D
[23:52] <FIN__Master> theres instructions to install that rootfs i uploaded: http://gitorious.org/ubuntutouchbookremix/pages/Home
[23:53] <volatile> thx :)
[23:53] <FIN__Master> if you have the right partitions you only got to use the cpfiles script with aios files in some folder
[23:54] <volatile> Okay
[23:55] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[23:56] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))

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